Heath's City Episode two: Present Dayers?

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Akia Aoi frowns a bit. "I'll go get daddy...." gets Mayra an extra blanket and covers her then goes to wake Sebby. "dear..." shakes him a bit
Butterflykiss groans "hmm..yeah?"
Butterflykiss (will wont be joining us because he;s an assbutt
Akia Aoi: I need you to check Mayra....I can't tell if she has a fever and she says she's cold...
baka red6235: probably becuase theres no powers -n-
Akia Aoi: (probably. and because he can't godmod~)
Akia Aoi: do you think we should take her to a doctor....
Butterflykiss Sebastian: I think we should..
Butterflykiss Sebastian: ne thing we don't know this city at all and the people are...less than friendly here
Butterflykiss (keyoN: he says it's because he's busy with tumblr rps and birthday loot)
baka red6235: tumbler rps???
baka red6235: what tumblr rps???
Akia Aoi: (mhm)
Akia Aoi gets a worried look. "I want you to check her first...."
baka red6235 looks at the papers over kiras shoulders. " finding a job here will be tricky. maybe we should ask around
baka red6235: the rain just doubled wtf.
Akia Aoi: (hope it doesn't come here)
Butterflykiss (rps just on tumblr)
Butterflykiss (super heros.)
Shiro Aoi went away.
Butterflykiss (he's dating ---ing deadpool in one i mean ---!)
Butterflykiss (well female deadpool. and jack's staff.)
Akia Aoi: (shouldn't have gotten him into tumblr :/ i mean he barely rps with us)
Akia Aoi: (which is weird)
Akia Aoi: (he always does)
Butterflykiss "I will"
Butterflykiss looks up aat you "yeah I think that'd be best"
Butterflykiss sebastian* i will
Akia Aoi kisses Sebby then goes to get dressed before going back to Mayra
Butterflykiss (PSH i get to spam him with yaoi)
Akia Aoi: (da fuk o-o http://gigglesglore.com/pic/8522­/The-Funniest-Wrong-Number-Conv­ersation-Ever )
Akia Aoi: (XD)
willotaku joined the room.
baka red6235: kira: ill go into town and look around for a job.
Butterflykiss (--- YU)
Butterflykiss I need to go with you
Butterflykiss we need jobs. all of us
baka red6235: what for?
Butterflykiss and new clothing
baka red6235: well i suppose
Akia Aoi: (now he joins)
Butterflykiss god only knows how long we'll be here
Akia Aoi sits on the side of Mayra's bed and strokes her hair. "daddy's coming...." thinks. 'she's never one to get sick easily....maybe it's because we're powerless....'
baka red6235: alright. we should probably take the kids with us then huh?
Butterflykiss Sebastian comes over "okay i'm here"
Akia Aoi Mayra:smiles a bit. "ok momma..."
Butterflykiss yeah
Akia Aoi looks at Sebby
Akia Aoi: i'll be right back
Butterflykiss ok
Akia Aoi kisses Mayra's head then leaves the room
Akia Aoi goes downstairs. "Kira?"
Butterflykiss yeah?
Butterflykiss Sebastian: checks Mayra's forehead "strange..:
Akia Aoi: you know Mayra is not one to get sick easily right?
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks at Sebby
Butterflykiss yes
Akia Aoi: but then as soon as we come here....she starts getting fevers....and coughing
Butterflykiss Sebastian: rubs her head "we'll find a doctor for you"
Butterflykiss new area, no powers
Butterflykiss could be anything
Akia Aoi Mayra: "'but....I thought momma doesn't trust doctors....except Aunty May...."
Butterflykiss a small bug going around
baka red6235: true
Butterflykiss Sebastian: "I know but aunty May isn't here. so we'll find someone just as trust worthy as her"
baka red6235: with powers we normally have a high tolerance aqgainst diseases
Butterflykiss gets up "i'll go get the kids"
baka red6235: but with a sudden lack of those a sudden lack in natural defenses that we would normally have
baka red6235: it would make sense for her to catch something easily like a bug or flu
Akia Aoi: Omoi and Eri aren't sick....why only Mayra? I'm surprised they haven't even ca-
Butterflykiss goes to the back yard "Eiki! Omoi! come inside we're going to go looking for new clothes"
Akia Aoi thinks for a moment
baka red6235: not sure
Akia Aoi: actually....none of us did....
baka red6235: eiki: okay~~~
baka red6235: did what?
Akia Aoi: (eiki not eri wtf DX)
Akia Aoi: got sick
Butterflykiss Omoi: comes running inside "shopping!"
Butterflykiss she is the youngest
Akia Aoi: what has she been exposed to that we didn't.....she started coughing as soon as we got off the train...
Akia Aoi tries to think
Akia Aoi Mayra: "daddy...what's strange?"
Butterflykiss "just that your sick darling"
Akia Aoi: Kira, Eiki and Omoi, they don't have demon blood in them...right?
Butterflykiss right
Akia Aoi looks at Kira
Butterflykiss only dragon and vampire.
Butterflykiss well very little vampire.
Akia Aoi: but Mayra does because of Sebastian
Butterflykiss yes
Akia Aoi: demons never get sick
baka red6235: ive onii but thats something that shouldnt pass down
Akia Aoi: I've never seen Sebastian ill at all
Butterflykiss well they can't really get sick since they aren't really alive
Akia Aoi: do you think it's because her demon part isn't protecting her from the sickness? because of this...place?
Butterflykiss most likely
Butterflykiss Omoi: puts on her coat and hands Eiki's to him
Akia Aoi: now that I think about it....I think I heard Sebastian cough in his sleep last night.....ugh I really hate doctors but
willotaku stretches, looking around
Shiro Aoi came back.
Akia Aoi: probably won't have a choice....
Akia Aoi: (wb baby)
Butterflykiss (wb al)
Shiro Aoi: (thx)
Butterflykiss grabs my coat and umbrella "why don't you come us? we're lookign for jobs and new clothes you can look for a doctor while we're out"
Akia Aoi: let me tell Sebastian
Akia Aoi goes back upstairs to Mayra's room
Akia Aoi: Sebastian
Akia Aoi Mayra: fell back to sleep
Butterflykiss Sebastian: yes?
Akia Aoi: I'm going....too go find a doctor
Akia Aoi: *to
baka red6235 stretches
Akia Aoi: I figured out how she got sick so easily
baka red6235: eiki awaits at the door forus
Butterflykiss smiles and holds out her hand to Eiki
Butterflykiss Sebastian: alright..just be careful
Akia Aoi: you're likely to get sick too...I heard you cough in your sleep so...stay inside and get some rest...
