Assassin's Den

Corrupt Historian Assignment


I payed this historian you mentioned a visit. I attempted to persuade him to abandon his project in a more civilized manor, but he wouldn't budge. After a little while of verbal arguments, I decided to beat the man up until he surrendered, which he ended up doing.

In conclusion, the man stated he'd give up his corrupted life and relinquished any and all documents he'd been working on in the time of his corruption. I left them with this report. I hope this will suffice.

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Corrupt Ambassadors in Roma

I followed the group for a while before actually making a move. They had guards trailing behind them, so once it got dark enough, I knocked them out one by one and left them hidden. When I got to the Ambassadors, I paid them that proper visit as requested. *chuckles*

Black and blue, they hang upside down outside a brothel in their undergarments. I'm sure they'll make quite the sight for passerby's.

*drops a few pouches she looted from them onto table, as well as any documents they had been carrying* Perhaps something useful here.

There's my report! *salute*


Some maps

*sets down a couple maps and looks hands and arms over* Good. The lighter parchment helped keep the smudges out of the piece. *makes face at black blob on elbow* Well, at least off the maps. *looks at work* I think that will do it.

For any other projects like this, remember this: trace of blue paint for rivers, black ink a couple times over detailed words in foreign languages, and a bright red brush of red with a thin brush over the main roads, lots of charcoal over the mountains or forest, different patterns. Leo was great help. *nods again and turns to clean up work space* I hope the charcoal stayed off my poetry book this time.

I hope they're what he wanted. *brushes black stuff off place*


He slipped. Rather, one of his contacts slipped. “Rocco” is really known as Giustino Lombardi. Tracking this name I found much more information that was more related to the information we had on “Rocco”. He was leading the group in Lucca, and has moved them to a new location in Cremona? Most of their victims have all appeared to be connected to the underworld…yet there have been innocents killed as well which leads me to believe they are indiscriminate when it comes to connection. He does not bear the assassin’s crest…yet wears white robes similar to the set I was provided as he moves through the city at night. During the day he’s normal enough. Should I try to infiltrate this group? Or will you investigate since you know more of your own than I do?


Mission: Infiltrate and Destroy


I did as you so requested. Infiltrating the Vatican to retrieve and destroy any existing copies of Signore Da Vinci's war machines was not as difficult as I thought. Escaping the Vatican was an entirely different story.

I managed to find copies of these machines in his desk and packed them away for later destruction. Going unnoticed wasn't that difficult until I ran into Cesare Borgia though. Before I knew it, I was being chased by guards. I managed to escape though and burned the documents once I was on safe grounds.

I saved the ashes in case you wish to have proof~