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Forgiveness Is Everything

A/N: I don't own anyone from Naruto, except my character Victoria. Enjoy^^

It was mid-day, i wasn't aware of what today would give me, i walked through the forest slowly, cautiously. I couldn't sleep at all, knowing that the love of my life went on the most dangerous mission possible, i preferred him to stay as his usual gate guard of Konoha, It just made me now he was safe. But he insisted but i refused so we got in a huge argument. He left not after he broke my heart those hurt-felt words, uncaring, unloving words filled my head as i stood aimlessly watched him leave my apartment slamming the door behind him, leaving me to cry myself to sleep.

-Flash back-
"I can't believe you! This mission is what i'v always wanted, and you're being controlling! You're up my A** so much i can't freaken' breathe!!!!", Izumo yelled at the top of his lungs, i coward in the corner of my bed sobbing, crying my little heart out till i felt like passing out. "I Just don't want you to go!I'm not as controlling as you say i am, but this mission Izumo, no i can't allow it ! I don't want you to go, please--" "NO! i'm going, me and kotetsu will be back in two days tops, god i'm tired of sitting in a freaken' hut all day signing people in and out of this place, i want to go you damn woman!!" I managed to get the strength in my neck to look up to him from my pillow, with my dark emerald begging eyes, pleading, hoping that he won't go. His eyes glared into mine, i felt his anger rise and rise till i couldn't look at him anymore. I looked away frightened to make him anymore angry than he already is. "I don't know victoria, you can beg as much as you want but i'm going, im sorry but---" He paused, "It's over."
-End Flash back-

