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hello my otaku's sorry for not being able to upload hardly anything... just haven't been digging anything anime lately and i need better inspiration. bear with me my readers :( im soooo sorry. ...

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Lost-The Girl In another one's mind

P.Asana here! Im writing a short story based on the book Unwind by Neal Shusterman, it's a great story and it inspired me to write my own little unwind Character(s). This short story is about a girl, whose parents decided to unwind her because she has separation anxiety, fail to do her work, a distraction and refuses violently, she can see and hear what other people can't, so her parents decide to put her in a hospital, which broke free and ran, ran, ran....

Lost-The Girl In another one's mind

It was raining, raining hard, all i can remember is me running for my life. My parents don't understand what i'm going through, they think i'm crazy, just because i can hear and see the girl. All she want's is to understand life, to be free, but she's trapped in my mind. It started when the doctor discovered i had a brain tumor. -flash back-"I believe the only way to save her is to give her another unwinds brain piece, we are going to separate the tissue......"I heard voices very faint, but i could here the conversation, my eyes fluttered open slightly then things went dark again. Later after the sugary, things weren't the same, i heard voices, sometimes i would find information, a past memories that i've never experienced. As if i'm looking through someone else's eyes. Things got worse during the years. I started being ignorant, disrespectful to my parents, refusing and not doing what i'm told and stealing. I've never once done those horrible things in my life until now, and I never could figure it out. Through my pre-teen years it got severe,I started to see a girl around maybe 15, she would have one blue eye, and one green, long bright auburn strawberry red hair, she was breath taking.I became friends with her,i would show her my dolls, and play dress up. But she would disappear when my parents came in, they thought i had mental illness so they took me to an institute in philadelphia. On my 17th birthday my parents signed the Unwind papers. My heart sank, i couldn't do it.I loved my parents dearly, but i don't want to be unwound for something I can't explain. So i escaped the hospital and ran, ran, ran. -end flashback-

I was running as fast as my feet could carry. Looking back over my shoulder with the police and their dogs after me, I wasn't ready to die, the girl, she didn't understand why she was unwound. She didn't even know that she was, and thought that she was alive, not living in someone else's mind, i'd get numerous head aches, like she would be digging deep into my mind, and try and look for answers i couldn't answer. I can't. I lost them an hour of running they decided to give up, i stopped myself before a cliff, i looked down at the dark abyss. Tears started to fall, my heart was broke in millions of pieces. I thought, the girl took over,


I didn't know where i was, this woman, i've been with her since she had the brain tumor. But i didn't quite understand. I would try to remember a certain memory, but when i try i can't find it and start to panic. What was that memory, i dug in as deep as i could....then it hit me, i was in a green field, near the beach, i turned and saw a small cottage. I felt my lips crook into a smile, i looked at my feet, and was wearing i red golden strapless dress. The one my uncle gave me. I was walking to a cliff, and looked down....but then the memory disappeared.


My head was pounding, i was on my knees, shaking and distressed. i started to cry at the memory, maybe this girl wasn't unwound, i lifted my head and saw a cottage, my eyes widened, i looked across the field, it was the beach, was this the girls home? I looked back behind me and saw the police, doctors parents? I shook my head. "Come Naomi, come home with mommy and daddy."I glared at her, "Don't talk to me like i'm a child!"My mother backed away. I stood up, my life is a living hell, i'm done fighting, i could run, find a place no one would find me. But i don't want to hide, my time is over, i found what the girl was after. All she wanted was to remember that one last detail, before she jumped. But why did she?She was happy?. I looked at the black abyss again, tears well up again. They fell from my cheeks, not bothering to wipe them away, she was my new family and i jumped just for her,i heard everyone screaming my name but i didn't care all i wanted was to be at peace.....

Hidan And Kakuzu Wallpaper

The best Hidan And Kakuzu EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Girl That heard the Moons voice

Hey! P.Asana here, I wrote another Lyric story^^Within Temptation Where Is the Edge, if you want get the song and listen to it while reading but you don't have to ^^Hope you like it^^Please comment what you think!BYE!
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody in Naruto except my character Akabrra Enjoy!!

