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Name: Caitlin (ケイトリン)
Nicknames: Cate, Deidara, Dei, Clay, Cat, Emo Panda, Dei-chan, Dei-san, Senpai, Deiara, Kyuubi, Dei-Dei, D, Dei-kun, Die, Die-Die, CK, That weird emo, The emo, That girl who draws good, Werewolf, Boss, One-chan, Kitsune, Cait Cait, and others but are too long to go into
Birthday: April 12, 1995
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: X3 Taken <3
Likes: Friends, Anime, Akatsuki, Naruto, Pokemon, video games, drawing, writing, reading comics, Digimon, Manga, Death Note, Inuyasha, Bleach, Making up jutsu (Yes, I'm a Narutard and I get that bored), collecting Naruto stuff, taking personality quizzes, Cosplaying as an Akatsuki member, creating comics, Deidara, TV, and the list continues...
Dislikes: Pervs (That means you sickos that take advantage of people... because most of my friends, including me, are pervs XD) Preps, and Stray cats (THEY WON'T LEAVE!)
Weapons: Bamboo Staff, Pencils, markers, yardstick, and anything I can find...
Clubs I belong to: A lot
Current Art Projects Working on: (view posts) Anything else I'm currently forgetting (and or) is in my mind and will work on it later
What I'm Doing at this Moment: Things
TheO Buddys: (not put in any specific order even though they kinda died) SandLover13, Sasukelover001, wolfdemonchild9, gaaragirl911, LunaLei, Hikari Mogami, SojiRem, imouto chan, cheriblosomchibi, Otomi Babii, Naomi Bear, Pikmin541, Kakashisgf, AngelsCryTo, gaaraskittygirl (actual friends in real life) ajLOVEStobi, Emo Dei Kyuubi, (actual friends in real life that aren't ever online) Jocex13, XxTatsuyaxRyuuxX
Enemies: None really... I've gotten over that.
Words I live by: Some come with depression... Some just blow up in our faces... Some come in the form of stress work or hysteria... Some come as a distraction just to lure us... Some come with laziess... And some come as frustration... Whichever form it may come, they're all EVIL and we, as artists, must NOT be over powered by the face of artist block... See that thing? Then scream, Run in circles, And kill it whichever way you choose. If you don't, YOU CATCH THE ARTIST BLOCK! D:
Cosplay: Deidara, Inuyasha, L, Near, Tamaki Suoh, Sebastian Michaelis, Alois Trancy, America, England, Prussia, Monobear, Eren Jaeger, Cry, 2p!Russia, Thor, Sweden, Markiplier, Hetalia Fandom


-What starts as art becomes an explosion-
-Art is a BANG un!-

゙(゚、 。 7
 |、゙ ~ヽ
 ししf_, )ノ Woof! Imma cat!


Now For Some AWESOME Quotes:

"Oh yeah... He looks so crazy. He's totally going to walk outside with that hair with a machete, and run around screaming 'IMMA CUT SOME BABIES!!!!!'" -Me

"Smell The Coffee Spiderman 2" -Cris

"I'm Julio! FEED ME BEANIE BABIES!!!!!" -Julio

"ケーキはうそです。 (The cake is a lie)" -Chris K.

"Okay class, today we are learning about... Batman. Now, what is Batman's real name?"
"Bruce Wayne!"
"I do know. I was just asking everyone."
"No, not you. *points to Taylor* She doesn't know who Batman is!"
"... *points to door* Get out." -Lincoln, Andrew, and Ian

"Okay... Now who is Batman's main enemy?"
"The Penguin!"
"The Joker."
"That's right, the Joker... Now, who is the Joker's girlfriend?"
"The Penguin! (has been saying this repeatedly)"
"Who said the Penguin?!" -Lincoln, Scott, and Ian

"Hey Ms. B."
"Lincoln, what are you doing?"
"... Teaching the class about Batman." -Lincoln and Mrs. Mulligan (Ms. B)

"There's only one phrase you need to say to get girls to cover their chests."
"Is it boobs?"
"No. I said phrase, that's a word."
"Then what is it?"
"I like boobs :D" -Ian and Joce

"*looks over and sees Joce, then rolls down truck window while driving past* THERE'S WALDO!"
"Really?!" -Me and Waldo (AKA Joce)

"I've got a question, and anyone feel free to answer it, but: Why is it when women sleep with a lot of men they are considered whores while when men sleep with a lot of women, they're considered awesome?"
"Well I have an answer to that, but let me put it this way: A key, that's a master key, is awesome because it can open any lock, but a lock that just opens with any key you put in- is a shitty lock." -Ian and Zach

"This chick did used to have boobs. They were of... *looks at Britney's chest then mine* ... considerable size."
"... I love how you just said that after staring at their boobs." -Ian and Joce

