Halloween Tricks Or Treats...

Raito sat relaxed in his swivel chair leaned nearly all the way back. He sat alone in the room for the other task force members had taken the day off to see their families. Even though it was technically his day off too, Raito had insisted that he stay at the headquarters to “watch for Kira disturbances.” What he really wanted was time to himself to celebrate. He had finally killed L! Raito was happy that L was gone he could barely contain himself. That was one last thing he would have to deal with seeing that L his major adversary was finally gone.

“Raito-kun, you seem happier than usual,” Ryuk said bluntly.

“Of course I am happy Ryuk,” Raito answered, “I have nothing to worry about now! L is dead and Kira has won!”

“Heh,” Ryuk laughed, “Raito…You have been celebrating for nearly an entire year...But you do know what day it is don’t you?”

Raito didn’t know off hand with his conquest of the world causing the days to meld together. Raito looked over to a calendar Misa had posted to remind everyone of when her birthday was.

“October 31,” Raito said flatly.

“Halloween,” Ryuk chuckled, “When you humans dress up in scary costumes and get candy.”

“It is just a holiday,” Raito said turning his eyes back to the screen with bleak information on it. “And Kira doesn’t take holidays….”

“Heh,” Ryuk continued as if he hadn’t heard Raito, “It is also the day that the spirits of the dead come back to the human world.”

Raito had to stop and think logically before his fears broke loose. He continued to sit motionless in the chair before the shinigami trying to stay calm.

“You’re a bad liar Ryuk,” Raito commented, “There is no such thing as coming back from the dead.”

“Heh, that is if someone was killed due to their lifespan running out,” Ryuk smirked walking up to Raito. “When someone is killed by the Death Note they get to come back to the human world every Halloween.”

“Now you’re just making stuff up,” Raito smirked, “There is nothing to suggest that that actually happens.”

“Heh, just thought I’d warn you,” Ryuk laughed.

“Warn me of what?” Raito asked confused.

“That you were going to be haunted,” Ryuk laughed. Ryuk turned and took several steps away chuckling all the way.

“Where are you going?” Raito asked as Ryuk headed for the kitchen.

“Apples,” Ryuk answered.

“We don’t have any more,” Raito murmured to the shinigami.

“Aw then I guess I will have to go out,” Ryuk said for the first time not smiling.

Raito watched as the shinigami flew off to acquire the apples. Now completely alone in the room, Raito was left to staring at the screen that meant absolutely nothing to him and his own thoughts of a perfect world ruled by Kira.

Time passed slowly and soon the joys of partying alone came to an end. The sun was setting in the west and Raito began to flick on lights. The lights illuminating from the rest of Tokyo could have been enough to brighten the room, but Raito flicked on his own feeling a sense of control.

Rain began to fall, and Raito smirked thinking of the trick-or-treaters somewhere out there getting caught in the rain. He left the chair and went to the window to watch the water fall from the sky. His reflection in the glass stared back at him with dark and menacing eyes.

When had my eyes changed so? Raito wondered. They were not the eyes he had before. They obviously changed after I received the Note. Raito concluded. But who cares about eyes when you are God? When you are God you are omnipotent and no one can judge you….not even the dead…..

The shower of water droplets fell harder and lightning sparked brief explosions of light illuminating the sky. The sounds of thunder rolled and mixed with the hissing of each water drop as it hit the earth. Raito’s mind moved back to the brief time before he had killed Ryuzaki. The rain had fallen hard then too. And the way L had looked at him as he closed his eyes in death……

“Raito…..” a voice said quietly.

Raito turned violently from the window his heart beating a mile per minute. There was no doubt whose voice it was……L…………

“Raito what are you doing?” it was Raito’s father Soichiro Yagami.

“Oh Dad…..” Raito answered, “I was just taking my mind off the case for a moment.”

“You have been so stressed lately Raito; I just wanted to make sure you were ok,” Soichiro said full heartedly.

“Thanks Father, I’m fine,” Raito said respectfully.

“You look a bit pale Raito,” Soichiro said as he walked calmly over the brown haired boy.

“You know what today is right?” Raito asked calmly returning his gaze to the window now suddenly shining with white light as a bolt of lightning made its way downward.

“Yes it is Halloween,” Soichiro answered, “I remember when you and your sister used to go trick-or-treating together……”

“Innocent fun,” Raito said quietly.

“Kira I believe has robbed you the most Raito,” Soichiro mused.

