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Akastsuki and soul eater cross over.
CHAPTER 1 Kind souls from Criminals?

“Right, left, back flip, continue step 1-3.”

Kakuzu and I were training hard today, a tournament for the best ninja was going to be tomorrow, and I was eager to get that Title. Kakuzu threw some knives at me, I dodged ran up to his blind side, right when he went to turn to defect my punch, I surprised him by throwing dirt in his eyes and then finishing him off by kicking him in the throat sending him backwards.

Okay, I’m not really that kind of ninja, I’m just a normal girl with really good abilities, more like someone who learns basic element training and strength.
I only know how to control my chakra points and manipulate them into either my fists, head, feet and legs. Giving me what Sakura can do, destroy anything in my way with just one punch. I used to be in the Konoha Vilage, but I wanted more, I wanted more training and freedom, well, joining the Akastuki doesn’t really give me freedom, but I feel more at home here. Kakuzu and Hidan are my teammates, and therefore, like family.

He got up, fixed his jaw into place and laughed. “Getting a lot stronger Shira, and you’re not even considered a ninja and you still surprise me.” I brushed my jeans off, “yeah old man, I take that as a compliment.” Kakuzu looked at me, “Don’t flatter yourself dear.” Soon, Tobi ran out of the hideout yelling and screaming for help, “TOBI ISSSS GOOD BOY!! TOBI DON’T MEAN TO BREAK YOUR PUPPET !! TOBI GOOD BOY –AHHH~~~” Sasori and Kisame soon caught up to Tobi and pinned him to the ground, even though Tobi is spritely, I feel he is hiding something very dark. I have been keeping an eye on him. “Tobi is sorry—“ “Save it Tobi!! Be lucky I don’t turn you into a puppet myself!!” Sasori yelled. Me and Kakuzu left the scene to get rest.
We walked inside the cool dark hideout, I sat on the couch next to Itachi who was reading book. I heaved a heavy sigh. He rose from the book and turned to me, “Is there something troubling you?” I only sat there quietly.

“I assume your tired?” He guessed, I shrugged my shoulders, “Hmm. I take that as a yes.” I looked down to the ground, I felt sorry for Itachi to be honest, learning his past—It’s sad. He must miss his little brother. When I first encountered Sasuke, he was ruthless to get revenge for his village. I fought him to protect the weak Itachi, the pain was just to over bearing, I couldn’t just let Sasuke kill Itachi. That was a dark day for me. Me and Itachi have a great connection, I understand his pain and a good listener, All the members come to me for support and comfort. Yeah, S-Rank criminals want comfort? Yes, they’re human too. They have regrets and feelings too. They tell me anything and everything. I’ve seen sides to them no one will ever see. Like Hidan, he—In fact---does have a Sympathetic side. Everyone has there moments, and that’s no lie.

Itachi has put a hand on my left shoulder. I looked up to him to see his rare smile, “I know Shira, I’m okay. Thank you.” That’s all I needed to hear. I got up to get ready for a shower.

CHAPTER 2: The Tournament

Kakuzu woke me up that morning throwing cold water on my bed. “GYAHHH –why-why you do that!!?” He put the bucket down, I wanted to make sure you’d wake up and get ready. “Well now my beds wet!! Couldn’t you not get me an alarm clock!?.” He looked at the empty night stand. “They cost money.” Oh kakuzu, let me kick your ass. I got some clean clothes and went to the bathroom to bump into a shirtless Hidan in a towel. I felt my face turned a tint of red. He looked at me and moved out of the way for me to have room. “Thanks…” And went in. This Tournament was for anyone, of course except Akastuki, But no one knows about Akatsuki getting a new member, so it’s only me getting into the ring. Kakuzu just helped me train. If any of you are wondering, I have a very good relationship with him, he’s like a father to me. He takes care of me, is responsible for me, and worries for me. I like it, because I never had a father figure in my life. I got into my fighting clothes, Kakuzu, wearing an ANBU mask and black cloak hands me my tape to wrap my hands with. “Now remember, this guy is a big guy, you have to remember to look for his blind spots.” I looked at him, “Why you telling me this?.” He turned to the guy waiting for me, “It’s best to strategize before fighting an opponent, I want you to look at him, not his clothes, him only, what do you see?” I look hard at my target, and I see his chakra points, his weaknesses and his soft spots, I watched his movements, yeah he’s right. I can see what kind of guy he is. “Now remember, don’t be like Hidan and jump into it, wait and see what the man will do, watch where he starts, and listen to him when he speaks to you, believe it or not, this will help you fight the opponent and take this fight in a heart beat.” I smile, only because I’m his favorite person, I actually listen to Kakuzu. The guy is very wise.

“his next opponent, Shira Crow.”
I walked out into the bright sunlight. Cheering. I turned to see that Kakuzu was clapping for me. I took a deep breath and walked to my spot in the middle of the ring. Time for a beating. The bell rang and we both clashed our weapons together. I kicked him, he fell, before he could get back up, I grabbed his arm and twisted it. He screamed, he shoved me off and put a knife to my throat. I kicked him off, Kakuzu watching from the back room, anxiously watching me, pacing back and forth, “She can be reckless sometimes.” I took my paper bombs and threw them at him. He jumped away from it, yes. Just what I wanted, I made hand signs and the ground underneath us shifted, two giant boulders slammed down on him, catching him in mid air. I made a gesture like I was throwing something down, the boulders clashed together with the ground.

*After Tournament.
I was sore, believe it or not, “that guy caught me off guard when I trapped him, it was a decoy, so the fight turned out longer then I wanted it to.” Hidan chuckled as we walked in the night lit sky, “Well, if this makes you feel better, you impressed Kakuzu, you’re a good fighter Shira, just make sure you use your head okay.?” I looked at him. Hidan has no clue how attractive he is when he says nice things. But sometimes I can’t tell if he’s being considerate or faking it. That’s better then not to be. When I first joined the group, Hidan had a very foul mouth and was very uncaring and rude. But with me, he finally grew a heart and respect my female presence. But there are times when he has one of those nights when he does rituals, then you can never calm him down. He decided to take me out to eat to celebrate my victory. I won after all. I am now an official Jounin. We went to BBQ place, found our seats and waited to get our orders. We talked about my Tournament, Hidan bragged about how he could’ve taken him out by just using his special technique. “Hey !! You are an actual ninja, at least you can do those things.” We both laughed, I admired him, he was really nice to me.

We finally got to make out orders, drinks and out meat was brought to us, and then we started to eat. “But lets be real here, you are quite the fetching person Shira, imagine how much more intimidating you’d be being a full ninja. Not that I don’t like your fighting now, I wouldn’t mind seeing some jutsus from you.” I couldn’t help but giggle, “Thanks Hidan, can never have good esteem without you.” He nodded.

When we finished our food, we payed and left back to the hideout. It was quiet our way back. I looked up to look at the moon, I ran into a tree.
“You dumbass.” Hidan helped me back up, “ow.” He looked at my forehead, there will be a bruise there tomorrow. “Are you okay?” “Wow that tree really plucked me there.” He laughed a little. “You’ll be fine.” We started walking again, we were making jokes about me running into the tree. The things with us two, when I do something very stupid in front of hidan, he makes jokes and harasses me over it. And I just laugh along. We came across a field of nothing but fine cut grass and lily flowers, I giggled and ran around in it. I did a cart wheel and fell softly on the grass. I layed there for what seemed like centuries until Hidan layed next to me to. We both layed there, looking at the night sky and full moon, the wind flowed calmly, the trees swaying as did the flowers. The summer smell was amazing, people have bomb fires and stay up all night enjoying summer. When I’m sad I so this, lay on the cool ground and stare at the sky for hours. Hidan looked at me, he stared at me, if only she knew how I felt.


Hidan looked away and we both sighed at the same time. Maybe someday I will get Kakuzu to do this with me. “Hey, Hidan.?” “Mmhm.?” “Why do you think the moon looks so lonely.?” He shook his head, “I don’t know, why does it look lonely.?” I looked at it longer in silence, “Because she used to have a lover.” Hidan was taken by surprise by my words. He didn’t question my stories I’d tell him, he secretly liked them but never admit it. “I like how you explain things Shira.” I smiled. “Your not so bad yourself when your not foul mouthing people.” We both laughed. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and relax for awhile, when your really stressed, go somewhere that you like, it helps. Hidan got up and sat cross-legged. I gave him a questioning look, “Have you ever thought, that for once in your life, you weren’t labeled a criminal and wanted dead? What your plans would’ve been before you became an S rank criminal? How much easier life would be if I weren’t such a masochist…” My heart sank when Hidan said that. He wanted a different life, a life, where he was just a simple villager, living in a calm quiet place, farming, or going to school. I can tell Hidan wants a different life. Or wanted. “Hidan, sometimes when you choose the path, you just have to keep moving forward.” I put a hand on top of his. “Not being rude, but this is the life we ALL choose, and no matter how bad it is, or wish it isn’t. We have to keep moving forward like a family, even if at times we want to kill each other. We have to keep moving forward. We are all here not as an organization, but to me, a family. Don’t ever doubt on me again Hidan.

I like this life. I made friends and feel at home with all of you. Not once. Will I want to change it.” I swear I saw Hidan’s eyes water.
We walked back to the hideout with our hands entwined. Nothing serious, were just good friends. All eyes were on us when we walked inside, I could swear I saw smoke coming out of Itachi and Kakuzu. Tobi ran up and hugged me, causing me to let go of Hidans hand. He huffed. He walked away to his room and slammed it. “What’s up Hidan-sama butt?” I laughed, okay Tobi does have the tendency to make me laugh, I looked back at Hidan’s door and smiled softly. “Probably eager to murder someone tonight, Shira, take a shower and go to bed.” I raised an eye-brow. “What?” “I saw that.” Deidara said. “What.” He smiled while rolling a thing of clay in his hands, “aw, ya-know.. Staring dreamily at Hidan.” I rolled my eyes. “It’s nothing bad.” Kakuzu crossed his arms in frustration, “Uh Huh-Go-To-your-Room.” Kakuzu pointed at my room, I only smiled half heartedly.


Medusa and Arachne have been observing Shira Crow for quite sometime now. At the tournament she was very diligent and fierce, a very strong opponent.
Medusa- “My, she was wonderful.”
Arachne- “The Kishin will be please to hear that we found her.”
They laugh together.
Medusa- “If only she knew her real power, if only she knew what she was really capable of, she could wipe out the entire world, and those ridiculous baboons she’s with don’t have the slightest clue.” She swayed her hands in the way, Arachne was playing with her fan, while her works worked around the clock making a blimp. Medusa was working on her own little invention herself, making a snake relic for Orochimaru, Arachne watched as Medusa molded the snake into form and put a bit of madness in it.
Medusa- “I will give this to orochimaru, once he comes across The leader of the Akatsuki, I’ll slip this into him, and when he gets near Shira, it will spike her madness. But don’t worry, it won’t be too much. Just enough to make her head hurt.”
Arachne- “Sometimes you worry me medusa,.” Her butler Mosquito, came into the room Giriko following behind him. “We are ready my lady, when should we start.?”
Arachne looks at him and stands up, “We start now, make the preparations, Orochimaru, would like to pay us a visit, and when Orochimaru leaves with the snake, that’s when we take Shira.”


Maka and Crona have just finished an assignment and were on there way to talk to Lord Death, They walk in on Lord Death speaking to Dr. Stein and Spirit. “What the hell is my father doing here?”
They all turned to Maka, soul appeared beside her, “Dr. Stein said that he has found out that medusa is up to something, and also senses that there is a stronger amount of soul wave lengths on the outskirts of Death City, I have already sent Sid and Nygas to check it out.” A long silence filled the room, Crona started getting antsy at the mention of her name. “Really? Where? Will they need help?” Maka suggested. Lord Death bounced a little thinking and humming, “Weeeeeeeeeeell. NO.” ANIME SWEAT DROP
“Okay, well, we finished our mission.” “Good, good, good to know.”
He starts to bouncing again.
“WHAAAAAA MY LOEVELY DAUGHTER IS HERE, JUST TO LET YOU KNOW I HOPE YOU ENJOYED YOUR PRESENT----“ he was cut off by Maka hitting him so hard in the face and flying into the wall just above lord death, making the wall crack and Spirit falls to the ground.
Lord death was quick to jump out of the way, he put a finger on his cheek puzzled. “Hmmmmm.” “Just so you know, what kinda father sends his daughter that kinda stuff.?” Spirit lifts crying with a giant bump on his face, “Oh what does my sweet daughter mean. I know you like to read so, I thought I should have Blair buy you your favorite book--.” He trailed off, Maka’s face grew pale with regret, “Wait, your saying, you wanted to buy me a book.?” Spirit only looks up with tear filled eyes sniffiling. Lord Death cleared his throat, Maka was still baffeled by her father, she didn’t notice Death was trying to get her attention. “Anyway, Class dismissed, Spirit, I will need you to patch my wall up now.” Lord Death stares at everyone as a long silence fills the room with anticipation before finally saying, “Now I will have tea.” Everyone leaves the room.


Pein was summoned by Orochimaru for a private meeting. Pein was very emotionless, “So I was wondering, if perhaps I could have Kabuto observe Shira for a little while, just temporary.” He gave him a devious smile.
“No. Shira is off limits to you and your followers. I can’t allow it.” Pein goes to walk off, but Orochimaru was quick to grab him by the shoulder and wrap his arm around his neck, the snake, slipped into Pein’s ear, not even fazing him. He didn’t feel it. “Never mind, I assume you don’t need my help. So I am off now, goodbye old friend.” Before Pein could protest they were both gone. He turned away and started to walk off back to the Hideout. “That, was a strange meeting.”

Pein arrived at the hideout, he looked over at Shira, Hidan and Zetsu. They were throwing paper balls at each other, Shira’s giggles and laughter’s filled the living room, Pein needed to discuss some thing’s with Zetsu to keep an extra eye on Orochimaru, as he goes to talk to him he stands next to Shira and she feels a sharp pain in her head. “Ughn..” Hidan notices this and tries to comfort her, “Hey you okay?” He puts an arm around her shoulders but she slaps his hand away, “Don’t ! Touch Me You Bastard!.” Everything grows silent, everyone’s eyes are on Shira and Hidan, eyes widened, Hidan has never heard her foul mouth anyone before. He sees a difference in her eyes too, they are red, again her head pounds in pain and she starts spewing very gruesome antics. To her, it feels as if her body is being crushed, twisted and molded, like all the sounds going on in the world, loud voices, foot steps, loud noises, all of it coming at her all at once, before finally everything falls dead silent. Like nothing never happened. She looks up slowly while her hands are still covering her ears, everyone in the base have now surrounded her with pure fear, Sasori and Tobi trying to calm you down. Hidan stares at you in confusion and worry. She went to stand up but falling over quickly, Kakuzu caught her. “I’ll put her to bed.” And quickly disappeared in her room.

