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Antoinette Blue *Short story*

This story is kinda like the last one with debitto and you story. But really it's a different, it's a sad story, so if you have a strong heart read it, and listen to this song "Antoinette Blue"-BY Kitade Nana^^ENJOY! you and debitto.

My world started to go black, my eyes felt heavy. I was getting tired. I heard a distant voice in the background, i opened them my eyes to see debitto holding me in his arms. The one that i fell in love with was by my side. If i was going to die, this is how i want it to end. Seeing debitto's face woke me up. I was bleeding bad from kanda's blade that pierced me in the stomach. I looked down at my wound and started to freak out, i wasn't ready to die, i take back what i said. He took my face into his hand and pulled me to kiss. I put my hand around his neck, oh how i loved him so so much, my body started to go lighter, my breathing was irregular, the wound started to burn i gagged. "It's going to be ok my dear, don't give up yet, tyki will be here and take you home to get you cleaned up and fixed."Debitto was frantically trying everything in his power to keep me awake. I smiled weakly, "I'm tired debi, i need to sleep."He shock his head miserably, the things going through his mind, all the flashbacks, i thought back at my life, all the memories, the flashback, the time i met debitto and his brother, saving me from an akuma who mistaken me as an enemy. My life flashed before me again. To the time me and debitto shared love, i started to cry, debitto did the same, he cried, his tears coming down his face. His mind telling him that he's going to lose me, but his heart telling him different, telling him that to not lose hope, that he won't lose me. I put my hands on his face, looking into his golden eyes. Dero standing next to me, dero knelt down and held my other hand. I felt happy, but weak, sad, but happy again. I knew they were here for me and only me. I wasn't going to live much longer, i felt the sleep coming over me again. "I'm sleepy, debi, dero---i need to sleep."They looked at each other, debitto started to get nervous, scared that if i fall asleep, i won't wake up. He looked at me, then laid me down comfortably on the cold ground, he took his coat off, folded it neatly and set it under my head. I looked at them for a few minutes longer, dero wasn't giving up, he untied the bandages on his hands and wrapped them around my wound, trying to stop the bleeding. It was no use, i was dying, and i there was no saving me this time. "TYKI PLEASE HURRY, TYKI OPEN THE DOOR AND HURRY NOW!!!!SOMEONE ANYONE PLEASE!!"Debitto yelled at the thin air, hoping for someone to come help us. I shock my head, "There's no use in doing that debi, i'm going to go sleep, i promise i'll wake back up. O.K?"I smiled again, dero started to cry, debi looked frantic, "You promise you go wake up and see you, Hiii?"Dero asked like a little child he was, he was cute, why is he doing that to me?"Yes."I said almost in a whisper, debi looked at me, to kiss me one more time, hold me longer, to say those three words he wasn't able to say until now, "I love you nana, i love you soo much."He said caressingly, holding me, his voice shaking. "I Love you too debitto, you too dero, you guys stay out of trouble."I said slowly, into one more whisper, i drifted to sleep, my world went completely dark again, Debitto screamed, dero cried loudly, it started to rain. That's when tyki opened the door to this world,the antoinette blue sky the stars twinkling in the night sky, his face saddened, they lost another noah member tyki knowing that he was too late. I fell into a sleep, only to never wake up again, to see their faces one more time.

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Unbroken Cycle of love *Finished*

This is You
Name Theo Akasuna
Height: 4'11''
Weight: 50kg
Hair: Silver (but changes)
Eyes: red
Demon Dragon: Rouge The Ice king
Hobbies: Funny, listens to music, likes to antagonize people, drawing,
Specialties: Has physic abilities, uses weapons such as; Sword, bow/arrows, guns. Knows elements such as; Water, wind, earth, ice, fire, electricity. is best friends with the twins Jasdero & debitto. When angry to the point, you body gets engulfed in flames. P.S.I don't own any of D.Gray-man^^Or any one in Naruto, Yes the book involves Naruto too^^ENJOY

You're History:
When you were about 5 or 6 you parents discovered that you possessed a demon dragon that lurks inside you. They abandoned you without care. Then a man with a grin that covered half his face with shimmering glasses, and a big hat on his head took you in to live with the Noah's, you then met Jasdero & debitto & became great friends with them.

Unbroken Cycle, of Love!