I walked in the middle of the midnight sky, the moonshining brightly and happily. 'I wish i was the moon, it shines so beautifully in the night sky. And smiles at the people who walk under it' I thought to myself. It was getting intense in Konoha, in a dramatic way, all the girls that follow Izumo around, they're his fangirls. And they believe that they can have him all to them selves, and no other girls should deserve him but them. I felt the blood inside me boil. I closed my eyes as i walked. -Flashback- He hates you! you're a freak, stay away from Izumo he's ours and besides, he doesn't like cursed girls, and rather want's you to die in as hole that you came out of! Leave Konoha you're stench is reeking this place!-End Flashback- I sighed at the night sky, like it was hearing the fight in my head, the mist surrounded me, my breath was shown in it. The mist hugged my small ankles, the soft cold breeze caught me, the wind catching my long curly hair, my icy blue eyes looked up at the moon. 'Why am i such a freak? what's so wrong with me? Do i not deserve not even love? Is that what being cursed does?'I said aloud, as if talking to the moon hoping for an answer by it.That god evil woman, she's a witch! The wind blew at me again, it tickled my nose. I giggled. 'One day' Is what i heard, my eyes shot open looking to see if anyone was near by. Left, right, no one? Did the moon lit sky answer my question? I thought about the ironic question. I shook my head in disagreement. No". Then a sound of a twig snapping brought me to my senses.I felt a presence i wasn't aware of, i turned around slowly, -Music starts-

Looking at the distinct mist behind me, what was that? i thought.
I walked again, but the sound came back. I turned around to hear a low evil laugh, it wasn't a pleasant being, then he came from the shadows, my eyes shot open. It was horrid, he was tall, very tall, he had bandages on his arms and legs, scars of his face. His eyes were a blood red color, one of his arms turned into a long sword, i wasn't going to fight back, i was in too much pain to do so. I let him take it on me, ran at me and stabbed his arm into my stomach, blood coming out of my mouth as he did so, his force was so strong that he slammed me into a nearby tree. I coughed, 'what's a pretty girl like you playing in the devils playground?it's past curfew in konoha you sure you wanna be out here? I glared at him, my blue eyes going demonic, -Chuckle-Well you ain't gonna be comin' back there soon, so lets end you're life!" He lashed at me. Cutting my chest deeply, i cried out, my life wasn't going any where, i was for sure not going to tell izumo how i feel, and i would probably never get the chance. I closed my eyes when he lifted his arm up again, waiting for it to come down and finish me off, tears started to fall, 'I love you izumo'I whispered in the night sky, hoping that the moon my new found friend would give him the message for me, because i wasn't going to live much longer. I waited, not wanting to see the blood spew out of me, "I love you too!" My heart froze, and this sticky syrup like substance started to surround me and the demon, the demon struggled to get free, but i was free from it, and pulled from the demon quickly, i was seeing lights, hearing voices around me, the sounds of screams?.

I woke up in a cold sweat, panting, breathing as hard as my lungs could bare. I looked around but my vision was fuzzy and couldn't see well. My head was pounding, the light i could make out was blinding, was i dead? what happened to me?. My chest heavy, i was in so much pain. My vision came to focus, i reached my arm at the blinding light and grabbed onto something, but it was a warm safe presence, i felt hair in my smooth hands, my tears began to fall from my eyes, and held onto the that presence. I felt strong warm arms around my waist, "Hey, shh, i'm here now everything s ok now Akabrra."A soft voice spoke, the voice filled my ears like a song. I looked up, it was Izumo, the one i loved. He was with me? Am i dead?I smiled. "I saw you getting attacked by something outside the village, when kotetsu told me you left the village i ran after you. You were getting hurt so i helped you, why did you leave?" He said slowly with a stern smile. I shook my head, he nodded as if he understood. He looked at my crystal blue eyes.,he stroked my cheek with one hand as he used the other one to pull back my hair, "I heard a voice tell me that you loved me, is that true?"He asked me, i looked shocked, but i nodded. He smiled at me and kissed my soft pink lips. We broke apart and held me tightly, "I love you too Akabrra, and ignore penelope."I nodded again, The night came fast, as that my bed was right next to the window, the moon shining brightly next to it, i smiled at my new found friend, her smiling back. As i was the girl that heard the moons voice.

A/N: Well that kinda sucked, i had technical difficulties, so i wasn't able to type the lyrics in. But if you want download the song and listen to it, well comment and tell me how it was. I bet it sucked^^Thanks!.