YOU have trespassed!!!.............Just kidding!

Hi there! This is just a random world that I made to post random things :)Haha there's nothing that is secretive enough that I would release my hounds...well I can't anyways because I don't have any vicious hounds XD! I hope you enjoy your stay and I will see you later! :D



Yay! I got promoted today!!! Congrats to everyone who got promoted too :D

So tired.....

It's 2 am right now! I haven't been up this late for a while, I guess that it is a good thing. Well, I'm going to get some sleep..... Yeah !

What's the longest you guys ever stayed up to?

I know, this post is random :) talk to you guys later!!!!


I Have Sinned

Today was sad....

I killed....

an innocent slug!!!!!

I blame my dog, he had a dirt clumpy thing on his chest and so I reach for it to take it off of him and I felt something popped. It was a slug and it got smushed between my nails :( I was more sad than gross out.

Sad day.

it's so innocent!