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Ranodm Death Note versions of the Pokemon song

Hahahah I was bored....It goes to that very begining pokemon sone 'I want to be the very best' I plan to do it with all the characters singing....

Light's version

I want to be the very best
That no God ever was
To catch L is my real test
To kill him is my cause

I will kill across the land
Serching far and wide
Each Death Note
To understand
The power to kill inside

Death Note
Gotta kill em all
Hearts so blue
I know I will pull through

You teach me
And I'll teach you
Death Note!'s L's version

I know I am the very best
That no one ever was
I catch Light is my real test
To porve he's Kira is my cause!

I will travle across the land
Looking far and wide
To Find the Note
and understand
The power that's inside!

Death Note Gotta stop em all
Hearts so true!
I know it will pull me through

You teach me
and I'll teach you

Death Note!
Gotta stop them all! Near's..............

I know that I'm the very best
That in the past L once was
To catch Kira is my real test
To avenge L's death's my cause

I will travle across the land
Searching far and wide
To stop Kira
and understand the power that's inside

Death Note!
Gotta burn them all!
Hearts so ture
I know it will pull us through

You teach me and I'll teach you
Burn the Note!
Gotta stop them all!

...........................I liked that one with the Mello...

I want to be the very best
That no one ever was
To catch Kira is my ral test
To beat Near is my cause

I will travle across the land
Searching far and wide
To steal the Note and understand
The power that's inside!

Death Note!
Gotta steal them all
Hearts so true
I will beat Near too

You teach me
And I kill you
Death Note!
Gotta get them all!

............That was scary to write...Mikami............I'm afraid........

I want to be the very best
That no one ever was
To Kill criminals is my real test
To love Kira is my cause!

I will kill across the land
Loving Kira and at his side
Each Death Note to understand
God's power that's inside!

Death Note!
Gotta kill them all!
Hearts so ture
My love for Kira will pull me through

You teach me and I'll teach you
Death Note!
Gotta kill them all!

....................that's all...........I don't want to do Misa or Matsuda.....they would be hard..............I'm thinking about doing this with other songs.........please comment!

L's Past

This was when Light gave up his memories to help L catch Higuchi and get himself freed. L fans please don’t kill me.

“Hey L,” Light said leaning back in his chair. They had just gone through a large amount of information about Yotsuba, and the information had taken its toll. “What keeps you going like that. I am so tired.”

“If you are tired Light-kun then you should sleep. I can process the rest of this information on my own,” L answered.

“No that is fine,” Light answered, “logic says that it is all the high calorie sweets that you constantly eat. If I ate like you, I would be fat.”
“Light-kun, where is this going?” L asked.

“No where I guess I am just becoming delusional. I will go take a nap if that is fine with you,” Light answered.

Light stood and walked off pulling his end of the chain with him. The chain was just long enough for Light to reach a couch and lay down comfortably. In a few minutes Light’s slow and relaxed breathing entered L’s ears. Could I have really made a mistake thinking that Light-kun is Kira? Hmmm and where was he going with that sweet question? Speaking of sweets, I need Watari to get me some more strawberries.

In that moment, visions of a past once begged to be laid to rest resurfaced. Back to L’s childhood they went. Back to pain that L himself had to block out of his consciousness. The feeling of the cold and snow and the bells came into full focus. Feelings long buried were being forced to the surface. The feelings of cold, the feeling of pain, and the feeling of hunger were once again alive.

“Mommy, I’m hungry,” L complained to a woman as the snow fell slowly around them. L himself was in oversized clothes handed out generously from the shelters. L was only five at the time and could not understand why he was always so hungry. It was late in the day, and street lights were already starting to come on. The snow reflected the street lights as they came down in shimmering flakes. Any other human being would have considered this a beautiful sight, but L hated it. Snow meant cold and cold meant it was harder for his mother to get a job, and cold meant there was no food.
“I’m sorry baby,” L’s mother nearly cried.

She was a poor woman with barely a single yen to her name. A husband gave her a child but then died in a car accident. Now this quiet woman was struggling to raise a child who learned at a very early age what hunger was. All she could say was ‘I’m sorry’ over and over again as her child asked why there was no food. What this woman could not conceive was that her child was a genius or the fact that he thought her beautiful. All she focused on was getting enough food to survive in the cold of Japan.