Everyone were sitting in the living room, exchanging whispers and comments to each other about Shira. Kakuzu comes out of her room and shuts the door quietly, Konan comes out from the kitchen and handed out beverages. “Is she alright.?” She asked. Kakuzu shakes his head, “I don’t know.” Deidara walks in, “Yeah? She went crazy, something was obviously messing with her.” They all nodded in agreement. “Well this looks like something that cannot be avoided, we have to keep an eye on her.” Kisame said while cleaning his bandana. “Let’s take it easy with Shira. Maybe not be so rough in training and what not.” They nodded. Hidan on the other hand, his mind was repeating the event over and over again. Twirling his necklace in his hand not saying a word. Kakuzu notices he isn’t responding. “Hidan, what is it.?” Hidan thought for a moment…
“Don’t touch me you bastard ! “ He closed his eyes, “Nothing.” He turned and looked at her door.

The next morning I woke up with a pounding headache. She looked around trying to remember when I got here, then flashes of yesterday repeated, I sighed and closed my eyes, “So, it wasn’t a dream.” Hidan… I feel so bad for what I said to him yesterday. Maybe I should talk to him. I got up and quickly went to his room. I knocked a couple times, then finally Hidan called out, “Come in.” I hesitantly grabbed and twisted the door nob and opened the door. Hidan’s room was dark, indicating he hasn’t gotten out of bed yet.
His room had a large black carpet, a closet, a desk, A king sized bed and red curtains. The smell of a lit candle filled my nostrils. I lost my train of thought when I noticed hidan was laying on his back shirtless. I shook the thoughts out of my head and sat on his bed, Hidan slightly shifting so he can look at me. “Hidan, about last night…I’m really sorry. I don’t know what came over me-.” He then scruffed my hair messing it up. “It’s cool.” Was all he said. I nodded. We were called to a meeting by the leader.


“Zetsu said that he saw two unfamiliar people on the outskirts of Konoha, we have suspicions that they are fraternizing with our enemy, Hidan, Kakuzu and Shira you are to eliminate them immediately. Dismissed.” He kept his back turned to all of us. I don’t understand why we should eliminate these people, just because you have a haunch on unfamiliar people doesn’t exactly mean they’re fraternizing against us, maybe these are tourists. I thought to myself. “Is there something you’d like to say, Shira?” He said, I shook my head. “Then go.” “Yes sir!.” We left the room quickly.

“Argh. How the fuck are we supposed to know who these people look like.?” Hidan complained, I also noticed hidan has been acting like his old self again, is it because of me? “You are a headache Hidan.” Kakuzu got files out from his cloak and shoved them into Hidan’s chest. He opened the files to reveal a man or zombie, wearing a beanie and odd looking mouth. A long with a women whose face was covered in bandages. Hidan lifted an eyebrow in suspicion. These people are surly not from around here. This “zombie guy” looks like he was in some form of bandit training. A guy who would specialize in militia or police. And as for the women, well, least to say I don’t want to know what she does. “Who the hell are these people?” Kakuzu kept quiet, to be honest, he didn’t know either. Thing’s have been very different, is he the only one who realized this? He turned to look at Shira, who was walking a little ahead of them. “There has to be an explanation for Shira’s outburst to the leader last night. Some time’s I feel I’m the only one asking these questions. Is hidan at least curious as to what is wrong? I may never know with that messed up head of his.” Kakuzu was in some train of thought for a while when he accidently bumped into Shira.

“Look there.” She pointed at a huge pond, there was a fire and a tent set up. Then the guy to get out of the tent was the guy from our files. Then the women in bandages. This is interesting. “Heh let’s pay them a welcome visit.” Before my mind could even filter what was going on, Hidan already left to their camp site. “That damn fool.” Me and Shira went after him.
Hidan was already in pursuit of them. Hidan swung his blade at the man, he started to bleed. “AHH.” The women came rushing towards him. “SID are you alright, she helped him lift up. “Yeah, but don’t worry, looks like we have company.” There was a long silence. Both parties stood there staring at each other. “Who are you!? And what the hell you doing here!? You have no fucking business here!” Hidan shouted, he’s always one for ‘warm’ welcomes. They both looked at each other. “HEY I’m talking to you!!.” Hidan threw his Scythe at them and they jumped out of the way. “Please ! wait, were not here to fight!!.”

“Shut Up!!.” He went after the women. And kicked her in the stomach. “NYGAS!!!.” Sid, rushed to her side, “we have no choice. They want a fight, let’s give them a fight.” Hidan laughed his sadistic laugh I grew to hate very much. Me and Kakuzu always stood watch when hidan did this. Hidan wanted to do things on his own. He laughed again. “Let’s dance.” Sid got out his cross bow, and then they were clashing into each other. Hidan cut the man, he shot his arrows at hidan, two hit his torso, then his right shoulder, and then two more in his left leg. Hidan only laughed. “HAHAHAHA THAT FEELS SO GOOD !! LET ME SHOW YOU SOME PAIN!!.” Hidan ran towards the man rather quickly, dragging his scythe along with him, dirt and grass flying everywhere. Sid dodged his attack, then punched him in the jaw. Hidan wiped his mouth then stabbed him with a kunai. Nygas then jumped in the way and kicked Hidan very hard in the stomach, sending Hidan flying back crashing into a huge bolder. “Hidan.” I went to get him. But Kakuzu grabbed my arm and stopped me. “Don’t, you know how hidan gets.” I only looked at the ground. Sid, Nygas and Hidan all stood there, waiting for a next move. Sid looked over at me, “That girl..” Nygas looked at the direction he was looking in too. Sid’s communicating device fizzed out and a women was talking to him.

~Yumi- “Sid, that girl, that’s the wave length that Stein sensed, I can feel her soul wave length from all the way over here. That’s the women Lord Death wants in Death City immediately, quit dodling and start moving!!.” Sid’s ear rang. “Was that Yumi?” Nygas whispered to Sid. “Yeah, she said the women with the guy in the mask over there, she’s the one Stein sensed. “yes, I can feel her soul all the way over here.” He nodded. Sid stared at her for a long good minute.

Stein’s madness increases rapidly, just sensing Shira’s wavelength’s. the room is darkened as his many hands are typing rapidly quick onto his computer, his eyes roll to the back of his skull, his smile twists into a demonic evil smile. Then everything goes back to normal when marie comes in the room.

“HEY DON’T KEEP ME WAITING!!.” Hidan came running towards Sid, he was still staring at Shira’ when Hidan stabbed him in his side. The women turns into a dagger, Sid grabs it and shoves it into Hidan’s heart. Blood trickles on Sid’s shirt, as hidan released and loud crazy laugh. Startling the man. Hidan slices Sid’s cheek. He holds his hand on it to stop the bleeding. Hidan licks the dagger. “what kind of person is he?” Nygas asked herself. She wasn’t for sure what their opponent is. But she has a feeling what’s to come next wasn’t going to be good. Just before her eyes could close, hidan threw the scythe into Sid’s gut, spewing blood everywhere. “NOO.” Nygas transforms back and goes to get sid but then gun shots were heard throughout the valley. Kakuzu both turned to see that another person has showed up. In black clothes, yellow eyes, and three strips on the side of his hair. Kakuzu raised an eyebrow. “An odd boy I see.” “Do you think we should intervene?” I hoped Kakuzu would let us. Hidan will get carried away.

“No.” His deep scruff voice said. Blood feel on the side of Hidan’s feet. He smirked. “Great, more sacrifices I see.. HEH HEH HAHAHAHAHH.” He laughed again as his foot started forming the Jashin symbol. Well, there’s no stopping this. The boy jumped up and started shooting at Hidan again, there was smoke surrounding Hidan, I couldn’t take it, I had to do something. Nygas looked over at me and Kakuzu, “Why aren’t they attacking?” she spoke too soon, I jumped in mid-air in front of the boy, and kicked him so hard he coughed up a lot of blood and crashed into the ground. Making a crease in the earth ground. I jumped down next to Hidan. As the smoke cleared, Hidan appeared clearly, Nygas Sid, and the boy all looked at him in pure shock. His body was covered in black and white, skeleton like markings. “Yeah, what did we get ourselves into.” Sid took his crossbows and shot them at me, I dodged them swiftly. Then Hidan got out a black steak knive. “Let’s end this NOW!.” He shoved the steak in his chest, hoping to kill the man. Sid heaved a heavy sigh. Hidan looked at him angrily. “If you want to kill me, you should’ve met me sooner. I am not mortal.” Hidan’s eyes widened. “Well. Our orders were to eliminate you.” Hidan said, I put a hand on his shoulder. “That’s enough Hidan. Leave them alone, they never wanted this to begin with.” My eyes glowed. He turned into his normal flesh. And put the weapon away. The boy rushed over to Nygas and Sid. “Death the Kid, you shouldn’t be here.” The three of us looked at them oddly.

Yes. These people are not from around here. “Now. May I ask. Who I can say a truce to ?” Sid led his hand out to shake Hidan’s hand. He took it slowly and shook it positively. “It’s Hidan. The masochist of the Akatsuki.”
“I’m Sid. This is Nygas my shinigami, and this is Death The Kid and his shinigami’s. Liz and Patty.” Kakuzu joined us. “I’m Kakuzu. And this is Shira.” We all said our sorry’s. “Now. Let me explain what were doing here.”


“Now. Let me tell you what we were originally here for. Back where we came from, was a Place called Death City. Death city is located in the middle of the scorching Nevada dessert. It looks dark and gloomy in appearance. A description matching what a town would look like in the 1800’s. Invisible to most people, Shinigami’s soul is seen surrounding the city like a forcefield. Overall, that is where we come from. We have a Dr. on our premises, him and a student can sense one’s soul wavelengths.” Hidan put up his hand to stop him in mid sentence. “Wait, ‘soul wavelengths’ what is that?” For once Hidan is interested. Kakuzu looks at them in anticipation. “Shinigami?” I questioned, Sid nods. “Shinigami, is also known as Lord Death. He is the main Shinigami in our world. Lord Death Runs the DWMA. Death Weapon Meister Academy.” Silence. Were not for sure what to say. Sid continues.
“Soul wavelength’s is the rhythm of one’s soul. Carries true characteristics of a person’s soul. Dr. Stein and Maka. Can sense the soul wavelengths of other souls. Dr. Stein sensed You.” He pointed at me. “Your soul wavelength was so powerful, that Dr. Stein could sense it all the way from Nevada. And the only person we know who has the strongest wavelength like yours. Is Asura. A Kishin. A demon God that we had locked away. At first we thought it was Asura when we first discovered it. But it was coming from the complete opposite of the world. We HAD to go see what was going on.” I interrupted him. “Yes? And what makes my ‘soul wavelength’ what do you mean? I have a soul wavelength. Then explain to me why and how. Yes, I am not a ninja, but I have had strengths and abilities that I can’t explain where..” I was cut off. “Unexplainable amount of energy? Unexplainable amount of power that you are not sure of figuring out why or where it comes from? In our world. You are considered a shinigami. No one else ‘ordinary’ can have a soul wavelength as yours. If you want to know more. Then you will have to come with us to Death City. Lord Death will want to speak with you.”

I wasn’t for sure if this was a joke. Why would they want criminals walking around in there city. Most people wouldn’t be too pleased. “As you may know, we are criminals of the Villages. Are you sure you’d want to trust the Akatsuki?” I smirked. Sid and the other’s only turned away and began walking the other way. Me, Hidan and Kakuzu exchanged looks to each other. We started to follow them.

Ahead, we saw a huge town. And from what sid said about the force field. He was right. I can see it. It’s big and yellow. What are we doing here? Why? I’m very confused.

Hidan was looking all around him. Even though he doesn’t care about his appearance, “I have a feeling that we aren’t a threat to these people, I mean, they welcomed us, but our cloaks may cause attention.”
“The only things that will cause attention is your foul mouth, Hidan.” I giggled. Hidan sent Kakuzu and chilling glare, a glare that Kakuzu is to aware of. It doesn’t faze him a bit. “The sun has a face. And it’s laughing.” I said bluntly, the guys looked up at the same time and saw the sun laughing, with a grub deep voice. Hidan put his hands up behind his head and heaved a heavy sigh. “Outstanding.”

“And I just got confirmation that Sid and Nygas has shown up with the soul wavelength we have detected successfully. Sid said that he is bringing her and her two teammates inside.” Lord Death is sipping his tea properly, with the cup sitting on top his hand and the other holding it gracefully with the other. “Hmmmmmm. I’d like to speak with her immediately.” He said enthusiastically. Spirits eyes lifted with suspicion. “We ran back ground checks on these people sir, they are S-Rank criminals from an Organization called the Akatsuki. Are you sure you want these people in the city? Or at least in hand cuffs?” He questioned. He wouldn’t want those people around his Maka. Footsteps coming from the hallway to the room echoed, Spirit turned around and the hair on the back of his neck stood on high ends. Those men, are more peculiar then the women. But when he looks at the women, he had to look away. Her wavelength Is driving himself crazy.. wait.. crazy? He looked over at Stein, and he had that smile on his face, that smile like he wanted to kill. This women doesn’t have a madness wavelength does she? Maybe it’s just me. Stein often has madness that tends to come out out of nowhere. I know him, but that look tells me his madness is more stronger then it has been. Spirit leaned in to whisper something in Lord Death’s ear. Shira leaned her head to the side.

“This is not what I imagined.” She said pouting. Kakuzu nudged her. “What’d ya expect ? You thought this town was filled with dead bodies, corpses, the stench of blood and graveyards?” Hidan laughed maniacally. “Ew. Hidan your disgusting.” She thought for a moment. “Yeah. That is what I was thinking.”
“Now whose the psycho now?” She punched him in his face. “HEY WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?” Shira tried to shut him up, but Hidan kept pushing her hands away. “Well you’re the one making gruesome jokes and rude comments about everything, thought you deserved a punch in the face.” Hidan protested. “Rude?? Gruesome comments?? What the hell kind of crack you on I simply stated you imagined this place to look deathly and everything.” Kakuzu got in between us. “That’s enough Hidan.” He gruffed.
Lord Death was observing Shira. She noticed this and bowed apologetically. “Forgive me and Kakuzu’s teammate, he can be a little inappropriate and sometimes crude.” Hidan spatting ‘what the hell’ in the back. Lord Death leaned his body to the side, still looking at her. She did the same thing he did.

“May I ask, what is your name miss?” She wasn’t for sure to answer the question or not. “It’s Shira, Shira Crow.” He started bouncing. “And what ‘village’ did you use to resign in?” “Konoha.” They stared at each other for what seemed like hours. “And, you are aware of your abilities, and your true power?” He questioned? “Well, I do have very well strength, um. I can’t really explain where I get it. It just comes to me when I’m in battle.” More silence. To be honest, Lord Death wasn’t for sure how to break it to her, she WAS a Shinigami, she in fact. Is another Kishin Creation. But, how come she hasn’t have a clue what she is? This baffles Lord Death to an extent he thinks up of ways to tell her the news; “Hey you are a Demon god.” “What’s your deal? Why didn’t you know? Devouring pure souls isn’t easy to forget?” “Do you like some cheese sticks?” “Why haven’t you devoured the world in complete darkness and madness?” But sadly, to know avail. He doesn’t know what to say to her. So he gives her an option. “Would you like to invite the rest of your group?” Spirit can’t believe what he’s hearing.
“What? Uh lord. Can I talk to you.” He leans in. “Are you sure you can trust these people? They’re s-rank criminals. Look at the two men with her. Or them. Do you know what your doing?” Death nodded positively.

