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Love Is True ART!Chapter 6:The Fight

We walked out into the bright sunlight in the back of the hideout, i looked in enthusiasm. It was like a roman arena. It was in ruins, the roman steps, now crumbling, the walls look like someones been shooting at it. I took a step in the spot i wanted. And stood there to wait for my opponent, the members walked to a spot that they liked to see the fight, they sat on branches, next to a tree, on the boulders. I smirked as Pain And konan jumped into view on the top of the main entrance, sasori followed out of the darkened hall, i stared as he walked by me. It's not much, but i want to get this over with. Sasori stood several feet away from me we exchanged glares and swears. Pain then jumped from the entrance, "You may have a weapon of choice, and you have my permission if you want to kill each other, i wont stop you." I kept my eyes locked on sasori, i knew he was going to make his first move. He jumped in the air and threw kunai knifes at me. So typical to start a fight, i was too worked up on beating that man to a pulp that i didn't realize that he had popped from behind me and stabbed me. He missed when i tried to turn a harsh way that he only gave me a nasty flesh wound on my arm. I jumped three trees down ti hide, i brainstormed. What to do?I thought to myself. I used a hand seal.

Sasori POV~
I stopped on one of the branches, five trees down, if i was a brat, where would i be?I concentrated long and hard. This was a total waste of time, what a coward move to hide from sasori of the red sand. NO ONE HIDES FROM ME!!!
He threw a sword in the direction i was in. It shoved right into my side as i jumped out of the tree. Sasori gave me a grim look, "How did you do that, you had me startled."He answered. I stood sternly in my place as i gave him a glare from hell. "It was quite simple, i used a jutsu that allows me to mold into anything, trees, buildings etc....that. I taught it myself. Like it?"I answered cockily. He solemnly shook his head in disbelief. "I underestimated you then."He then slid a scroll into his hand, (Inspiration from NARUTO^^) "Let me show you my most favorite one, it was quite difficult to finish."A puff of smoke surrounded him, "But that's what makes me so found of him."I looked dumbfounded, what in the world!It was clear to me, that i was up against one of his human puppet's. I was so dead, but i knew to stay positive in this situation and get through it.
~end of POV~
It was silent, the air flowing through my hair. The leaves flying past us, the smooth breeze soothed me at a pace. I waited for his next move. Sasori did as i expected and his puppet came at me with full speed, I dodged, 'He's fast' i thought to myself, he flicked his finger and several other arms came out, they threw knifes at me and other things that i didn't want to know what they were. They all came, but yet again i dodged. I disappered which irritated him, he looked frantically around. I showed behind him he grabbed my arm i jumped again. He was starting to get furious."So you think this is some game?"I couldn't help but laugh at his remark but yes, i thought it was fun to stall and make him mad. "If you wanted to fight me, then why don't you stop playing around and do something!!"He flicked his fingers again and the puppets mouth popped open, i jumped out in the clearing, to see what he was doing. The puppets mouth had a black, salty looking substance coming out slowly, i knew exactly what it was. I was doomed if i didn't find a solution to do something, if i don't act fast that move would kill me. Sasori smirked, "You know what this move is?"He asked curiously, i nodded and began to explain; "The Iron Sand is the name of the weapon used by the Third Kazekage, in combination with his special ability to convert chakra into magnetic forces. When imitating the sand techniques of Shukaku's host, he used iron powder instead, thanks to his special magnetic powers. He often moulded the iron powder into weapons and used them as his main mode of attack. The Iron Sand can also clot up the joints of puppets, making them unusable in battle as long as the Third Kazekage's magnetic field is in effect. Chiyo referred to this technique as "the most feared weapon in the history of Sunagakure". After you turned the Third Kazekage into a human puppet, you too became a user of the Iron Sand."I choked on the last sentence, he nodded approvingly. When that puppet was finished letting out the last bit of the sand out and chomped back shut. The sand began to mold into a dark hole.It began to surround above my head as i looked into the black abyss. I felt my body shiver, like some one was right behind me, my eyes shook, "I hope you know that i made this move more painful, i drenched it in poison, making it more lethal."I glared at him