sup delitor here this is my own personal space part blog part reveiw board and part char. and song of the week YA-HA
plese tell me if you want request i'll be happy to oblige so until then you people from deviantart would know me as delitor

1.o.k. im christian and i dont think many other members of this site are so.....well hey im me

2. i have morals and am esely confused as in oblivios,so you may need to point out the bvios to me

3. befor you ask yes i have an utter didain for yaoi (blame my cousins)

4. and yes im takeing requests right now

family reunion

i went to a family reunion yesterday, im the only teenager there, no exsagerating or anything, i just sat ther listening to my music. my mamaw made my favorite deviled eggs (PRAISE THE LORD ALMIGHTY!!) and my family brought a bunch of stuff they bought at krogers 5 minutes befor we got there.

my new magic the gthering deck is coming along well, i bought 6 packs yesterday and tommarow im going to shock my friends. school starts in about 2 weeks and summer went by too fast, mainly because of summer school, im not going to do that again EGH, alot of work for just a 59%.

also, it appears i am banned from chat, would anyone know how long that lasts? im kinda spooked

hm, im thinkin

well, im thinking of writing a fanfic, most likely for more than one series, i think i have some good ideas, but im not that into "work" so eh, im iffy

lifes been treating me so-so, im going to card tournaments, and i actualy feel like i fit in with my current group of friends, and no foolin, that IS new. we all call ourswelves revenge of the nerds, but honestly we have yet to put camera's in a sorority house, (were saving that till college) i cant beleve its this fun.

ive been playing a multitude of videogames, and im stuck on a couple, ANEMONE!!!!, shes my fav. charictor from eureka seven and now that ive read the manga im sure shes my favorite, i also love playing her charictor on the video games.

all in all, i feel good.


as the name implys i got busted, yes im a dashg of a pyro but i control it, although it wasnt me that did it, i gave my friend justin some bottle rockets at school (mistake no.1) and he shot them off after school tuesday. then thursday i gave him 2 rounds (mistake no2) then he gave 2 rockets to zack (UBER mistake no.3) zack then proceded to shoot them down the stair well without the stick, MAJOR MISTAKE! that makes 4 then he ratted justin and i out to the vice. we all got 3 days suspenceion, and im going to rat on zack to the vice about his pain pills he snorts at school and his switch blade, when i do that i shall have revenge, plus HE OWES ME MONEY!


i just finished james pattersons books "when the wind blows" and "the lake house" and to be honest i need to vent, I LOVED THESE BOOKS, but if you havent read them yet i do not recomend you see whats behind the spoilers o.k. this book was great i loved it but the way oz died right b4 he becomes a father sux muchly shesh it may be a thriller but still YA DONT KILL THE FATHER TO BE!

that is all