Dialga99 35
wolfdemonchild9 10
HopeDragon 55
kyouyarenge 625
DeidaraNarutoClan 55
Shadowfiend 10

all items currently half price.

Event pokemon

Fateful encounter Pichu*** 600 points---- Will unlock a new pichu in one of the forests,

Fateful encounter regigigas 5000 must have Gym rank 8 to unlock------- Allows three regis to be unlocked,

Shaymin 3500 points must have gym rank 7 and access to HM fly to encounter in the RPG

Darkrai 3500 points same as shaymin

Fateful encounter jirachi 3000 points knows draco meteor

Magikarp 500 points 50 points I don't give refunds

stuff in the store

general stuff

delta cure 70 points
this will cause a delta species to become normal(only availible if you have a delta species)

shadow purification 100 points
Instantly purifies shadow pokemon

pokerus 30 points
no explanation needed.

delta energy 70 points
causes normal pokemon to become delta species

shadow energy 100 points
causes pokemon to become shadow pokemon or places a shadow pokemon in non-purify mode

evolution items

evolution stones 50 points

iron ball 70 points

flame&toxic orbs 70 points don't ask