“Okay now, we have everyone here?” lord Death looked at the swarming group of akatsuki surrounding his room, some of them were fighting and others were exchanging conversations. “Eh?” Lord Death felt like he was teaching little children. Deidara kept making little mini bombs and having them explode every now and then. Lord Death was getting impatient. He looks over to his left, Kakuzu, Hidan and Shira were standing there waiting.
Lord Death has decided the best way to have the room quiet enough for him to speak is to—“REAPER – CHOP!!” Everyone’s attention was now on Deidara and Shinigami. Deidara was holding his head while crying. Shira and Konan burst out in laughter. While all the other members quieted. “Uh, Lord Death.”

“Oh come on, that blonde deserved one chop.” Shinigami Clapped his hands. “Now then, back to what I originally was going to say, I wanted these three to invite all of the Akatsuki here to tell you that, your member, Shira, is indeed in fact. A Kishin.” Everyone in the room’s attention was now on me.
“What.?” Pein walked up towards Lord Death. “Not that I’m proud of myself to ask you this. But I need to know what exactly is a Kishin. Thing’s like this aren’t in our world of ninjas.” Shinigami scratches his chin, “I do not blame you, it is hard to understand this. But this is why I wanted all of you here so I can tell you. But your member is indeed a Kishin.” He nods his head. “A Kishin is a Demon God. A person who devours an unconditional amount of pure souls. This soul wavelength has a Godly amount of madness pull. The wavelength’s also rouse the insanity levels in ones soul. The insanity spreads like a sickness. Can also summon witches from slumber, when Asura was resurrected, witches came from they’re dormant, they can cause natural disasters and bring about the end of days as we know it.” And just like that all the Akatsuki members were asking me questions. I didn’t understand how I could be A god. A demon god. Listening to all this, can explain my strength and power. I thought for a moment. “If this is true. Then explain how I don’t remember ‘devouring’ pure souls.” I said, emphasizing with my fingers. “Hmmmm. That is a good question. You do not remember devouring souls at all?” she shakes her head no. “well, we can figure this all out together—“ I cut the Shinigami off. “Look, were criminals, just because we were dark cloaks and want for dead in our world, doesn’t mean we haven’t done bad, we have done bad sir, and even if I wanted help to find out my true powers and my Kishin life. Would you honestly trust us?” That question threw Shinigami off. She had a point. Spirit gave a ‘I – Told—you so.’ Look. “I trust you. Can you trust me?” Pein but’s in. “Yes. You can. But explain to me, who is Asura?” Shinigami quickly replied, “The only known Kishin to be created, but now that seems to be held in error.” They both look at me to make a point.

“Asura in fact used to work along with me in the Eight Powerful Warriors, but out of fear he began devouring pure souls that he wasn’t allowed to do. And in time, devoured his own weapon, Vajra. His own fear ate at him. He found comfort to devour innocent humans, and surrounded himself in his own madness. I did before, catch Asura, the only way I could think to end his antics, is to skin him and drain him of his blood, then trapped him in a sack made of his skin.” Even Hidan was shocked by this. “Damn, twisted way to trap him. I like it.” Hidan gave him a smirk. ANIME SWEAT DROP

Chapter 8: ASURA’S PLAN?

“We have everything set up my love, the blimp will be released, Girko, My men, Mosquito and the golem’s are ready.” Arachne was playing with her wine glass while Asura layed there looking through Medusa’s globe. He watched her, Shira was a masterpiece. His new salvation to have more power. And those fools have no idea what’s to come. “My father will be surprised. But let’s not rush things, lets let them have their fun with her.” Asura’s eyes pammed over to Hidan and Kakuzu. His eyes scrunched in anger. “it looks like Shinigami has found himself more bodyguards.” Asura was not a fool to believe that. Those were S-Rank criminals from the ninja world. His chest tensed. His fear eating away more of what he had left of his dignity. He cowardly hid part of his face behind his scarf. ”Her powers will only grow, well need to get close enough to her. She has to turn to her Kishin form in order for me to devour her. That’s when I will become invincible. The only and most strongest Kishin ever alive. I want her to change. That’s my goal.” They’re madness would be superior. Maybe he could get the Akatsuki on his side. But the fear of them betraying him, eats him away. He looks away. “Well let my father have his fun with her. Then we move.” Arachne and Medusa smiled coldly.


Finally the day has come to an end, the Akatsuki member’s were officially moved into Death City, the member’s with teammates shared homes and dorm rooms at the academy. Me, Hidan and Kakuzu were getting a tour by Maka because she insisted. She decided on taking us downstairs to where one of her other friends resided. I looked side to side, looking at each door, wandering what’s behind them, what secerets these halls could be hiding. Her curiosity was eating at her the more doors she passed, the longer she thought about it. Finally we stopped by a single big door. Maka knocked on the door, “Hey, Crona, I want you to meet some nice people that have recently moved into Death City.” Small and quiet like footsteps reached the door and cracked the door open. “That…blue guy isn’t out here…is—is he.?” A soft spoken voice said though the cracked door. I smiled, I know he could be talking about Sid. Maka laughed. “No Crona, come on out, they want to meet you.” What Maka said made Crona curious, as to who would want to meet him. He opens the door all the way, revealing a tall, skinny boy, wearing a button down dress-shirt, with pink hair, pale skin and sad tired looking eyes that made Shira’s heart sank. He looked lonely. Once Crona’s eyes landed on me and finally he felt at home. I gave him a very heartwarming ‘motherly’ like smile. Crona looked down shyly, his cheeks turning a pinkish tint. “Hi.” He said quietly.

The girl with Maka was - pretty. “Crona, these are the people that moved here, they will also be attending the Academy with us.” Crona’s face lit up upon hearing this. For sure he’ll be going to school tomorrow. Wherever the women was, he wanted to be. He felt that she would protect him, give him sanctuary, unlike his mother. He saw her as someone who would love him as her own child. “Hi, I’m Shira Crow. These two men are my partners, Hidan and Kakuzu.” I bowed. “Maka told us a lot about you.” Now Crona’s small grin turned into a wide smile, Maka was cool to tell her about me. “R-really?” He asked hiding his red face. She gave him an eye smile. Ragnarok appeared from behind Crona to see who was here. “A female Kishin I see? I was expecting a male, not that I’m complaining.” Maka shuddered, Hidan and Kakuzu seeing my reaction, I kept my cool demeanor, “Yes I am. What are you supposed to be?” Ragnarok grumbled. “I—didn’t always look like this.” He said looking down. Maka had the face of cocky. She went to say something but he was quick to stop her. “so, what brings you here? I assumed you would’ve joined Asura to bring about the end of days.” I thought for a moment, yeah. The Akatsuki’s original plan was to take over the Ninja world. Now that we all know my true meaning as a Demon God
I would’ve thought Pein would turn around and take over, I have asked myself that very question after our discussion with Lord Death. If Pein really wanted to take over, we would’ve done that by now instead of being here.
Ragnarok was awaiting my answer and so was Maka. I put on a smile and looked at them. “There are better ways to solve things.”

Maka then showed us the cafeteria, that’s where we found the rest of the Akatsuki sitting next to a large window. We walked inside and the cafeteria went silent. All academy students eyes were on me, exchanging whispers and inching away when I walked passed. I did feel like a freak. More of a freak then Hidan. “It seems they all know who you are Shira.” Kakuzu put a hand on my shoulder to whisper that to me. I turned giving him a coy smile, “Yeah? They should know who I am. Shira of the Akatsuki.” “That’s not what I was concerned about.” Kakuzu said sternly. Before he could say anything else we made it to the loud table. “Those rice balls look pretty good, lemme have one Deidara.” He went to grab one from Him, Deidara quickly shoved the whole thing into his mouth. Kisame’s face read utter betrayal. I laughed.
Hidan rolled his eyes, Sasori fixing his puppet, Itachi was staring at Ox, a very odd boy, Pein looking over a map of the DWMA, Konan making origami swans and giving them to the little children, Tobi is nowhere to be found, Zetsu just showed up, and finally. Kakuzu counting his money. A bunch of weirdo’s we are. Maka and Crona were watching in pure Odyssey. Crona was looking at Kisame, Kisame noticed this and gave Crona a toothy grin showing off his pointy teeth. I swear the poor boy looked like he was going to pass out.

Maka saw her friends walk into the lunch room as well and called them over.
They walked up to us. “Akatsuki, these are my friend’s, Black Star, Tsubaki, Soul, Death the Kid, Liz and Patty.” We nodded and exchanged “Hello’s” and “Nice to me you’s”. Black Star was the first to say, “Whoa! Those outfits are cool! Hey, bandanas? Can I have one? Ohh woa Shark dude and a Venus flytrap? COOL! Can I have a cloak? Pretty please?” Pein was amused by black star, Pein felt he should really give him one, he took a cloak out of his sleeve and tossed it to Black Star. He, kinda reminded me of Naruto in a way. Remembering those of Konoha she befriended before joining the Akatsuki, Kid was staring at Zetsu. ------------------------------“Asymmetrical garbage.” Zetsu had flames surrounding his body, Hidan, Deidara and Kisame bust out in laughing fits and tears. Black Star put on the cloak that was too big for him and gave us a thumbs up. “Yeah Believe it !! I look Goooood.” We (Akatsuki) Didn’t say a word, as flashes of Naruto protruded our thoughts. Yeah. Just like Naruto. Commotion from Zetsu and Kid caught our attention. Kid was complaining how Zetsu wasn’t symmetric. “I swear I’m going to kill you.” He then summoned huge plant weeds to grab ahold of Kid. Kisame, still hungry for Rice balls, “I’m gonna go get some rice balls.” He stood up and walked away. Someone stuck a piece of paper on his back. The words said this:
“Eat me, I’m walking sushi.”
We all snickered including Pein and Sasori.

We all said our good byes and good nights. Lord Death called me to speak with him tomorrow morning bright and early. I wonder what it could be. Hidan and Kakuzu were fighting about money. Hidan wanted to check out the stores here for weapons and clothes for us. He said his cloak attracted too much attention. “No Hidan.” Hidan protested. “Oh come on Kakuzu. We need clothes. And especially you.” Kakuzu grumbled. I turned around. “Hey, kuku- I have some money saved up, me and Hidan will go shopping tomorrow after I speak with lord death.” We opened the door to our apartment. Marie said we’ll be getting a dorm room for the school later. Kakuzu was intrigued. “Alright. That’s fine with me.” Of course it is. I smirked. “Oh, here kuku-.” I tossed him an ANBU uniform, the type with all black cloak that draped around the body, and a mask to hide Kuku’s scars. “Where the hell did you get that?” Hidan asked holding the mask in suspicion. “I stole it from an ANBU, thought it’d be useful.” Hidan liked my optimistic personality. It’s one of the many things he liked about her. She wasn’t too loud, but she wasn’t quiet either. She is great in combat too. Before Shira, Hidan and Kakuzu would get in disputes about me jumping into thing’s and screw up. Shira came into the picture, and Kakuzu practically was like her Teacher. She listened to him, and respected him. I envy Kakuzu’s relationship with her. Me. My Worshiping of Jashin always creeped her away.

I smiled at her. Kakuzu took off his cloak and mask, throwing them casually on the couch and stretching freely. He ruffled Shira’s perfect white hair. “Ahh Kuku stop!!.” Kuku, I’m shocked he hasn’t scolded her for calling him that. I guess she’s an exception. “Night.” He said and disappeared into his room. Leaving just me and Shira. She took off her cloak, revealing her exposing short Akatsuki dress, her dress was tight, it hugged her ass and hips perfectly, her boobs looked nice too. She put her hair up in a bun and took off her shoes. I watched her. She went into her room, shuffled some things came back out, “What are you doing.” “Shower.” Oh duh. I stood there stupidly in front of the bathroom door. She looked up at me with her soft blue orbs. Those eyes, my body was on autopilot as I leaned in to kiss---wait what? She passed the ‘near kiss’ and hugged me. “Hidan-sama, your in the way.” I was lost in the contact I didn’t move for a good minute. But I had to let her small frame go, her disappearing quickly behind the door and the sound of running water starting.

Blood….flowing out of bodies, blood running down her swords. He eyes, red, black hair… the bodies of millions pilled in one area and devouring souls to soothe her evil self. She saw Crona…crying in a corner. Darkness surrounding the both of them, shadow’s of hands trying to grab his small body, she went to hold him, but her hands are blades, she looks to her left…Naruto and her friends…dead. She turned in front of her and Crona was looking at her. “Look at me”… then flame’s appeared around Crona, “I’m burning.”

I woke up with a jolt. Beads of sweat falling down my forehead. “wow, that was a…peculiar dream.” I said wiping the sweat off. Tapping sound was heard on her window, she looked to see it was Crona and Ragnarok. “Hurry you damn fool open the window, ditzy is gonna fall over.” Ragnarok was holding both sides of Crona’s head for dear life, pulling some of his hair. “ Dammit bitch open up!” I glared at him. “Don’t call her that!!.” Crona yelled.
I opened the door, mainly because I felt bad for Crona and didn’t want him falling. I pulled them in and he sat next to me holding my pillow close. We stayed like that for a while, I looked over and saw fresh tears forming in his eyes, “Hey, Crona what’s wrong?” I said, he started to cry. “Hey, hey shh no crying ok? That makes me want to.” I said rubbing his back soothingly.
“I—I did something awful…Sh-shira.” He began to shake. “Tell me Crona. Whatever it is, I won’t tell.” I smiled at him softly, Then Crona broke.
“I—I am spying on—them—for –my mom…I sneaked…Medusa’s snake—in Marie’s coffee…” Then he started crying really hard. I looked at him, spying.
I held Crona close to me while he cried on my shoulder. This boy, there’s something about him that makes me feel, I need to protect him. “It’s gonna be ok Crona, I’ve heard worse. It’ll all be alright. If you ever need to talk to me, I’m here.” He looks up at me. Tears falling. “You..don—don’t think I’m—bad.?” I shook my head. “I live with criminals. I’ve heard worse.” He smiled,
“Thank you, for u-understanding me.” He began to cry again. I was glad to help.


The next morning Hidan woke up feeling a little off. He went into Shira’s room, back at the Akatsuki hideout, he’d sometimes sneak into her room, just to watch her sleep. It was a daily thing with Hidan. After every sacrifice, he’d go into her room to see her. He had feelings for her. But the religion doesn’t call for romance. So he’d always deny the feeling and shrug it off. He often wondered if she had feelings for him too. Quite childish he knows.
He opened her door quietly, not to stir her, but what he saw, made him jealous and at the same time sympathetic. He saw Crona sleeping in her arms. “That’s the sad kid we met yesterday.” He watched a little while. Shira’s arms wrapped securely around Crona. Hidan spotted Ragnarok. He was laying sprawled out arms extended out on top on Shira’s chest. Hidan instantly got tense. Kakuzu walked up to see what Hidan was doing and saw Crona in bed with Shira. “When did he get here?” Hidan didn’t reply. He found another reason to like her….It’s her motherly side he liked now.