You woke up in the morning with a loud yelling, a quaking chicken and the sound of an alarm clock humming in you're ears. You shot up to see the twins fighting, debitto gripping the chicken trying to strangle it, tyki at the door cursing,& a pleading cursing jasdero trying to get debitto to let go. You glared at them for some time until they stopped what they were doing to turn & look at an angry girl engulfed in flames. "DO YOU GUYS HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO!!!!???" You screamed, debitto dropped the bird then they both hid under dero's bed. Tyki stood in the doorway, not hiding his chuckle. He shut the door to give us some privacy, you sigh in relief, & got up to shut off the alarm, you then looked at the time to find that you guys only had 10 mins to get ready for ugh...don't want to say the most terrible thing to put us through. You quickly rushed the boys to get something on & to get ready for breakfast. You all then got you're bags & ran down the stairs almost tripping. You walked into the dinning room & quietly sat down to eat. Tyki, road having that evil grin on her face, sweet-tooth, Millennium earl & Lulu bell sitting on even sides of each other. You looked to you're left at debitto who gave you a hot grin, you looked away to see jasdero on you're right, playing with his orb. "Jasdero you're going to have to take that off before going to school."The Earl cleared his throat, Dero looked at the earl, then took it off. I smiled, we ate silently. At 7:15 we left to the car, dero fixing his tie to loosen, Devi fixing his makeup. I never really dealt with makeup, tyki, road the earl , the twins & the others thought i looked beautiful without it. Especially debitto who said it first, i never thought about it before, but debitto was always kind to me, well, jasdero was a sweetheart (not to sound cheesy.) But it was true. But devi was different, he always had a soft spot for me. I blushed as i thought it over, dero poked my cheeks, "Why you blush, hii?"He questioned i remained quiet, as my face got hotter. We arrived, we all looked at the huge bricked, gothic building with students surrounding it. We stepped out into the dim-lighted earth ground, "Have a nice day, see you around three!"Tyki chimed as he drove off. I turned as i watched him drive away. I waved stupidly at the disappearing car.(Not that he would see me^^). Dero grabbed my arm & continued to the building, the bell rand two mins after we got inside, so it was a lot more harder getting passed all the rushing student with the smell of fresh perfume & cologne passing us by. We walked into Mr.Stones 1st period world issues class, where he was jamming music from his laptop. We found our seats & sat down to visit, debi was playing with my long hair, while dero played with pencils & rubber erasers on his desk. I giggled as dero's tower of items fell to the floor. I took out my laptop & played around on it, changing desktop pictures or checking Facebook, or just playing games. Dero & debi watched as i played angry birds. They both started to mimic the noises the birds would make, i laughed at they're goofiness. Mr.Stones was talking to one of the students about homework and another talking about music & what bands sounded good to them. I got bored, i walked up to Mr.Stones desk, "Yes my most favorite student in the whole world, how may i entertain you today?"He asked he wasn't kidding, i really was his favorite, even though i dress tom-boyish, hang out with the the twins with double the trouble, & often prank him, i was the one who was really kind to others when have to be, got my work done when he gave it to me,(I also do the twins work because i'm awesome that way:)^^) He liked my positive attitude. Plus+ i hated the preps & so did he, we have a lot in common, from music, movies and other things. He was kinda like a cooler version of a grandpa. "I would like to choose a song^^"i said, he nodded and gestured to his laptop. I sat & scanned through the music, Hmm.....How about BVB unbroken.I looked at him, he nodded again and the sound of rock, and metal-like music started to play, dero got up and started to mouth the words & danced to the song;

I'll never walk away
Tear Down!
The walls that will surround
Cry Out!
Above the burning sound
Show me!
A bleeding heart still pounds
If we stand together, we will be unbroken!
Jasdero continued this until every one was watching. They watched as dero showed people it's alright to be you"re self, they started to laugh, debitto started doing the air guitar solo. I sat at Mr.stones desk watching my two best friends dancing & lip-syncing, it was the best a noah in a human school could do to entertain each other. They were really true brothers even though they represent one person. They started to actually sing^^

Woah [x4]

(guitar solo)

We will not walk away!

Tear down!
The walls that will surround
Cry out!
Above the burning sound
Show me!
A bleeding heart still pounds
If we stand together we will be unbroken!

