Everything You're Not

Everything You're Not

I was sitting on the bleachers looking at Dann…looking at the real him. Remembering when I was younger.
It gives me the best smile, one that is enough to make my cheeks blush. He knows what he’s doing to me so he smiles the more I run. I don’t want to look weak in front of him. He stares at nothing, I stare at his everything. When he laughs it’s the most wonderful sound I hear and want to hear again and again. When he talks to me, it’s like listening to a melody. I drown myself it in and then he catches me breathless. Everybody likes him. I don’t mind girls swarming around him. Yes, his handsome but he unconsciously sleeps on my shoulder I pray that tomorrow will never come. He denies it but he’s a show off…yeah. Witty athletic, artistic and he can even play the violin. Gosh. “What can you not do?” I sigh.
I was still on the bleachers. I now looked at the person sitting beside me. He was looking ahead. Features were just average. He knew a little soccer. He teaches me sometimes. He sleeps in class. We laugh at him. He tells us jokes most of the time they’re corny but we still laugh anyway. I remember when he was the only one who wore formal clothes on April Fools. He was flustered but the red on his cheeks looked good on him. He was known for his never-say-die attitude. He’s like “go go go!” in everything. Jack of all trades, Master of None, and his appetite for food? Unbelievable.
I laughed at the memory. He looked at me.
“Now what’s funny?” he asked
“I can’t believe this Miko.” His expression shifted. I kept laughing
“He’s just everything you’re not…” He looked confused.
I still smiled. I tightened my grip between our hands. I said it again “He’s everything, you’re not…coz you’re the only one who can make me feel this way”. I leaned to peck him on the cheek. He blushed. It was my favorite shade of pink. He looked embarrassed, He tried to look down but I saw him smile one sweet shy smile.
“That’s more like it” I encourage him.
“You know I should be the one who should say that this is unbelievable. I can’t believe you choose me over Dann”
“He’s just too Mr. Perfect”. I teased.
“Thank you, Therese, Really” I know he still felt insecure so I tugged him at his arm and moved closer to him. I don’t care about what others would think about what I was doing. I rested my head on his shoulder, the only place I feel peaceful and calm. I could feel his nose and lips in my hair. He loved its smell.
“I love you..” he was almost whispering but I swear they’re the only words I’d die to hear from him even if I had ti trade it with everything … everything he’s not.

Your Day

~~This is a one-shot fanfic I made for my friend Jhen.~~
WARNING: Pure Fangirl Stuff :))

Your Day
"Jhen, I posted it already. The reservation for the hall is taken care of too. What do I need to do next?"

"Thank you Do. Uhm, you can help Lorie with the posters and streamer. Please?"

"Hai hai...Jhen, you look tired. Why don't you rest for a couple of minutes? We're all busy here but it's you who has done a lot so far and you really look like you need rest."

Lorie and Icy heard Do and joined her in Jhen's office.

"You do look exhausted Jhen. Insomnia again? I'm worrying already. It's not your normal insomnia." Icy teased.

"I can still work. Daijoubo. I just have to finish the invitations. I'll take a nap when I'm done with this." Jhen assured her friends.

"You sure?" Lorie was still concerned.



The function room was slowly being transformed into something like a movie theater to fit the 200 fangirls who were specially invited to celebrate Yamada Ryosuke's 17th birthday. And Jhen was the brain behind it. She had been preparing this fanmeet for months already. With all the tags on Facebook and responses on her RSVPs, many were already committing to come. Everybody was just excited; Jhen's team the more. Some fangirl friends promised to help her with this big event, which resulted, to a team. Lorie, Icy, Do and April (who flew from Cebu to help) were the pioneers in the team and some kouhais were added later: Lou, Kai, Kaille, Yann and Doan. They all felt the pressure and excitement but Jhen had it all. She wanted to share with other fangirls this wonderful event that is why she wanted to make sure everything was perfect for the event. The theme was, of course, JE. Jhen planned for the event to be a fanmeet and a celebration for Yama-chan's birthday. After some brainstorming, the draft for the 3-4 hours program looked like this:


Opening Remarks

Video presentation of Johnny’s Entertainment
(History: Then & Now)

Group Gathering
(Meeting other fangirls)