“Wassup wassup WAAASSSSUP.” Shira giggled. Lord Death was quite cute to her. “Hello Death, you wanted to see me?” He looked at her and hummed. “Why yes, it’s good you brought your partners with you, I needed all three of you together. Yes, well, Since you are a Shinigami, you do not have to Attend the Academy. You have to start collecting souls ‘corrupt’ ones. At least 193 should and 2 witch souls. You can choose to have a meister or work alone.” Shira let the information Death gave her to sink in a little before she could answer him. “A meister? You mean, kinda with soul and Maka?” Lord Death got excited that she remembered. “Why yes.” She smiled, “I want to have a Meister.” Lord Death nodded, “who would you like it to be? I can choose one for ya.” She was fanning her hand in the air, “No, I want to choose.” Silence, he waited her command. “Hidan.” Hidan was smiling and nodding, Then the info sunk in and he did a double take. “Wait…huh?” Kakuzu looked at Hidan like he was dumb. Which in Kakuzu’s case, he was. She smiled at Hidan. Oh. Lord. Jashin. “Well, I think you two will make a good team !! HA HA congrats. You may start as soon as you like. But I’ll have to tell you something’s’ first.”

We left his office, Hidan had the look of Triumphant. He was quite pleased Shira choose him. “Hey Kuku-sama, me and Hidan will go shopping now, would you like anything?” Kakuzu though for a moment. “Go a head and buy me some clothes.” She nodded. We parted ways to the stores. Store after store, Shira and I were having real fun. We bought a first thing of clothes, we changed out of our Akatsuki outfits and put on formal clothes appropriate for unwinding. She was wearing a white dress that stopped above the knees.

She looked great. We walked around to a group of people, “They are performers,” She said, and drug me towards the music.

The strums of a guitar, beat of a hand held drum, people circled around, someone shanking a maraca, quick strums of another guitar. People clapping and dancing and laughing. Shira pulled me towards the dancers, we spun around, Her giggles filled my ears like the music. Asura was watching in the background, hiding himself, watching Shira and Hidan. On how close they were. I grabbed Shira by her waist and lifted her up spinning her around. The people still clapping. When the music was over we payed the performers and left. We were laughing and she playfully punched me in the arm. “Woa Hidan, didn’t think you had a fun side.” She joked. We walked through the dark streets. I looked up at the weird moon. The moon back in the ninja world was more beautiful. We went on top of a building and layed there.
“Shira, I found out what you mean buy the moon and her lover story.” She hummed. “one day there was a man, the moon loved him, and he did her His name was Kuekuatsu, and they lived in the spirit world together.” Shira’s eyes widened, Hidan…Figured it out? “they were equals, equals in power and love. And they were happy.” Hidan looked into her blue orbs, he grabbed her hand while still staring at her, their faces close. “every night, they’d wander the skies together, drawing courage and comfort to one another. But one of the spirits was jealous. And evil one named Trickster, He wanted the moon to himself, her beauty..” Hidan caressed her cheek with his hand, “and power, one night he believed her being his lover, he’ll have all the power in the world. Trickster went up to Kuekuatsu and told him the moon wanted flowers, He suggested the most beautiful flowers are on earth, Trickster told him to pick her some wild roses. Kuekuatsu wanted to surprise her, leaving the spirit world. ” Shira’s face has gotten closer to Hidan’s, they’re breaths hitting each others faces.

“When nightfall came, the moon awoke to watch mankind with Kuekuatsu by her side, but he did not show.” Shira spoke, “She grew restless, and went looking for him, her gentle radiance casted light on the fields.” Hidan leaned much closer, to now they’re noses were touching. Hidan spoke, “She found Kuekuatsu covering his face in his hands, on his knees, the moon. Wanted to comfort him, but was stopped by the barrier. They’re was an ancient rule, that if you leave the Spirit world,, you cannot come back.” Shira wanted to kiss Hidan, she played with his hand. “Koo-koo-ka-cho got screwed.” Hidan said and laughed. “Kuekuatsu Hidan, means wolf. Every night he and his descendants look up at the moon and howl her name.” She lightly pecked Hidan’s nose. “That’s why, the moon is lonely.”


The Akatsuki forgot to mention to Lord Death that Shira often sleep walks.
The first time Konan found Shira banging her head lightly against her door. That wasn’t the first odd behavior we discovered. Another time, Hidan couldn’t sleep and so he decided to walk around the Hideout, the sounds of the ticking grandfather clock in the hallways, light snores, and a single light from the stove on in the kitchen for lighting. Hidan heard footsteps coming from the entrance, so he want to check it out, he went outside and saw a distant figure walking towards him, he was about to attack but realized it was just Shira. Btu there was something very off about her, her head was down and her hair looked black, Hidan went to shake her awake, but it’s not a good idea to wake a sleep walker, he followed her inside, she got to her door, and like any other time, she began hitting her head on it, thinking it would open it. Kakuzu came out of his room and saw this, “Shira is sleep-walking again.” Kakuzu has done this millions of times, He put is hand over her forehead, and guided her to her bed, layed her down and wished her goodnight.

They didn’t think it’d be a problem so Pein didn’t mention it.
Lord Death assigned me and Hidan on a mission, Lord Death will be joining us to observe. Lord Death hovered over us talking non-stop about his joyful moments about him getting the DWMA started, and his son. “How’d you make kid?” Hidan has to ruin it, I was smiling and listening very closely to Death’s conversation, he was very intriguing. “Well, I used a portion of my soul to make kid!” He said cheerfully and his face blushed. “Awe.” I said. Hidan huffed. “Now, these are criminals, I tried getting my son to get them, but he’s always complaining about symmetry and can’t get that boy to concentrate, these ruffians have been causing trouble around Death City.”
We saw a man running around Death City. He was very tall, wore dark clothes, it appears he was running out of the City, Me and Hidan nodded to each other. I jumped up and threw kunai at the man. He turned around and I was standing on top of a pole. “Hey sexy.” Hidan wanted to hurl his scythe. She jumped up, “Hidan!! Now.” He jumped up and threw his scythe I stood on it riding it, I did a front flip and punched my fist in the earth, causing it to shift and crumble, making a loud crash. They guy looked like he was going to pass out, “Oh shit.” He got out a weapon and started to shot, dodging it quickly, Hidan ran towards him and pinned him down while I kicked him.
I twirled my weapons in my hands swiftly, “Hey, come on.. I didn’t mean to take this.” They guy looked down, Lord Death was intimidated. “You have done wrong, and for that I am taking your soul.” I slashed my weapon in the guys stomach and he disappeared, leaving a red orb floating in the air. I looked at it, “That’s your soul Shira, you may now eat it.” I gave him a disgusted look. I took it into my fingers, and put it in my mouth. Swallowing it whole. I coughed. Hidan walked up next to me. “So, how do you feel?”

Asura was walking around the darkest parts of Death City, careful to not be spotted, he saw a figure walking towards him so he remained motionless, he saw that it was Shira, but there was something off about her normal look. Then, he felt a large amount of madness wavelengths, it was unbearable even for him, he looked at her and she was now standing next to him with her head down, She slowly lifted her head to reveal the Kishin eye on her forehead, her eyes red and hair black, Asura’s eyes widened, he feared her now, those eyes, filled with more hate and madness then he has ever seen before, he shivered, she started at him, then began walking again, out of Death City, he followed her, they walked for some time till she ended up at a small quiet village, he watched her, she went into a house with sleeping children, silence, almost too quiet he went to the window and looked inside.
His eyes widened when he saw she was devouring children’s souls, and the parents in their sleep. “what—the ---- hell.” Asura thought to himself, this explains why she’s a Kishin like him, she isn’t awake, but she isn’t sleeping either, maybe… she has a split personality? She left the house and went to another, and this went on for 5 minutes. Until she came out more demon like then ever.. her eyes closed and hung her head low, like she was sleeping, and then walked back towards Death City. He couldn’t help it.. she was perfect. In her own evil madness. He never thought a Kishin like her would exist. Who sleep walks as she devours souls. He laughed evilly. How could Lord Death not see this coming? He is a foolish old man. Asura left to Arachne’s lair. This, is indeed a twist.


The next morning the Akatsuki members were moved into their dorm rooms and eating in the cafeteria. Deidara was making little bugs out of his clay, and scaring the students. Tobi had his face turned towards the window eating, Kisame and Itachi saw me and my partners walking to the table, “Morning.” We said to each other. I haven’t said a word to anyone since this morning. I don’t feel right, I feel different on the inside. Like, I’m constantly angry and want to kill…. Kisame put a tray of food in front of me, “Eat up okay?” I smiled and ate my food graciously. “And I hate this skirt I have to wear, it’s showing my ass.” Konan was complaining about the uniforms. I had to wear them too, so I don’t feel bad for her. But Hidan does look quite nice wearing a dress shirt and jeans. He looks, semi-social. I laughed at my inside thought. He gave me a suspicious eye-brow stare but decided to leave her be, she hasn’t smiled at all this morning. “TOBIII IS STILL HUNGRY!!!” We all groaned, “then go get food Tobi.” Tobi whined, “BUUT kisame-sama can you get me some?” Kisame growled, “What do I look like? Your goddamn maid?? Get it yourself.” Tears started flowing out of his one eye hole, and he began to sob, “no one.. likes the Tobi….” I got up, “What do you want to eat Tobi?” I asked diligently, “His head popped up in happiness. He gave me his order and I walked to the stand of food. Those muffin look quite good. I grabbed those, then a plate of eggs and bacon. Crona gave me a hug from behind shaking, I think he was nervous and surprised by his actions.

I turned to face a bright smiling Crona and Ragnarok. I hug Crona, “Hey, how’d you sleep?” I asked, “I can’t sleep, Ragnorok wakes me up asking to get him candy, I’m gonna have sleep deprivation.” Ragnarok started to yell and pull and Crona’s head, they were arguing with each other. I laughed at their silliness. Crona smiled. Then soul, Maka, Kid, and black star came over. I felt the need to apologize to Kid for kicking him awhile back. “Hey kid, I just want to say I’m really sorry for kicking you a few weeks back.” He looked at me like I was an alien, “You finally decide to apologize?” We both laughed. “Yeah, I guess so.” He smiled in approval, “You have my respect.” I saw Black star was wearing the Akatsuki cloak. “You really like that cloak do you?” He nodded yes. “I like yours!! It’s really cool.” Maka decided to compliment. “Yes, I really like the dress underneath, ohh and the cape part. It’s really cool too.” I looked at it, “yes, we members can make our Akatsuki uniforms to whatever suits us best.” She nodded understanding. “Maybe, I’ll make my own.” Why does everyone like our cloaks? “I’ll help you.” “Okay that sounds great.” We both giggled. Soul will never understand girls. We walked to the table and I handed Tobi his food. He turned around and ate his food. Curiously I leaned to the left trying to catch a glimpse of his face, sweat falling down my face, my chair was kicked and I fell to the ground making an ‘off’ sound. Some people laughed, and other’s didn’t dare make a peep over me falling.

I got up and turned to see OX. My eyes narrowed. “You—are not wanted here!! You demon!! If I have to feel your stench of madness another minute, I WILL eliminate you!.” Kakuzu and Hidan stood in front me, OX backed off to head their warning. Soul and Maka confronted Ox, “Hey, you know damn well Lord Death is training her, and that she is on our side.” She defended, are we? I thought to myself. He went to open his mouth in protest, but was interrupted by a huge crash sound. We all turned to see intruders coming into the school. Me, the rest of the Akatsuki, Maka and her friends ran outside to see what was happening. I saw a red orb floating in the air, and women on a broom, flying ahead of what looked like a town, but it was in the shape of a spider, and it had legs to help the town move around. Then a women in all black, Orochimaru and Kabuto came out into view. Everyone gasped and me and the Akatsuki winced at Orochimaru’s presence.
Orochimaru’s yellow eyes pierced through me, The women spoke “Lord Death, you have a Kishin on your premises.” Reaper came out of his Death room and was hovering above our heads, “And?” He questioned in a different tone of voice. “And you may know, that all Kishins belong to me.” She smiled behind her fan, The Kishin lowered himself in front of me, and everyone of the students took several steps back. His face covered in a scarf, with three eyes on it. He didn’t say a word, he went to touch my cheek but stopped mid way. He was scared of her, on what she would do. But his hand was on autopilot and he touched her face caressingly, she wasn’t fazed by him, her madness was sparking like wild fire, but she didn’t dare show him any signs. She kept calm, not showing her fear, she didn’t give in to him. She wasn’t afraid.

His face was uncovered, and revealed his pale face, his red eyes, and black hair. I smiled softly, his eyes widened, “You…look like someone I know.” I said calmly, his body tensed. He leaned in, Hidan getting agitated. “Really? And who do I remind you of my dear?” He smiled back. “Sasuke.” Itachi voice hitched in his throat. “Shira, my dear, you are a godly creation, why, don’t you join me? Instead of with these people.” Asura leaned in much closer now, Arachne wasn’t very comfortable with the closeness. “I… don’t think I want to join you.” I said, dropping my smile. He laughed. “Well, I must say, you are fetching. Finally, someone just like me. Were are alike you and me. And…you are..” he gets close enough to where our noses are touching. I feel my body shaking, my breathing hitching in my throat, my heart racing, I know Asura wants to kiss me. I can see it in his heart, he wants to do it, and I don’t know why, but I want him too. Finally Asura closes the gap and kisses me. My body melts. Hidan gets angry and throws his Scythe is our direction. Asura saw this, picking me up bridal style and jumping out of the way. “You must watch where you throw that thing Hidan, you nearly hurt your partner.” Asura’s face is in a twisted grin. My body is numb and I can’t move. The only thing holding on are my arms, which are glued to Asura’s neck. Not letting go for I might fall. I realized what I have done and I try to strategize how to get out of his arms. As much as I didn’t want the closeness to end, I had to, I reach in my kunai pouch and stabbed myself in the leg, causing me to yelp in pain, Asura went to ask if I’m ok, but I punched him in the face causing him to let me go. I fall. Crona saw this and jumped up and caught me. He landed on his feet laying me down. “Why did you do that.” I scream in pain, “Stop moving your bleeding to death, stop moving!!” Crona gripped tightly on my shoulders to stop my struggling.

Ragnarok came out and bit hard on my leg. “AHHHH.” I screamed, he was sucking the blood to keep it from bleeding anymore. Then Ragnarok wrapped it. I stood up. The women on the broom landed a few feet away from us. Crona hid behind me. “Crona, who is that?” He peered form behind my shoulder, “That’s…medusa…my mom…” –WHAT?- She ran up next to me and slashed my side. I fell. “You are making a huge mistake protecting him, he is useless and not worth protecting.” My eyes turned red in anger. Medusa gasped happily. “Oh Good. Finally it seems your acting more like a Kishin. Should we tell Lord Death of your ‘other half’.” Everyone stopped and looked at me. “What?” Spirit ran up to Maka. “Now’s the time. Shira—isn’t the sweet Akatsuki member. She is a Kishin. She devours pure souls in her sleep. And wakes up the next morning like she is normal.” Lord Death looked at me. “Is-this true?” He asked. I wasn’t for sure what she was talking about. Giriku jumped behind me, Crona took his sword out and tried to block his attack. “I had enough of you queasy bastard.” Giriku kicked him hard, causing him to fly backwards. “Crona!!.” I went to run but Giriku grabbed me harshly by the hair. I was kicking and screaming. He laughed. “SHE IS A KISHIN OF THE DAMNED. SHE DEVOURS SOULS OF INNOCENT CHILDEREN. WHEN YOU IDIOTS OF THE AKATSUKI THOUGHT THAT IT WAS JUST SLEEP WALKING. SHE WAS DEVOURING SOULS AS SHE WENT!!” He laughed. “How could you all be fooled? She has a split personality, and she belongs to US!!.” Hidan jumped out of the way and slammed his scythe in the ground, Giriku let me go.

