Welcome to the Adventure Library, the gathering place for Dungeons and Dragons-based adventure groups here on theO. Here, you can join a game and get relevant information on past session happenings and other similar ventures (World Name and this intro subject to change). Have fun!

The First Adventure: A Reader's Guide

Due to Beth's influence, I have created a list of tropes that appeared in the first campaign. It's not a complete list (yet), so expect it to be updated periodically. First page has general tropes; second page has a character sheet. ...

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First Adventure Extra: Heart to Heart

For people involved in the first campaign, here's is a special behind-the-scenes....scene between Willem and Adinious. (It's a little lulzy for you people that aren't familiar, too.) For a little context, all of this is happening in Willem'...

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Just a reminder to all involved that the campaign starts tonight at 8 p.m. EST. We're going all AIM this time around, so be sure to log on to your messenger of choice. If you don't have my AIM handle, you can quite easily find it out about there on the intertubes. :V

New Campaign Starting

Heyo, folks. Well, our first D&D campaign has come to a close and was enjoyed by nearly everyone, so I figure that another campaign is in order. This one will still run on the 3.5 system and the starting level will be fiv...

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Feel Just Like A Child

“Where was it, lass?” “This way.” Gaylia lead the group through the streets, dodging past panicked citizens and trying to focus her senses past the screaming and general chaos rampant in the city. People crie...

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