Starrk's First Encounter

'I'm all alone...'

That's what Starrk always thought. He was the strongest Hollow for miles, and anyone who came close to him was engulfed in his spiritual pressure and their soul would leave their bodies. So Hollows didn't get near Starrk, he truly was... alone.

But one day, when he was sulking on a rock in Hueco Mundo, a girl was happily skipping by, she was indeed a Hollow... but she looked extremely human like and well... happy. Starrk spoke in a contorted Hollow voice,
"Go away..." He croaked.

The girl stopped in confusion, she didn't know where the noise had came from, so she advanced towards Starrk, not knowing what he was. And only when she was about three feet from him did she notice that he was a Hollow.

"WHOA!" She exclaimed pointing at him, "I thought you were a rock!"

Starrk looked at her in confusion, "Why aren't you dead?"

She looked around confused, "Well technically... I AM dead ^^ Does that mean... you're alive?" She teased.

This girl truly perplexed Starrk, he didn't know what to make of her. She was, happy, playful, cheery, and overall... someone who wouldn't associate themselves with the likes of him. He lifted off the cloth shielding him from the rest of the world to get a better at this odd creature.

She was, average sized, very lean, she had a Zanpakuto attached at her hips by a small rope, her left hand was on her left hip, which was cocked to the side, she had light green hair, pink eyes, and a Hollow mask that was missing a horn and covered her left eye.

"What are you looking at you old perv!" She protested, catching Starrk off guard.

"I was just..." Starrk started to say,

"You were just checking me out!" She stuck her tongue out at him, and laughed a little. "I like you Mister!"

Starrk didn't know what to say... so she spoke for him it seemed, "What's your name?" Her smile looked as if it were glowing.

And just as Starrk was about to introduce himself, she stopped him, "YOU TAKE TOO LONG!" She yelled, "My name is Lily, Lily Ginger." She smirked, "And I'm the Segunda Espada!" She winked, "I'm sort of... the Princess of Hueco Mundo! Barragan acts like he's my dad... it's pretty funny!" Her smile widened, and Starrk was even more confused.

He pointed a finger at the girl, "YOU, are the Segunda Espada?" He asked with sarcasm.

"WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!?!?!" She then punched him vigorously in the stomach. "I'M A POWERFUL ESPADA YOU JERK OFF!" She continued punching him in the stomach.

"Stop it Lily! I'm sorry I'm sorry!" He pleaded, but then he thought to himself, Why am I associating myself with this girl?

When Lily stopped, she looked Starrk in the eyes, "I can sense unease in Hueco Mundo... I can tell that you're lonely, and I feel your pain... it's not fun being an all powerful Arrancar, no one wants to play with you..." She paused, "Starrk... I don't want you to be lonely..." She caressed his cheek lightly.

Starrk was soothed by the small hand but suddenly he realized something, "I never told you my name... how do you know it?"

"I'm the Segundo... I should know a thing or two about the strongest Hollows of Hueco Mundo silly!" She teased, back to her childish act. "I have to go... but I'll come and visit you tomorrow!" She blew Starrk a kiss as she stood, "Bye~" She sang, and then she disappeared.

A thousand thoughts were going through Starrk's head, and the only ones he could make out... were the ones that told him, 'You're not alone anymore' and 'The girl was kind to you, too bad you can't express the same kindness'.

That's when he decided, he had something to look forward to now...

The touch of his savior, Lily Ginger... an interesting girl who seemed to bring light to his darkest days in Hueco Mundo. He couldn't wait to see her again.

The next day, Starrk sat perched on his rock, awaiting the return of the Segundo. He looked very anxious, and he didn't get any sleep. Well... he didn't get as much as he normally did.

Suddenly, a green haired little imp showed up in front of Starrk, "Hey wolfie!" She waved. Starrk didn't pay attention to the comment as a small smile formed on his face. "Hello Lily."