“What do you mean?” Raito asked staring into the eyes of his father.

“He robbed you of a chance to have a peaceful life,” Soichiro answered.

“He robbed Ryuzaki more though,” Raito answered not even hearing himself.

“True,” Soichiro answered.

“Dad go home,” Raito said flatly, “I can take care of myself here.”

“I know you can,” Soichiro nodded and began to walk out the door home. “You could always come home too you know….”

“I know,” Raito finished hearing the sounds of the door creak open and then close slowly.

I knew I heard L for one split second…..Raito thought trying to keep his nerves under control…..No I am tired and that is all. It was just a delusion born out of my own imagination and lack of sufficient sleep, but still…….

“Raito?” a voice asked again.

Raito knew that it had to be a trick of some kind for this time he was sure he had heard L. He turned this way and that but still there was no sign of the person playing the trick. It had to be.

“Dad?” Raito asked to the air, “Dad are you still there? Misa? Is that you? Misa if that is you this is not funny!”

There was no answer. Raito quickly made up a dozen excuses for what he had thought he had heard. None of them seemed to counteract the fear that was growing within him. Lightning cracked and thunder rumbled against the glass window threatening it to break.

Raito backed away from the window continuing to strain around to look for the mysterious body that had released the voice he had know fully and true to be L’s. Suddenly the light flickered as if in fear of the storm they turned off one by one until Raito was enclosed in only the florescent lights of the rest of Tokyo.

What if Ryuk was right! Raito wondered. Could he have been serious when he said that spirits came back? No there was no proof….the Note was real…..but there was no proof of spirits haunting it….

“Raito……” the voice called again.

Against his strong mind, his nerves won, and Raito’s legs propelled him away from the room. His heart pounded in his ears, but it was not enough to stop the soft voice from being heard.

“Raito…..” the voice asked childishly, “Raito? Who was robbed more? Raito? Or L?”

Raito’s legs soon forced him into the corner of the front room. His heart was beating a mile a minute threatening to leave of its own accord straight through his chest.

“Raito?” the voice asked again, “Who was robbed more? Raito or L?”

“Stop!” Raito yelled out, but the childlike voice now twisted and cynical continued.

“Raito who was robbed more? Raito or L?”

“L!” Raito yelled, “L I’m sorry! L was robbed more! L was robbed more!”

The voice laughed a high pitched laugh somewhat in the way a child would laugh at a new joke.

“What do you want from me!” Raito yelled, “I already told you! L was robbed more!”

Raito could no longer stay still and broke into a heavy sprint away from the room. His hand hit the door handle out of the task force investigation base, but the handle wouldn’t move. He sank to the floor hand still on the door knob in desperate pleas.

“Raito?” the voice asked. It was coming nearer and nearer. “Raito? Who was robbed more? Raito or L?”

“I answered you Ryuzaki!” Raito yelled out, “I told you L was robbed more! L lost his life! L died for what he believed! I killed him! I killed him! He was robbed by me! What more do you want!”

“Raito?” the voice started again, “Raito Yagami you are wrong…….”

“What….what do you mean!” Raito yelled out to the voice.

“Raito,” the voice seemed to be whispering in Raito’s ear. “Raito……Raito Yagami was robbed more…Raito Yagami was robbed of his innocence and peace.”

Suddenly the image of his eyes reflected in the window burned into Raito’s skull. It was as if he were looking in the face of a devil ready to steal him away to hell. Raito tightened believing that there was a strong possibility that it would.

And with that the rain stopped. The ceased and the thunder hushed. Slowly but surely the lights returned to the full brightness, but Raito remained frozen. He could not move. The fear had paralyzed him with such a terror that buried into his very being.

Suddenly a knock erupted from the door.

‘Raito! It’s us!” Matsuda called happily.

Raito forced himself up and with a careful hand opened the door. Matsuda peeked in and looked astounded at Raito’s menaced face.

“Raito? Are you ok?” Matsuda asked, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Oh speaking of which I brought you some candy!”

Matsuda bent down and produced a thick brown bar of chocolate and handed it to Raito.

“I don’t feel like eating,” Raito answered dropping the candy bar and heading for the couch.

“Aw but with the rain last night I could only go trick-or-treating to one house and that was the candy I got!” Matsuda complained.

“Sorry Matsuda, but I just felt like I was tricked…..” Raito answered closing his eyes slowly.

As his eyes shut completely he saw the image of L.

“Happy Halloween Raito,” L smiled and then he vanished into the darkness.