Ok I’m gonna try to write about Mikami! Man now that I look at it, it is not that good. Oh well! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing like a psychopath. ^_^

Mikami was at his gym again. As a man of Kira, I have to keep my physical status up. There was also the tendency of habit as well. Once one starts something, it becomes a force of habit. Yes habit ruled people’s lives. Well at least mine.

The groans of the weights as they were pulled up once again circulated in the weight room. No one else was occupying it at the moment, and it caused the sounds of the weights to amplify and fill the room with din.

Kira is God. I am serving God. He knows what to do, and I will be his service man. He chose me to carry out his Judgment while he was in danger. He trusted me with his life. I will repay that trust with my life. Well half of it anyway. That shinigami Ryuk took half for payment of these glorious eyes, and now I will use them to do Kira’s duties. I will not question Kira. Kira is God!

With a surge of energy, Mikami worked out even harder than usual. He worked until his muscles were sore from exhaustion. Yes Kira would need him in the future to be strong! As he walked tiredly to his locker, he saw something sticking out of it. A paper was sticking out of it.

God! He has found a way to contact me directly! No, I am not that foolish. God is trapped right now. It is best to believe that it is from those that want to destroy Him. Kira forgive me for believing that this could be your doing.

Mikami slowly pulled the paper from the locker and proceeded to read it.

I know you don’t know me, but I know you. I have been admiring you from afar for a while now. I was hoping that you would go on a date with me. I know you are a tad excessive about your schedule, but maybe you could put a few hours aside and go to dinner with me this Saturday. If you would be willing to, please meet me at the Soaki Diner in booth five in the corner at six o’clock. If not, please leave this letter sticking out of the locker, and I will understand. Thank you for your time.
An Admirer

Mikami reread the letter to make himself believe it. Someone has been watching me without me knowing it! What would Kira say if he ever found out! God! Kira! Now then what should I do? This is obviously a childish request, but my love life has been nonexistent for more than a few years. Maybe this is a good idea. Then again, I need all my free time to help Kira. Only a few hours. Only a few hours.

Mikami was at the diner right on time. His eyes scanned the booth. It was up against the a wall that jutted inward so it could not be seen directly from the front. Mikami walked slowly towards the booth trying to keep his mind straight. This was just a meeting. It is not as if God were there. No I am just here to meet an admirer. There is nothing wrong with that. No, could it be a trap by one of the anti-Kira campaigners? Yes! That has to be it, but what she doesn’t know is that Kira is everywhere! I will smite this woman at once and make her pay for trying to harm God.

Mikami’s thoughts were interrupted as he realized that he was standing at the table. His eyes darted to the face and name of the woman that was trying to harm God. At that moment, Mikami’s heart nearly stopped. There he was! There was God!

Light Yamai sat in the booth eyeing Mikami. His plan had worked! No one suspected Light using a convict to drop off a love letter and then twenty-three blocks away having a heart attack. And of course Mikami would accept. Light had studied him long enough to know that Mikami had no love life and would probably go for it. If he hadn’t there would be a bit of an annoyance, but he had taken the bait. And of course there was the scheduling. Light had chosen the exact time and date that Mikami would be available due to his constant repetitive schedule. Now he was face to face with Mikami.

“God,” Mikami said astonished, “it is you.”

“Mikami, we planned this meething weeks in advance. What do you mean ‘it’s you.’” Light asked casually.

Oh God! I understand! I understand! This was your plan! This was your plan to meet me finally! Yes I will play along! You are probably worried about bugs. I understand! I understand it all! Thank you God. Thank you for letting me see your face!
“Sit down,” Light suggested rather than ordered.

Mikami came back to himself and sat down with his back to jut in the wall.

“Light,” Mikami started. He hoped that it was the name that God would respond to. The kanji of God’s name was Moon, but it was obviously not read that way. There were several other ways it could be read, but Light was the most common.

“Yes it is me, Light, I know it has been a long time since I saw you but you don’t have to act like that cousin! Sayu would have loved to see you, but she is still a tad ill from a while ago” Light laughed. Good, Mikami was playing along. There were several bugs because of Mogi. Everyone believed that Mikami was a cousin that had come into town, and that I had been planning to take a few hours off to relax away from the Kira case. Matsuda and his childishness pushed it even further when he said that even I need to take a break once and a while.

Light quickly slipped Mikami a piece of paper and Mikami read it quickly.

I am God as you can probably tell. I have been backed into a crooner for a while and there are bugs in the restaurant. Just go along with the talk. You are my cousin from the U.S. Your name is Michel. Sayu is my sister. We’ll start with that. Read more down as I talk.

“Light, yes it has been a long time. Too bad about Sayu. She was a much nicer cousin than you,” Mikami laughed. Would God approve? Only time would tell.

“Hey now that’s not nice!” Light laughed childishly.