“Mommy, it’s alright. Don’t cry Mommy. I’ll protect you. Don’t cry,” L repeated over and over again, but the woman continued to cry in the ice of the winter.

L grasped his mother’s hand and slowly walked her down the sidewalk. His hair too long jumped in front of him and blocked his vision, but L proceeded forward. There was nowhere to go, no house to find, no family to see, but there was pavement to walk and small joys to watch from afar.

A child begged his mother for a toy not far away, but the mother continued to protest telling the boy that Christmas was coming, and he should wait to receive gifts rather that beg like a child. L knew too well that there were not going to be Christmas presents. There never were and there never would be. That was how things were. L clasped his mother’s hand tighter as she began to weep at seeing a normal child and then looking at her child not being able to give him the simplest of gifts- food and shelter from the ice.

“It’s alright Mommy,” L smiled. Already he had learned the soft smile that made his mother smile back, “We’ll be okay Mommy. We always are. Don’t cry.”
Just then, a man appeared on the street. L froze as his eyes caught the look the man was giving his mother. They were devilish eyes that wanted to harm, to crush, to kill. It seemed as though everyone on the street had vanished into the ice and snow.

“Hello there, pretty lady. Why don’t you ditch the kid and come talk with me about your payments,” the man cooed. The stench of sake was so pungent that even from the few feet away he stood, L could smell it. L felt his mother’s hand tighten around his.

“No,” L said, trying to sound as fierce as he felt inside. No one was going to hurt his mother.

“Ah, the brat has fangs. Sorry laddie, but I have a bit of business with your mom here,” the man chuckled.

“I don’t have the money,” L’s mother said flatly, “I will try to pay you back as soon as I can. I need more time.”

“Time…I have given you six months. Isn’t that enough time? Well, time's up. If I can’t get my money, you will pay with your deaths,” the man said and held up a gun.

The fear that shook his mother traveled into L himself. She tried to hide it, but when she became afraid, L’s mother shook. It was as if the ice outside was entering him, trying to freeze him to death. He felt the ice freeze inside his eyes and bury down creating what would be later in life dark circles. L’s mother moved in front of her child instinctively. L clung to her hand tighter, but she had stopped shaking.

“God spare my child,” she whispered.

“Stop!” a voice boomed angrily.

L looked to his left and saw a police officer running towards them.
“Dam!” the man cursed. He aimed the gun and pulled the trigger before the police officer could stop it.

The bang was only the first part. More bangs erupted from the police officer’s gun as twelve bullets entered the man that had wanted to harm, but the damage was already done. L’s mother fell backwards onto L who was splashed with her blood. The snow absorbed the blood like a sponge and became bright pink. L felt he could move, but the pure terror froze him. His mother was breathing slowly now as more blood pooled onto L’s oversized clothes.

“My baby,” was the last words L’s mother said as she left the world of the living.

“Mommy,” L cried from beneath his mother. He managed to move out from under her and placed her head in his lap. Tears froze into ice as they streamed down the crying boy’s eyes. He could not move. Even when the officer came and placed his arm around the boy, L did not move.

“Are you alright?” the officer asked softly.

“Mommy, my mommy is….” L cried and buried his head into the officer’s jacket. The officer placed his arms around the sobbing child and picked him slowly up. He had already called an ambulance and other officers to the scene, and as people rushed around trying to understand what happened and this, that, and the other, the officer held l close to him.

Doctors confirmed that L was fine but that the man and woman later identified by people whose names and faces L would never know were dead. It was later learned why the shooting had occurred, but the officer did not let anyone near the child. L stayed in the officer’s arms as he was taken to the police headquarters.

“My mommy, my mommy…she was killed. My mommy was killed,” L sobbed into a blue jacket. The officer had no words that he could find that would make it any better, so he remained silent and sat down in a swivel chair. He rocked L until the child had fallen asleep. Even then, L did not release the officer’s jacket, so the officer sat with him for what seemed like an eternity.

L awakened in a warm bed with the smell of strawberries and cinnamon rolls waiting for him on a desk to his right. He was still in the police headquarters, and the officer that had rescued him the night before was asleep in the swivel chair only a few feet away. Someone had changed L into soft pajamas, and as L’s feet hit the floor, the officer looked up from his sleep.

“Hello,” the officer said calmly, “I am Officer Soichiro Yagami. Do you want to tell me your name?”

