This is a world for me to get away from the outside live in peace and quiet

One of these days

One of these days I'm going to go out in Link like clothes with elf ears and go out to adventuring! And aftering playing Zelda over at my cousins house and listening to this I want to even more!! Someone get me my bow and arrows I'm going adventuring!!

Working on outfit need ideas

I'm working on this really cool assassins outfit I've got a really cool image in my head its like Assassins Creed meets Skyrim sounds weird right? I don't know yet I have like..3 different ideas so far I hope I can get to work on them soon ^^

Remind me

I Need to start taking up my archery again it'd help me a lot I think


If i'm ever riincarnated...i dont think i want to be a human..i want to be a i wont have to worry about the way i look..i wont have to worry about being hurt..i wont have to worry about having emotions..or a heart...i wont have to worry but much of anything

Kun Fu cooking