Ok this is a world where i rite all about the stuff I lyk
Ok well if u read my other world then u will c sum stuff about me on there.
Im sooooooooo into DNAngle! U dnt even knw!!
Lol i but u wanna knw what i rote there.
Haha well its nuthing u need 2 knw!
Lol Jk Jk!
So I love anime! I really lyk DNAngle!
Ill be posting alsorts of stuff on here its really gunna be RANDOME!!!!! Lol


ITS MY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok im posting this a day befor my bday ok well i think its so great to finaly be 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im bout to get a car!!!!!!!! Its a mustang!!! Lol they tryed to hide it in my grandmas garage lol i saw it!
Well happy birthday 2 ME!!

Oh n this is a pic that got declined!!!


My New Friend on theO!!

Ok i made a kewl new friend on theO!
Hes very nice n he blushs...a little!
Lol but hes really awesome n i really lyk to talk to him!
U knw who u r! Well i hope u do!
Lol n be happy im puting u up on my page
Haha *gives u a BIG hug*
*Then runs away* haha
I love giving hugs
Well i hope u lyk what i said about u
Haha well...idk nw?
Haha i made it so u cn post on my world
HI hope u will!



Ok ik my title of my world is wierd but so am i! Lol!
Ok i love this pic! I edited it but i dnt really lyk it... Enjoy!