L remained silent, but the officer did not press him any further.

“I had sweets ordered in for you. You seem thin. Eat as much as you want. If you need anything, feel free to let me know,” Soichiro said as he stood and walked a few feet away. He turned and looked back to the boy, “Are you going to be okay?”

L shook his head, and Soichiro walked back to him.

“Then I’ll stay with you. How does that sound?”

L nodded and walked towards the food. He had never eaten anything that looked and smelled this good before. It seemed like a dream, but as he picked up the cinnamon roll and placed it in his mouth, L felt the sugar buzz through him. It was as if he had missed something he knew nothing of all his life. He ate more and more. Soichiro went away for a few minutes and brought back more sweets. L ate and ate until he felt his stomach was full. It was an awkward feeling, but it was good.

“Thank you,” L said softly.

“You’re welcome, and I am sorry. I see in your face that you know what happened,” Soichiro started, “I was too late, and your mother died. I am sorry.”

“It wasn’t your fault,” L answered. He did not hate this officer. This officer had saved his life and tried to save his mother’s.

“You know, when I joined the Japanese police, I head a friend say that justice would always prevail. I don’t think that I can bring your mother back, but the man that shot her is now dead and will never harm anyone again. So in a way, justice did prevail. I’m sorry that it cost your mother though,” Soichiro said quietly.

The good guys always win, L thought.

After that, L ate more and found that sweets gave him an outlet for all the fear and pain that he needed to lock up. He refused to talk to any psychiatrists or the like, and instead focused on bidding the pain from himself. The sweet taste fought the pain and suffering and pushed them far back into the corner of L’s mind where it would stay. The sugar also gave him energy to study and become a genius. L was placed in foster care where his intellect was noticed by Watari who took him in. L studied and became an excellent detective and solved the unsolvable cases. The words that the good guys always win gave him the strength to go beyond and become the best detective in the world.

L picked up a piece of cake and was about to take a bite when he heard Light stir.

“L….” Light said dazedly, “can I have some cake?”

“I thought sweets would make you fat Light,” L answered.

“I was having bad dreams. Please, can I have some cake?”

“Fine,” L answered. Kira, enjoy your sweets. Justice will always prevail, and I will prove that you are Kira soon enough. You are Kira and act like a god. You are not. And I will catch you.

Before Light

Ok this is what happened to the Death Note before it became Light’s. I had some help with the main idea from a friend.

