deletion reveiw :steel angel kurumi season 2

sup let me start out saying TO MUCH YURI!! i never thought this was posable but its true the produsers or someone changed the series so much that it is unrecognizeable and for pitys sake a yuri quadrangle! i beleve yuris well and good but trying to make it this hard is inforgiveable it was good in the first season when the master is a guy but know its a girl kurumi is now a ________ saki was already one but that was diferent it was her sister so now the entire cast is _______ chicks digging chicks this has over shot yuri in my book and i never thought there was such a thing as too much yuri egh not to mention they jaked up my fav char. karanka mesed up her hair,personality,and cotume egh they rmoved all the guys so its like trying to compair lesbian relation ships as if they were like the cute boyxgirl relatinship and to be quit frank i really dont care who i ofend by saying that also they dont do nothin' hott so the yuri is truly useless and girls for the sake of understanding you girls wouldnt buy/watch yaoi if it didnt get dirty and you canot say im not right i am truely out raged buy this thing that cals itself a season of the show (steel angel kurumi) thus it uterly sucks

animne:a genorus 0.5/5