then smirked, "You're cheap."He narrowed his eyes then the puppet came at me, it seemed that sasori was keeping the iron sand above, incase he decides he gets bored and decides to kill me quicker, i know for sure that he'll save it for later. I jumped, our swords clanked, making clashing sounds, i felt my body getting weaker by the minute. I wasn't for sure how much longer i can last, often i used my healing to keep me on my feet, thats saying something, we threw punches, i often kicked sasori, we punched each other, i used a jutsu and the puppet fell to the ground for 5 minutes. During that we were killing each other. The jutsu wore off and the puppet was able to move again. He threw more weapons at me, oh please just get real and make a move, make my day i pulled it together, until then sasori used the iron sand jutsu, i was doomed i knew he was saving it. It formed into huge spikes and jagged edges. I braced myself, the sand slammed into me. Deidara, pain, and kisame yelled my name, i gained consciousness, i stood up holding my arm, one scratch with this drenched in sasori's poison can surely kill me, i was covered in cuts. I fell to my knees, sasori went to finish me off, but at a quick response i lifted up and punched the puppet as hard as i could destroying it in millions of pieces, i put my back and legs into it and jumped out of the way of the approaching remaining iron sand. I used a potion i made way before i got here. I was fired up i was ready to end this. Sasori pushed himself on the top off me and tried to pierce his sword into my chest i grabbed it cutting my hand in the process and pushed him off me, i was sure cut up and took a grave beating, 'Its time for the darkness'i said to myself sasori and i calmed down, the wind went to normal, i closed my eyes and did a summoning hand seal, i summon you!!!The darkness comes, consuming the sunlight into darkness, the ground beneath us started to change to metal like form, the sound of dragging metal appeard, the smell of fresh dead bodies and blood started to surround us all. It started to sprinkle, and then a low growl echoed through the air, i very powerful ora started to form, all our eyes adjusted. The members looked up, down, side-to-side, the earth before them changed, changed in such a way, as if i transferred them to a different world, then he came from the shadows, he--The red pyramid, stood before me,my guardian. He was here to show fear. Sasori's face went from being expressionless, to true fear, he's never seen such a creature, he stood as a strong,tall fierce warrior from hell itself. There stood a good seven feet tall man, his long kilt like garmet that was made by the skin of his victims, wrapped tightly around his waist and legs, his muscled yet anorexic looking pale torso, and his thin muscled arms held a giant sword. They saw, and i knew that even though he too was a monster spawned from hell itself, he looked human. He was my guardian, he protected me with his life, If sasori could use a lethal weapon--So can I!. Pyramid Head, was the one who was ready to end, it. Sasori tried to attack him, but the tall man blocked his attack with his sword, staying still he used his unoccupied hand, grabbed sasori by the head and threw him all the way in the main entrance boulder. Making a loud crash, he walked as i followed, i wasn't going to kill sasori, i was just going to antagonise him. The skinny-man looked down at the weakend puppet master, as he looked back up at the tall man, he heard a low grim-like grudge laugh, the man soon took his sword and approched sasori with fast speed, sasori closed his eyes, waiting for the sword to pierce him. But nothing happend, he heard the sword slam into the metal ground next to him, he opened his eyes, to see the sword pierced the ground. The monster didn't dare hide his laugh again, the monster took his fist and threw a punch at sasori, causing him to coughed. As i walked up to the now satisfied creature i looked at him, he grabbed his sword and walked behind my right shoulder side, standing tall like an Anubus Statue guarding his Pherohs coffin. The world went to normal, the sun came up, the trees came back to life, everything--Life came back to us. The wind flowing through my hair, Pain then jumped down from the top, and smiled with impression. He brought out his hand, "Welcome to the Akatsuki Lily Romanoff". I shook his hand gently, everyone was impressed, deidara came to my side and gave me a hug, Pyramid Head laughed and put his other hand on his waist, proud of another win.

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Love is true ART!

AN: Hay Princess Asan here!!!My friend Jeanette was reading my story and she really liked it!!! and she badly wanted to know more about deidara and what else happend, sooo im making a few more chapters based on Love is true ART!...

