hi *warp*

ahh! we've just been warped into death note i warped into misa's twin sister locust who is on L's side.Who did u warp into?
Members so far
Ls army-Locust-kate-k-l's cousin
sojirem-mello's sister-soji-s-whammy house student-points 45
luna chan-kokoro-near and l-l-wammy house beginer-points 40
misamisa11-misa-Jade-j-trainee model-points 10-vice president for L
pikachu88-light-kira-k-school kid-points 0
otaku baby-b.b-beyond-b-wammy house student-points 10
troublesum shika-mafai-kiryn-m-school kid-points 45-vice president for Kira
blood moon wolf-kohaku-storm-sr-whammy house beginner-points 30-adviser/vice president 4 both sides
deidaranarutoclan-mikiami-cate-c-whammy house-points 0
animealert-yesh-tesh-t-whammy house-points 20
it's ranked on a point basis and promotions very depending on gender and what u warped into.
haven relis-Tsuki-T-Matt's sister-wammy house student-points 0
onlyanime14-Ryuzaki-L-wammy house student-0 points
PLz enjoy,have fun and write fan fiction pm me if I forgot to add you on or give you guest poster status.

What does L stand for ?

We can only imagine ^______^

Death Note's Insane hotline

Dontcha wish there really was a death note insane hotline ? i think we could all use it now and then enjoy

Death Note Final Ending

The ending to the final episode of Death Note. I cried for 2 hours after this episode TT^TT

Near Mello Caramelldansen

Dangerously cute isnt it ?

Death Note Opening

The opening that started it all my dear otakus