Akia Aoi places a hand on his cheek
Akia Aoi: I'll be back soon
Butterflykiss Sebastian: alright. i will
Akia Aoi kisses him. "I love you..." leaves the room and goes downstairs grabbing her coat
Akia Aoi: ready?
Akia Aoi X3
Akia Aoi kinda funny how this is happening....and Al is right there XD
Akia Aoi yeah xD
Butterflykiss yes
Akia Aoi puts on her coat
Butterflykiss picks up Eiki with one arm holding him and holding the umbrella over our heads
Butterflykiss Omoi: "Daddy..can I ride on your shoulders?"
Akia Aoi: I'm guessing Will is still in bed?
Butterflykiss most likely
Akia Aoi: sigh, well, let's get going
baka red6235: raining out?
willotaku a clatter from the fridge proves otherwise
baka red6235 smiles and kneels down for omoi. " of course"
Akia Aoi: .....
Akia Aoi: we barely have food and he's going to eat everything -n-
willotaku surprisingly only has one small sandwich
willotaku and some juice
Butterflykiss Omoi: smiles and gets on your shoulders hugging your head
Akia Aoi: Will, help Sebastian with Mayra while we're out please!
Akia Aoi opens the door
willotaku: (does no one notice that I was eating like a normal person?)
Akia Aoi: (you're in the kitchen...we're not XD)
Akia Aoi: come on guys
Butterflykiss walks out
Akia Aoi follows
Akia Aoi ....what was that guys name XD
Akia Aoi the train woker?
baka red6235: hm
Akia Aoi nvrm
Akia Aoi walks beside Kira. "you think Jeff would know a good doctor"
Akia Aoi Jeff? I honestly don't know there's a million guys..the doctor?"
Butterflykiss it is possible, he's lived here a while i'm gussing
Akia Aoi lol i meant jeff'
baka red6235 follows as well. " doesnt hurt to ask"
Butterflykiss he'll probably be at the station
Akia Aoi: let's go then
Butterflykiss Omoi: plays with her father's fro
Butterflykiss nods walking towards the station seeing old buildings and a park filled with children
Akia Aoi: oh look, a park
Akia Aoi smiles a bit
Akia Aoi Mayra: wakes up, seeing zSebby. "daddy, I'm hungry..."
Butterflykiss looks closer seeing a few of the children dressed in slightly more modern clothing "strange.."
Butterflykiss Sebastian: "how about some chicken soup then?"
Akia Aoi: what is?
Akia Aoi Mayra: nods. "and water?"
baka red6235: the clothes?
Akia Aoi looks
Akia Aoi: ....that is strange
baka red6235 keeps walking looking around. " well maybe times have gotten a lil more up paced."
Akia Aoi what was the name of the dr we were warned about?
Akia Aoi: maybe
baka red6235: theres his shop lets see if he is in
Akia Aoi Samson. but he's a phycaligist
Akia Aoi k
Butterflykiss Jeff: works on the new nails for the track goggles over his head
Akia Aoi and i don't plan to bring him in till later
Akia Aoi kk
Akia Aoi was jw
Akia Aoi ok
baka red6235 walks over to him. " hey jeff!!! got a moment?"
Akia Aoi stay beside Kira
Butterflykiss Jeff: *looks up* oh it's the strange ones, what can I do for ye?
baka red6235: we need a doctor. can you take us to one?
Akia Aoi: it's my daughter, she's sick
Butterflykiss Jeff: what kind of doctor you looking for?
Butterflykiss Jeff; ah I see well
Butterflykiss Jeff: there are plenty good ones, I would mister Otis is the best for wee little ones
Akia Aoi: where can we find him?
Shiro Aoi: (wuv u hun)
Butterflykiss Jeff: go to the town square his office is right across from miss violet's baker
Akia Aoi: (wuv you too mr random who won't rp)
Akia Aoi: thank you Jeff
Butterflykiss Jeff; you're welcome, hope your little one feels better soon
Butterflykiss oh Jeff
Butterflykiss Jeff: hm?
Butterflykiss you ddi say the year was 1843 yes?
Butterflykiss Jeff: aye I did. Why do you ask? oh..don't tell me you've been talking to those people on the other side of the city. the ones that say it's 1954?
baka red6235: other side of the city huh?
baka red6235: hmmm curiouser and curiouser.
Akia Aoi: .....
Akia Aoi: wait what
Butterflykiss Jeff: aye..it's strange, many new people here say they're from all over.
Akia Aoi looks at Kira and Koba
Butterflykiss Jeff: 1954, the dark ages, 1889
baka red6235: newcomers?
baka red6235: let me guess. all arrived on trains
Butterflykiss Jeff: "but that's just hog wash. that can't possibly be...ah..." holds his head slightly "blasted headachs.."
Butterflykiss Jeff: yes..just like you all
Akia Aoi: you ok Jeff?
Butterflykiss Jeff: didn't your strange friend say you were from 2013?
Akia Aoi looks with a bit of concern
Akia Aoi: yes
Butterflykiss Jeff: but that can't be possible..righ-..
Butterflykiss a girl with blue hair jumps on jeff and covers his mouth
Butterflykiss ??: shut it and get back to work jeff! we need those nails!
Akia Aoi raises an eyebrow
Butterflykiss Jeff: right right sorry "your high and mightyness" *he bows mockingly and goes back to work still holding his head" hope you can find mr. otis"
Akia Aoi: yeah um thanks again
Butterflykiss the girl holds her hands on her hips and turns to us "who are you? what do you want and why are you here?? do you work for him huh????"
baka red6235: no. but actually we were looking for work
willotaku: ?me stretches
willotaku stretches
Akia Aoi: him?
Akia Aoi: and I'm just looking for a doctor. um, I'll see you guys at home
Butterflykiss she eyes us over and looks at kee for a second before shaking her head "you! short dark and muscluar. what can you do? any heavy lefting"
Butterflykiss be careful
Akia Aoi: I will
Akia Aoi pats her coat pocket. "found my mace spray." waves as she leaves
Akia Aoi it was going to be either pepper spray or mace XD
Akia Aoi plus i got my rod...may not turn into a scythe now but it's still good to whack people in the head with XD
Akia Aoi XD
baka red6235 points at myself
baka red6235: who me?
Butterflykiss ??: yeah you
Akia Aoi Mayra: stays cuddled under her two layers of blankets
baka red6235: yeah i suppose so. im used to it
Butterflykiss Sebastian: walks over to her witha bowl of fresh chicken soup
Akia Aoi ....wait y did she look at me XD
Akia Aoi cause you asked "him who"
Butterflykiss (btw i will be slow)
Akia Aoi oh lol
baka red6235: ok
Butterflykiss (watching my romantic movie)
Akia Aoi i wasnt sure if she meant jeff or someone else XD
Akia Aoi: (kk)
Akia Aoi goes over to town square. "Dr. Otis is across the street from the baker..." looks around
Akia Aoi Mayra: eats her soup. "where's momma?"