Chapter 4: The past to Present
Me and Deidara broke apart from a voice coming from the shadows, we turned around and saw a tall figured getting out of Hiruko. I looked at him, a red haired man walked over to deidara. He looked expressionless, and impatience, "deidara, is this the girl we were ordered to protect and take to the hideout?". He questioned Deidara nodded sharply and put his arm around my waist and pulled me in a protection stance. Sasori narrowed his eyes in suspicion, "Are you thinking im a threat..Deidara?". He stared at the ground for a moment, thinking about his comment. "No, un". Is all he said and stroked my hair with his fingers. Sasori simply nodded in response and walked to me, he stared at me for a long time. "Hmm, heh it seems that you're quickly recovering from the poison, quite strange that poison is very deadly. You should've died a long time ago." My eyes went from a soft blue as deidara's tint to cold blood red. He shook his head and headed my warning and walked off to fix hiruko's tail from the battle he persued. "DEIDARA!!!" I jumped from the sudden voice, i turned again and saw two other guys standing a couple paces away from me and dei---"Hey! Kakuzu ma-man!!" Deidara walked over to the men and spoke in low voices when the other one walked up to me. "Hey", "hay" We both said. "im Hidan." "My names Lily Romanoff." I said sternly not knowing what this guy would do to me or even attack, since obviously the Akatsuki wants me for something. "'re cute, and really beautiful, tell me...are you a slut or a whore?" My eyes went to a blood red shot color, then i took my fist and punched Hidan about 20 trees down. "HAHAH! i like em' feisty." He said standing up, Sasori, Kakuzu, and Deidara looked at me with shock in their eyes.

-About 3 hrs later-
We all settled down around a fire a made, sasori, nowhere to be seen, kakuzu trying to fix Hidan's face and arm from the impact of my punch, soon after that hidans arm broke from the impact of the trees. And Deidara was sitting next to me with his arm around my waist which later layed his head on my shoulder, "Can i close my eyes for a bit babe, un?" He asked, i nodded. "So, i need answers. Why does the leader want me so bad?" Sasori looked at me then continued with his puppet, Hidan was the only one who took intrest to answer my question. "He wants you because of that so Called Nine-tailed wolf demon inside you,". Not intrested, I'm used to people wanting my demon or want me dead!."Tell me something i don't know...Silence for a long while i almost thought that hidan fell asleep on me. "It's of course that you have the most powerfull demon there is known to man! Pein wants the demon..but he's willing to make a bargain with you. If you--" I cut him off "Look i know this whole jiggalo crap! I understand that i have the strongest Kyuubi! I'm aware im a Jinchurik host, what else is new?". I started to get annoyed listening to hidan speak, it was soo predictable---"As i was saying; There's nothing wrong, the leader is wanting to make a bargan with you, he would like to know--if you would join the Akastuki? And If you don't, then we'll have no choice but to kill you. That was the mission plan anyways but the leader going easy on you, if not we'll kill you." I snickered at the near threat hidan placed on the conversation, "You hurt her, and i'll blow you to bits to where you won't come back!" Deidara woke from his nap-"Are you threatning me Deidara?Yeah i like to see you try and kill me and we'll see where it gets you!" I started to stare at the two ninjas exchanging glares, i felt like ii shouldn't get between this one...Hidan and deidara stood up gave eachother one last glare and got in fighting mode. Deidara held a kunai knife in one hand, his other in his clay pouch. Hidan took out his Schythe and began running after deidara, just before deidara could react there i stood in the middle grabing onto hidan's schythe from between the three blades, there i took the weapon and threw hidan 5 threes down, still in my original spot without budging. Hidan wobbled to stand and came running at me again, atill in my same position i used my air style jutsu which flew hidan in the air, as he fell i took his schythe and sliced hidan in two pieces like butter before completely falling to the ground. Laying there in a puddle of mud i mumbled saying you're not worth my time, i then threw his schythe down. Kakuzun ran up looking at his cut-up partner, said" i have to sew him back up again." "Don't worry Kakuzu don;t even bother." I soon walked to the terrified deidara still in fighting mode with one hand in the clay pouch while the other one drops the Kunai knife in shock. "Hmm..i guess i shouldn't bother, med kits cost MONEY!!!!!" Kakuzu then walked off to the fire to relax.

Chapter 5: The Akatsuki Hideout
*You're dream*
Morning came too fast, we wasted to much night time fighting a moron and talking all night!!I woke up with the bright morning sunlight shining in my eyes, but the strange thing is is that i'm back home..How did this happen? Did my friends find out i was captured by the akatsuki and brought me back home safely as a slept? This was very strange. But everythings white why is that? did i die by the poison after-all? Is this heaven? NO? I sat up from the white floor, i looked around the unfamiliar room. As i turne i saw blood, lots of blood! I kept turning around to find my friends...