Her grin widened, "You weren't sad last night!" She paused, "I'm glad!"

There was a long silence, and Lily decided to punch Starrk right in his Hollow mask. "AWKWARD SILENCE BROKEN!" She smiled devilishly

Starrk's mask broke on the top, and his nose gushed blood, "Uh... OW!" He yelled, breaking his nose back into place.

"Well?! You weren't talking, so I decided to forcibly START a conversation! You can thank me later!" She then looked his in the eyes, and started observing him from all angles.

There were a series of 'hmms' and 'uhhhs' and Starrk didn't know what to make of this. Then she suddenly stopped, "I think I'm going to go ask dad if he'll make you into an Arrancar!" She smiled happily at him, and slapped his dumbfounded face.

Starrk's face was pushed into the ground, "Would you STOP doing that... please?" He said, as he went back up onto the rock... suddenly coughing up sand, he made an odd array of choking and coughing noises... and then he passed out on the rock. Lily didn't like this very much.

And out of spite, she jumped, high in the air, and jabbed him in the stomach with her foot, "WAKE UP!" She screamed, as she continued to punch him in the stomach, "Come on Starrk! Wake-e wake-e!" She teased.

Starrk had woken up as soon as Lily had jumped into the air. So he was REALLY awake when Lily hit him... several... times... "I'm awake! I'm sorry I'm sorry! I won't fall asleep I swear!" He pleaded.

Suddenly, Lily looked to Las Noches. She withdrew her sword and pointed out in front of her, "Hunt... Los Lobos..."

Her spiritual pressure roared around her, and a pack of twenty wolves appeared in front of her. She pointed to Las Noches, "Go, find the disturbance." The wolves then ran from Lily.

Starrk looked at Lily, "What's wrong?"

Lily kept looking at Las Noches, "Someone... is trying to enter Las Noches..." She said quietly. "Dad..."

"What... how?!" Starrk called, "Who is powerful enough to break into Lord Barragan's fortress?!"

Lily pointed to a hole forming in the sky, and three what looked like... soul reapers... flash stepping out of it. She formed a part of her hollow mask over her right eye and looked at them... there was a long silence, as the intruders crashed into Las Noches, Lily kept starring at them. Finally, the wolves came back... but there weren't as many as who had left... about 6 returned, gravely wounded.

She went straight to the biggest one, wrapped her arms around its neck, and whispered into its ear. The wolf growled back in response, and Lily nodded. She turned to Starrk abruptly.

"Starrk... there are three people entering Las Noches. They are traitors of the Soul Society. The two, Kaname Tousen and Gin Ichimaru, aren't was bad as their leader. Their leader is extremely strong, and ruthless. His name, is Sōsuke Aizen. He plans to take over Hueco Mundo, as the Hollow King. And he's currently in the progress of talking to my father. One day, he'll come for you Starrk, and ask you to be a part of his army, I want to to go with him." "But... what about you?" He intervened.

"I'm going to die here."

Starrk looked up at her in amazement, he couldn't find words... and Lily touched Starrk's forehead... "Los Lobos... follow this man, until death." Suddenly, a strange power filled Starrk, and the wolves looked directly at him. And the next thing Starrk knew... she was gone...

He screamed, a Hollow Wail that pierced all of Las Noches. Lily, who was in the process of entering the walls, was crying, and whispering... 'I'm sorry' over and over again. She entered the walls of the palace, to find... her friends bodies... dead on the floor, her comrades... secured to walls. Her speed quickened as she made her way to her fathers throne room.

She opened the door to see...

A silver haired man, with just a tint of purple, standing next to a man of darker color, and wore a bandanna over his eyes. "Kaname... Gin..." She snarled.

They both looked at her in astonishment, "Yer some powerful Hollow girlie!" Gin said, smiling devilishly. "Should we kill 'er Aizen?" Lily didn't give Aizen a chance to respond, she unsheathed her sword, and swung at Gin. And if he hadn't withdrawn his Zanpakuto when he had, he would've more than likely lost an eye... or an arm.