Butterflykiss Sebastian: "she went to find us a new doctor"
Butterflykiss ??: hmm..names gueen. come on we'll find you something
Akia Aoi Mayra: "are you sick too, daddy?"
Butterflykiss Sebastian: I may be getting sick
Akia Aoi: (it was guin twiny i reread the last log)
Butterflykiss (oaky thanks)
Akia Aoi: (yup)
Akia Aoi sees the bakeery sign then looks across from it. "I guess that's it" goes towards the building
Akia Aoi: (bakery*)
Akia Aoi Mayra: "did momma find out why I'm sick?"
baka red6235: alright. umm.. hun?
Akia Aoi walks into the building. "um, hello?"
Butterflykiss Sebastian: We ay have
Butterflykiss y yes dear?
willotaku cracks neck
Butterflykiss a young lady in a nurses dress at a desk looks at you "yes may I help you miss?"
Akia Aoi: hi, I'm looking for Dr. Otis? I have a daughter who's sick.
Butterflykiss Guin: "you two coming?"
Akia Aoi i hate being without him at a time like this DX
Akia Aoi i know
Akia Aoi i can't even do anything about it T~T
Butterflykiss Nurse Anna: oh, well how old is your daughter and what are her symptoms?
Akia Aoi :(
Akia Aoi: she's about 5 yrs old
Butterflykiss shrugs and goes with her still holding Eiki
Akia Aoi damn hormones DX
Akia Aoi xD
Akia Aoi: she's coughing, um cold. i'm not sure about a fever
Akia Aoi Al uses my pillow the bastard DX
Akia Aoi xD
baka red6235: kira: did you want to stick around?
Butterflykiss Nurse Anna: well i'm sure he can see your daughter today, what's your names?
Akia Aoi .....he uses it...because my PILLOW reminds him...of me...
Butterflykiss sure
Akia Aoi that's sweet
Akia Aoi because it has my scent on it
Akia Aoi aw
Akia Aoi: my name is Keelena Michaelis. my daughter is Mayra
Akia Aoi Kira...he USES it
Akia Aoi -n-
baka red6235: alright
Butterflykiss she writes down in a folder "okay got it"
Akia Aoi ew
Akia Aoi now you get it
Akia Aoi: thank you
Shiro Aoi left the room. (Logged out)
Akia Aoi: oh, um I believe my husband maybe getting sick as well
Akia Aoi: I heard him cough in his sleep last night
baka red6235 sets down omoi " stay with mommy okay? im going to go with the lady here see if i cant get something working." follows gueen
baka red6235: so what will i be doing exactly?
Akia Aoi: *Guin
Butterflykiss Guin: depends, do you want to work on the train or a weapon maker?
Butterflykiss Nurse Anna: we can see him as well
Akia Aoi: his name is Sebastian
Butterflykiss Nurse Anna: why dont you go get them both while I tell him,
Akia Aoi: thanks
Butterflykiss Anna: oh *hands you a paper with question* for the two
Butterflykiss Anna: please fill it out
Shiro Aoi joined the room.
baka red6235: hmm i dabbled the most in smithing so weaponry i suppose will be a better suit. what kind am i making?
Akia Aoi grabs the paper. "thank you" goes to leave then stops. "I have a question?" goes back to the nurse
Butterflykiss (wb)
Shiro Aoi: (thx)
Akia Aoi: I'm...I'm not really a fan of doctors...past experiance...um....is he trustworthy?
Butterflykiss Anna: very trust worthy, best doctor in the city
Akia Aoi smiles a bit
Akia Aoi: thank you
Akia Aoi: I'll be back soon
Butterflykiss Guin: swords, guns, axes for lumber jacks
Akia Aoi leaves the office and heads for home
baka red6235: easy nuff
baka red6235: when do i start?
willotaku looks around
Akia Aoi arrives homes a few minutes later, grabbing Sebby's and Mayra's coat after she goes in.
Akia Aoi: hey Will
Butterflykiss Guin: pays good, 18 dollars an hour. and tomorrow 9 am at Whit's
Butterflykiss we walk by "Whit's shop as the smell of burning silver and other metals comes through the air"
Akia Aoi: sorry, not staying. found a doctor for Mayra
Akia Aoi heads upstairs for Mayra's room
Butterflykiss the dogs go over to will looking bored
Akia Aoi: Sebastian?
Butterflykiss Sebastian: welcome home, how did it go
Akia Aoi: I found one
Butterflykiss Guin: stops of for a moment glaring at an office. "one more thing. stay away from that building. never go in never ask for help. trust me."
Akia Aoi: love, you're good at paperwork better than I am. can you fill these out for me please
Butterflykiss Guin: you creepy goth girl. what are you good at?
Akia Aoi hands him the papers
willotaku pets the dogs
Butterflykiss he nods and takes them
Akia Aoi: (pfft, creepy goth girls XD)
Butterflykiss they wag their tails
Butterflykiss gets flushed
Akia Aoi: thank you
Butterflykiss E excuse you!
Butterflykiss Omoi: "Daddy what's a goth?" .-.
Butterflykiss Guin: snickers a bit "well what are you good at?"
Akia Aoi goes over to Mayra. "has she eaten yet?" starts putting her coat on her
Butterflykiss keeps walking
baka red6235 looks at the office. then at guin. " i expect an apology for that. to my wife that is."
Butterflykiss baking and cooking.
Akia Aoi Mayra: coughs a bit before grabbing her bunny. "can I bring Alice momma?"
Akia Aoi: yeah baby, hold onto her tightly ok
Butterflykiss Guin: oh right sorry misses addams
Butterflykiss eye twitches
Butterflykiss wait
Butterflykiss misses addams??
Butterflykiss miss*
Butterflykiss whatver
Butterflykiss you know about the addams family?
Butterflykiss I thought this was 1843
Akia Aoi kisses her head then goes into the closet and grabs a blanket to wrap around Mayra
baka red6235: try again without the sarcasm.
Akia Aoi: almost done Sebastian?
Butterflykiss Sebastian: all done *hands it to you*
Akia Aoi hands him his coat "put it in my bag" wraps Mayra warmly and picks her up. "you want daddy to carry you?"
baka red6235 glares at guin. "i cant imagine you ca find many proficiant smiths around here. i can tell your strapped by the way your pushing jeff so much. i can always look somewhere else. perhaps a rival company would be willing to hire me and jeff? a place like this i know doesnt only have one shop of this calibure"
Akia Aoi: Mayra: nods, looking tired
Akia Aoi: (not fixing it -n-
Akia Aoi: )
Akia Aoi kisses her head then gives her to Sebby
Butterflykiss Guin: okay okay fine fine
Butterflykiss Guin: I'm sorry miss?...
baka red6235: hatane. kira hatane
Akia Aoi takes a deep breath as she grabs her bag, making sure the papers are all there. "ready?"
