At Least I Have My Pokemon

When I was younger, I had everything any kid could ever ask for. I had a bunch of friends, my parents bought me anything I could ever want, and I was happy. Then... he came into my life. My best friend, who I will call Kitt. I met him in an unusual way, underneath a lunch table, but after that, we were inseparable. As I played with him and he came over, I became even more happy and he was too. Both of us also shared another thing that we liked: Pokemon.

The first games I got was on my 8th birthday. I got Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire along with a connect cable and a Gameboy SP. Kitt had only a Gameboy Color and a cartridge of Pokemon Yellow, but I was more than willing to share my games and play with him. Neither of us traded but we would battle occasionally.

One thought that stuck out in my mind before he knew he had to move was when we were together and were playing Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen respectively. "Hey, I just noticed something," he told me.
"Yeah?" I asked.
"I noticed that you have a female Charmander... And... I have a male Charmader... Maybe we could... uh..." he tried to utter out.
I was in 3rd grade and did like him a lot but tried not to show him. In response, I blushed and stated, "No."

He moved afterwards... And I never had the heart to keep his pokemon. His Grovyle, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Taillow, Shroomish, Skitty, Charmander, Pidgey, Rattatta, and Butterfree. So I sorrowfully deleted them because I thought he would never come back for them... Or for me.

I started to sink into depression, and it didn't help that people avoided me or made fun of me for being into Pokemon or "being in love with my boyfriend that moved away." In return, I ended up not playing Pokemon as much as I used to. In fact, I pretty much stopped all together until 5th grade.

I became happy after I found out that Kitt moved back... but both of us changed a lot. He was the same person he was, aside from being taller now, but I was cold and distant. He noticed this about me and thought that it was from the "abandonment" and truth be told, it was... One day though... All of it just fell apart again. He asked me about how school was for me when I was gone. I would lie to him and tell him that I was happy and that I had some new friends... But he got angry and just shouted at me as he dropped my Gamecube controller. He stormed out and left me stunned with just the thought, 'Did I... did I just do something wrong...?'

That night, I played Pokemon Sapphire. I was at the Pokemon League again with my trusty level 100 Blaziken, Ally, and just opened up his sprite screen. As odd as it was for me to do, I would always talk to my Pokemon like they could hear me. As his growl echoed from the speakers and in my mind. I sighed and looked at the screen. "Ally... I'm sad tonight... I just... Kitt..." I couldn't even finish my sentence before I closed out of the screen and went into the League again.

After I turned off my game, I got ready for bed. I shifted into a comfy position and went to a shallow sleep. As I slept, I heard a voice and saw a shadowy figure. It spoke something... I couldn't really make it out... It sounded as if it said: "I promise you... He won't EVER hurt you again..."
Afterwards, I opened my eyes and looked around but saw nothing except my Gameboy SP under my pillow and turned on to Ally's Stats. I shrugged, saved, and turned it off. It was nothing new.

*To Be Continued*