“Not a chance!!.” He threw his scythe and cut part of medusa’s hair. It slammed into the ground and Hidan pulled it back to him. I looked at Asura, he was tempting me, “Crona, whenever I say now, you plunge your sword in the ground, I’ll make a hand signs to make Ragnarok bigger, that’s when you two jump and grab Asura, I’ll trap him in my earth style jutsu, ok?” He took in all information, it seemed like a very good plan. Hopefully. Ragnarok came out of his back, “Hell yeah!! Let’s do this!! CAMMON CAMMON!!” I smiled, I motioned for Hidan and Kakuzu to follow, and we all unleashed all we had. Hidan threw three kunai and Kakuzu released his stitching jutsu, it grabbed ahold of Asura’s ankles and threw him around the town. Kakuzu writhed all his strength in his stitching, throwing Asura left, right, throwing him down on the ground and finally lifting him back up in the air. “remind me not to get on your bad side.” Kid said to Kakuzu, I ran up to Ragnarok and made hand signs, Lighting like rays came out and around Ragnarok. Making him bigger. He stretched his arms and popped his neck. “Time for an ass kicking.” I jumped up and Hidan followed, he threw his scythe again, I grabbed it and slashed some of Asura’s men, killing them. Asura tried getting out of Kakuzu’s grip. “The more you struggle, the tighter it gets.” He warned Asura, Giriku ran and tried to attack Sasori, he used his chakra strings and held Giriku in place. “NOW CRONA” Crona plunged his sword in the ground, I made some hand signs and Ragnarok howled. He jumped up and they both kept ahold of the Kishin, “Earth style, boulder crush!!” I yelled, the earth shifted and two giant boulders came and smashed down on Asura. Trapping him. Arachne watched. Crona jumped down next to me and Kakuzu stood behind me.

Just when we thought things were good, the boulders glowed red and blew up. Out of the smoke and dirt several of Asura’s scarf came at me and grabbed me. Holding me tightly. Deidara decided to help. “Here, eat this.” He made a clay bomb and threw it at Asura, it landed on his shoulder, before he could react he pulled me next to Asura, holding me next to him, “NO!!” They all went to grab me out of the way, but Deidara’s bomb exploded. Me and the Kishin were flown on the opposite side, crashing into buildings. Arachne helped Asura up. “You idiots don’t know anything do you?” She said. –what?- they questioned. They were distracted by the bomb, they didn’t realize they had taken Crona hostage. “We will need him.” Medusa took him up to the building and disappeared. The ground was shifting and shaking violently, the earth cracked, glass broke and buildings were shifting out of foundation, they all turned to see that a eerie red glow was coming from the direction I flew to. “Oh.. my…this isn’t good. Not good at all.” Lord Death hovered in the air. I was hovering in the air, The Kishin smiled. She has released her power. Lord Death didn’t want her to transform, not now, he came up with an idea. I came out of human stage, my hair turning charcoal black and my eyes red, and additional eye in the middle of my forehead, my outfit was still the same, I didn’t turn full Kishin yet, but I was getting close. I spoke in a deep angered voice. “Give me --- Crona.” Medusa laughed. “You finally come out of your shell Kishin Dybbuk. How do you feel?” My eyes narrowed. I summoned all my power into my hands and punched the earth causing everything to shatter and crumble at my touch. Lord Death was rushing to me like his life depended on it. He had to stop her from turning completely into Kishin. Before I opened my mouth to release a Death ray, Lord Death grabbed ahold of my waist, distracting me from my blow, instead of hitting my target, I missed and the ray hit upwards towards the sky. Pein took out a kyuubi seal. “I’m not for sure if this will work on a demon god, but.” He jumped up and slapped a Kyuubi seal on my head. And everything around us stopped, I automatically turned to my human form. Hair turning snow white and my eyes turning blue. I saw they were leaving with Crona, Crona screaming for me to save him, I tried to move, but sleep took over me. Before finally falling completely into sleep.

Everything ~~ Went black.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~


I opened my heavy eyes, they were blurry, was I crying? My eyes stung.
I lifted my sore body up and a few people walked in. Lord Death put a hand on my forehead, “where’s Crona?” was all I said, that’s all I could think about at the moment, Hidan glared at me. “They took off with him. And you’re a fool to kiss a Kishin.” My body tensed. “what the hell Hidan?” He threw his tea cup down on the table making a clank sound. He stood up in anger and blew up on me. “WHAT? WHAT? THAT’S ALL I HEAR FROM YOU!! YOU KISSED A DAMN DEMON GOD!! ARE YOU CRAZY!? YOU DAMN IDIOT!! HE COULD’VE KILLED YOU..--!!” my tears welled in my eyes. “WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM HIDAN!!!? I’M A KISHIN TOO!! HE KNOWS WHAT ITS LIKE BEING A MONSTER ! HE UNDERSTANDS ME!! KILL ME? IF HE WANTED TO KILL ME HE WOULD’VE DONE IT ALREADY!! YOU’RE A FOOL HIDAN.” I started to cry, never, in my life, have a cried in front of anyone. “The truth is Shira, were all monsters. And I won’t be surprised when you do go on his side. It wouldn’t surprise me if you fall for him either.” He left, slamming the door behind him, everyone in the hallway heard everything, Lord Death has seen it all. He put his large hand on my shoulder and shushed me calmly.
I began to cry hard. Hugging my knees to my chest, I saw sobbing and breathing uncontrollably, Lord Death hugged me. “The thing is Shira, there is a way to turn this around. Maybe. But to ne honest. I don’t know if I can save you form being a Kishin.” He said sadly. I was still crying, but it was calming down. Maka her friends and the Akatsuki were sitting outside the room, listening to my soft cries. This isn’t the last time we hear of the Kishin. Lord Death and I walked around the city to see rubble and broken glass. Sid ran up to us, “Lord Death, There are 20 injured and 5 casualties.” Lord Death looked down, “Thank you Sid, take the injured to the hospital immediately.” Sid nodded and ran off. “This is a mess indeed, what to do, what to do…?” We walked. “This isn’t over dad.” It was Kid. “We can fight the Kishin. We can. I have faith in you.” I saw tears run down his pale cheeks. I hugged Kid tightly. As much as I want to prove to Lord Death, that we can fight on his side. There’s just one problem. I have feelings for Asura. I don’t want to end him. Even though he devoured souls out of fear, and that he may devour me, and that he is a threat to the whole world, and maybe that kiss didn’t mean anything, he is just like me. He is the only person who understands my struggle and being the same monsters.

Lord Death and Shira walked out on a balcony to get a whole view of everyone in Death City. Lord Death looked very sad. But he had to do something. Lord Death spoke in a very noble voice, speaking to them with great promise. “People, Of Death City.” Long pause, everyone’s attention on Death. “The Kishin has made it clear to us, that he wants to engulf to world in pure madness and darkness. That he can take and eat our souls, and drag us into a dark world of pain, fear, and sadness. He made it clear, that he can take whatever he wants. But we will send him a message. That he cannot take our lives, that he cannot manipulate us for his own good. We won’t let the Kishin win, we will not stand down to him, we will eliminate him together.” The Akatsuki members were already coming up with a plan of attack. Maka and her father stood next to each other with his arm on Maka’s shoulder. This made all the people scream and cheer, clapping their hands.
“This is war!” Everyone cheered. “No more hiding, no more fear, no more giving up and regret, this is the moment we all fight together, this is the moment we all hold on to each other, this is the moment where we all redeem our lives and happiness. WE CAN FIGHT. TOGETHER.” Everyone was yelling and hugging each other. Lord death’s words made my eyes well up in tears, Kid looked at me and saw a single tear fall. He smiled. “We will fight for honor, and peace, to the death. We will rise like a storm and rip away the evil. Will you all fight for me!!?” Everyone cheered yes. And immediately everyone got to work.

Everyone around Death City worked around the clock on cleanup, and fixing broken buildings and windows. Lord Death as much as he hated it, was prepping for a war. He was calling for as much help around the Nevada area, recruiting as many people to help. The Akatsuki agreed to go to Konoha, even though they were S-Rank criminals, they had to get more help. So Lord Death and a few other’s came with each group to send word. Lord Death going with Pein and Konan to see Lady Tsunade in person to tell her the dilemma. She understood the situation very clearly, she set up ANBU’S and all squad members with Sid and Yumi back to Death City. They all now resided in Death City, made tents and all ready for battle. Tsunade had a hard time deciding whether it was a good idea to fight along side with the Akatsuki, but they had their hearts set on fighting for this. They were dependable now. She saw a side to them that she thought never happened.

Hidan was giving out blankest and food to children. Konan made paper flowers for the 5 casualties. We made paper lanterns and put little candles in them, we lit the candles, let the lanterns go, and they floated away with the wind. Shira was looking outside the window. She wasn’t for sure if she wanted this fight. She wasn’t for sure if she wanted to fight Asura. The way he kissed me, they way he looked at me. Maybe it was just a foolish feeling.
Sakura came inside and gave me clothes and food. In the distance we saw a red and black ray. The madness wavelength was unbearable to most. Shira closed her eyes for a moment and imagined this wasn’t happening. She opened them, her decision was now decided. She was going to fight this. She wasn’t going to give in to the Kishin. Ever though they both are the same. They are not equals. And she is determined to stop him along with everyone else. The next few days everyone was training. Shira’s madness was getting the best of her, her fears were trying to eat her away. She refused to sleep, because she didn’t want to devour souls.

Lady Tsunade was helping Maka and her friends with weapons control and armor. Jiraiya showed up with Naruto. And surprisingly, Sasuke. How Naruto treated the Akatsuki, was respect. How? Well I don’t know, but right now, we are all not enemies, were are acquaintance’s, fighting for the same thing. Existence.

Asura was laughing maniacally, he had just devoured Arachne and a few of her men for power and comfort. He always feared defeat. He laughed. Giriko wandered if he wanted to be on this side, or the other. Maybe. Just maybe. It was the best way to go. He peered through his binoculars, Crona was screaming in pain and fear in the other room. Medusa has been torturing the poor kid since he got here. Some say that Crona was destined to be the next Kishin. Giriko lend out a heavy sigh. This was not what he planned.


It was mid morning, the sun was just now rising, my fears have been eating my emotions, I felt numb and sick. Sweat fell from my face. I had another nightmare, third time tonight. I gave up sleeping. I got up and took a cold shower. I looked in the mirror and I saw Crona behind me. I turned around. Nothing. I sighed softly, I went out into my room and exercised, pushups, sit ups, countless leg and abs warm ups too. I stretched. Drank some water and looked out into the City. People were already in the streets crowding around, talking, but I didn’t hear sadness, it was laughter, people were laughing, hugging each other and crying. This was going to be a huge battle, and it wasn’t going to be easy. Knock knock. “Come in.” The door opened and revealed Lady Tsunade and Lord Death. “Shira, everyone is ready, are you?” I looked down. Tsunade put a hand on my shoulder. “May I speak with her Lord Death?” He nodded and left us be. “Shira, you have made me proud several years back before you left to the Akatsuki, I wish you choose a better path. But I can see you are better and stronger, and that the Akatsuki treat you well, and as of now, I think I can trust the Akatsuki, they have they’re heart set to protecting all of our existence. You are a strong Jonin. And after this battle. I will rank you the official Sannin.” My eyes widened. “What? Lady Tsunade I cannot except that title.” I went to protest but Tsunade only laughed. “Shira, except the offer, rather your an S-rank criminal or not. You are a hero in all our eyes.” She smiled that famous smile I haven’t seen in ages. She was a wonderful women and I looked up to her. She doesn’t despise me for joining the Akatsuki. No matter what my loyalty will lie with her.

Everyone around Death City are now ready, Gaara and Temari were upfront with Chunin and Jonin Ninjas, ANBU’S were with Kakashi and Itachi, Kisame led the 7 Legendary Swords Men. And Tsunade was with Jiraiya. One big Village, and the DWMA combined together with The Akatsuki. The fight will begin. Kishin vs Kishin. Good and Bad mixed together in one big army. I looked out into the desert and saw the red/black beam of light. My heart sank with despair, I felt angry and scared. What can I do? I’m a Kishin too. Will they kill me after Asura Is defeated? My head hung low, Deidara and Kisame put their hands on my shoulders, smiling assuring at me. “You are going to be fine, Shira.” I nodded at Kakuzu, I gripped my weapons tightly. My Akatsuki cloak and my hair flying in the wind. Hidan was looking at me from behind, He held his scythe closely next to him, Lord Death was in front of us, “Let’s prove to the Kishin, That we will not go down without a fight, let him know, that even though we have criminals in our army, we can show them that we all can fight together and fight for the thing we want the most, Sanity and the will to keep living.” A tear left my eye, “I’m coming for you Crona. Don’t you dare give up on me.” Hidan wiped the tear from my face, “Stop crying you look blotchy.” I smiled. Naruto and Sakura peered out to see all their friends lined up in formation, all teams. “Hey Sakura.” “Mhm?” Naruto looked at Sasuke next to his brother. “Do you think, this fight will be good for all of us?” Sakura wasn’t for sure what he was talking about. “What do you mean?” He sighed. “I mean, this fight. Not just for the great or good. But it will bring us all together as one. Even the Akatsuki is on our side. Well, for now anyways. My plan is to be Hokage, Shira, she is doomed to be wrapped in insanity. But I will bring her back. Even Sasuke. He is with his brother as if they never had a feud. I’m glad this happened, because it will bring ALL of us together.” Tears were forming in Sakura’s eyes. She wiped them to show Naruto that she can be strong. “Yes Naruto, your right. We will all be together as one.” He smiled. Black Star I forgot to mention, took a liking to Naruto and wanted to learn the best from him, so in the weeks of prepping and training for this battle, Naruto taught Black Star Rasengan. Black Star knew it will become quite handy.

Justin Stood with Tsunade. He felt uncomfortable knowing that this is all it. This fight will be put in the History books. Indeed it will.

We all began running, charging like our life depended on it. We ran towards the castle, everyone running in perfect sync. Itachi and Kisame ran faster, Sasuke wearing ANBU and running closely next to Itachi. our weapons out and ready.

Who will win?


We ran to Arachnophobia’s castle, the dark, eerie spider structure standing tauntingly in front of us. It was silent, too silent, the wind flew around us, we stood on a large cliff that surrounded the castle, to an opening of the castle, a balcony, a rather large one to hold a whole dance ball. We saw lady Arachne, Asura, Eruka, Free, Medusa, and Crona. My heart skipped a beat, he was being hung by his arms, his black blood trickling down his face and body, dripping onto the floor. Tears of anger flowed out of my eyes without warning. Ragnarok was also hung by his arms, he wasn’t able to avoid a beating either. “you damn witch!! How dare you beat Crona like that and get away with it!!?” I yelled. My body trembling with anger. Asura had already prepared a shield around them. “oh my, It finally speaks.” Medusa laughs coyly, “Don’t play your ridiculous tricks Medusa!! You snake!! I swear I’ll fucking kill you!!” I swore. Hidan put a hand on my shoulder. We all stood triumphantly between both parties, no one saying a word. “I must say Shira, he is my son, I can do whatever I want with him.” She gave me a cold cocky smile, “He is a failure to me, a waste of a child, you can have my hand-me-downs if you like. I have no use for him.” I screamed in pure disgust and anger, and’ I threw paper bombs at them. Asura used the shields and they blew up before reaching them. Then I hurled Hidan’s scythe, catching Asura off guard as it cut his cheek. I brought the scythe next to my side and slammed the scythe handle down in the ground making a loud clank. “You are quite the feisty one aren’t you?” He smiled.

