Another pokemon rpg that is like the games

Dialga99 Zapdos Leader rank
wolfdemonchild9 Hikari "Kari" gym bidoof rank
HopeDragon Evana co bidoof rank
kyouyarenge Zoey- gym S shadow bidoof rank
DeidaraNarutoClan Cate gym bidoof rank.
Shadowfiend Zack gym bidoof rank

Dialga99 35
wolfdemonchild9 10
HopeDragon 55
kyouyarenge 625
DeidaraNarutoClan 55
Shadowfiend 10

posts that are important


Battle Tent, Round 2! Zoey vs. Pokefan Giraurd!

"Okay!" said the announcer. "Zoey, your type has been chosen to compete against a more difficult competitor! Let's see how you hold!

"Pokefan Girourd is using his Pichu! Zoey is using her Murkrow! Who will win?!

"Battle! START!"

I looked at the lady across from me with a piercing glare. It was enough to make her hesitate. "Krow! Use Shadow Pulse!"

"Pichu! Use Sweet Kiss!" Pichu ran up at Krow, but it was too late. The poor Pichu ran head on into the attack. It flew backwards, but it wasn't done yet!

"Pichu! Use Thunder Shock!" She yelled.

"Krow! Hop away!" I yelled. I knew flying would be useless, since it would just target him, so hopping should let him dodge. Luckily, he listen, and the lighting did no more than singe his feathers. "Now! Use Shadow ball!" He summoned up a big gooey ball of Shadows, and sent it flying at the Pichu. The Pichu took it full on, and when the shadows cleared, the Pichu was laying on the ground, knocked out. I looked at Krow, whose experience had gone up just enough to take him up a level.

"Against all odds! Our winner is Zoey!" cried the Announcer. The crowd went wild. I guess most people really do root for the underdog. As she was lead out of the stadium, I heard her complaining about how unfair it was that I was choosen instead of a flying type, but she was ignored, except for a few who pointed out that Murkrows were flying and dark.

"Zoey advances to the next round!"


Missy (Misdreavius) lvl. 5, Krow (Murkrow S) lvl. 6

sorry I was gone.

I know I have not posted in months.

I would like to say that nobody has posted in a few weeks. this world will remain open, so POST. I would also like to announce that there will be new items in the shop soon. I have also thought of a few new characters for the roleplay. Also remember that you can have 2 characters. Also, everyone is in Shining city right now(Not counting the person who posted right below me[I'm posting this from my DSi, so I can't check the name right now]).

First person who posts gets 500 points(bar myself and whoever won that last time)
EVERYONE is in shining city

EDIT: anyone use shoddy battle?
EDIT again:You may challenge a gym leader by contacting me by PM if you want to battle on Shoddy battle(I have teams built for the gym leaders
note: battles will be conducted at your pokemon's current level and moves.

Battle tent round 2! Zapdos vs. flying type trainer

"Zapdos, pick your round two opponent!" The announcer yelled.

"I pick the flying type." I said.

"Your opponent is flying type trainer Jimmy." The announcer said.

"Pidgey, I choose you!" The flying type trainer yelled.

"Pikachu, Your turn." I told pikachu, "Pikachu, use volt tackle!"

Pikachu attacked my opponents pidgey with an extremely powerful volt tackle. It defeated my opponents pokemon in one hit. This round was mine.

Yes, I know that was a short post.

Getting Ready

I awoke from a wonderful dream filled with pokemon and dozens of badges being won on my behalf. Getting up, I began rolling up my sleeping bag and strapped it onto my bag. I grabbed Cyndiquil's pokeball and let her out. She ran around my feet a few times in happiness.

"Easy girl, easy," I laughed as I raced after her down the beaten path. We were a few miles out from my home town, and I was looking to capture some pokemon.

An Aipom crossed the path, and Cindiquil ran into it as she was too busy trying to outrun me to see where she was going. The Aipom was not happy and started chattering at my pokemon.

"Cindiquil! Use ember!" I couldn't let this pokemon escape me.

Cindiquil did as it was told, opening it's mouth and letting fire burst forth engulfing the Aipom, knocking it out relatively easily. Throwing a pokeball, I caught it.

"Yeah!" I yelled, pumping my first in the air before I picked it up and congratulated Cindiquil. "That was a great job!"

I heard the bush behind me rustle, and I was prepared for another pokemon to run out. What would it be? An Ekans, maybe a Pidgey? Instead, a dark haired girl came out, spitting out leaves from her mouth. She was cradling an egg in her arms.

She looked up and her blue eyes met mine. "Oh hi," she smiled, slightly embarrassed from her entrance.

I smiled. She was really cute. "Hi," I gave a slight wave. Cindiquil ran up to her and rubbed up against her leg. That pokemon was way too friendly.

The girl smiled, kneeling down and running her hand over Cindiquil's head. "You are really healthy. So gorgeous." cindiquil made a sound to show she was happy. Glancing up, the girl grinned at me. "I'm Lana."

I ran my hand through my hair, walking up beside her. "I'm Castiel."

"Where are you headed?" she asked, standing back up, shifting her egg from one arm to the other.

"To the gym in the next town, you?" I replied.

"Same. Want to go together?" she suggested. "I could use some company."

I shrugged, might as well. Cindiquil seemed to like her. "Ya, that would be great."

Lana smiled again. "Great." She took the lead and I followed quietly. This would be interesting.

How was that for my first post?
If someone wants to run into them, that would be great!

New member!

Name: Castiel
Age: 17
Gender: Male
adventure trainer or corrdinator?: Trainer
Pokemon: (please tell me what species it is, It's name if it has one, gender and lv) Cindaquil, female, 9
Eyes: Deep blue
Hair: shaggy blonde
outfit: Black and blue muscle shirt and jean shorts, black backpack and hiking boots
Personality: Laid bad, good guy, gets along with everyone, wants to be everyone's friend, very athletic
Likes: pokemon, traveling, friends
Dislikes: evil
Fears: Losing his pokemon

Can I have another one as well?
Name: Lana
Age: 17
Gender: Female
adventure trainer or corrdinator?: Trainer
Pokemon: (please tell me what species it is, It's name if it has one, gender and lv) Chikorita, female, 9
Eyes: Blue
Hair: long, dark black hair that she usually has half up half down. Curly.
outfit: silver tank top that shows off her stomach, short jean shorts with a belt. Tennis shoes. Blue backpack
Personality: Sort of quick tempered, will do anything to win, a workaholic, trainaholic, though she is smart about the training (she doesn't overwork her pokemon, very athletic, enters many challenges
Likes: winning, seeing the world, pokemon, water
Dislikes: Losing, snakes
Fears: Losing, snakes
XxXWinXGirlXxX characters are approved!

I forgot to tell you all that you can have more than one character.