Whats happening to me!!!!I tried to scream but nothing came out..I tried to reach to my deidara but couldn't touch him..i chocked--i was frightend by this image--"well,'s so good to see you again my dear." I heard the voice call out but didn't see anyone. "I want you're body my dear, i want you and sasuke to give me that lovely power of anger, vengance, hatred i want to eat it all!!!" I screamed again, still nothing, i was grabbed by someone i turned around to see they're evil faces dawning at me, i was helpless, weak, i couldn't fight back, kabuto and Orochimaru. That disgusting face, how dare that snake put his hands on me!"Don't strugle my child, look at them, look at their lifeless corpses, just look at them!"He then grabbed my face and forced me to turn and look at them. I felt tears threating to come down. I felt my head getting hot, i felt numb, what's he doing to me!!?? (AN:I got the inspiration from Jennifer's Body, not copying i got the inspiration for more creepy dream0.0)-----He then grabbed my arm, and twisted it completly, i felt every bone in my arm snap, i heard them all break as he tortured my fragile body. "I need you frightend, i need you affraid." He said then threw on to the whit/blood covered floor next to my dead friends. He leaned over my limp body as i struggled in pain. I saw his eyes got black, blacker than the night sky, he saw fear in me and he enjoyed every bit of it. I lay there limp, and helpless, He took his sword out and put it to my chest. "I need you frightend!" Then he took his sword and plunched it in my heart---

*End of dream*
I woke up in a scream that echoed in the forest, i woke up to Deidara shaking me awake. "LILY, UN LILY!!!ARE YOU OK WAKE UP!!!DEI"S HERE FOR YOU NOW!!!" I sat up quickly waking the others in a jolt. Hidan, sasori, kakuzu, all woke in fight mode with their weapons out. I looked the faces, at the surrounding, the trees, sweat falling from every part of my body, breathing deeply, shaking, trembling, i could't speak, i put my head in my hands and started to cry, Deidara put me in his lap, taking his cloak off and wrapping me in it, holding me tightly in his warm strong arms." is alright. Im here for you, un." Deidara comforted me, i cried harder. All ofthem looked at me sicerely, they put the weapons away, behind a tree or rock, thinking that after what happend the weapons would frightn me too. I curled in a ball, crying, crying, crying, away. To the point that i couldn't keep my eyes open, my head was in pain from criyng, it felt like 20 tons. As i calmed down sasori questiond what i had dreamed about, I looked up at him, -so it was a dream?-"my-my-d-dream?" I choked, i didn't want to go back at the memory. But sasori insisted i told them, so i did..."I dreamed-i-i-dreamed-you all-we-were-dea-dead!!"I cried even harder, deidara pulled me closer. "Shh...sweetie...were not dead, i would never leave you like that, yeah. I love you too much, un." Deidara said to me in the most comforting tone to calm me down. I stopped crying, i saw sasori pacing back and forth. :Sas--"I was cut-off. "We need to get her to the hideout as soon as possible. She needs peins help!." Sasori ordered and the others obeyed, getting they're things together and then we were off.

-About 4 hours later-
We were runing for 4 hrs, jumping tree to tree, no stopping. It didn't really bother any of us, we all were in a hurry to care how tired we were. Finaly we arrived. We stopped by a giant bolder, the others did a couple hand seals then the bolder moved up revealing a small opening big enough for us all to go in together. I looked at it in fasination, walking at the same time, deidara walked to me, entwining his hand in mine, i looked at our hands, i felt happy and safe. I grew a smile on my face and began to blush. "heheh, don't look away, you're cute when you blush, un." Deidara took his hand and pulled my head up to where we were looking at eachother in the eyes. He then leaned in and kissed me, softly. We departed and then gave eachother hugs. We continued to walk down to catch up to the others. "Deidara take LILY to the leader, he'd be most pleased to speak with her." He nodded sharply and walked into what i saw the living room, with the TV on low. We stopped for a bit to rest from that long run, i looked around the place, awing at everything. "Like what you see hmm?." I turned and saw two men sitting on the couch, one with long black hair put up in a pony-tail with sharingan eyes, and the other was a blue skinned color, with spikey hair, gills on both sides of his face, and an giant sword wrapped in what looks like bandeging. I turned to see deidara coming from the other room he was in and brought a sandwhich and water for me. We both sat on the opposite side of the couch the other men were sitting on. I ate and drank, savoring the flavor. "Are you going to answer me?" The man seemed to get a little curious. I looked at him as i finished my beverage. I smiled at deidara in thanks, he nodded and walked in the i think kitchen?. I turned and looked at the annoyed men, "Umm, for a hideout, you guys got some cool stuff."I said amazed, looking around some more, they both chuckled. "My names Itachi, and this here is my partner Kisame." Itachi pointed at his friend, who then flashed me a smile of his pointy teeth. My skinned shivered at the site, "what are you suppose to be?" i asked, "Im a----Shark-Guy....".Kisame answered in a pause. I sat there-AWKWARD-I did everything in my power not to laugh at the suggested answer. "Don't laugh i was born this way!!!!!". Me and Itachi burst in tears and began to laugh really hard. Kisame sat there, pouting, in silence-AWW POOR KISAME-SAN!!!! Diedara walked in at the sounds of laughter. "what ya'll laughing at??."We continued with no break. We finally stopped, hidan and kakuzu came in to, i told them what happend with kisame..They began to laugh too, hidan rolling on the floor.