“Shut up!! And die!!.” I hurled another weapon at them. It Deflected. “Oh, let’s move this along, You have a choice. Either join us, or watch your dear friends that came with you to defend life, die.” I looked behind me. Everyone nodded their heads in reassurance, they are not backing down and they’ll stick with me no matter what. I turned back around. “Well, I guess you all have a death wish, I guess we’ll have to kill you all then. Then maybe we can change your mind and join us.” I shook my head no furiously. “No, I will not.” I stood my ground. The wind picking up. “We’ll then.” Asura put a hand in front of Medusa, “we need to find a way to have her change into her Kishin form. I need her to come out of her shell. Do something that will make her change form.” He smiles, Medusa knows a way to get her to come out. She walks over to Crona and holds his face in her hands. “No, get your hands off of him! I mean it witch.” Medusa laughed. “Now dear we’re already past this, he is a disgrace to me, a failure, I have no use for him anymore. So, Crona, will accept his fate. Because he has no more will. I broke him, and he will die. Because I don’t need him anymore.” Before I had the time to react, she stabbed him in the chest, blood trickling down the blade. Crona coughed blood. “It’s—o-ok—Shira….i—I will—miss you—I love you….” His head hung low, she took the knife out of his chest, and the wrappings left his arms, his body fell, he fell all the way down to the ground. His lifeless body laying in front of the castle.

No sound, everything went silent, time stopped, Maka’s eyes widened, tears falling. My eyes shook with anger, heart pounding, body shaking more then ever now, my fist clamped into a tight ball, my eyes filled with hatred. My soul wavelength circled slowly around my ankles, the wind picking up around me, Hidan sees this. He went to comfort me but an unexplainable amount of soul wavelength gushed like a strong hurricane wind storm, throwing half of the groups off they’re formation, throwing half of them in opposite directions, slamming into rocks, and trees. Hidan got up making a grunt sound. He looked over at Shira, her hair flying violently in the wind, her head was hung low. Asura smiled in anticipation. The wind grew faster and her soul swelled bigger and bigger until its max size has been shown. Stein and Maka lifted their heads and saw Shira’s soul expanding, “” Stein shrieked, his madness taking over. Three eyes in the middle of her soul. Shira’s personal appearance changed before everyone. Her life devoured by darkness, her white colored hair, now a charcoal black, her blue eyes, now red like fresh blood. Her Akatsuki clothes burned and replaced by a black satin dress, splitting up both sides of her thighs, her weapons are now her hands. Her eyes are bleeding black tears and mouth covered by bandages. Her casual and calm sophisticated character, replaced by her Kishin form. Everyone in Death City and the army stared in pure fear, her madness creeping into those souls corrupted, Asura let out a crazy laugh. Her wavelength is unbearable, madness released and devouring the world in darkness. Her look now finished off with an eye in the middle of her forehead. Asura bolted towards Dybbuk, he opened his mouth as to devour her body whole, Dybbuk shoved her weapon/hands into his shoulders, his body was thrown across the town, crashing into buildings.

