hah well this is a pinoof of DELETION dont worrye i will still use that world as well but this world gos into the mind of me filled with ninjas,vampires,soul reapers,shinigami,espada,alchemy,AND COTTON CANDY!


well here is another renji avi, i hope ya like it


well this is an avatar i made by request

too many crapy endings

GAH!, i just finished the midnighters series and guess what, it was awsome ecept for the ending, it SUCKED!!, rex and mallisa broke up because she had to move, jessica was stuck in midnight and was onmly living 1 hour a day, non eistant in theothers, johnathan moves away, and rex is stuck with dess and madiline SHESH FOR PITTYS SAKE MAN REX GO WITH MELLISSA! gah im reading WAY too many books

i learned words today in spanish!

"Hay una jerarquía de avispones en mis pantalones": i have a hornets nest in my pants

La besé Hinata : I KISSED HINATA!

Hinata baila bajo una cascada : hinata danceng under a waterfall

random thoughts

well im thinking of doiung some pictures or doing requests for em but i think there good ideas

vampire hinata
kamina and yokko couple picture
"actual" kiss scen for nia and simon
light yagami with a pet monkey
and all the girls from gurren lagann at the beach
and yoko eating cotton candy

wow those are some crazy ideas now that i think about it