Tear down!
The walls that surround
Cry out!
Above the burning sound
Show me!
A bleeding heart still pounds
If we stand together, we will be unbroken!
~~~BVB-unbroken^^(Incase you want it^^)

The song finished & then another song played i'm alive by shine down. I loved this song, i would sing it but i didn't feel like it. I looked at dero & his brother, dero gave me a hug, i smiled happily as i hugged him back. I looked at debitto. He gave me one of those smirks again, i looked at dero like a little brother. But debi was different? How was that? I looked at him more than that. I wonder if he liked me back?but then again we don't have time for love or any kind of feelings. We don't have that time. My smile faded, the bell rang indicating that class was over. We walked out into the crowded hallways dero & debi both grabbed my backpack to keep from getting lost in the sea of people. It was 5th period when we got an unsuspecting call from the office. Jasdevi looked at me then to each other. We walked in to see the principle gesturing us to sit down, before he could speak dero shot up saying, "Dero & debi didn't do pranker!!!!". I grabbed dero's dress shirt & pulled him back down, he giggled quietly. The principle gave us a concerned look then spoke, "I know, i haven't had any complaints----YET!"I smiled. "Instead, i got a call from one of you're guardians saying that you will have to stay in the office until he comes, he's picking you up---", Dero cut him off, "So we get to leave early??YAYA!!!!, hii" He started to jump up & down, i cautiously tried to grab dero to sit him back down but he kept running around the office room, i frantically tried to tug his shirt but then i tripped & fell to my face--The principle had a straight face until i i fell then he started to laugh. Debi gave me his hand to help me up,"Are you O.K"He questioned, I nodded, dero ran past me. I extended my arm not looking and managed to catch dero. "Just go to you're class & get you're stuff. & come back, OK?" We looked at him, why are we leaving so early? you thought. Tyki came to the door after 30 minutes, we got up & started out the door & into the car---.

You sat there quietly when tyki broke the silence. "You guys are probably wondering why i picked you up early?". I was silent for a few more seconds. We nodded, "Well, the Earl has a mission for you guys plus we got some people waiting for you at home.The mission involves an enemy."He answered calmly, Dero looked up at tyki, he looked at dero through the review-mirror, "Does that mean dero get to kill someone??"He asked, debi & i laughed hard--"NO!"We stopped at our tracks...If it's an enemy, if it's n exorcist, then why aren't we going to kill them.? It's not a human enemy, or an exorcist. In fact, it's an enemy of the exorcist, i looked at him confused he shook his head, "A traitor?"--"No".Tyki got impatient. "You know who they are, don't you Theo.?"Tyki caught me off guard i stared at him for a long time, "I remember---who?"I said dumb-founded. "The Akatsuki?Do you not remember? You're friends?The one's with the black cloaks, red clouds" I thought again, OMG!!!!!!!"What happened to them?"Tyki looked at the road, "Nothing, they found their way here, in this world, looking for you, the members caught me off guard, i was walking towards a store for road. Then i turned down an alley way to find a couple of the members, cut up & in bad condition. I decided to take them back to our place, the earl excepted they're stay.They've been asking for you, wanting to know how much you've grown."I smiled happy to hear that my friends were here, "i could get the earl to bring the Akatsuki into the noah family, after all even though some are humans, but they know the Noah's hate towards humans, most of them aren't human so why not combined the NOAH family with the Akatsuki organization?"Tyki thought for a moment, "You know what i think he would^^"He gave me a cheeky smile, the rest of the ride we were quiet. We entered the caged building, i started to get excited, before the car stopped fully, i got out. I ran to the door which was opening, i stopped to see a tall man with short red hair, and brown eyes, it was my brother sasori! I ran up to him and gave him the hug of my life. I smiled & started to cry, sasori let me go,"I have some news to tell you." I looked at him continued to go inside. I had a tight sting in my stomach, it felt like something bad was going to happen. We got to the living room and sat down, everyone was in there road, tyki, the earl, lulu bell, the akatsuki, but no Sweet tooth?.The twins followed me in the room. i sat down with the twins sitting on either sides of me. Tyki sat in front of me. He had a sad expression on his face & so did the others. Me and jasdevi had no idea what was going on. He then put his hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry but we lost a couple men."Tyki looked up to me, the leader pein walked up, "We lost---"He paused. "We lost itachi, and we can't find deidara. Plus Skin bollics dead."My eye's shoot up wide, i knew this bad feeling had something to do to it. My heart raced. [Author's note: I know this may be confusing, because if itachi died then sasori and deidara wouldn't of been there, but this is how i want it to go so^^.]