“No.” Hidan got up. There is no turning back. He began running. His scythe being dragged in the ground. Lord death turned to his true form, Maka and soul went after Medusa, black star and Kid went soul resonance mode. Stein and Spirit as well. Marie holding Crona’s lifeless body close, a war raged on throughout. Metal and weapons clashing together, Giriko fights Kakuzu and Justin, Kakuzu releases his hearts. Konan, Pein, Deidara, Itachi, Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura chased after Arachne’s men and golems. Lord Death goes after Shira… they both charge after each other and a huge explosion is heard across the desert.

~~~~The Fight has begun.

Marie cries, she peers out from the roof, people dying all around, blood everywhere. She looks at Stein getting beat down. Then Naruto, and the Akatsuki fighting together. Time slows and she feels she is the only one making sounds. Marie looks to her left, Maka getting beaten by Medusa and thrown back. Ox and his friends cornered by the brink of madness and golems. To her right, Black Star and Kid grabbed by Kishin Asura’s scarf arms, being slammed into the ground. More tears have fallen down her cheeks, everyone fighting for life. Marie feels helpless. She didn’t know what to do, holding Crona’s body close, his black blood flowing out onto her lap. No sounds were heard, everything sounded muffled. Explosions by Deidara couldn’t be heard, she felt the ground shake, she looked up to see Lord Death fighting to save Shira while fighting off Asura at the same time. She isn’t herself anymore, her madness and anger took over her entire body, and if she stays in that form, she may never turn back human again. Will we be able to bring her back? Marie felt like she couldn’t think of a plan. Everything was crashing down--- wait----. Crona groaned. Tears fall from his eyes, Crona slowly opens them. “Crona!.” She hugs him. Crying. “We thought you were dead Crona!” Crona’s eyes shot open. “I’m not.. uhh—a girl is hugging me…and I don’t know if I can handle it.” Marie smiled, she used her healing wavelength, Sakura sees this and jumped to their aid. “I’ll use my healing jutsu miss Marie, don’t worry, save your energy.” Sakura quickly got to work. Marie was inspired by the ninjas that came to help. So many of them have great potential and power. “The will to keep fighting Miss Marie, the will of fire. To fight for what we love. We all have it.” Marie smiled. Sakura was right. I did have something to fight for, these kids, the academy, the children and the people who reside in Death City. Sakura finished healing Crona, he stood up to stretch his arms and pop his neck. He looked out to the raging battlefield between good and evil. Crona looked up to see Lord Death fighting an unfamiliar opponent. “Whose that girl fighting Death and Asura?” Ragnarok came out to observe. He began hitting Crona’s head and pinching his mouth, “you idiot that girl is Shira!!.” Tears filled Crona’s eyes.

“N-no.. that can’t be…”flashing of memories when Crona was with Shira, her smiling and laughing. The night when she hugged Crona close and let him cry on her shoulder. Could that really be her? ”She… has t-to stop.. you have to stop her.” He looks frantically at Sakura and Marie. “she… is my new friend… if I lose a friend… I don’t know how to deal with it..” Tears flowed out of his eyes. He turned his back to them. His fist clenched. “No, I will. I will save her from her madness. I will save her from her damnation. I will be the one to bring her back. I’ll do it myself.” He glared at Asura and then Medusa. Ragnarok took this as a sign to turn into his weapon. Crona held it close to him. Miss Marie and Sakura were taken aback by Crona’s sudden determination image. Crona turned to them, “Miss Marie, I have a plan.” She listened very closely to Crona. The fight between Death and Asura wasn’t any where near ending. “REAPER-----CHOP” Asura was sent flying backwards towards the ground. Crashing. Dybbuk snuck up behind Lord Death and started slashing her weapons at him, him dodging every move possible. Sakura went to aid Stein as Spirit went to aid Lord Death. Sakura did a front flip in the air and punched the ground. It shifted and crumbled to her touch, as giant earth plates crashed into the golems. One of Arachne’s men was behind Sakura, not knowing of his presence. A shuriken was thrown at his back and he fell to the ground. She turned to see Sasuke smirking at her. They nodded and went back to fighting. Kakuzu trapped three golems and Giriko in his stitching jutsu. “Ahh damn you !! once I get out of this I’m gonna..” He used his leg to chop through the stitching. They released him and he fell on his feet. Justin sliced at Giriko. Hidan was trying to reach Shira. There were things he said to her, and he’d very much like to apologize.. But if they don’t find a way to save her.. he may never have that chance. He jumped from tree to tree and jumped into the air and cut her with his scythe. “Shit.” He cursed. She looked at him and the madness quickly creeped into Hidan. He began laughing uncontrollably. He started swinging his scythe around maniacally. Cutting Asura and Death several times. “HHAHAH WOW LOOK…BLOODD HEH HEH THIS… IS SO FUNN..” He swung at Shira and she kicked him hard in the stomach. He barely flinched. His eyes bugged out of his head and had the most wide smile. Her eyes narrowed. He kicked her harshly in the head and sent her flying into the castle. He laughed. “WOW…SHE WENT FLYING.” He swung at everything. Accidently cutting casualties. Kakuzu saw this and him and Justin began running towards him. “Damn that Hidan, he’s going to make Konoha think were attacking them.” Justin looked at Hidan. “No kakuzu, it isn’t that at all. It’s the madness. I can use my exorcism soul wavelength and I’ll be able to pull him out of the madness. But you have to hold him still.” Kakuzu grunted in response. “With pleasure.” Kakuzu jumped up and pinned Hidan down. Hidan went to cut him with his weapon, but Kakuzu grabbed the scythe and threw it on the other side and pinning his arms down. Hidan was laughing, kicking and screaming. It seemed that he was throwing a fit.

Justin put his hand on Hidan’s forehead and began to pray in Latin and a white glow appeared. Hidan quickly stopped his struggling and stopped yelling. His body fell limp. Kakuzu looked at Justin to see if it was okay to release him. Justin nodded. “I think your friend will be alright.” He went to stand up, but something caught him off guard. Soon, a large weapon was pierced through Justin’s back and came out the other way. Spewing blood on Kakuzu’s face. “Justin!!” He caught him. Hidan didn’t move, he layed there. Limp. Kakuzu looked up and it was Medusa. Maka jumped in front and began attacking Medusa without hesitation. Kakuzu got to work on Justin as he sewed his wound up. Justin winced in pain. Once he was finished Hidan finally came to his senses and stood up. “Thank you, sir.” Kakuzu helped Justin up. “Don’t thank.” He nodded. Crona was trying to get to Shira but was topped by Mosquito. “I don’t have time to deal with you right now.” He went to run off but mosquito attacked Crona. “If you even think about saving Shira you’re wrong. Kishin Asura will devour her and become invincible.” Crona gave him a dirty look. “I’m not scared anymore. I will not back down. I will save Shira and restore peace to this world. If you stop me, I will – kill you.” Mosquito laughed. “Oh please, even medusa herself said you were a failure, I am not scared of a brat like you.” Crona paced his sword back and forth. “You’re—wrong.. you should run..” Crona lifted his head and his eyes were a different shade. It wasn’t madness. It was sheer anger and fierceness in his eyes. Mosquito attacked Crona. Trying to take his blood. Crona was deflecting Mosquito’s attacks. “No stop it. Your so small. I have never fought a tiny guy before. I don’t know if I can handle it.” He swung the sword and cut Mosquito’s arm off. He glared at him. “I warned you.” Mosquito laughed. Before he had time to react Tsunade jumped out In front of Mosquito. And landed a huge punch in his face, twisting his face in a different direction, it swung Mosquito in a circular motion away from them. Crona stared at Tsunade. “Oh.. her punches are scary.. I don’t know If I can handle it.” Tsunade pushed him forward. “Go get my Sannin back.” She smiled. Crona nodded. He wasted no time and began running again. Marie not far behind him. Finally, it has come down to Dybbuk, Lord Death and Asura. She has been cornered. Lord Death went to snatch her but she blocked and kicked him in the face. Lord Death got very angry. Asura used his scarf arms and wrapped them tightly around Dybbuk’s neck and lifted her up to face him. He smiled and uncovered his face to peer into their identical eyes.
“You know, we are both very much alike. Only, I devoured souls out of fear, and you devoured them in your sleep. Quite twisted I must say so myself.” He leaned in. “But I’m going to have to kill you and eat your soul for more power.” He went to open his mouth the eat her but she spoke. In an unfamiliar voice. A deep womanly voice. “No….it is you… who will be devoured.”
His eyes widened in horror. Even her voice was making his skin chill. She cut his scarfs from her neck and switched their positions to his back against the wall. Lord Death got very nervous, if she devours Asura.. she will never be human again. He raged on towards her as fast as he could. Crona and Marie rushing to her too. She uncovered her mouth and opened it very widely. She went to eat Asura but to his relief………
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Crona and Death has stopped her. Lord Death had ahold of her hair in one hand and another on her shoulder. Crona was hugging her from behind and began to sob and beg. “No---don’t … do this…” He sniffed. Tears falling from his eyes. He hugged her even tighter when she tried to pull him off. She elbowed him in the head. Again.. no three times. She kept this up till she realized he wasn’t releasing her anytime soon. Maka looked over after she defeated Medusa, and saw Crona hugging Shira from behind. “What is it Maka?” Soul looked at her. “It’s… Crona.” She dropped to her knees. Soul came out to grab her shoulders. Everyone has stopped what they were doing and looked over at the scene. Crona began again. He snuggled his nose in her back. “remember… that time..—Wh-hen you said… that I am not bad… that---that I am a good kid. And that.. you will be there for me., no matter what?” Shira/Dybbuk narrowed her eyes. Crona began suffocating in his own tears and snot. He peered up and looked at her. “I remember…. I need you…now… more then ever…to be my momma…. To love and care for me…when Medusa didn’t…you—you accepted me for who I am..” Maka began crying too. “Shira… I know… if your in there… come out… come back to us… please…” INSIDE SHIRA’S SOUL she was in a corner…her head in her arms. Curled into a ball, she was frantically scratching at her head. “Shira… please come back.. t-to me..” she heard Crona’s voice coming from the darkness. She turned to see no one there. “Crona!!? Where are you…it’s too dark… I can’t see anything.”
~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

She was still turned facing Crona. Her attention was on him, she didn’t even realize she has released Asura. Marie was now facing Shira. Marie slowly walked towards her. Crona began crying again. “Come back.. if your gone.. I don’t know if I can handle it.. Maka…and her friends…you and.. the akatsuki.. they’re all my family and I want that all back.” He yelled. He gripped even tighter then before. Shira went to devour Crona’s body but Marie grabbed ahold of her and hugged her, a bright light has surrounded them three. Marie used her healing wavelength. And soon Shira’s body was engulfed in the bright light.

Marie appeared in Shira’s darkness. “It’s okay, you will be safe.” Shira’s eyes were clouded with tears. Marie extended her hand to her, “Take my hand Shira. And I will take away your madness. I’ll take it all away.” Shira turned her back to her. “NO…I refuse…..” Marie put her hand on her shoulder. “Crona, is alive and he wants you to come back.” Then Crona appeared. “Come back to us Shira, if you don’t I don’t know how I can handle it.” He rubbed his arm. They both extended their hands to her. And she took them both without hesitation. Marie hugged Shira, and then the madness and darkness disappeared. Everyone was blinded by the light as it slowly faded away. They uncovered their eyes and saw that Shira’s appearance was changing back to normal. Her hair turned back white, but black stripes were left. Then her outfit changed back to her Akatsuki dress. Her hands, slowly changed back along with her eyes. No signs of black tears and the bandages. She opened her eyes and looked at Crona, they both began to cry of pure joy. They hugged each other closely. Hidan and the other’s ran towards us. “Shira!!” Hidan picked her up and twirled her around. They parted to look into one another’s eyes. “Shira.... I want you to know..” She put a finger on his lips. “Your secret is safe with me.” He laughed and scratched his head. Hidan slowly leaned in, Shira was shocked by this action she didn’t move. Hidan’s lips met with hers. They embraced. Ragnarok came out and began hitting Shira in the head. “You idiot !! you could’ve gotten us killed.” She grabbed his small round hands and kissed them. A small blush appeared on his face. “Uh.. well. Okay. You win this round.” I laughed. Maka then ran up and hugged me and Crona close. “We did it.. we brought you back.” I closed my eyes. Everyone began cheering. We forgot one thing. Asura. The ground began to shake and we turned our attention to him. This fight wasn’t over yet.

Maka had finished Medusa. And it was Asura’s turn. “you ready to fight?” Naruto asked me. I nodded. I told Marie, stein and spirit, lord death and a few others to stay in Lord Deaths death room. We all got back into our fight stance and began to charge towards Asura. Asura used his bandages to try and faze us, dodging everything in our path. Kakuzu hurled a huge bolder and hit where Asura was standing. He jumped up only to be met with Black stars kick. Naruto used Rasengan and hit him in the stomach, sending Asura flying back. Then Sakura threw paper bombs and boulders fell on top of him. He used his bandages to throw them off. I jumped up and punched him in the face throwing him back down. He grabbed me by the throat with his bandages. And threw me against the side of the cliff. “Shira hang in there.” Hidan was running along side the cliff wall, got his scythe out and plunged it in front of Asura, he blocked it but didn’t last long as Hidan jumped up and kicked it further in his stomach. He grabbed me and jumped out of the way as Maka ran right next to ASURA and landed the final blow in the face. His face cracked as he was trying to place it back into place. “How,, could children beat me…” Maka stared at him. “Because Maka has what everyone has. Bravery.” Asura laughed. “If everyone has that, then so do they with madness. There will always—“ His face cracked some more. “Be madness.” A bright beam of light appeared and he was gone. The fight between good and evil has ended. The darkness in the sky was dissipating and the sun can be shown again. Maka stood triumphantly on a broken rock. Crona jumped down and ran towards me. “Shira!!.” He jumped up and hugged my neck. “I’m so glad it’s all over.” He began crying. “Me too Crona.” I hugged him very tightly. All of Konoha and the Akatsuki shook hands. Sasuke joined back with his new teammates. Said goodbye to his brother and bid him the next time they see each other. Hidan put a hand on my shoulder and led me to Death City. A new day will come tomorrow, There will always be another Kishin taking Asura’s place. We all agreed to continue going to the Academy. I will become a teacher there. We counted the amount of people lost, Justin and Kakuzu were in charge of medical. ”Shira.” “Yes Crona?” he looked up at me. “Will, you take me in as your son?” My eyes widened. “Of course Crona who wouldn’t want you as a son?” Crona layed his head on my side. A new day will begin, and the Akatsuki will no longer be known as rouge ninjas. But hero’s of Death City and all of humanity.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



The Girl That heard the Moons voice

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I walked in the middle of the midnight sky, the moonshining brightly and happily. 'I wish i was the moon, it shines so beautifully in the night sky. And smiles at the people who walk under it' I thought to myself. It was getting intense in Konoha, in a dramatic way, all the girls that follow Izumo around, they're his fangirls. And they believe that they can have him all to them selves, and no other girls should deserve him but them. I felt the blood inside me boil. I closed my eyes as i walked. -Flashback- He hates you! you're a freak, stay away from Izumo he's ours and besides, he doesn't like cursed girls, and rather want's you to die in as hole that you came out of! Leave Konoha you're stench is reeking this place!-End Flashback- I sighed at the night sky, like it was hearing the fight in my head, the mist surrounded me, my breath was shown in it. The mist hugged my small ankles, the soft cold breeze caught me, the wind catching my long curly hair, my icy blue eyes looked up at the moon. 'Why am i such a freak? what's so wrong with me? Do i not deserve not even love? Is that what being cursed does?'I said aloud, as if talking to the moon hoping for an answer by it.That god evil woman, she's a witch! The wind blew at me again, it tickled my nose. I giggled. 'One day' Is what i heard, my eyes shot open looking to see if anyone was near by. Left, right, no one? Did the moon lit sky answer my question? I thought about the ironic question. I shook my head in disagreement. No". Then a sound of a twig snapping brought me to my senses.I felt a presence i wasn't aware of, i turned around slowly, -Music starts-

Looking at the distinct mist behind me, what was that? i thought.
I walked again, but the sound came back. I turned around to hear a low evil laugh, it wasn't a pleasant being, then he came from the shadows, my eyes shot open. It was horrid, he was tall, very tall, he had bandages on his arms and legs, scars of his face. His eyes were a blood red color, one of his arms turned into a long sword, i wasn't going to fight back, i was in too much pain to do so. I let him take it on me, ran at me and stabbed his arm into my stomach, blood coming out of my mouth as he did so, his force was so strong that he slammed me into a nearby tree. I coughed, 'what's a pretty girl like you playing in the devils playground?it's past curfew in konoha you sure you wanna be out here? I glared at him, my blue eyes going demonic, -Chuckle-Well you ain't gonna be comin' back there soon, so lets end you're life!" He lashed at me. Cutting my chest deeply, i cried out, my life wasn't going any where, i was for sure not going to tell izumo how i feel, and i would probably never get the chance. I closed my eyes when he lifted his arm up again, waiting for it to come down and finish me off, tears started to fall, 'I love you izumo'I whispered in the night sky, hoping that the moon my new found friend would give him the message for me, because i wasn't going to live much longer. I waited, not wanting to see the blood spew out of me, "I love you too!" My heart froze, and this sticky syrup like substance started to surround me and the demon, the demon struggled to get free, but i was free from it, and pulled from the demon quickly, i was seeing lights, hearing voices around me, the sounds of screams?.

I woke up in a cold sweat, panting, breathing as hard as my lungs could bare. I looked around but my vision was fuzzy and couldn't see well. My head was pounding, the light i could make out was blinding, was i dead? what happened to me?. My chest heavy, i was in so much pain. My vision came to focus, i reached my arm at the blinding light and grabbed onto something, but it was a warm safe presence, i felt hair in my smooth hands, my tears began to fall from my eyes, and held onto the that presence. I felt strong warm arms around my waist, "Hey, shh, i'm here now everything s ok now Akabrra."A soft voice spoke, the voice filled my ears like a song. I looked up, it was Izumo, the one i loved. He was with me? Am i dead?I smiled. "I saw you getting attacked by something outside the village, when kotetsu told me you left the village i ran after you. You were getting hurt so i helped you, why did you leave?" He said slowly with a stern smile. I shook my head, he nodded as if he understood. He looked at my crystal blue eyes.,he stroked my cheek with one hand as he used the other one to pull back my hair, "I heard a voice tell me that you loved me, is that true?"He asked me, i looked shocked, but i nodded. He smiled at me and kissed my soft pink lips. We broke apart and held me tightly, "I love you too Akabrra, and ignore penelope."I nodded again, The night came fast, as that my bed was right next to the window, the moon shining brightly next to it, i smiled at my new found friend, her smiling back. As i was the girl that heard the moons voice.

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Forgiveness Is Everything

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It was mid-day, i wasn't aware of what today would give me, i walked through the forest slowly, cautiously. I couldn't sleep at all, knowing that the love of my life went on the most dangerous mission possible, i preferred him to stay as his usual gate guard of Konoha, It just made me now he was safe. But he insisted but i refused so we got in a huge argument. He left not after he broke my heart those hurt-felt words, uncaring, unloving words filled my head as i stood aimlessly watched him leave my apartment slamming the door behind him, leaving me to cry myself to sleep.

-Flash back-
"I can't believe you! This mission is what i'v always wanted, and you're being controlling! You're up my A** so much i can't freaken' breathe!!!!", Izumo yelled at the top of his lungs, i coward in the corner of my bed sobbing, crying my little heart out till i felt like passing out. "I Just don't want you to go!I'm not as controlling as you say i am, but this mission Izumo, no i can't allow it ! I don't want you to go, please--" "NO! i'm going, me and kotetsu will be back in two days tops, god i'm tired of sitting in a freaken' hut all day signing people in and out of this place, i want to go you damn woman!!" I managed to get the strength in my neck to look up to him from my pillow, with my dark emerald begging eyes, pleading, hoping that he won't go. His eyes glared into mine, i felt his anger rise and rise till i couldn't look at him anymore. I looked away frightened to make him anymore angry than he already is. "I don't know victoria, you can beg as much as you want but i'm going, im sorry but---" He paused, "It's over."
-End Flash back-

