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Shoujo pikachu

I did it!!! and I regret nothing!!! It's like 2AM right now and I'm so excited for no reason... External Image

my life is currently overtaken by pikachus

I really love the cosplay pikachus!! I realized half way through drawing them that the each represent the different contest types..why did I not see this before!!!
My favorite two is the lady Pikachu and the scholar pikachu >w<
I really want to draw a schoolgirl pikachu too like "omg raichu-senpai noticed me" idk


Still deciding on colors but I think this pallette is about what I want... External Image

Project Diva X Maiden

This is the coolest title I've ever came up with I really like drawing miku and reimu so I decided to draw a crossover of the two

WAAHAHAHA my WIPs have leveled up

Finally finished base color and drawing in the buildings~
GAHHH I have no idea how to color the buildings though I'm quite happy with the clouds