"If you don't want to see it, don't look. It's just like if you see me walking around naked, if you don't want to look, don't look." -Ian

"Do you know what a half hunter is?"
"A what?"
"A half hunter."
"A half hunter... A hunter that hunts after bodies if the head hunter doesn't get his way?"
"Clever... But it's a pocket watch." -Lincoln and Mrs. Mulligan

"Who decided one random day, 'Hey, I'm going to long divide!'?"
"I thought about that a long time ago... and finally decided it was a crazy person." -Lincoln and Mrs. Mulligan

"I'm sad..."
"Why are you sad?"
"I died..."
"Then how are you still here?"
"... Um..."
"Are you a figment of my imagination?"
"... Let's go with that." -Chris K. and Me

"Kenny! Where should your butt be?"
"In your pants" -Mrs. Mulligan and Gary

"Lincoln! Where were you?"
"Kicking Storm Trooper's asses" - Andrew and Lincoln

"Wow the entire night was crazy. My brother and his girlfriend went into his room and closed the door behind them and I sat on the couch and played Pokemon." -Zach

"I doughnut feel like twerking on French homework." -Denny


"Always remember to reverse-gyrate your way out of bathrooms... for everyone's safety." -Markiplier

Lacking in Updates

I'm not dead... I've just been a lazy butt because I haven't posted any art up lately ;P
The only people that actually KNOW I get on anymore are the people I talk to every day via messaging (which is two or three people)
Anyway, while I have been gone I discovered the existence of Nyan-Cat and thought, hey, this cat annoys me, and then decided to try to find a Nyan-Ho-oh which I did, because he originally was the one with the rainbow trail... Also discovered the marvelous breadfish via my friend Chris Kurono (Hale).
And I got my class list :3 I shall be in ceramics and drawing ^w^ also anatomy to work on more body structure .3.
Cris's dad also took us to see Planet of the Apes. It was actually really good. It had a decent story even though it was kinda short. The ending was kinda unexpected though. I'd have to rate it as a solid 4 stars.
My drawing style has morphed a tiny bit but it's pretty much the same as it has been... I'd show you guys, I've just been too lazy to get to a scanner. I also kinda want to take a picture of me in my kimono :3 I like it. It's so pretty X3. My Umbreon plushie has also been keeping me company while I sleep lol.
Well, that's pretty much my update :D I shall leave you with a fake album cover that I made:

Chris's Pokemon Sprite

My friend Chris and I were having a trade-off of art. I told him my best work has to do with trainer spriting and editing so I did do one for him. For the trainer base I used Red. The Pokemon are OFFICIAL sprites that I didn't create:

Otaku Eternal

My newest official title <3 I've been here for nearly 3 years now and I have been promoted. It makes me happy ^^

Creepypasta was published



Ugh >>

Facebook is literally making me hate the internet more and more... Someone within Liverpool, OHIO tried to get into my account the day I was leaving for Disney. wtf?! I had to get a new security software, get rid of the 4 trojans in my computer (aka Laptop), and when I came back, change ALL of my passwords TWICE.

Not only did that piss me off when I got back (the day before yesterday), but I was severely pissed when my mother started an arguement and was yelling at me when I got back. So I couldn't take it and got out of the truck after crying and begging to go home. I got out of the truck and started walking. and guess what? SHE DROVE OFF! THAT'S RIGHT! MY MOTHER DROVE OFF AND LEFT ME STRANDED AT MY SCHOOL WHEN SHE LEFT WITHOUT EVEN STOPPING! So I started walking and thought of going to grandma's house since her house is near the school... But I didn't know if she had work or not. So then I thought to go to Cris's because I hadn't seen him all week and I wasn't going to walk home just because of my bitch mother. I was almost there when my dad stopped by the road and picked me up. I talked to him and my grandma about what happened and then we went home to mother just reading the newspaper, looking up at me once and glaring at me. I didn't even look at her and just talked to my brother before going into my room and calling Cris. I told him the whole story, I was getting choked up at first but I then started sobbing, which caused him to cry because both of our weeks were terrible. (my texting minutes also ran out -.-')

They may call Disney World the "Happiest place on earth" but I felt like SHIT the entire time I was there because I was around people that didn't care two shits if I was left behind or had a voice. I don't fucking care if they want to apologize (which they won't) but I'm glad I told Allena what Cris texted me. I don't care about any of them and I don't consider them friends and I haven't, but they're too all about themselves to get that I don't like them because they have changed and become complete, up-tight, stick-in-the-ass BITCHES who only care about themselves and anyone like them. FUCK THEM, THEN AGAIN THEY'D PROBABLY WANT IT AND LIKE IT.

*sighs* I need to get this off my chest because all last week sucked ass. I'm glad I was able to see Cris yesterday and I hope I get to see him today too. I've missed him a lot :( but now I'm just super paranoid about things ugh >.<' why me...?