(Introdon, Wall Crash, Body and Brains, Jumping Paradise)

Fangirl Corner
(Song/Dance Numbers/On-the-spot performances)

Video Presentations
(Teasers, Trailers, CMs, JE Updates)

Special Screening
Hey!Say!Jump’s HaruCon
(Fangirls can have their dinner at this time)

Yamada Ryosuke’s Birthday Special

Video presentation
(All about Yama-chan)


A little surprise

Jhen’s Thank You Speech

Picture Taking

Closing Remarks

The team was a little bit confident with their preparations coz everybody did all their assignments already. Lou was ready with her special nametags and electronic registration. Kai and Kaillle just closed the deal with the catering services. Yann and Doan we’re ready with the lights, sound system and other technical preparations. The whole thing just needed a little finishing touches and a little more confidence.

The team sat down for their final meeting before May 9.

”Are we showing the whole HaruCon? It would take us 2 hours or something. They might leave. Haha!” Lorie joked.
“It has to be shown! The whole thing! I only saw the preview of it! Ate Do just gave us teasers!” Kai complained.

“If I showed you guys the whole thing we could not have finished the wall for the Wall Crash!” Do answered back.

“And for the record, I haven’t seen the whole con too! Only Jhen has the copy of that!” Do then turned to the laughing Jhen.

“Where’s the excitement if I showed it to you? You guys wait for tomorrow.”

“Hey Kaille, I so love the choice of food! Pure Oriental! Haha! And Yama-chan’s cake… Are you guys sure that the whole thing isn’t made of just strawberries?” Doan had to ask. Yama-chan’s cake was a fondant cake that was shaped into a large strawberry on a platform of cream that was designed with black soccer stitching. It really looked like a real strawberry the size of a big balloon.

“Lou, are you alright with being the emcee alone?” Icy asked.

“Uhm, I think I am. I had been practicing it the whole day yesterday. Hehe” Lou admitted.

“Don’t forget that you’re gonna sing too…” Yann reminded her.

“Jhen, where did you get the surprise video? I am amazed. How do you….” April was asking when Jhen cut her off.

“Super confidential stuff. I’m sorry if I can’t tell you yet. I want to be trustworthy so that I can share with you guys in the near future. I hope you understand.”

“Sure. No problem. I was just curious but we believe you and we also trust you so yeah.” April replied.

“Are you guys feeling what I’m currently thinking? I think I can’t sleep tonight. Haha!” Lorie asked them.

They all just laughed in return. They didn’t know what would happen tomorrow. All they knew was that they really prepared for it.

May 9. Jhen woke up and looked outside her window. She smiled and prayed silently to God thanking him for a beautiful morning and another year for her Yamada Ryosuke. She also prayed that the event will turn out good. “Thank you Lord.”

When Do, Yann, April and Doan reached the venue, they saw a lot of fangirls waiting in line.
“Whoa! They’re 2 hours early. Kinda excited eh?” Do commented.

“Konnichiwa Do, Yann, April and Doan.” Icy greeted them upon entering the hotel. Lorie, Kai and Kaille were also waiting in the lobby.

“Konnichiwa Ate Icy. Konnichiwa Minna! Are we ready? Hehe” Yann greeted them.

“Where’s Lou?” Kaille asked.

“She texted me that she will just follow. She’s waiting for Maui.” Lorie replied

“Yey! Maui’s coming!! Weeee!” Kaille was excited.

They all went to the function room.

“Ah sugoii!!!! Shounen Club’s stage mitai na…” Kai said.

“Konnichiwa!” Jhen called from the back.

“Yo Jhen! Early are we?”

“Just a little excited.”

“A little is just an understatement…”

They opened the function room and let the early girls come in. There were JE booths so some did their shopping. JE music was also played while everybody was waiting for the 2pm call.

Minutes later more fangirls came. Lorie and Do were thrilled to see the number just increasing on Lou’s laptop. Then someone tapped Do’s shoulder.

“Hi Ate Do.”

“Keina!!!!Gyaaaaaaaaa!! You made it!!! Oh my gosh!!!” Do hugged her friend who just flew in from New Jersey. She then pulled Keina to where the other team members where. They exchanged “Hi”s and “Hello”s and even phone numbers.