My heart raced, what does he mean, skin's dead, itachi's dead and deidara's missing??WHAT?!I shoot up. I was so afraid i ran out of the room with no questions. I ran up into the room that the twins shared with me, it wasn't a mess anymore, when i first came here i complained about their messy room. So i basically made them clean the room, but i helped, and now you could actually see the pretty gothic carpet, with the family crest in the middle. I started to cry in my pillow quietly, until i heard footsteps coming near the room, they came closer as the door creaked open, i looked up to see debitto coming in the room. I continued to cry, i felt the bed squeak, i turned and saw him sitting next to me. He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into a hug. I felt happy, safe, like nothing could hurt me. I closed my eyes and left soft whimpers. He stroked my hair, his other hand trailing my back. I cried a little longer in his shirt, After 10 more minutes of crying i stopped to look up to his smiling face. "Things will get better Theo, you know that and deidara has to be somewhere, he's out there somewhere not giving up, he's ok. He'll show up soon and that's what matters. Itachi, just know that he's in a happy place, and that itachi is going to be with you no matter what. Just because he's gone doesn't mean he's gone. He's in here."He placed his hand on my chest pointing towards my heart. I looked at him, "he'll protect you, and sweet-tooth, he'll be in all of us."He smiled a big smile, stretching ear-to-ear. I gave him a weak smile, dero walked in, he looked at debi then walked to me. "Does dero need to cheer you up?"He got closer. Dero grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room down to the kitchen, he got out some eggs, vinegar, cake mix, icing, and some other things. I picked up the vinegar."Where you going with this?"I narrowed my eyes, "We gonna make a cake^^, besides i was told that today is you're birthday^^. So we gonna make a cake and throw a party for you, hii. Then we gonna go pay some respects to our deceased family."I looked at him with shock. Dero was really going to celebrate my birthday, and pay respects to itachi and Skin??(Well, skins part of his family anyways,) But I really was shocked. I gave him a smile, a real smile, I warming smile "Here let me help you."I took the eggs from dero's hands and started the mixer up. A couple hours later and the cake was finished. We coated it with a soft pink color, with pretty decorations, and topped it with the candles that counted my age, 16. We stopped and backed up to admire our work. Dero saw that i was still a little gloomy so he started to tickle my sides. I struggled to get away from his grip, but he refused to let go. I loved him, he was great at times like these, and debitto...well i give him credit. He may seem like a rude, outstanding, repulsive, arrogant, swearing and a complete scoundrel. But he has a soft side, a side that lets me know that he cares. Me and jasdero walked into the dining room to set the cake down on the table, the other noah's came walking into the room, they looked at the cake curiously. Tyki took his hat off and ran a hand through his hair, he chuckled "Happy birthday Theo.."He caught me off guard, i nodded and gave him a hug. A few hours went, the party went by fast that it was when i came out of it to find me getting ready for bed. "Its amazing how fast the day went."I turned to see debitto getting him, and his brothers bed ready. He read my mind, it didn't take long until i felt a warm breeze on the back of my neck i tuned and saw debi, my face was flustered red. He put me into his arms and held me for the longest time, my eyes widened with shock, he held me tighter when i tried to pull him off. "Why are you pushing me away? You always pushing me away."He answered. I stopped, "What!?"He looked into my eyes, "I know that mushy stuff like this is not my thing, but we've known each other forever i've had feelings for you for a long time and i never thought it would come down to this. I been thinking about it for a while, and i think now's the time to confess. I love you Theo, i've loved you since you came to the family, i loved you ever since i laid eyes on you. And i need to know, i need to know if you like me back.---"He paused for a bit, i was so stunned by this that i was in a haze, did he want me to answer that?What should i say, i didn't want to sound too mushy, or he might not like me anymore. I took a deep breathe, because honestly i have the same feelings for debitto, i really did!And i don't understand why i can't repeat the things i say about debi to his own brother and road, i have told them my feelings that i had for him, and they supported me and helped me out with it. That now's my chance to prove my feelings for him. I didn't say a word, i pulled debitto's face into mine, i kissed him. His lips were soft, a perfect texture. My eyes started to well and tears came down my rosy red cheeks, i felt his grip on my waist get tighter, he kissed me back. The first kiss, my first kiss, i loved debitto back. And there's no denying it, no hiding it, just love.


A few years has passed, me and debitto gotten married and had a 2 year old daughter named Ichigo. Her hair was a fresh strawberry red, her eyes were a cherry red like mine, and she had the noah skin and attitude of debitto. But had a soft side to her. She was an angel, jasdero would get on my nerves to hold her, He would say "Whosa pretty girl, you are, you so pretty you look like you're mamma, yes you do.It's uncle jasdero, ^^". Everyone in the family room would watch dero's funny outbursts, then the Earl would ask to hold her, then road, then tyki. ANd the other remaining akatsuki's. This was the life i wanted, this was the family that i deserved, evil or not. I would turn to see debitto, to have that same smile he's always giving me. This was the unbroken Cycle of Love.

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