A little about Kouenn

Who is kouenn?
Well for starters, I'm female (obviously...) My interests don't necessarily lie in anime/manga but rather in art in general. Digital art and traditional drawing, mainly, though I myself do digital photography and beadcraft on the side. As a teen I was pretty into the anime/Japan thing, so my art has inherited an anime-like element to it. I guess once you go anime, you don't go back... hehe. Now as a young adult, my goal is to share and develop my drawing skillz. Normally I'm on deviantART.com, but a friend invited me here. What the heck, I thought, why not. So here I am. :)

A background of my art
Since my freshman year of high school (I graduated in '07), I've been working on a story with a very cliche title, KuroiRyu. Originally written as the plot behind a RPG video game, I don't know what my plans with it are now. Whether it becomes a manga, anime, game, web-comic or who knows what else, for now it remains a series of mundane character drawings in my dA and O galleries and 100+ pages in a tattered black notebook.