Teacher and Student


Itachi and Sasuke

Itachi and Sasuke

By Puppet

“Alright class, settle down.”

Several of the students ignored Iruka sensei’s request, but since I was already seated in my typical seat next to the window so I didn’t care. I looked distantly into my reflection in the glass, ‘Another day in the torturous labor induced hell.’ After awhile, the primates around me finally sat down, including my best friend who sat down next to me. Uzumaki Naruto… I released an exasperated sigh. I wasn’t sure how I managed to become friends with this A-Class knucklehead, no less my BEST friend.

“Starting today class, I’m going to be aided by a student teacher. His name is Uchiha Itachi. You guys better treat him better than you treat me!” Iruka sensei roared, sending the other students into an uproar of laughter.

Naruto leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “I wonder what he’s going to be like… stiff as a board… or our next meal.” A low chuckle rumbled from his chest… puberty was kind to him.

A tall, muscled, man walked into the classroom with a brief case in hand. He had long black raven hair held together by a small band. In clothing, he wore the typical button down shirt and brown pants and black loafers on his feet… since when did I care this much about someone’s clothing? The last thing I noticed was a small pair of glasses that fit perfectly on his face… Little did I know this one man would probably send my mind and life into a downward spiral of despair.

“Good evening class. My name is Uchiha Itachi, but you will call me Itachi-sama or Itachi sensei, any questions?”

I raised my hand, just to be a little snarky.

“Ah yes, you there.” He pointed to me as he pushed up his glasses with his other hand.

A sly smile itched at the corner of my lips, “Why do you walk like you have a poll up your ass?”

All of the students roared with laughter. But it didn’t seem as though I got much of a reaction out of him, the reaction I was hoping for, came out of Iruka sensei.

“MR. ITO. YOU WATCH YOUR TONGUE!” The overreacting man said.

Yes, that’s me. Ito Sasuke, orphaned, alone… no one even knows my real last name. So I was stuck with one of the most common names in the entire country. Not only am I an orphan, I don’t even remember who my parents were, not their faces, and not their voices… so, naturally I became very sarcastic and rude, often making fun of others with my friend Naruto. Currently I’m living with Kakashi-sensei, my old homeroom teacher, he’s very quiet… and always wears a medical mask over his mouth. Even I’ve never seen his real face.

“ARE YOU DAY-DREAMING AGAIN MR. ITO?!” Iruka sensei had slammed his fist into my half of the table, causing the actual day dreamer to jump. I kicked him in the leg, ass.

Suddenly Iruka sensei was right in my face, red as my favourite food, and yelling until his voice broke. Itachi sensei came up behind Iruka sensei and placed a hand on his shoulder. “That’s quite enough Iruka-sama, I’ll just have a chat with Sasuke-chan after class.”

‘What a bastard! I have stuff to do with my life, thank you!’

The hateful thoughts all but burst from my head, something about this man just made me want to rip his limbs off and made me feel entirely safe, which made me want to kill him even more. I never feel safe, I’m always on edge, and always ready to punch out anyone who gets in my way.

“Alright, we shall begin with attendance, Akimichi Chouji?” Itachi sensei said, strolling back up to the front of the room.

After 15 minutes of unneeded roll call and a welcome speech for Itachi sensei, the bell signaling the end of homeroom finally rang. Quickly, I hefted my bag over my shoulder and tried to get out of the room before Itachi sensei could see me.

Then that annoying, irritating, stuck up ass had to catch me… “Forgetting something Sasuke-kun?”

Damn I was starting to hate that monotone voice.

“No, not at all Itachi sensei, what would you like to talk about?” And what I was really trying to say was, ‘Get bent you uptight prick. I don’t care what you want to say to me, you can kiss my ass.’

“May I ask, why you felt the need to make that comment at the beginning of homeroom?” He never looked up from his papers, what a conceited ass!

“It’s how I am sensei. I make snarky comments whenever I can.”

I shoved my hands in my pockets as I looked at him… suddenly he was staring straight into my eyes. Confused, I looked away quickly… I could feel the blood pooling into my cheeks… and I wanted to slap myself…

‘Why are you so embarrassed? You’re acting like the runts you beat up every other day.’ Silently I kicked an imaginary rock out of my way… imagining it was his face at this moment.

Itachi sensei leaned to his right and placed his elbow on his desk, still looking at me, while removing his glasses.

“You’re an interesting boy Sasuke-kun. I think you should come see me for your lunch break every Thursday.” He quickly jotted that down on a piece of paper as I gave him the most sarcastic look I think I’ve ever given anyone.

“And… why?”