Butterflykiss Guin: hatane, I'm sorry miss hatane
Butterflykiss nods
Butterflykiss Guin: and I know because..big shocker..we're not all from his time
Butterflykiss Guin: everyone in this tonw infact..is from a different time.
Butterflykiss Guin: I'm from 2000.
Akia Aoi strokes Mayra's hair. "hold onto Alice" smiles then goes downstairs
Butterflykiss Guin: came here to visit my grandmother..couldn't go back home. just like you all
Akia Aoi Mayra: hugs her bunny tightly, looking like she's about to fall back to sleep
Butterflykiss one of the dogs bings will a toy
Akia Aoi goes over to Will. "if Kira and Koba gets back before me, tell them I took Mayra to Dr. Otis. please."
Butterflykiss Guin: but..i don't know why people are still thinking that. maybe time stops here?
baka red6235: or perhaps people from different times are being drawn here
baka red6235: maybe for a reason.
Akia Aoi: ( http://gigglesglore.com/pic/9883­/Said-No-Man-Ever )
willotaku "Alright."
Akia Aoi: thanks
Akia Aoi: we shouldn't take too long
Akia Aoi: Sebastian, come on
Butterflykiss Guin: if there is one i sure have no idea what it is.
Butterflykiss Guin: anyway, you can work at the baker part time since you have children.
baka red6235 looks at kira. "sounds good?"
Butterflykiss smiles and nods
Butterflykiss yeah that sounds good
Akia Aoi waits for Sebby to come down
Butterflykiss Sebastian: comes down staires
baka red6235: alright
Akia Aoi: ready dear?
baka red6235: we will come tommorow at 9 then?
Butterflykiss Guin: yes, and you'll be working with me mister hatane
Akia Aoi leads the way to the drs office
Butterflykiss he follows kee
Butterflykiss she hops in a car and drives off "see you!"
Akia Aoi walks inside a few minutes later, pulling out the papers
baka red6235: very well then
Akia Aoi Mayra: had fallen asleep on the way
Butterflykiss interesting person.
Butterflykiss Nurse Anna waits at the door of the building
Akia Aoi: hello
Akia Aoi hands her the papers
Akia Aoi: um, this is my husband Sebastian and that's Mayra
Shiro Aoi: (i will never be kicked mwahahahaha)
Akia Aoi: (omg hun XD)
baka red6235 nods
baka red6235: with that said we shall see you tommorow
willotaku: (hmm)
Akia Aoi: (Kira still live? lol)
Butterflykiss (movie)
Butterflykiss (said i'd be slow)
Akia Aoi: (lol ok)
Akia Aoi: (ik XD just checking)
Butterflykiss she nods and takes it "go the room on the right he's waiting"
Akia Aoi: thanks
Akia Aoi: come on, dear
Akia Aoi goes where the Dr is
Butterflykiss a man with a purple top hat opens it "hello madam and hello miss Mayra..not feeling well are we?"
Akia Aoi looks over at Mayra
baka red6235 left the room. (Logged out)
Akia Aoi: oh, looks like she's fallen asleep
Akia Aoi: (and he dc's)
Akia Aoi: but no, she's been like this since we've moved here a few days ago
Akia Aoi: she was never one to get sick easily
Akia Aoi: she gets it from her father
Butterflykiss Otis: well lay her here and i'll check her heart beat and everything
Akia Aoi looks at Sebastian
Butterflykiss Sebastian: lays her down
Butterflykiss Otis checks her heart beat and then feels for a fever
Butterflykiss Otis: well by what yu told me i think it's the flu
Butterflykiss Otis: it's been going arund
Akia Aoi looks at the Dr
Akia Aoi: looks like Sebastian has caught as well then. I heard him coughing last night in his sleep
Butterflykiss Otis: i can give you some medicine you need to take it every 7 hours after eating
Butterflykiss he goes to the desk and grabs a bottle
Butterflykiss Otis: i must warn you though it taste awful.
Akia Aoi: is this for Mayra or Sebastian?
willotaku: (brb)
Akia Aoi: (k)
baka red joined the room.
baka red: there we go
baka red: took long enough to connect
Akia Aoi: (wb)
Butterflykiss Otis: yes ma'am
Akia Aoi: well, luckily we have a brave little girl.
Akia Aoi strokes Mayra's hair, noticing she's starting to wake
Akia Aoi Mayra: opens her eyes. "are we at the Doctors momma?"
baka red left the room. (Logged out)
Akia Aoi: yeah, sweetie, we are. he's giving us medicine to help make you and daddy feel better
baka red joined the room.
Butterflykiss Otis: *takes off his hat and puts it back on* hello miss Mayra
Butterflykiss (wb love)
baka red sighs
Akia Aoi: (wb again)
Akia Aoi: Mayra: hello Dr. Otis
baka red: dont wb yet ill be gone again in a minute
Akia Aoi smiles
Akia Aoi: (um ok o-0)
Akia Aoi looks at Otis
Akia Aoi: what do you suggests she eats?
Butterflykiss Otis: light things, rice pudding, eggs, toast
Akia Aoi nods as she picks up Mayra
Akia Aoi: thank you
baka red: kira: well then shall we head home?
Akia Aoi looks at Sebastian
Akia Aoi: you will take this medicine dear~
Butterflykiss nods
Butterflykiss yeah I think Eiki is getting tired
Butterflykiss Otis: you're welcome
baka red: eiki: nyuuuu
baka red: eiki: i wanna play
Akia Aoi Mayra: giggles a bit at her daddy then coughs. looks at Otis. "thank you Dr.Otis"
Butterflykiss smiles
Butterflykiss alright then, when we get home we're all play..
Butterflykiss infact why don't we stop by the toy shop?
willotaku: (back)
Akia Aoi smiles at Mayra then nods at Otis and leaves with Sebby'
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks at her momma. "does momma trust Dr. Otis?"
baka red: eiki: yay!!
Akia Aoi nods. "yeah, I think we can trust him. whst do you think Sebastian?" looks at her husband
baka red smiles. " sounds fine by me"
Akia Aoi: *what
Butterflykiss Sebastian: i think we can
Butterflykiss walks to the toy store in the winter are automatons and stuffed toys
Akia Aoi smiles as she kisses him. "he might be the only one I can trust" laughs a little as they headed for home.
Butterflykiss he kisses back with a smile

Heath's Town rp

willotaku: Does anyone else feel a little different?
