28 December, 2008 - current.

"Love is only a word; it's how you prove it's worth that means everything."
- Yours truly.

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Geek (gēk) n. A person regarded as foolish, inept, or clumsy.

Danielle Joy Djayy. I don't like my real name :L It's a handful to write, and I'm rather lazy tbh. (; I'm sixteen years old; [7 September, '94]. I'm Asian ;') and I get good grades in school, because I care about what I'm doing with my life. I long to live in England with Jack one day. :')

Some call me a bitch. Others call me brutally honest. Your pick ;') I'm great with meeting new people. :') and I can keep a good conversation going. I get along better with guys more than girls, but that's just me. I tend to fall for guys easily. It may seem like I'm flirting, but that's just my personality breaking through. ;') Apparently, I give good advice. People are always asking me for it. I love being a help <3

Yes, I do talk like an educated person, because I AM an educated person. Thanks. I love video games. (; I'm a huge nerd. PSN name = zombiexcore (; I'm left handed, so therefore I tend to use the more creative side of my brain. The definition of the word "geek" up there fits perfectly. (;

I like designing with GIMP, which is quite similar to Photoshop only free. xD I'm quite good with it. Not to brag, but yeah. I write many stories; you should check them out in my other world. ;')

I love meeting new people! PLEASE speak to me; I'll make knowing me worth your time. :')

Dear Djayy.
Hallo. My name is Jack.
I am rather blonde ginger, and I loves you.
I don't know what I'd be like without you.
You are frankly a huge part of my life.
And I am extremely looking forward to our summer next year.
I would love to do everything we planned on MSN earlier. :L
A month with you sounds so perfect.
I can't think of how else I want to spend it.
You are incredibly beautiful. <<3
I love you.
So much.
Yours sincerely,

Nick. 15 February 1990 - 28 May 2008
Hunter. 21 March 1992 - 22 May 2009.
Troy. [dates still needed fill me in!]
Adam. 4 January 1993 - 29 June 2009

i'm kind of a geek.

That is all.

Do any of you have tumblr?

I use that so much more than this site. :[[
RIP, my love for TheOtaku, but not my love for anime/manga.

You said you always wanted flowers, so I brought you flowers for your grave.

I'm mailing myself to Ben and Jack ASAP.
I hate everyone here; I'm moving to England.

Starting tomorrow,

I'm only going to be using TheOtaku for my stories. :}

Stephen Jerzak<3

Is amazing.

I'm done with everything.

All of people's bullshit about love and their drama.

All of their complaints.

I have problems, too.

I can't always be the one to help.

I can't even help myself.