Lila's profile update

Name: Lila


Gender: Female


Birthday: 8/19/94

Species She’s half demon but she tends to hide it

Abilities: she can feel where demons are but not only that, she can feel the intensity of them. So the more intense the feeling is the bigger and tougher the demon is.

Weapons: She likes using two hand guns. But she can use anything if she wanted to. Also hand to hand.


Weight: 120

Hair Color: Dark brown to the point it pretty much looks like it's black

Hair Length: Choppy to her shoulders

Eye Color: mahogany

Markings/Scars: Nope

Tattoos: She has a tattoo on the inside of her right wrist of the DH logo (Still need to figure out what that logo is...)

Piercings: Nope

Appearance: Average looking girl, she doesn't really stick out much

Full Outfit: Black skinny jeans ,a gray t-shirt and gray converse. She tends to also wear a black belt with hand guns and ammo attached to it. She also has a pack of ammo strapped to her right leg.

Though when she does turn demon, not very often, she pretty much gets a full wardrobe change. She get black armor, and a dark cloak.

Personality: She can be very caring around ones she likes, also very motherly to people close to her. Though she gets annoyed with people who act stupid and are incapable to do simple things. She's use to being in charge because of how she was raised. So she acts in charge a lot in situations. She usually puts up an act of kindness even if she doesn't like someone. But you can tell if she actually likes you and is being kind. Doesn't show if she's upset or annoyed, she keeps her feelings in at all times. Isn't very playful and doesn't take playfulness towered her very well, though she will put an act up for younger children. She can be very stern at times. She can be kinda cocky at times when it comes to fighting. She doesn't take pain very well and tends to keep a wall around her heart. She doesn't trust very easily so when she trusts you you actually mean something to her.

When fighting she will sometimes get a blood lust look into her eyes. She can control her demon half very well but it is rare for it to come out once in awhile in conflicts. In this form she becomes very cocky and aggressive.

Orientation: Straight

Likes: Guns, fast cars, reading, open spaces

Dislikes: Paper work, small places

Hobbies: Training,reading

Fears: All of DH figuring out she's a half demon and trying to kill her. Everyone she cares for dieing

Strengths: Long range fighting, being leader

Weaknesses: Her loving to kill demons, Even though she is able to control it sometimes she can't and the demon in her pushes it to the point where she can't stop it.

Relationships: Ta's like a brother to her.

Background: She's been a part of DH as long as she can remember. She was raised to be a leader of a DH team and that's all she really knows how to do.(Hence how he personality can be).

Such a long personality but it's so thought out because that's mostly my personality. SO know you know how I kinda act.