Akia Aoi: no, it's not you Koba
baka red: hehehe tinkers street
willotaku looks at the other people, notices them look at our clothes in disdain "Not just you man."
Butterflykiss some of the people walk by chuckling and talking in whispers to each other
baka red: sheesh they act like never saw casual clothes before
Akia Aoi shakes her head at Koba then looks at Mayra and smiles. "hey my little sleeping angel"
Butterflykiss will: a bit yeah..
Akia Aoi Mayra: yawns and rubs her eyes. "morning momma." stays leaning on her
Butterflykiss walks through the station with the bags and box
baka red wears the black shirt kira gave me and a matching pair of black pants.
baka red follows with holding omois hand and carrying the still sleeping eiki
Butterflykiss ???: oi! those are some rather strange clothes you have on there mates.
willotaku: Huh?
baka red: omoi dear can you hold the dogs leashes please?
Akia Aoi: what?
Akia Aoi looks at the stranger
willotaku: What you mean strange?
baka red turns to the speaker. " heh? isnt that our line?"
willotaku copying the accent
Butterflykiss a young man in a white dress shirt and brown vest with goggles on his forehead walks over
Butterflykiss Omoi: takes the leashes
Butterflykiss ???: well I've never seen anyone in such attire
Akia Aoi: and we haven't seen yours since...what the 1800's or so?
Akia Aoi looks at the others
willotaku: What's your name?
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks at the man confused. "who's he momma?"
Butterflykiss he gives us a strange look "well considering this is 1843. and my Name is Jeff Burke. Pleasure to meet ya"
Butterflykiss he holds out his hand
Akia Aoi: ...wait, what?
Butterflykiss Ai. It's 1843 lassy. why you seem so shocked?
baka red: come again?
Akia Aoi looks at Kira
baka red: .........
willotaku: ...
baka red: this must be a festival right?
willotaku: time travel
Butterflykiss looks at koba
Akia Aoi: Kira....how did you find out about this city?
baka red: must say your pretty dedicated
willotaku: would ye believe us if we said we're from 2013?
Butterflykiss looks at kee "may had told me about it"
Akia Aoi: and Will, you know time traveling is not allowed so we couldn't have
baka red: you almost had me actually beleiving it was 1843
Butterflykiss Jeff: no sir this isn't a festival or a joke. are you all feeling alright?
Butterflykiss Omoi: tilts her head "1843 daddy?"
willotaku: Actually, I'm feeling a little under the weather
Akia Aoi looks back at Kira. "May? Why would she send us to a place that's still wearing clothes from the 1800's?"
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks at Sebastian. "daddy, what does he mean?"
Butterflykiss shakes her head "I have no idea, it's may she's strange"
Akia Aoi: that is true
Butterflykiss Jeff: ah well there's a pub down the way. you can get some food a pint
Akia Aoi: um, actually, we're trying to find our new house
Butterflykiss Sebastian: "1843 was a very long time ago sweetie remember what I was teaching you about?"
baka red: maybe we are just in a different area? you know like bermuda triangle kinda thing
Butterflykiss Jeff: *shrugs* where ya leave? I can give you all a ride
Akia Aoi Mayra: nods. "1843 was a Steam Punk era right daddy?"
Akia Aoi smiles at Mayra.
Butterflykiss sets the bags down and goes over into the tracks
Butterflykiss Omoi: mommy?
Butterflykiss Sebastian: "yes sweetie"
Akia Aoi looks at Kira
Akia Aoi: Kira, what is it?
Butterflykiss walks over the edge of the station and falls back like I ran into something
Akia Aoi: what the!
Akia Aoi hands Mayra to Sebby then runs over to Kira
Akia Aoi: are you ok!?
Akia Aoi helps her stand
Butterflykiss gets up "thanks and yeah..bu..but" puts her hand in the air and starts to push "put your hand here it's like there's a wall!"
Akia Aoi does as she told then gasps
Akia Aoi: what the hell!?
Butterflykiss Jeff: uhh..your women seem to be very..different gents
Butterflykiss koba darling..i think you may be onto something with that idea you had..
willotaku: You get used to it
Akia Aoi: no no no, you're not saying that we actually are in 1843?
baka red: what is it a barrier?
baka red eiki starts to wake up. sets him down as he sits rubbing his eyes
Butterflykiss i i guess so
Butterflykiss Jeff: watches us as more people gather
Akia Aoi: not only that but now we're stuck here?
Butterflykiss tries to open a portal..but nothing happens
Butterflykiss ..uh..
Butterflykiss m..more bad news..
Akia Aoi: what?
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks at Sebby. "daddy, why are you ignoring me?"
baka red walks over and places hand on the wall
baka red: maybe i can break through it with enough force.
Butterflykiss Sebastian: shakes his head "sorry darling w w what is it?"
willotaku felt like his senses were dulling
Butterflykiss Jeff: uh..ye may wanna pull back a little, your drawing a crowed
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks at him with sad eyes. "I was speaking to you through my mind....did you not hear?"
baka red inhales and exhales sharply slamming an elbow into it hard as possable. pauses in the position when i feel a crack.
willotaku: uh...I think I just heard bone crack
Butterflykiss ouch..
Butterflykiss are you kay?
Butterflykiss okay*
Akia Aoi watches Koba then tries to help by getting out her rod only to notice it stays the same
Akia Aoi: ...w-what the
willotaku: (brb quivkly, need a drink)
Akia Aoi: (of course)
Akia Aoi: (lol)
baka red slowly turns around putting my hand in my pocket with a slight wince. " yep! just dandy!" walks back next to the kids and sits down complete straight faced and staring blankly upwards
Butterflykiss Omoi: pats your shoulder "be careful daddy" LI
Butterflykiss Jeff: ye done?
Akia Aoi looks back at Sebastian with wide eyes
Butterflykiss SebastiN: what is going on..
Akia Aoi walks back to him, still holding the rod. "I can't use Artemis.....I can't even hear him...." looks at her rod
Butterflykiss Sebastian: "no..no i didn't
Butterflykiss Sebastian: Mayra just tried to talk to me but..i couldn't hear it
willotaku: (back)
willotaku found that his powers weren't working either
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks at daddy then momma. "I can't feel any aura momma.....and no one can hear me...."
Butterflykiss (wb)
Akia Aoi: (wb)
willotaku: (ty)
Butterflykiss Jeff: right well, off I go
willotaku: hold it pal
Butterflykiss JeffL don't wan to be pulled into this freak show right now
Butterflykiss Jeff: hm>
willotaku: First, don't insult us, second, would you kindly direct us to tinker street?