Good, God approved!
The charade continued for fifteen minutes as Light and Mikami ate. It ranged mainly around Light Yagami’s family. Light had a sister that he seemed to protect greatly. Yes, God should be compassionate to those with pure hearts. Light’s mother was also a kind woman. And the last piece of information shocked Mikami the most. It had started as a conversation on his father.
“Ya, I really miss my dad. What really sucks is that he died with his mission to stop Kira incomplete. You know what I mean. Well, maybe you don’t. Did Uncle ever tell you?”
Mikami’s eyes darted to the paper with the basic information. There was nothing about his father on the sheet except that his name was Soichiro and that he was killed doing his job.
“No, he didn’t tell me. All he ever said was that Uncle Soichiro was killed doing his job. And I don’t even really know what his job was either. My dad didn’t talk about Uncle Soichiro that much.”
“Well you are family; I can’t tell you much about it, but he was killed by a man while trying to retrieve something for the Japanese Task Force working on the Kira case. That is all I know.”

God! Your father was on the Japanese Task Force! The one that tried to or rather is trying to capture Kira! You! That means you would have had access to much of their information meaning that you could slip right through their fingers.
“And now, I am going to complete my father’s work. Michel , please don’t tell the rest of the family. I don’t want the rest to know. If I die, please tell them that I died completing my father’s work,” Light said rather somberly.
All the while Mikami felt his mind was going to explode. God was the son of a Japanese Task Force! And now he is part of the Task Force! I understand God! I understand that you used this position to get information. I understand that this is the most strategic position at the moment, but you can’t move. Someone is obviously suspecting you. I understand my job fully now. I understand! You chose me not only to complete you work but also to take eyes away from you. I understand, and I take on this responsibility as my personal goal. Even if it costs my life, I will help God purge the world and make it clean. God is so young and beautiful. When I first met the shinigami, I was sure that he was God, but now I am sure that he is not. This is God. He is intelligent as well. God thank you for choosing me. Thank you.

“Oh! Michel, I have been talking so much about myself. Sorry, how is your mother, my aunt?” Light asked sounding rather happy to be off the subject of his father.

“She is fine, but recently she has been feeling ill. I have a feeling it is because of the change in the weather lately. And my father is fine. He is still working overly hard. I think it is affecting his health. I am trying to convince them to move here, but they keep refusing,” Mikami read off of another paper Light had handed him.

“Well, if you would move to around here, I’m sure they would be happy to come down. But you keep with your recluse self as always.”

“It’s in my nature, I love being in far off places, I only came here because of work,” Mikami continued to read.

“Well, I can understand. Anyway, make sure you don’t get killed by Kira or anything. Hahhahahaha,” Light chuckled.

This was the real discussion! The word Kira proves it! What do you need God? What do you NEED?

“Do you really think I’m that bad of a person?” Mikami read.

“No, but lately Kira has gotten a tad stricter. You should be cautious on what you say and do. Just be more careful so you don’t get killed ok?” Light asked. Light raised his hand and held up four fingers. He put the four fingers on his cheek and rested his head on his arm. He mouthed the word “word.”
Four! That is the clue! Mikami thought. Let’s see, the forth word of each sentence would be the most obvious inscription. But why did he not just write it down? No. If we were caught now, the paper we wrote on would be confiscated, and they would determine facts from it. We cannot allow them to see this written down. I understand God! I understand! If they saw the page, we could simply say that I was trying to get my memories back and they were my notes. You are clever God. Now then what were the words? In the first sentence it was…Kira ahh yes I see! Now the next…cautious, he wants me to be more cautious ok. They must have started suspecting something. Now the next…careful, more caution, I understand. Something must have spooked him. God I will protect your secret with my life. I will be the best servant to Kira!
“Michel? Are you ok?” Light asked, “You spaced out there for a second.”

“Oh sorry, I was just thinking about my work I have to do when I get home. Yes I will be more cautious, but I don’t think Kira would kill me. Anyway this was nice Light, but tomorrow I have to be in Hong Kong at four in the afternoon, and so I leave you now. Nice to see you Light,” Mikami ended his talk and stood.
Light stood as well and placed money on the table.
“Bye,” Light sighed and with that, the two parted.

God! I will be cautious. This meeting was so special to me. I got to see my God in person, but if he had just wanted me to be cautious, why would he come to see me in person? Why would he not just tell Takada?
Mikami walked a few blocks, but then his eye caught someone. It was God!
“Mikami,” Light said quietly, “I felt it was only right to show my face to my perfect, loyal servant. I will remember all you have done for me when I finish making the new world.”
“God!” Mikami nearly cried, “I will serve you forever!”
And in the blink of an eye, Kira was gone.
God I will serve you forever! I will! I will! Thank you for believing in me enough to let me see your face. Thank you.