Recruitment Applications- M.A.

"Miyu! Miyuuuuu!!! MIYUKI!"

WHAM! A book was plopped on her head, Miyuki Ayumi looked up from her own book with a stick of pocky hanging from her mouth. She rubbed her head.
Ami Ayumi, Miyu's older sister stood over her with a letter in her hand.

"You got a letter."

Miyu held her hand out for it and took it.

"What do you say?"

"Thanks Nee-sama..."Miyu said.

Ami shook her head and headed back inside the manor.

Miyuki carefully opened her letter and read over it.

"12th seat huh?....Mother is going to kill me..." Miyu sighed.

Miyuki marked her book and stood up. She shuffled inside to find her mother.

Kyoko Ayumi was burning incense for Miyu's late father when she found her. Miyuki waited outside until she was done.

Miyuki bowed on her hands and knees.

"Hey okasama...I was assigned to a squad..." she said holding out the letter.

She looked up while her mother read over it.

"Squad Ten?! *tsk* I heard their Captain was only a child...12th SEAT?!"

Her mother looked up from the letter at her daughter.

"You know you could have done better!"

Miyuki nodded.

"I'm very sorry okasama...I will do my best to get promoted at some point in time..." Miyu said.

"You better..."

Miyuki nodded.

"I'm going to get packed...." Miyu said leaving the room.

Miyu was happy with 12th seat. Her kido skills were not good enough for anything too high... and being lower on the list meant she would not be doing any hardcore fighting. Plus, 12 was a nice solid even number...Miyu liked the number 12.

After packing up all of her books and enough Shinigami robes to last a lifetime she was off. Miyu stopped at the front gate of her house and looked back. Sure...she would miss it a little...But it would be great to get out of that stuffy place...

Miyu hugged Ami.

"Be good and tell that boyfriend of yours to propose faster...I wanna go to the wedding..." Miyu teased.

Ami blushed an looked away.

"Be safe...don't get killed."

Miyu laughed and smiled.

"I won't."

Miyu waved to her sister as she walked away.

"Squad 10 here I come."
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