Doan called her sister. “Ate Do, I’ll just go and check someone outside. Keina, come with me.”

“Sure sure.” Keina followed Doan.

Then when the two came back they brought Ammabelle Marie and Diane Fate with them. The girls were again screaming and hugging each other. It was a wonderful feeling that they could finally meet their online friends.

By 2 the program started. The function was full of fangirls who brought uchiwas and other fangirl stuff. Yann led the invocation and she was followed by April who gave a short opening remark. A 15-minute video of JE was shown and then they started the games. Everybody was just laughing when they tried some of the games that their favorite idols used to do on TV. Everyone wanted to try Tokyo Friend Park’s epic Wall Crash but they had to only choose representatives coz they might run out of time. After the games, nobody was surprisingly tired coz they knew that there was more fun to come. Lou spearheaded the Fangirl Corner with a song from Utada Hikaru. Some group of girls did a Your Seed dance number and some sang too. After some advertisements, trailers and other videos dinner was being served. After 15 minutes of getting their food, everyone positioned their chairs to face the very big screen in front. Hey! Say! JUMP’s HaruCon was next. 2 hours of flailing… some were even crying coz it had to end. And the party has just started. The next part of the program was taken over by Icy and Lorie. They showed a video presentation of Yama-chan. More flailing. Then Do and April brought in the cake. Everybody was astounded at the strawberry cake. They took pictures of it. While presenting the video, dessert was simultaneously served. Then Jhen announced the next part of the program. “If I may ask everybody to please don’t ask me how I managed to get the video we are about to show. It’s complicated”, she laughed. Everybody respected Jhen and they trusted her. It wasn’t hard for Jhen to ask them that simple request. What happened next was not what the fangirls thought of when they read surprise. Yama-chan was now on the screen and it was like a home-recorded video.

“Konnichiwa Minna-sama… Yamada Ryosuke desu. Thank you for coming to this special occasion. Thank you for celebrating my birthday.” He bowed. “I would also want to congratulate the organizers of this event. Good job guys. They really prepared this and they even forced me to say something. Haha” He laughed as he joked. Now some of the fangirls were really screaming. “But honestly, I was so willing to give a little speech here. I want to thank you all for becoming a part of this and thank you for supporting me and the other JUMP members and Johnny’s Entertainment as a whole. Domo arigatou gozaimasu.”

And then it went black. There was a moment of silence. They were maybe thinking that it was a joke or something but it seemed so real.


Jhen went up the stage and gave her short thank you speech amidst the confusion in the crowd. But after her speech, she earned a standing ovation.

Picture taking was up next and it seemed like nobody wanted to go home.

Finally, when everything was over the team gathered backstage.


“Thank you Lord for a good and successful day!!”

“Wow, that was really rewarding. Otsukare!!!”

“Guys, thank you for helping me out, really. Without your help, this could not have been successful. Arigatou!!” Jhen was already teary-eyed.

“Hey, don’t make me cry. I’m bad at this!” Icy was fighting her tears.

“Okay guys, let’s have a group hug!!!”

“Yey! Group hug!!! Weeeeeeeee!!!”

The day ended great. Everyone was fulfilled.

“So you’re flight is at 9pm Do?” Lorie asked.

“Yeah. Gotta get home. We’ve been here for a week. My mom’s really worried. Hehe…” Do answered.

“We’re gonna miss you guys!”

“No crying please. Hahahaha!”

“Well, it’s not like we’re not gonna see each other on Facebook ne?”

“I’m not tagging tonight or tomorrow. Maybe next week. I’m tired.”

“Hahaha…we all are. So maybe next week yeah.”

Lou, Kai and Kaille went home first. Then they were followed by Icy. Do, Doan, Yann and April rode a taxi to the airport. Lorie and Jhen were left.

“What a day…”


“Is your dad going to fetch you?”

“Uhm yeah… I think he’s coming… Oh, there he is! See you next week Lorie! Bye!”

“Bye Jhen!”

Jhen then got in the car.

“So how’s your day?”

“Tiring but it was so much fun! I wish you were there… Hey, today’s not my day. It’s YOUR DAY. Happy birthday Yama-chan.”

“It’s you who should be rewarded Jhen.” And he pulled her in for a kiss.