Deidara then took me and lead me to the long hallways...left,left,,left,rightLOST!!!!!We finally stopped at a oak sized door. Deidara knocked, no answer."Come in." A deep voice called from the other side, we walked in to see a desk with stacked papers all over it. The man was reading a newspaper, so i couldn't see his face good enough, -Clears throat-"You wanted to see us sir?." Deidara asked, hasitating at the end. The man then put the paper down, to look at us, i shivered a bit but gained controll, a stared into his rinegann eyes(not sure how to spell it?). "Deidara who is this young lady?" He questioned, im geussing he is the leader--{Pein}. I looked at him blankly, "my name is Lily Ronaoff." I answerd, Pein stopped and turned around. "So, you're the one we've been after?". I nodded in correction. I saw him look at me hard, "What all do you know about me sir?." I asked. He cleared his throat," You're name is lily Romanoff, you're sister, Agent Natasha Romanoff, WHo is currently working on behalf of S.H.E.I.L.D. You were raised and taught under Russian officials and became a top master Russian Assassain. You're 18 years of age, you're specialty in weaponary is Bow/Arrows, Sword, Schythe, Hericouts.(don;t know how to spell that either, but its the weapon that sango uses in INUYASHA). You achived all jutsu's: Genjutsu, ninjutsu, and Tiajutsu. You even mastered all elements taugh youself metal. You are way above from an Average Jonin level. (Jonin means:You're strong, My definition...DON'T MESS W/ME!!!!!!). "In you---" I cut him off..."OKAY we get it you know alot about me." Pein stared at me, "You do realize that you're an Jinchuriki. You have the nine-tailed wolf demon sealed in you, called ROGUE. I nodded i'm proud of myself, i named myself. I thought, i smiled. "So, what do you want to do, now that you're here in the Akatsuki?."The leader asked me, he stood up and sighed, deidara pulled me to his side, caressing my waist.

Chapter 6: No turning back
I thought for a moment, i thought about it hard. No doubt, if i leave they'll try and kill me, but i know deidara would not allow it, i found my long lost boyfriend, and wer're finally re-united and i didn't want to lose him again!I finally answered in a stern tone, "I'm staying." I said with hope the leader would except me. Wait of course he'd except me!!!I have the 9 tailed demon, and i'm a very good fighter, i'm the Akatsuki miracle!!!. He nodded, "Alright, before you are an official Akatsuki member, you will have to fight one of the members." He said sternly, he stared at me hard, "Ok then who do i have to fight?"He stood there for a minute, "Hmm....Hidan?"I looked at him like with this kinda of face.I-already-faught-him-give-me-someone-else-look.LOL."Hmm..Sasori then?"He answerd hoping i wouldn't say -i-faught-him-too-face. I stood there. Hmm it might be worth it, it'll be fun, besides i need to get back at him for what he said to me at the camp.(go to chapyer 5 if you don't remember!:P)..."Yes i have unfinished business with him!"I said cheerfully, he gave me a gesture, "SASORI!!!"He yelled, then i heard footsteps quickly walk towards the office. He knocked and then entered, "yes sir?"He questioned, Pein then pointed at me and said,"you're fighting her, get outside and call the other members outside."He then gestured us out the dorr down the hall and then outside into to back of the hideout.

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