Mellow looked in the mirror at his reflection scowling back at him. It was Saturday, and most of the children in the House were out going about their own business. Near had gone to the toy store, Matt disappeared into a Game Stop near the House, Soji disappeared into a jail called a bookstore , and Ryuza went to the gym. There is nothing to do! Mellow sighed.
Mellow washed his face and went into the kitchen. It was only nine in the morning, but it was completely empty. Well I could always get some chocolate. Mellow thought happily. Mellow opened the refrigerator and felt shock run through him like the blast of cold air that had slapped his face. There was no food in the fridge! Roger must have gone out to go buy more food.
Mellow walked out of the House and into the fresh air. It was a spring day, but the temperature made it feel like summer. Venders and children crowded the streets. Mellow stared out and proceeded down the street. From across the street, Mellow could see Matt playing one of the free trials of a game displayed near the window. Mellow thought to go get him, but then stopped. Matt is happy. There is no reason to make him suffer boredom with me.
Mellow continued down and spotted Near’s toy store. Near was nowhere in sight, so Mellow moved on. Soji’s bookstore was coming up, and this time and Mellow stopped and walked inside. The cool air was nice. Soji was reading something near the back about the configuration of cells in a body. Behind her unknown to any of them at the time was Mikami reading about law and order.
“Hey Soji!” Mellow called. The entire bookstore looked up at him and told him to shush. Mellow though of a few choice curses to use but dismissed them when he saw the look Soji was giving him. The expression of the “eyes of death” was written by William Shakespeare that Mellow had been forced to read in class. Now he understood the “eyes of death.” These were the eyes Soji was giving him at the moment. Mellow walked towards her despite his constant protest from all of his nerves.
“Mellow, what do you want?” Soji hissed angrily.
Mikami who had been watching the entire procession was trying to keep a straight face and was failing. This girl was very mad, and she was going to release it all here in a private showing. Now if only God would let me see these shows more often. Mikami thought. (This is before Light finds the Note, but Mikami still believes in God to a high exstent.)
“I was just board, and….um….,” Mellow had lost his words in a drain of mumbiling.
“You could get me kicked out of here!” Soji hissed under a smile of kindness. The contrast between her features and her voice are scary, Mellow thought.
Soji grabbed a black book from the shelf behind her not looking at it and threw it at Mellow with the force of a base ball pitcher. K.O. by Soji, Mellow dazedly fled the premises.
“Wait!” Soji called. Mellow had taken the black book with him. “Baka,” Soji swore.
“Miss? Are you going to pay for the book that man just took?” a cashier asked.
“Um…what book was it?” Soji asked.
“It is an old title by a person called Ryuk. There was only one copy put into circulation, and it has been in here for a long time. It’s called Death Note. It is only fifty yen. Are you going to pay for it?”
“Fine,” Soji sighed, handed over the fifty yen, and sat back down in her spot. Teru Mikami bought his law and order book and exited the bookstore.
Mellow ran blindly through the streets until he was out of breath and had to stop. It was at that time that Mellow realized that he had a book in his hand.
“Death Note hu? Is this the book that Soji threw at me? Well I have nothing better to do, let’s take a look inside,” Mellow sighed. His lips moved with the words written in the book, “the human whose name is written in this Note shall die. This Note will not take effect unless the writer has the face of the person in his or her mind when writing the name. What is this crap! Stupid book! And after that it’s blank. What do they expect? Do they think I’d actually kill someone? That is so stupid! I wonder if I could trade it to someone for something.”
Looking around, Mellow realized that he had run all the way to Game Stop. Matt was still playing in the window, and as his score continued to escalate, people were gathering to watch. Mellow pushed open the door and was flooded with cheers as Matt broke the previous record. Someone had gotten him a cigarette, but it stayed pressed against Matt’s lips unlit.
“Tobacco chewing,” Mellow sighed. It was Matt’s new way to stop smoking. He had tried so many times before to stop smoking, and this was his final straw. As Mellow pushed his way through the crowd, Mellow was pushed up against a man watching Matt play.
“Hey! Watch it! You can’t just bump Hiro Kazame and get away with it!” the man said angrily.
“Shut up f****r,” Mellow growled back.
“What did you just say?” Hiro yelled.
Remembering the Death Note, Mellow got out the book and proceeded to write the man’s name down. It was just meant as a shock to the man, but when Mellow finished and showed the note to the man, Hiro screamed and ran out of the building. Little did Mellow know that Hiro Kazame died that day half a block away.
“I knew this thing really didn’t work,” Mellow said aloud, “Hey Matt! Time to go home!”
“Fine,” Matt said, stopped, and put the game controller into the hands of a child no more than ten. “Go for it kid,” Matt smiled. Later in life that boy would grow up to be a professional game designer bound and determined to push the limit of gaming as Matt had done. As they walked out of the Game Stop, Mellow threw the Death Note to the ground and stepped on it.
Teru Mikami stared at this interesting book. He had been walking down the street when he saw the loud blond haired boy from earlier. This must be the book that the girl threw at him. Let’s take a look inside. Mikami read the rules and nearly laughed himself to death. There was no way any of it could be true. Only God could do that! He is the judgment of the world. Mikami walked a little ways past a toy shop and left it on a side bench.
Near stared out of the confines of his self-entwined prison. Several of his trains were going at once, but it was becoming boring now, and so he stood and walked out of the toy store. His clothes were not pajamas but still comfortable clothes. He walked a little ways back to the House when he saw the Note.
“Death Note,” Near read, “That is stupid and terrible. It deserves to be thrown off one of those skyscrapers.” Near smiled at his thought and began his trek to the closest skyscraper. Coincidentally, the nearest skyscraper was the Yotsuba building. Near got on the elevator with several eyes staring at him coyly. He reached the top and threw the Note off the building.
The Note fell farther and farther to the ground, but it was stopped by a flying shinigami named Ryuk.
“What the hell?” Ryuk asked, “It’s my Note! I’ve been looking for it! Crud, I though looking for my Note would be more fun. Maybe I’ll let it fall and wait five days. If nothing happens, then I’ll go steal more apples from those idiot farmers. (Actually at that time there was an apple famine in the U.S.) Hopefully it will be more fun. Well, later Note!”
Ryuk threw the Note once again into the human world where it would be later found by Light Yagami.

