Hi all!

This is going to be my digital sketchbook. I'll post things that I practice, sketches that I make using my tablet, possible even WIPs. This is just me keeping you all up to date with my art and progress and hopefully self motivation for me to keep improving. This will kinda be like how I use my traditional/physical sketchbooks, with some exceptions, but still fun! Some of my sketches will be rough and others will be more refined, finished concepts or art. I hope to just really experiment with different things digitally and find what I like and what I can do! Wish me luck.

Avatar Design Concept for Anime Club

This was the t-shirt design concept that I did for Anime Club, but my other design got picked. Since it was just concept, it was acceptable for it to still be in it's rough stage, as long as the idea of the design came across well.