Akia Aoi takes Mayra and hugs her tightly. "it's ok, sweetie, we'll figure this out. but first, we should get to our new home." looks at Koba. "and get get your Uncle a doctor..."
Akia Aoi (shoots extra get)
baka red biting lip. " im fine"
Akia Aoi: Koba, I can see that you're not
baka red: please its jsut a fracture. its not like ive never had worse before
Butterflykiss Jeff: eh..fine have it your way
Butterflykiss Jeff: worse? the bloody hell have you been doing to have had worse?
Akia Aoi looks at Sebastian then hugs him, still holding Mayra
willotaku: very long story
Butterflykiss Sebastian: hugs back stll very shocked
Butterflykiss Jeff: eh second thought I don't want to know
willotaku: now, tinkers street, lead us to it please
baka red: broken ribs. ruptured organs, dismember limbs, at one point my heart gave out had to replace that, shall i go on?
Butterflykiss he goes out of the stations "hurry up then"
Akia Aoi: Will, can you help the kids with the dogs?
Butterflykiss Jeff: bloddy hell man
baka red gets up following. eiki holding the leashes. " its okay i gots it~"
Butterflykiss walks with jeff holding Omoi's hand while she has Isis "what's going on mommy?"
Butterflykiss I'm not sure sweetie..
baka red: compared to that a fracture is getting off with a slap o the wrost
Akia Aoi smiles at Eiki a little. "alright then." follows Jeff, carrying Mayra, holding Sebby's hand
Akia Aoi: *wrist
Butterflykiss he stands outside putting our things in the back of his very large car the same style as the others with large pipes at the back of it
Butterflykiss Jeff: hop in
willotaku gets into the car
Akia Aoi gets in, Mayra sitting on her lap
Butterflykiss helps Omoi in the car and gets it grabing eiki and the other dogs
Butterflykiss Sebastian: gets in next to kee
Butterflykiss Jeff: so uh what are your names?
Akia Aoi: oh, I'm Keelena, but everyone calls me Kee. this is my husband Sebastian and our daughter Mayra
baka red offers a hand to kira for her to get in first
baka red: after you m'lady
Butterflykiss smiles and takes it getting inside
willotaku: Mine is William
Butterflykiss Jeff: Keelena? strange name never heard anyone named that before
Butterflykiss I'm Kira and this is my husband Kobashi
baka red climbs in sitting next to kira. then looks at jeff.
baka red: kobashi is my alias
baka red: my real name is
baka red: DOMMASAUR
baka red: DOOM*
baka red: *_*
Akia Aoi Mayra: "I like momma's name...." stays close to her mother and father
Butterflykiss darling don't scar the man
Akia Aoi kicks Koba
willotaku: *scare
Butterflykiss and these are our children, Eiki and Omoi
Butterflykiss Jeff: ....where are you all from?
baka red whispers " also known as hellraiser and minideath"
Butterflykiss Jeff: and we have plenty of Williams here
Butterflykiss Koba!
baka red chuckles
willotaku: Out of town
Akia Aoi kicks him again. "still can't believe we're twins." -n-
baka red kicks back. " quit it! i can feel that in meh arm" DX
Akia Aoi: then stop being a baka
Akia Aoi Mayra: giggles a bit
Butterflykiss Jeff: riiiight...and a baka would be?
Akia Aoi: oh uh it means idiot
Butterflykiss Omoi: "it means idiot hehehe"
Butterflykiss Jeff: strange term..baka hm
willotaku: It's Japanese
Akia Aoi Mayra: moves to sit on Sebby's lap
Butterflykiss he drives down the street "oh so you're from japan? how the hell did you get all the way here?"
Butterflykiss Sebastian: holds her close
Butterflykiss rubs koba's shoulder
Akia Aoi looks at Kira, hoping she knew what to say
Butterflykiss umm..well part way by train then by foot
Butterflykiss then by train..
Butterflykiss Jeff: well that explains your strange clothing
willotaku: Yeah, latest fashion there
Akia Aoi: yes, it is ^^;
baka red: HAH
baka red: thats a laugh >.>
Butterflykiss Jeff: though if I were you I would get some better attire
baka red: never really fit in there either
Akia Aoi glares at Koba and mouths. "shhh"
Butterflykiss looks and koba "don't make me punch your arm."
willotaku is about to kick it
baka red: well excuse me for bein the honest one. doomasaur aside
Butterflykiss Omoi: no we're not. we're from Forester
Akia Aoi: Well, Jeff, maybe after we settle down, you could show us where we could buy some
Butterflykiss he stops the car suddenly
Akia Aoi facepalm. mutters. "Omoi, the honest little girl I have ever met"
baka red: owwwww
Butterflykiss Jeff: Forester????
Akia Aoi: you know it....?
Butterflykiss Jeff: that's not possible that's only green lands and forests. it's the most dangerous place on this side of the world
Akia Aoi looks at the others
baka red: and that suprises you?
Butterflykiss Jeff: killer plants, any people who live there are broke and wear tarps
baka red: shall i list to you my injuries again?
baka red: ever wonder how i got em? >.>
baka red: and why we are moving here
Butterflykiss Jeff: you people must be stack raving mad
Akia Aoi: main reason was for our children's sake Koba
baka red cant help but grin at that
baka red: i love being called mad~
Butterflykiss Jeff: well..good on you for moving..how'd you get away? I heard anyone trying to leave was to be killed?
baka red: it amuses me
Butterflykiss Jeff: starts to drive again
willotaku: wait
baka red: killed by waht?
willotaku: "Trying to leave was to be killed?!"
baka red: cuz im fairly certain what we had to deal with was rather different than what you have in mind
Butterflykiss Jeff: yeah, and by an army sent by the king
willotaku: ...
baka red: king?
willotaku: What King?
baka red: the pirate king
Butterflykiss Jeff: geez you people really don't get out much
baka red: ok ok you caught me. i meant burger king
Butterflykiss Jeff: the king of this land lord Edward the 2nd
willotaku: ...
Akia Aoi: how bout this, Jeff, get us to the house and tell us everything about this King and we'll tell you what we can about us, deal?
baka red: question jeff
willotaku: is his last name Elric?
Akia Aoi: ....
Akia Aoi kicks Will this time -n-
Butterflykiss Jeff: no sir not Elric, Jonson
Butterflykiss Jeff: ay?
willotaku: at least it's not Cullen
baka red: oh theres a name i hadnt heard in a while
Akia Aoi: you heard of him Kob?
Akia Aoi Mayra: coughs a little
Akia Aoi looks at Mayra
Akia Aoi: you ok sweetie
Akia Aoi Mayra: nods and smiles. "yes momma" ^^
Butterflykiss Jeff: pulls up to the street"house number?"
baka red: yeah
baka red: ive read about him in his-
baka red: .......
baka red: well.....crap ._.;;
Butterflykiss Jeff: in his?
baka red: n..not important >.>;
Akia Aoi: it's really not ^^;
willotaku: newspaper
Butterflykiss oh it's um 906
Akia Aoi thinks to self. "phew, good save knucklehead..."