Those words echoed through my head, we were together for 3 years and he breaks up with me because i had a disagreement? I loved him with all my heart i can't stay mad at him, i need to find him, i need to tell him. I couldn't sleep, the fact that Izumo and kotetsu going out to fight an akatsuki member, it hurt i couldn't live with myself if he got hurt. I know he can be strong and manage on his own but, something feels wrong, something in my gut says "OK." But my heart tells me different, Lady Tsunade told me, If something feels wrong enough What should you listen to?You're gut, or you're heart? I closed my eyes, i was in deep thought i didn't realize i was about to walk off a cliff, before i could react my feet missed and i began to fall. "AAAHHHHHHH"I screeched, my arms flying in the air desperately trying to grab onto the cliff part-----I managed to grab a thick branch hanging on the side, "AH! SOMEONE! ANYONE HELP!!!"I desperately hung on for dear life, i had wings, but i couldn't release them, i have to have a decent run before doing it. My mined raced with possibilities but nothing avail. The branch started to crack, my eyes widened with shock, the branch started to break fully and i started to fall-----I felt a strong grip on my wrist, and i felt like i was being hoisted up. I was in warm comforting arms, in pertection, i opened my eyes and saw my lover, Izumo peering down into my eyes, my eyes started to well up with tears and i started to cry. He held me close, stroking my long purple hair, "Shhhh i'm here now victoria, no need to cry." I nodded in response, i looked up at him and gulped. He put his index and thumb finger under my chin and pulled me into a warm passionate kiss. We broke apart, "What i said to you before i left i'm sorry." All i did was smile, he knew i was just protecting him, "I love you izumo-don't let anyone tell you different."I hugged him not letting him go."Me too babe." I laughed, he helped me to my feet and brushed off my dress, i giggled. Ok lets go, kotetsu found an akatsuki" I nodded again, we entwined our fingers together. We got out into an opening a huge round arena like circle. We found other ninjas from our village interrogating the akatsuki Kotetsu and Izumo found. We stood a little far away, "Hey!" A familiar voice called out to us, i knew the voice, we turned to see kotetsu. "Tell us what the akatsuki is trying to do and you wont face a slow suffering death." One of the ninjas said, the man lifted his head, i looked at him, he had long blonde hair, his face dirt and blood covered, he scared me so i hid behind Izumo. The ninjas began to get impatient, The akatsuki spit at the ninja, he looked at one of the ANBU"s and he nodded, the ninja's came around the man, got their weapons out and began to torture him from hell. Izumo took my head and buried it in the crock of his neck to keep me from seeing horrid things. Metal clashing against skin and the sounds of screaming filled the quiet night sky, i twitched at each sound. When the ninjas were done they took him to Konoha. I looked up in Izumo's eyes, "Will you please forgive me?"He asked, i smiled and nodded. We heard a loud noise so we left the site and went to where the noise was coming from. We went on this big ledge and looked down, it was team Asuma fighting two Akatsuki's. I knew this was bad so i jumped out into the opening and blocked the guys attacks. Thats when the real fight began. The tall man smirked, "So, whose this quimm?" He said evilly. Izumo jumped in front of me and guarded me. "Whose that?" Izumo didn't say a word, "He's Hidan, and the other is Kakuzu."Asuma answered, i was shocked, Hidan!?No way!. We got in fighting stance and 15mins later we engaged in a fight between them. I took on hidan, our weapons clashed, I was running out of chakra, he came at me i picked up a kunai and blocked his attack. "I know about you! i know everything about you, i know about you're sisters death, the fire in you're hometown, i know you started it! you're a freak like me. You killed you're family!!!" I refused to listen to him, "SHUT UP!!!!!!"I stabbed him, blood started to flow out onto my hand, He smiled and started to laugh like an ego-maniac, my skin shivered at the near creepy noise he made. He took his scythe and gabbed it into my stomach, Izumo turned to see what had happened, to see his lover covered in blood, "NO!NOT HER!!!" He ran at hidan with all his strength and released his Starch syrup capture field. Kotetsu used his chakra and ran into the field to pull me out and jumped onto a nearby boulder and set me down. My eyes were heavy and i felt sleep over come me, "Whe--where's---"I stammered, "What!what is it victoria??" I saw kotetsu's eyes well with tears, "Where's my Izumo?"I finally said weakly, He shook his head and yelled for Izumo, Asuma and his team took over. "Victoria are you ok?"He said worriedly, he held me in his arms and set me on his lap closely. I looked up at him crying, "I love you."I said with a small smile, Izumo began to cry. "I love you too my love."He sobbed in my shoulder, "You can't die, not for me, don't leave, i wanna stay with you. I want you by my side, till the day i die."He looked up to look into my dark purple orbs, he stroke my hair, then the side of my cheek, memorizing every part of my face. "you're so beautiful."He said, even though i was on the verge of death, i happened to stretch a smile and blush, I looked to my left and watched as Asuma fought the evil man, i was worried for asuma, he was my adoptive father. He took me in, when the fire started in my hometown, he saw that i was suffering and he took me to Konoha. And Adopted me with full confidence, I love my father. And i'd do anything for him to be safe for his wife's sake. But i was the one to fail her. "Izumo, kotetsu help asuma and his team--" NO!!!I"M NOT LEAVING YOU HERE!!!!"Izumo yelled, kotetsu put his hand on his shoulder in comfort. But izumo didn't give up, he shook his head. "You go help him kotetsu, i'm not leaving her!" Kotetsu only nodded in a sad response, He left. The minutes went by but felt like seconds of my life fading away slowly.My eyes slowly started to close, and my body began to go limp, Izumo saw this and shook me lightly awake. "Hey, hang in there babe, kakashi's team is on their way."He said crying. Team Kakashi came and Sakura healed me as fast as she could, stopping the bleeding, she wrapped a bandage around my stomach. I lifted myself up and laid myself against izumo's chest, he hugged me with a pertection hold. "He's never going to leave you." Kakashi said with a smile, i nodded. But the sky started to go gray, i looked up and it was about to rain. Izumo helped me up and we ran to Asuma and his team, there stood raidou, shikamaru, Ino and choji were kneeling down, 'what happened while i was gone?' i thought to myself. I ran even though my body was still weak. I saw, the most horrifying thing. The dream that i feared would come to reality, Asuma was dying, he was covered in blood, my heart was frozen, i reached out for him and held him close, i closed my eyes wishing this was a bad dream. I had failed her, i had failed pertecting the man that saved me from loneliness and death, I failed his wife, i failed pertecting him. I started to cry my body was shaking--He can't die i made her a promise. I promised everyone, my world went darker than black i was alone. No one here to support my heart that's fallen from my chest. My Izumo, what if i fail to perfect him!?i would never live to see the next day, I held Asuma close. Then light was shown, i looked to my left and right, Raidou, Izumo, Kotetsu, Asuma's team put their hands on my back and shoulder. They're smiling faces looking down at me. Raidou pointed at the sky--the grey raining sky had a cleared opening, i saw the most amazing thing asuma in the sky smiling down at us caressingly. Then i saw my friends, my mother and sister. Surrounded my the shining heavens, they locked hands together. They were happy where they were, they were in peace now, they were moving on. And with that they disappeared into the white light. In heaven. I smiled, looked down to asuma's blank face, no soul, I held his hand and kissed it. I knew that this was the end, i bent down to asuma's ear and said--"I promise i'll pertect you're family, even if i have to die for them, I love you father and you will forever be in my life."I kissed his closed eye then his cheek. Raidou bent down and picked up asuma, we walked silently back to konoha, izumo entwined our fingers together, he put his index and thumb on my chin and pulled my face up to his, he kissed me long and passionately. I loved him with all my passion, we broke apart. I wrapped my arms around his neck. We looked into each others eyes, he bent down on one knee and pulled out a crimson red box, i looked at him questioning. "Victoria Lee Gillespie, i love you with all my heart and will spend the rest of my life with you till i die, Will you marry me and bare my child?"He opened the box and came a beautiful round ring, with two hearts next to each other, i smiled "YES YES YES!!!!!"I jumped on him, he put the ring on me. I smiled at it in awe.

-2 years later-
Izumo and i married and had a son, we named him After my great grandfather and asuma Maverick Asuma Kamizuki.
And had a daughter and named her after my sister Allessa Joan Kamizuki. They are strong and healthy, Maverick has Izumo's looks, and Allessa looks just like you mixed with you sister. big eyes beautiful face and long wavy brown/black hair. They both grew up an became excellent shinobi. Eventually, Allessa was The hokage's right hand advisor, and Naruto was Maverick's inspiration. From time to time i would look up into the beautiful blue lit sky, wondering if asuma sees how much his child has grown, and if one day, he could be with us all.

THE END! Hope you liked it, it was longer than i thought sooo yeah!!!!OH! and i don't own Anyone from silent hill, Thank you!!

Love Is True ART!Character Pic

This is you Lily Romanoff^^

Love is true ART!

AN: Hay Princess Asan here!!!My friend Jeanette was reading my story and she really liked it!!! and she badly wanted to know more about deidara and what else happend, sooo im making a few more chapters based on Love is true ART!...

Chapter 4: The past to Present
Me and Deidara broke apart from a voice coming from the shadows, we turned around and saw a tall figured getting out of Hiruko. I looked at him, a red haired man walked over to deidara. He looked expressionless, and impatience, "deidara, is this the girl we were ordered to protect and take to the hideout?". He questioned Deidara nodded sharply and put his arm around my waist and pulled me in a protection stance. Sasori narrowed his eyes in suspicion, "Are you thinking im a threat..Deidara?". He stared at the ground for a moment, thinking about his comment. "No, un". Is all he said and stroked my hair with his fingers. Sasori simply nodded in response and walked to me, he stared at me for a long time. "Hmm, heh it seems that you're quickly recovering from the poison, quite strange that poison is very deadly. You should've died a long time ago." My eyes went from a soft blue as deidara's tint to cold blood red. He shook his head and headed my warning and walked off to fix hiruko's tail from the battle he persued. "DEIDARA!!!" I jumped from the sudden voice, i turned again and saw two other guys standing a couple paces away from me and dei---"Hey! Kakuzu ma-man!!" Deidara walked over to the men and spoke in low voices when the other one walked up to me. "Hey", "hay" We both said. "im Hidan." "My names Lily Romanoff." I said sternly not knowing what this guy would do to me or even attack, since obviously the Akatsuki wants me for something. "'re cute, and really beautiful, tell me...are you a slut or a whore?" My eyes went to a blood red shot color, then i took my fist and punched Hidan about 20 trees down. "HAHAH! i like em' feisty." He said standing up, Sasori, Kakuzu, and Deidara looked at me with shock in their eyes.

-About 3 hrs later-
We all settled down around a fire a made, sasori, nowhere to be seen, kakuzu trying to fix Hidan's face and arm from the impact of my punch, soon after that hidans arm broke from the impact of the trees. And Deidara was sitting next to me with his arm around my waist which later layed his head on my shoulder, "Can i close my eyes for a bit babe, un?" He asked, i nodded. "So, i need answers. Why does the leader want me so bad?" Sasori looked at me then continued with his puppet, Hidan was the only one who took intrest to answer my question. "He wants you because of that so Called Nine-tailed wolf demon inside you,". Not intrested, I'm used to people wanting my demon or want me dead!."Tell me something i don't know...Silence for a long while i almost thought that hidan fell asleep on me. "It's of course that you have the most powerfull demon there is known to man! Pein wants the demon..but he's willing to make a bargain with you. If you--" I cut him off "Look i know this whole jiggalo crap! I understand that i have the strongest Kyuubi! I'm aware im a Jinchurik host, what else is new?". I started to get annoyed listening to hidan speak, it was soo predictable---"As i was saying; There's nothing wrong, the leader is wanting to make a bargan with you, he would like to know--if you would join the Akastuki? And If you don't, then we'll have no choice but to kill you. That was the mission plan anyways but the leader going easy on you, if not we'll kill you." I snickered at the near threat hidan placed on the conversation, "You hurt her, and i'll blow you to bits to where you won't come back!" Deidara woke from his nap-"Are you threatning me Deidara?Yeah i like to see you try and kill me and we'll see where it gets you!" I started to stare at the two ninjas exchanging glares, i felt like ii shouldn't get between this one...Hidan and deidara stood up gave eachother one last glare and got in fighting mode. Deidara held a kunai knife in one hand, his other in his clay pouch. Hidan took out his Schythe and began running after deidara, just before deidara could react there i stood in the middle grabing onto hidan's schythe from between the three blades, there i took the weapon and threw hidan 5 threes down, still in my original spot without budging. Hidan wobbled to stand and came running at me again, atill in my same position i used my air style jutsu which flew hidan in the air, as he fell i took his schythe and sliced hidan in two pieces like butter before completely falling to the ground. Laying there in a puddle of mud i mumbled saying you're not worth my time, i then threw his schythe down. Kakuzun ran up looking at his cut-up partner, said" i have to sew him back up again." "Don't worry Kakuzu don;t even bother." I soon walked to the terrified deidara still in fighting mode with one hand in the clay pouch while the other one drops the Kunai knife in shock. "Hmm..i guess i shouldn't bother, med kits cost MONEY!!!!!" Kakuzu then walked off to the fire to relax.

Chapter 5: The Akatsuki Hideout
*You're dream*
Morning came too fast, we wasted to much night time fighting a moron and talking all night!!I woke up with the bright morning sunlight shining in my eyes, but the strange thing is is that i'm back home..How did this happen? Did my friends find out i was captured by the akatsuki and brought me back home safely as a slept? This was very strange. But everythings white why is that? did i die by the poison after-all? Is this heaven? NO? I sat up from the white floor, i looked around the unfamiliar room. As i turne i saw blood, lots of blood! I kept turning around to find my friends...









Whats happening to me!!!!I tried to scream but nothing came out..I tried to reach to my deidara but couldn't touch him..i chocked--i was frightend by this image--"well,'s so good to see you again my dear." I heard the voice call out but didn't see anyone. "I want you're body my dear, i want you and sasuke to give me that lovely power of anger, vengance, hatred i want to eat it all!!!" I screamed again, still nothing, i was grabbed by someone i turned around to see they're evil faces dawning at me, i was helpless, weak, i couldn't fight back, kabuto and Orochimaru. That disgusting face, how dare that snake put his hands on me!"Don't strugle my child, look at them, look at their lifeless corpses, just look at them!"He then grabbed my face and forced me to turn and look at them. I felt tears threating to come down. I felt my head getting hot, i felt numb, what's he doing to me!!?? (AN:I got the inspiration from Jennifer's Body, not copying i got the inspiration for more creepy dream0.0)-----He then grabbed my arm, and twisted it completly, i felt every bone in my arm snap, i heard them all break as he tortured my fragile body. "I need you frightend, i need you affraid." He said then threw on to the whit/blood covered floor next to my dead friends. He leaned over my limp body as i struggled in pain. I saw his eyes got black, blacker than the night sky, he saw fear in me and he enjoyed every bit of it. I lay there limp, and helpless, He took his sword out and put it to my chest. "I need you frightend!" Then he took his sword and plunched it in my heart---

*End of dream*
I woke up in a scream that echoed in the forest, i woke up to Deidara shaking me awake. "LILY, UN LILY!!!ARE YOU OK WAKE UP!!!DEI"S HERE FOR YOU NOW!!!" I sat up quickly waking the others in a jolt. Hidan, sasori, kakuzu, all woke in fight mode with their weapons out. I looked the faces, at the surrounding, the trees, sweat falling from every part of my body, breathing deeply, shaking, trembling, i could't speak, i put my head in my hands and started to cry, Deidara put me in his lap, taking his cloak off and wrapping me in it, holding me tightly in his warm strong arms." is alright. Im here for you, un." Deidara comforted me, i cried harder. All ofthem looked at me sicerely, they put the weapons away, behind a tree or rock, thinking that after what happend the weapons would frightn me too. I curled in a ball, crying, crying, crying, away. To the point that i couldn't keep my eyes open, my head was in pain from criyng, it felt like 20 tons. As i calmed down sasori questiond what i had dreamed about, I looked up at him, -so it was a dream?-"my-my-d-dream?" I choked, i didn't want to go back at the memory. But sasori insisted i told them, so i did..."I dreamed-i-i-dreamed-you all-we-were-dea-dead!!"I cried even harder, deidara pulled me closer. "Shh...sweetie...were not dead, i would never leave you like that, yeah. I love you too much, un." Deidara said to me in the most comforting tone to calm me down. I stopped crying, i saw sasori pacing back and forth. :Sas--"I was cut-off. "We need to get her to the hideout as soon as possible. She needs peins help!." Sasori ordered and the others obeyed, getting they're things together and then we were off.

-About 4 hours later-
We were runing for 4 hrs, jumping tree to tree, no stopping. It didn't really bother any of us, we all were in a hurry to care how tired we were. Finaly we arrived. We stopped by a giant bolder, the others did a couple hand seals then the bolder moved up revealing a small opening big enough for us all to go in together. I looked at it in fasination, walking at the same time, deidara walked to me, entwining his hand in mine, i looked at our hands, i felt happy and safe. I grew a smile on my face and began to blush. "heheh, don't look away, you're cute when you blush, un." Deidara took his hand and pulled my head up to where we were looking at eachother in the eyes. He then leaned in and kissed me, softly. We departed and then gave eachother hugs. We continued to walk down to catch up to the others. "Deidara take LILY to the leader, he'd be most pleased to speak with her." He nodded sharply and walked into what i saw the living room, with the TV on low. We stopped for a bit to rest from that long run, i looked around the place, awing at everything. "Like what you see hmm?." I turned and saw two men sitting on the couch, one with long black hair put up in a pony-tail with sharingan eyes, and the other was a blue skinned color, with spikey hair, gills on both sides of his face, and an giant sword wrapped in what looks like bandeging. I turned to see deidara coming from the other room he was in and brought a sandwhich and water for me. We both sat on the opposite side of the couch the other men were sitting on. I ate and drank, savoring the flavor. "Are you going to answer me?" The man seemed to get a little curious. I looked at him as i finished my beverage. I smiled at deidara in thanks, he nodded and walked in the i think kitchen?. I turned and looked at the annoyed men, "Umm, for a hideout, you guys got some cool stuff."I said amazed, looking around some more, they both chuckled. "My names Itachi, and this here is my partner Kisame." Itachi pointed at his friend, who then flashed me a smile of his pointy teeth. My skinned shivered at the site, "what are you suppose to be?" i asked, "Im a----Shark-Guy....".Kisame answered in a pause. I sat there-AWKWARD-I did everything in my power not to laugh at the suggested answer. "Don't laugh i was born this way!!!!!". Me and Itachi burst in tears and began to laugh really hard. Kisame sat there, pouting, in silence-AWW POOR KISAME-SAN!!!! Diedara walked in at the sounds of laughter. "what ya'll laughing at??."We continued with no break. We finally stopped, hidan and kakuzu came in to, i told them what happend with kisame..They began to laugh too, hidan rolling on the floor.

Deidara then took me and lead me to the long hallways...left,left,,left,rightLOST!!!!!We finally stopped at a oak sized door. Deidara knocked, no answer."Come in." A deep voice called from the other side, we walked in to see a desk with stacked papers all over it. The man was reading a newspaper, so i couldn't see his face good enough, -Clears throat-"You wanted to see us sir?." Deidara asked, hasitating at the end. The man then put the paper down, to look at us, i shivered a bit but gained controll, a stared into his rinegann eyes(not sure how to spell it?). "Deidara who is this young lady?" He questioned, im geussing he is the leader--{Pein}. I looked at him blankly, "my name is Lily Ronaoff." I answerd, Pein stopped and turned around. "So, you're the one we've been after?". I nodded in correction. I saw him look at me hard, "What all do you know about me sir?." I asked. He cleared his throat," You're name is lily Romanoff, you're sister, Agent Natasha Romanoff, WHo is currently working on behalf of S.H.E.I.L.D. You were raised and taught under Russian officials and became a top master Russian Assassain. You're 18 years of age, you're specialty in weaponary is Bow/Arrows, Sword, Schythe, Hericouts.(don;t know how to spell that either, but its the weapon that sango uses in INUYASHA). You achived all jutsu's: Genjutsu, ninjutsu, and Tiajutsu. You even mastered all elements taugh youself metal. You are way above from an Average Jonin level. (Jonin means:You're strong, My definition...DON'T MESS W/ME!!!!!!). "In you---" I cut him off..."OKAY we get it you know alot about me." Pein stared at me, "You do realize that you're an Jinchuriki. You have the nine-tailed wolf demon sealed in you, called ROGUE. I nodded i'm proud of myself, i named myself. I thought, i smiled. "So, what do you want to do, now that you're here in the Akatsuki?."The leader asked me, he stood up and sighed, deidara pulled me to his side, caressing my waist.

Chapter 6: No turning back
I thought for a moment, i thought about it hard. No doubt, if i leave they'll try and kill me, but i know deidara would not allow it, i found my long lost boyfriend, and wer're finally re-united and i didn't want to lose him again!I finally answered in a stern tone, "I'm staying." I said with hope the leader would except me. Wait of course he'd except me!!!I have the 9 tailed demon, and i'm a very good fighter, i'm the Akatsuki miracle!!!. He nodded, "Alright, before you are an official Akatsuki member, you will have to fight one of the members." He said sternly, he stared at me hard, "Ok then who do i have to fight?"He stood there for a minute, "Hmm....Hidan?"I looked at him like with this kinda of face.I-already-faught-him-give-me-someone-else-look.LOL."Hmm..Sasori then?"He answerd hoping i wouldn't say -i-faught-him-too-face. I stood there. Hmm it might be worth it, it'll be fun, besides i need to get back at him for what he said to me at the camp.(go to chapyer 5 if you don't remember!:P)..."Yes i have unfinished business with him!"I said cheerfully, he gave me a gesture, "SASORI!!!"He yelled, then i heard footsteps quickly walk towards the office. He knocked and then entered, "yes sir?"He questioned, Pein then pointed at me and said,"you're fighting her, get outside and call the other members outside."He then gestured us out the dorr down the hall and then outside into to back of the hideout.

(AN:I'll be updating this story when i get home tomarrow, the fight is yet to come^^)_