Hi my name is DestainyLost! As you know we all got the new vibrant so things have to get redone. I making this world into my home page just like the old on. And i will post like before and try to find all my friends again. To all my friends "if you find me please add me!"

~Chaos Heart~

Broken heart, broken soul. Chaos Heart out of control

Horrid pain in the wrong place, unable to come face to face

Taking out anger on everyone around you. So trapped so afraid that you don't know what to do

Fight the demon, be the beast, for you must not be its feast

Something out there made you fierce, when your chaos heart was pierced

You can have her and you want her back. You can't have her and now you’re on the attack

Tampani was your true love, before she had to leave you. Now your hearts on edge because the dagger pierced through

You’ve become the Count to deal with the situation, because you can't have that one relation

Since you can't have her all the worlds must pay, the Chaos Heart must take over today

Broken hearts and broken trust fuels its rage, now turn to the darks books final page

The final ingredient is to give up the will to live, so it is your own heart you must give

I dark books final page has been read, everyone and every world is dead... 5/4/08

Yin Yang Challenge 2nd Place winner!

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Koji Sujimoto's enty! Good job winning 2nd!

Yin Yang Challenge first place winner!

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CanChaN525 placed first in the Yin Yang Challenge! Awesome job!

Maximum Ride

Imagine that you were taken away from your families before you could remember and you only remember living inside a dog crate for all of you life. Each and every day you were taken from you crate and forced in to experiments where you were poked and prodded by needles and painful injections. Every night when you go to sleep you wonder if you'll wake up in the morning and a piece of you dosent because it would be better than the hell you were going through. Your only hope and chance of survival is the kids you call your family. Five other kids that are going through the same thing you are going through are your only hope. You wake up scared to death because one of your family is missing and you are hoping and praying that you will see them again, praying for god to let him live through another expiriment. You can't fight back because when you do the white coats put you out and you wake up with them digging around in your insides. You hope you don't survive it because you know if you survive this you'll be forced through things unimagenable.
Then hopes comes knocking and you are released by one of the white coats to run through the dark night, hopfully fast enough so that the Erasers won't catch you. You run to a cliff and never ever turning back you dive off in desperation to get away. You spread your wings and you fly away into the sky, the only place were you are free. Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel is your only priority now.
Maximum Ride is a heartstopping, exhilirating free ride. The characters are perfect in the story and compliment one another in their four book series. It's full of action and a bit of romance and it has to do with six avian-human hybrids always on the run. The best part is they can fly. This is a seriously amazing seiries, don't let the cover fool you, after your done with one you'll be kicking yourself for not getting the next.

"Fang was up high, doing steep circling moves, banking, practicing the techniques he'd learned from the hawks out west. It was hard to see him-except when he passed infront of the moon..." -Max

"A second later we were laughing so hard it brought tears to my eyes all over again. Fang and I leaned against each other and laughed and laughed, unable to speak, for the longest time..." - Max

"Your a fighter not a mom"
"I can't be both?" -Fang and Max

Pick up this book and you'll be just as obbsessed as I am, you won't regret it...

Drum Major Try outs again...

Well, the season has come for the drum major try outs. Most of you that read my other worlds should know that I am drum major for my high school marching band. I was really excited and the year is coming to a close. A lot of my senior friends are going to be leaving this year. Two out of those three people are our marching bands field commanders. Sera and Benn are leaving. :( It makes me sad, but that means we are going to be needing new field commanders. Yes and to try out for drum major is to try out for field commander as well. My partner and I are Jr’s now so we have another year left. We are the current drum majors. But the way we run things is to try out again, because you have to give everyone a shot at drum major. So I am really nervous about it and excited. I just hope that I am still drum major next year.
The practices start Wednesday of this week, so it’s coming up really soon. We have eleven people trying out in all. Ree, Jeremy, Richie, Amanda, Nolan (My boyfriend), KT. Corrina, Kevin, Kaylin, Josiah (My fellow drum major) and myself. Jeremy, Richie, Amanda, Corrina, Kaylin, and Kevin are trying out for field commander. Keep in mind that there are only two spots for field commanders and drum majors. SO that leaves my boy friend (Nolan), KT, Ree, Josiah and myself trying out for drum major. That is a lot of competition. This is going to be one fierce try-out people.
But here's the twist, Josiah and I have to run the drum major tryouts while trying out at the same time. Only because we got a new bad director this year, and he doesn't know what he's doing. So I'd say that there is a lot of pressure on me. A lot of pressure on me to teach and pressure on me to try out again and hopefully make drum major. My first tryout wasn't all that bad because there were about seven people trying out for it. I know four more people don't seem like a lot, but there are only two spots for drum major. This week is going to be a very stressful one for me.
I have to compete with my boyfriend too, so that is a load of stress being dumped on me. Everyone trying out is a friend to me, one way or another, but after my experience with the first try out I had last year I know, no matter what happens we are all going to become distant in some way. But I'm not going to stress about it now. Whatever will be will be. I just hope that everything goes smoothly and that I try my hardest because I know I will. See ya and feel free to comment, I like getting some advice.
(PS I'm sorry for being out so long, my internet feels like going out all the time...