Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thanks everyone for putting up with my non-posting... I've had a lot of issues the past few weeks.
My aunt is dying of cancer... and yes, that's a definite ): she's not in pain or anything... but the way she's going downhill, she might not make it to Christmas... and if she does, won't last much longer than that.
Also because of that, my parents were aware of my stress filled angst/past suicidal tendency. I had to be pulled out of school one day because of the multiple issues I was having and stress I was going through, but I'm better now. A lot better :3

And Christmas is coming up ^w^ Cris said he'd come over today and help me put up my tree since he hasn't been to my house since a few weeks ago. Which also means, I have to hide traces of his birthday presents... Due to the fact he doesn't get on here anymore, I think I can trust you guys and tell you you really wanna know? and... This year we're making each other gifts so... I promise this is the last teaser XD I'm giving him A Kitty hoodie that I'm making, you guys will also get to see it since it's also an example in my shop~ And I'm also learning how to play a few songs for him on the guitar because he loves music :3

Anyway, what did all of you guys do for Thanksgiving and what are you doing for Christmas?