[Team Leader]-Littlepooch and StarsSmile

Runihura-Leader of Team J

Littlepooch/Scarlet Kazuaki

Henrietta VonDuchal (Game Name: Eric)

Kaito Yamashi (Game Name: Train)

StarsSmile/WBX Tantei

Koutarou Onizuka (Game Name: Ignis)

Rui Sawada (Game Name: Joker)

Eiri Yuki s Lover/Yaoilover223AB

Aki Jenkins (Game Name: Yoru)


Ana Mercedes (Game Name: Angel)


Saki Boric (Game Name: Saki)


Elijah Summers (Game Name: Ellie Winter)


Tenshi Takahashi (Game Name: Akuma)and

Aki Takahashi (Game Name: Tamotsu)


Mariahna Gonzalez (Game Name: Mari)


Janus Ianua (Game Name: Janus)


Diana Fraiser (Game Name: Doll)


Derek Mitsunaga (Game Name: Kobi)


Faith Laforet (Game Name: Khan)

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  • (Drawing Mission)-Draw what your OC looked like as a human :3
  • (Writing Mission)-Your writing mission is to do a kind of "Day-In-The-Life" thing. Or I guess, telling about what they would be like before they died. A little like what their normal life would be like. If you want, type about the events leading up to their death.

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Darn it

*rolls around on the floor* Sorry but I really don't think I should keep this rp open. I mean.. Yes I would love to continue it, but no, I don't think I'm on enough/have enough motivation to do it... Not to mention a couple people have disappeared...

*continues to roll around on the floor til someone kicks me* So.. Um.. If people were still interested.. Maybe to make it less stressful we could do comment rps? ^^; I know not many people like doing it that way but it's actually kind of fun...

I'm not sure.. Let me know what you want to do.


Another Team


I was about to snap at them until a voice came over and gave us instructions on what to do. As far as I could tell, there was going to be another bloody round of Tag. I continued to listen before there was a pause and teams were being read aloud. I looked up at Yoru and he shrugged. It wasn't very long until they got to Team J.

"Team J, Runihura's team will be paired with Team Q, Yohta's team." My ears twitched as I rested my head on Yoru's lap. So we had to be with another team now? I looked around and wondered what team we would be paired up with.

After the remainder of the teams were called, there was one final announcement, "The game will continue to run until 15% has been eliminated. That's all." there was some crackling before the voice stopped. Soon, everyone seemed to be talking and trying to find out who they were going to be teamed up with and whatnot.

"Hay! Hay puppy!" I turned around to find the two little kids still there. "What team are you???" Of course I couldn't answer them and just turned away until they finally bugged Yoru enough and he told them.

I could see the smiles drop off their faces and they pouted. "Darn! We're Team D right?" the other one nodded. "I think the person said we were paired with Team S." not long after that, some people had called to them and they scurried off.

Looking back up at Yoru, he sighed and got up petting my head. "I guess we have to play another round." I whined and tried to wag my tail some, but how could I be happy? I know we were all dead but.... What about those who have to face whatever is after death? I didn't even want to think about it.

Both of us started walking until we found some familiar faces and waited there like we expected something to happen. But we seemed to be waiting a long time and soon teams were clearing out to get ready for the next game. I looked around curiously until I spoted Hura-Hura. He seemed to be talking to another guy who was about half his height with snow white hair.

Hura-Hura looked up and motioned towards us. "Ta-dah! My team." he didn't sound to enthusiastic as the white haired man looked us over before he nodded towards the ones behind him who I assumed where part of his team.

"Well, shall we head to our part of the arena?" Hura-Hura asked as the white haired man nodded. Slowly we started to move, but I curiously looked back at the team we were supposed to be paired with. The first one I looked at was in a white suit and had light brown hair. Unlike some of the others, he didn't look as scary.. Especially with that thing. I looked at the creature with it's bulky shoulders and red eyes. It had three heads. The reptile like one had it's neck curled and lay it's head on the top of the lion's. The lion kept it's eyes straight but hardly seemed to see anyone, while the goat head was trying to hunch down some and talked to a girl with kind of curly blonde hair.

I looked back a head as I heard some chartering as our hallway ended and we found our self back, although this time we were no longer in a forest. Now snow came down hard and seem to blow right through my heavy coat. Looking back at Hura-Hura, he just smiled and waved before disappearing.

I turned back towards the cold wind and before long, I could hear timers beeping around us.


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Team Q

This will be the enemy/rival team >3 Team Q! *shot* Team leader profile will be up soon. Please feel free to either comment with profiles or give us ideas! I'll probably try and make two-three more and then get this moving again. Until then, pl...

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"You know he's not really a dog right....I mean...he's a human too. He just looks like a dog here." I couldn't help but feel a bit taken aback by that. I mean.. SURE, I didn't look human but I've been finding myself having to remind myself again a...

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~Yoru~ I sighed and looked around. Being with so many people made me nervous. When the fight broke out I looked on with some mild interest. Too bad Auntie broke it up. I saw Train and went over to pet him. He barked happily a...

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