Those words echoed through my head, we were together for 3 years and he breaks up with me because i had a disagreement? I loved him with all my heart i can't stay mad at him, i need to find him, i need to tell him. I couldn't sleep, the fact that Izumo and kotetsu going out to fight an akatsuki member, it hurt i couldn't live with myself if he got hurt. I know he can be strong and manage on his own but, something feels wrong, something in my gut says "OK." But my heart tells me different, Lady Tsunade told me, If something feels wrong enough What should you listen to?You're gut, or you're heart? I closed my eyes, i was in deep thought i didn't realize i was about to walk off a cliff, before i could react my feet missed and i began to fall. "AAAHHHHHHH"I screeched, my arms flying in the air desperately trying to grab onto the cliff part-----I managed to grab a thick branch hanging on the side, "AH! SOMEONE! ANYONE HELP!!!"I desperately hung on for dear life, i had wings, but i couldn't release them, i have to have a decent run before doing it. My mined raced with possibilities but nothing avail. The branch started to crack, my eyes widened with shock, the branch started to break fully and i started to fall-----I felt a strong grip on my wrist, and i felt like i was being hoisted up. I was in warm comforting arms, in pertection, i opened my eyes and saw my lover, Izumo peering down into my eyes, my eyes started to well up with tears and i started to cry. He held me close, stroking my long purple hair, "Shhhh i'm here now victoria, no need to cry." I nodded in response, i looked up at him and gulped. He put his index and thumb finger under my chin and pulled me into a warm passionate kiss. We broke apart, "What i said to you before i left i'm sorry." All i did was smile, he knew i was just protecting him, "I love you izumo-don't let anyone tell you different."I hugged him not letting him go."Me too babe." I laughed, he helped me to my feet and brushed off my dress, i giggled. Ok lets go, kotetsu found an akatsuki" I nodded again, we entwined our fingers together. We got out into an opening a huge round arena like circle. We found other ninjas from our village interrogating the akatsuki Kotetsu and Izumo found. We stood a little far away, "Hey!" A familiar voice called out to us, i knew the voice, we turned to see kotetsu. "Tell us what the akatsuki is trying to do and you wont face a slow suffering death." One of the ninjas said, the man lifted his head, i looked at him, he had long blonde hair, his face dirt and blood covered, he scared me so i hid behind Izumo. The ninjas began to get impatient, The akatsuki spit at the ninja, he looked at one of the ANBU"s and he nodded, the ninja's came around the man, got their weapons out and began to torture him from hell. Izumo took my head and buried it in the crock of his neck to keep me from seeing horrid things. Metal clashing against skin and the sounds of screaming filled the quiet night sky, i twitched at each sound. When the ninjas were done they took him to Konoha. I looked up in Izumo's eyes, "Will you please forgive me?"He asked, i smiled and nodded. We heard a loud noise so we left the site and went to where the noise was coming from. We went on this big ledge and looked down, it was team Asuma fighting two Akatsuki's. I knew this was bad so i jumped out into the opening and blocked the guys attacks. Thats when the real fight began. The tall man smirked, "So, whose this quimm?" He said evilly. Izumo jumped in front of me and guarded me. "Whose that?" Izumo didn't say a word, "He's Hidan, and the other is Kakuzu."Asuma answered, i was shocked, Hidan!?No way!. We got in fighting stance and 15mins later we engaged in a fight between them. I took on hidan, our weapons clashed, I was running out of chakra, he came at me i picked up a kunai and blocked his attack. "I know about you! i know everything about you, i know about you're sisters death, the fire in you're hometown, i know you started it! you're a freak like me. You killed you're family!!!" I refused to listen to him, "SHUT UP!!!!!!"I stabbed him, blood started to flow out onto my hand, He smiled and started to laugh like an ego-maniac, my skin shivered at the near creepy noise he made. He took his scythe and gabbed it into my stomach, Izumo turned to see what had happened, to see his lover covered in blood, "NO!NOT HER!!!" He ran at hidan with all his strength and released his Starch syrup capture field. Kotetsu used his chakra and ran into the field to pull me out and jumped onto a nearby boulder and set me down. My eyes were heavy and i felt sleep over come me, "Whe--where's---"I stammered, "What!what is it victoria??" I saw kotetsu's eyes well with tears, "Where's my Izumo?"I finally said weakly, He shook his head and yelled for Izumo, Asuma and his team took over. "Victoria are you ok?"He said worriedly, he held me in his arms and set me on his lap closely. I looked up at him crying, "I love you."I said with a small smile, Izumo began to cry. "I love you too my love."He sobbed in my shoulder, "You can't die, not for me, don't leave, i wanna stay with you. I want you by my side, till the day i die."He looked up to look into my dark purple orbs, he stroke my hair, then the side of my cheek, memorizing every part of my face. "you're so beautiful."He said, even though i was on the verge of death, i happened to stretch a smile and blush, I looked to my left and watched as Asuma fought the evil man, i was worried for asuma, he was my adoptive father. He took me in, when the fire started in my hometown, he saw that i was suffering and he took me to Konoha. And Adopted me with full confidence, I love my father. And i'd do anything for him to be safe for his wife's sake. But i was the one to fail her. "Izumo, kotetsu help asuma and his team--" NO!!!I"M NOT LEAVING YOU HERE!!!!"Izumo yelled, kotetsu put his hand on his shoulder in comfort. But izumo didn't give up, he shook his head. "You go help him kotetsu, i'm not leaving her!" Kotetsu only nodded in a sad response, He left. The minutes went by but felt like seconds of my life fading away slowly.My eyes slowly started to close, and my body began to go limp, Izumo saw this and shook me lightly awake. "Hey, hang in there babe, kakashi's team is on their way."He said crying. Team Kakashi came and Sakura healed me as fast as she could, stopping the bleeding, she wrapped a bandage around my stomach. I lifted myself up and laid myself against izumo's chest, he hugged me with a pertection hold. "He's never going to leave you." Kakashi said with a smile, i nodded. But the sky started to go gray, i looked up and it was about to rain. Izumo helped me up and we ran to Asuma and his team, there stood raidou, shikamaru, Ino and choji were kneeling down, 'what happened while i was gone?' i thought to myself. I ran even though my body was still weak. I saw, the most horrifying thing. The dream that i feared would come to reality, Asuma was dying, he was covered in blood, my heart was frozen, i reached out for him and held him close, i closed my eyes wishing this was a bad dream. I had failed her, i had failed pertecting the man that saved me from loneliness and death, I failed his wife, i failed pertecting him. I started to cry my body was shaking--He can't die i made her a promise. I promised everyone, my world went darker than black i was alone. No one here to support my heart that's fallen from my chest. My Izumo, what if i fail to perfect him!?i would never live to see the next day, I held Asuma close. Then light was shown, i looked to my left and right, Raidou, Izumo, Kotetsu, Asuma's team put their hands on my back and shoulder. They're smiling faces looking down at me. Raidou pointed at the sky--the grey raining sky had a cleared opening, i saw the most amazing thing asuma in the sky smiling down at us caressingly. Then i saw my friends, my mother and sister. Surrounded my the shining heavens, they locked hands together. They were happy where they were, they were in peace now, they were moving on. And with that they disappeared into the white light. In heaven. I smiled, looked down to asuma's blank face, no soul, I held his hand and kissed it. I knew that this was the end, i bent down to asuma's ear and said--"I promise i'll pertect you're family, even if i have to die for them, I love you father and you will forever be in my life."I kissed his closed eye then his cheek. Raidou bent down and picked up asuma, we walked silently back to konoha, izumo entwined our fingers together, he put his index and thumb on my chin and pulled my face up to his, he kissed me long and passionately. I loved him with all my passion, we broke apart. I wrapped my arms around his neck. We looked into each others eyes, he bent down on one knee and pulled out a crimson red box, i looked at him questioning. "Victoria Lee Gillespie, i love you with all my heart and will spend the rest of my life with you till i die, Will you marry me and bare my child?"He opened the box and came a beautiful round ring, with two hearts next to each other, i smiled "YES YES YES!!!!!"I jumped on him, he put the ring on me. I smiled at it in awe.

-2 years later-
Izumo and i married and had a son, we named him After my great grandfather and asuma Maverick Asuma Kamizuki.
And had a daughter and named her after my sister Allessa Joan Kamizuki. They are strong and healthy, Maverick has Izumo's looks, and Allessa looks just like you mixed with you sister. big eyes beautiful face and long wavy brown/black hair. They both grew up an became excellent shinobi. Eventually, Allessa was The hokage's right hand advisor, and Naruto was Maverick's inspiration. From time to time i would look up into the beautiful blue lit sky, wondering if asuma sees how much his child has grown, and if one day, he could be with us all.

THE END! Hope you liked it, it was longer than i thought sooo yeah!!!!OH! and i don't own Anyone from silent hill, Thank you!!