Aka Yuki oc



Species:Half human half Yokai Kitsune aka demon fox

Looks:Red messy hair slim figure, isn’t too tall yet not so short has a pretty face,blue eyes which is rare for fox demons,has a fox up to 5 tails but only shows one, he is constantly repressing his ears and doesn’t show them unless he is on edge or nervous

Tattoos or Piercings:has one piercing in each ear and doesn’t have any tattoos due to his fear of needles(ironic)

Cloths:Wears a red-orange sleeveless hoodie that has ears on it, under it he wears a black muscle shirt(which he kind of doesn’t have) and he wears black jeans with countless holes in them he wears plain white boots and around his neck he wears a necklace that he holds precious nobody is allowed to touch it or he will literally try to bite your hand off

Personality:Easy to get along with he speaks his mind a lot so that tends to get him in trouble with the people around him but knows how to calm the situation he calls it his “riot-calm effect”
So in a way his pretty mischievous and you don’t really know what his thinking since he usually wears a poker face he may show a smile now and then but you have to watch out for that smile,that means his planning something

Likes:playing video games,reading manga,teasing people(with a poker face so you don’t know if his serious or not)

fears:loosing his necklace,needles and doesn’t like dogs at all

Special Techniques: as a fox demon his attacks are for long distance so from the palm of his hand he can create fire his aim isnt all that great-__-’ and is great at handling deadly poisons

Weapons:A short sword that is covered in poison careful he collects and makes deadly toxins

History:An orphan, was son of one of the soldiers that was sent to battle the demons his father was killed during a monster extermination his mother left as soon as she gave birth to him it is unknown if shes still alive.He was found by an elderly couple and they raised him as their own.When he was younger he was aware that he was different from normal humans as soon as he turned 16 he left and joined the Demon Hunters and vowed to avenge his fathers death.