Three Little Words

There are three words I struggle to say
Said every day and everywhere
Those words I'm scared to utter, it's true
If I said them, would it be real?
Or would it leave you hollow and feeling empty?

Do you think of me the same way I think of you?
Tell me you do...

I'll say it like I mean it, no longer I can be afraid
This time I won't be the one to blame
I love you.

When You're Down And Out...

I see the impossible
believe the incredible
do the unthinkable
I always thought you held me back
I was wrong
the only one holding me back was myself
I let things get to my head, fed the fuel to fire
that wasn't my desire
the dream is not dead it just hasn't had the chance to be born

I rise against the current
refuse to be washed away
in the sea of the abandoned and misguided
provided I can be strong and keep moving,moving on
never care what they say once I hit the top

I'll be adding and revising this one :)


Broke my glasses and got a new pair
I see how my vision had faired
My vision, blurry and fuzzy
Eyes opened
Vision distorted
I saw the world from a different light
A new perspective another sight
I had been blinded by that sweet sugar coating