He smiled devilishly, "What's yer name girl?" He asked.

"Lily Ginger." She snarled at him.

Kaname started to advance on the two, put Gin told him to stay back, he wanted to fight her.

"Lily?!" Barragan yelled from his chair, looking past Aizen to try and see her. Aizen looked at Barragan, "If she's a distraction to our discussion... I'll gladly get rid of her..." He smiled sweetly, and pointed a finger at Lily, who was currently having an epic duel with Gin. Barragan pushed Aizen to the side, and the Haro he shot, went just slightly to the right, JUST missing Lily.

"She won't be a distraction..." He promised, "Just don't hurt her."

Aizen smiled, and they continued their little discussion.

Back with Gin and Lily, it seemed as though Gin was winning, but... Lily pushed him back and whispered... "Howl..." Then she screamed, "LOS LOBOS!" Her sword then changed, it was then very flexible, and it was spikes protruding from it in several places. "Time to die..."

Back at Starrk's rock, he began to worry, and he didn't know what to do. He wanted to go and help Lily, but he didn't know how to fight someone who could penetrate Las Noches. If they were a threat to Lord Barragan, they were more than likely a threat to him. He suddenly saw an explosion come from the palace, and he also saw a small figure, covered in blood, shoot out from the debris.

It was Lily.

He saw a shadow come out of the same spot as she had, and it picked up Lily, and from what he could tell, it ripped off her head. Starrk stared in astonishment. He didn't know what to do, the only person to give him light... the only person to make him feel anything except loneliness, was now dead... he screamed once more, this time... louder...

And the more and more he thought of Lily, it seemed, a figure of her would appear in front of him... he swore he could reach out and touch her... but she didn't look quite like her...

He then realized... that whoever was in front of him WAS real. "Do you have a name?" "It's Lilynette Gingerback." "Do I have a name?" He knew his name... he just wanted to make sure he was the same person. He en-cloaked the girl in a part of cloth. Suddenly, a man wandered up to them.

He looked at the girl, and asked her her name, "Lilynette Gingerback." He smirked, and he noticed all of the dead hollows around him.

"Did you kill them Starrk?"

"No. They just died." He said nonchalantly.

"My name is Sosuke Aizen, and I'm putting together a team... would you like to join me Starrk?" Aizen smiled.

Starrk thought to himself, He's not dead... maybe I won't be alone anymore...

"You'll never be alone." Lilynette answered his thought as if she had heard it.

As the body of Lily lay on the ground outside of Las Noches, her head started to regenerate... she sat up, and looked around...

"Where am I?"

LE FIN! ^^

That's the end of Starrk's story! ^^

Lily Ginger: The first Hollow/Arrancar that Starrk came across without dying. She greatly resembles Lilynette Gingerback, and in this FanFic, it's because Starrk missed Lily so much when she "died" that he subconsciously made a fraccion, that looked exactly like her, and took away his memory of her, because that's where she came from, a memory. Lily Ginger was stated to be like the Princess of Hueco Mundo, since Barragan treated her like a daughter and she was his second in command, the Segundo.

NEXT UP. ULQUIORRA'S STORY! ^^ Look for it! I may not start it right away, but I ensure you... it MIGHT be the longest one I'll make! ^^ Here's a prelude.

"Why are you keeping me here?!" She yelled as she pounded on the door, locked in a chamber with no windows... no life... she was suffocated.

Ulquiorra was just outside the door, and his eyes were wide.

"I want to leave! I have something I have to do! LET ME GO!" She screamed.

Ulquiorra heard sobs from behind the door, and also her the sound of someone falling to their knees. He reached for the door and then caught himself.

Why do you feel remorse towards this Elf? She's like every other prisoner you've kept. So why do you feel the need to open the door and console her? Not that you could. You're the Espada without a heart.


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