Butterflykiss Jeff nods and heads down the street "took long enough for someone to buy that beast of a house
willotaku: och really? It's a beastie of a house eh?
willotaku: I need a shave
Akia Aoi: well, we needed a big house for a big family
Akia Aoi smiles
Butterflykiss yeah we do
Butterflykiss Jeff: so kobshiny? what was your question?
Butterflykiss he pulls up to this white house large and beautiful (link in skype) as the car stops and the steam stops puffing from the pipes
Akia Aoi looks at the house
Akia Aoi: wow....
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks with amazement. "we live here daddy?!" looks at Sebby
Butterflykiss he smiles "yes we do angel"
Butterflykiss Omoi: "WOW! Eiki look at the yard! we can run around with the dogs all day long!"
willotaku: Love the house
baka red: yeah. just one question. havent came by electricity much yet have you?
Akia Aoi looks at Kira. "if the guys think we're cleaning this house by ourselves, they're nuts"
Butterflykiss Jeff; no sir, Nicola Tesla just thought of the idea a few years ago..so it's hard to come by
willotaku: ...
willotaku: Tesla...
willotaku is quietly freaking out
Butterflykiss Jeff: oi don't tell you haven't heard of Nicola Tesla
willotaku: oh yes
Akia Aoi: oh he's heard of him
willotaku: I've heard of him and his coils
Akia Aoi starts to get out of the car
willotaku also Met him, but that's besides the point
Butterflykiss Jeff; oh he has so much more. I can't wait to see what the man brings up
Butterflykiss punches will
Butterflykiss jeff: helps get the box and bags out of the back
Akia Aoi helps Mayra get out. "don't run off, Mayra, stay by the house."
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks at her mother. "can I go in the yard momma? please?"
Akia Aoi: not yet sweetie
Butterflykiss smiles at kee "ohh yours so right"
Akia Aoi looks at Kira and laughs a little
Butterflykiss Omoi gets out and runs into the yard smiling as the dogs follow her
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks at me with puppy eyes. "please momma. I'll stay with Omoi."
Akia Aoi sighs and smiles. "fine, but stay with with your cousins."
Butterflykiss helps koba out
Akia Aoi Mayra: smiles. "yay! Omoi, wait for me!" follows Omoi
Butterflykiss Jeff: need me to carry your things?
Butterflykiss Omoi: waits for Mayra at the front steps of the house
Akia Aoi: Kira, I noticed Mayra is more closer to Omoi then Eiki. she's usually close to both but now its more Omoi
Akia Aoi grabs her bag and Mayra's bunny and blanket
Butterflykiss perhaps because their boths girls
Butterflykiss Sebastian gets out "you okay there koba?
willotaku grabs his stuff, but then collapses, his strength diminished
Akia Aoi: perhaps...I also noticed her cough....she coughed last night and the night before last....I hope she's not getting sick
willotaku: Yeah, help would be great
Butterflykiss Jeff: nods and walks up the steps passing the kids with a kind smile and opening the door
Butterflykiss walks over to the steps "I hope not too"
Akia Aoi walks with Kira
Akia Aoi Mayra: plays with Omoi and the dogs
Akia Aoi: so Jeff, you have any children if your own?
Butterflykiss holds Eiki in her arms
Butterflykiss Jeff: no, sadly no one wants to marry this daft old engineer
Butterflykiss Jeff: but maybe one day I will
Akia Aoi: aw, I'm sure you will
Butterflykiss puts the boxes down
Akia Aoi smiles at him
Butterflykiss Jeff: thank ya lass
baka red: alrighty then lets get settled in shall we?
Akia Aoi: good idea
Butterflykiss Jeff: well..since I doubt you know much about this house and how it works..water works as it would anywhere else, goes through the pips and into your sink over there, and the lights..those are tricky
baka red starts bringing stuff inside
baka red: how tricky?
Akia Aoi: better start with what rooms are whos
baka red tries the light switch
Butterflykiss Jeff: you'll have to go down to the ceiler and crank the gears every few house to keep them up
Akia Aoi: *hours
Butterflykiss ty
Akia Aoi: yw
baka red: really?
Akia Aoi: ...I hate basements
Butterflykiss Jeff: really
baka red immediatly turns it off
baka red: well better conserve then >.>
Butterflykiss Jeff: we don't have much eletricity but what we do have we have to work hard for it
Akia Aoi: come on Kira, let's go check out the rooms. wanna pick the ones for the kids first
Akia Aoi starts heading upstars
Akia Aoi: *upstairs
Butterflykiss nods following kee up stairs "thank you jeff"
Butterflykiss Jeff: holds his hand up and nods "any time"
Akia Aoi looks at the rooms with Kira, finds one that already has two beds. "....I guess we found the twins room..." looks at Kira
Butterflykiss hehe it's perfect for him
Butterflykiss walks over across the hall and opens the door "this one has a bed and it's lavander"
Butterflykiss lavender*
willotaku: very nice place
Akia Aoi: /me smiles then notices that to doors look the same. "might have to put up some kind of signs to tell the rooms apart." follows Kira
Butterflykiss Jeff: so. if you don't mind my asking.
Akia Aoi: (da fuk...)
Butterflykiss Jeff: what was with the uh..show at the stations?
Akia Aoi smiles then notices that to doors look the same. "might have to put up some kind of signs to tell the rooms apart." follows Kira
Akia Aoi: (there
Akia Aoi: )
Akia Aoi: you thinking Mayra?
Akia Aoi smiles
Butterflykiss yeah I am
Butterflykiss has a nice bed too
Akia Aoi: it's perfect
Akia Aoi places the bunny and her blanket on the bed for now
willotaku: Let's just say we're sorta special mate, but some part of our specialness has been dimmed
Akia Aoi: hey, do we still have there names from when they were babies, you know the ones we hung over there cribs?
Akia Aoi: *their
willotaku: packed everything
Akia Aoi: (me and kira are upstairs Will XD)
Butterflykiss Jeff: that would be?
willotaku: (oh right)
baka red pats jeff on the back with my bad arm forgeting the fracture already. " dont worry bout it"
willotaku: uh, koba, your arms
willotaku: *arm
Akia Aoi: thought maybe we could hang them on their bedroom doors, make it a bit decorative
Akia Aoi smiles at Kira
baka red: yup. well aware of it
willotaku: (Exhausted)
baka red cracks neck and holds my arm
Akia Aoi: (its ok)
willotaku: (Going to fall asleep to Howl's
willotaku: )
Akia Aoi: (k)
Butterflykiss nods at dani "yeah I agree"
willotaku heads upstairs, finds my room and flops onto the bed
willotaku: (Goodnight guys)
Akia Aoi: (think you mean Kee twiny XD)
Akia Aoi: (night Will)
Butterflykiss (yes XD)
Butterflykiss (omg goodnight will)
willotaku: (actually, shave then bed)
willotaku: (*poofs*)
willotaku left the room. (Logged out)
Akia Aoi: come on. let's go find our rooms then start unpacking
Butterflykiss Jeff: uh right well..if you ever need help give myself or Guin a ring yeah?
Butterflykiss he hands koba a piece of paper and walks out to his car "have a nice stay"
Akia Aoi finds a room with a bed canopy in it..."ok, kinda reminds me of my old one...." looks at Kira. "looks like I found mine and Sebastians? hehe"
Butterflykiss it is nice
Akia Aoi: yeah
Butterflykiss walks over to another room and smiles looking at the black queen sized bed with purple sheets
Butterflykiss found koba's and mine
Akia Aoi: I'm gonna get some boxes and start unpacking Mayra's stuff
Akia Aoi: great
Butterflykiss wait..
Akia Aoi: let's get started
Butterflykiss the spell..
Akia Aoi: spell?
Akia Aoi: oh no....
Butterflykiss runs down stairs
Akia Aoi follows
Butterflykiss nope nope nope nope!
Butterflykiss Omoi: goes inside with the dogs, Mayra and Eiki
Akia Aoi Mayra: comes in, coughing a bit. goes over to Sebby
baka red carries over the box with all the shrunk stuff in it. looks up as you two come down
baka red: whats the rush?
Akia Aoi: please tell me you can unshrink our stuff Kira
baka red: wait.
baka red: if you set it for four days AHEAD and we went BACK in time.
baka red: futternuggets
Akia Aoi: aw shit...
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks at me. "momma..."
Akia Aoi: sorry Mayra
baka red flicks kee. " the kids"
Butterflykiss Omoi: shit..
Butterflykiss Omoi: *starts singing shit*
Butterflykiss Omoi!
Akia Aoi Mayra: looks up at Sebby, coughing again. reaches up again
Akia Aoi hits herself in the head
Butterflykiss that's a bad word don't say
Butterflykiss that
Butterflykiss Omoi: awwww D:
Akia Aoi: sorry Kira, my fault
Butterflykiss Eiki don't you try to
Butterflykiss it's alright
Akia Aoi hears Mayra coughing. looks at her. "Mayra, are you alright?" goes over to her and Sebby
Butterflykiss Sebastian: she doesn't have a fever
Butterflykiss looks at everything "well..maybe it'll still work? if not..we're going to have to get jobs.."
Akia Aoi feels Mayra's head, seeing that it feels normal. "maybe's it's just a cough?" looks at Sebby.
Akia Aoi Mayra: clings to Sebby
Butterflykiss Sebastian: yeah I would guess so..or just a small cold *kisses her head*
Akia Aoi: I mean...she only clings to you like this when she doesn't feel well
Akia Aoi smiles at Mayra. "you want some soup?"
Akia Aoi Mayra: nods. "yes please momma"
Akia Aoi: ok, I'll make it....if we can get the pots out
Akia Aoi looks at Kira
Butterflykiss same here..
Butterflykiss koba how's your arm?
Akia Aoi: (Al is passing out and I'm about to do the same...have to go to sleep before he goes downstairs)
Butterflykiss shouldn't you rest it
Butterflykiss (ah okay, that's fine i'm getting tired too)
Akia Aoi: (yeah, he won't go down till i go to sleep lol this is why i love him ^^)
Akia Aoi: (i guess save the log?)
Butterflykiss (yeah i will, i'll even post it)
Akia Aoi: (ok *hugs you both* love yas, night)
Butterflykiss (*Hugs back*love ya too, night)
Akia Aoi left the room. (Logged out)
baka red: aww we done?
Butterflykiss no we don't have to bed
Butterflykiss that's why she asked to save the log lol
baka red: oh okay~
baka red: and my arm is alright i suppose
Butterflykiss are you sure?
Butterflykiss i don't think I can heal anymore
baka red: normally my suit wouldve patched that long ago already but without it.. itll takea time to heal
Butterflykiss Omoi: "..mom I'm bored. can I play my game?"
Butterflykiss kises your gentle
Butterflykiss gently*
Butterflykiss kisses your arm gently*******
Butterflykiss i'm sorry Omoi..but with no tv.
baka red: lets get your room situated first alright?
baka red: ummm. the box that shrank its jsut the kitchen supply?
baka red: or is i everything?
Butterflykiss everything.
Butterflykiss the rooms already have beds but.
Butterflykiss nothing else.
Butterflykiss our bags have our clothes and some toys for the children
baka red: well then kids youll have to make do with that for now till we can get things fixed. go ahead and get your clothes organized and toys put away. afterwards you two can play in the yard alright/
Butterflykiss Omoi: okay daddy
Butterflykiss she grabs her bag and heads up stairs
baka red: eiki: okidday
baka red he grabs his and follows suit already unzipping it on the way there
Butterflykiss sits down on the sofa that's there. in the room there isn't much, a book shelf with very little books, a sofa with two chairs near it and a small radio like desvice
baka red: well atleast its rather homey
baka red sits next to you and kisses your cheek
baka red: what all was in that potion?
baka red: maybe we can recreate it?
Butterflykiss smiles 'yes that is true"
Butterflykiss nightshade, mint, rosemary, "frogs breath"
Butterflykiss hmm..there was one more thing
Butterflykiss a drop on white wine
baka red: think we could find that stuff here?
Butterflykiss it is possible
Butterflykiss why don't we go into town in a bit? try and find them
baka red: ok sounds good by me
baka red: but what about the kids?
Butterflykiss they'll come with us
Butterflykiss we do need more..suiting clothing
baka red: true
Butterflykiss but for now let's just relax
Butterflykiss holds you close kissing you
baka red: yeah the kids are out in back by now im sure
baka red kisses back smiling
Butterflykiss hehe i'm sure they are

Yes i know the rp was cut short up front I'm sorry


such a cute cosplay of the girls from Monster High

Nadia Read

My mother in rp
Beattiful, deadly, kind at times, strong, passionate, loving

no powers, weapons using

Kiku (updated)


the embodiment of, cold haerted, and uncaring
Kiku is rather new as well she is cold and rather emotionless for the most part. she has power over ice and snow

age: ???

likes: winter, being alone, quiet

dislikes: almost everything else