Herat Attack Joke

This came off of the “Axel and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, and Heart Attack” joke. If any of you know it, I heard it from a friend and just had to write a story about it. I know very little about Kingdom Hearts (actually I only know people’s names. Kingdom Hearts fans please don’t kill me! I didn’t get the joke until my friend explained it to me) so if you find anything wrong, please feel free to let me know. *bows and smiles* Note this is after Light regains his memories about the Death Note. Sorry for the sudden ending too.

Light looked from Axel to Roxas and then to L. Axel had red hair and wore black clothes like robes. Roxas had the same clothes, but he had semi-blonde hair that stuck up a lot. They looked to be from an age that never existed in Tokyo. Both Axel and Roxas were taller than most of the Task Force, and there was a slight form of intimidation radiating from them.
“Yes,” L was saying, “This is Axel-san and Roxas-san. They are both skilled people, and I have already told them about the Death Note. They will be working with us for the duration of the capture of Kira.”
“Wow you guys are tall!” Matsuda said in awe, “and you look really strong! What skills do you have?”
Axel looked at Roxas who looked at L. L smiled and Roxas looked back to Axel and smiled. A charakin (if that is spelled wrong please let me know!) appeared out of nowhere and came flying towards Axel. Several of the Task Force members dived out of the way of the large spikes and screamed for everyone to get down. Rem who had been watching the silent procession felt a sudden slash as the charakin cut through her arm. She did not scream, but flinched as sand began to flow from the wound. Neither Axel nor Roxas moved. Axel reached out his hand and the charakin flew towards in and landed safely there.
“What was that?” Light asked in shock.
“Sorry for the cut,” L apologized to Rem, “they said they have fought monsters that resemble you a bit, but I had no idea that it really worked.
“It is a minor cut, and I felt no pain, but please don’t do it again or I might be reduced to sand,” Rem answered.
Light tried to control the horror on his face. They could kill Rem! I still need her! Misa! I need to get in contact with Misa and have her kill them! But how will I show them to her? This is bad! Axel and Roxas are probably just aliases. I need to get Misa to see their real names and kill them.
“I can do it too, but I have a key blade instead, “Roxas commented.
“So you can harm shinigami,” Matsuda commented.
“Back where we are from, they are called heartless and attack normal people without Death Notes. We destroy them sometimes. Most of the time we have other things better to do. L paid us handsomely to be here. This shinigami seems not to be interested in attacking anyone, so we apologize for harming you shinigami,” Axel and Roxas answered.
“Your apology is accepted,” Rem answered.
“What is more interesting is that these two could see Rem before they touched the book,” L commented.
“You called them heartless?” Rem asked. Roxas nodded and Rem became paler than usual. “A shinihami started that a long time ago before we had books to kill. We would simply suck the souls out of the body, but there came a problem when we could not get there in time to take out the soul. The soul could sometime turn into what Axel called as heartless. It is a big problem in other areas. There are no problems like that here.”
Son of a! Light thought. They can kill shinigami! Why isn’t Rem killing them now? No she is not in any immediate danger. I need Misa to kill them! When is the next time that I can see Misa? In two days. I have to make a plan. There is no way for Misa to see them, so I need to do it. I will ask her for a piece of Death Note, and since I told her always to carry one she will have one on her. Good. Now how will I kill them? Could I get then to write their own names? How could I do that? I have to learn more about these two.
“Oh nice to meet you. I’m Light Yagami,” Light smiled.
“What is a kid doing here, L?” Roxas asked.
“He is very intelligent and has been helping with the case,” L said swiveling his chair back to the desk and picking up a strawberry.
“How old are you?” Light asked, “You don’t look that much older than me.”
“Light?” Soichiro asked looking at him.
“You wouldn’t believe how old we are, so don’t ask,” Roxas answered.
Axel seems tight for information, but this Roxas seems to talk. I would probably have a better shot getting close to Roxas.
And so the day went on with Light trying to probe Roxas. Light learned a few interesting things about Axel and Roxas. They liked each other a lot, and they had been together for quite a while. During a break time, Light managed to ask Rem what Axel and Roxas’s real names were. Rem replied that they were as they said they were, Axel and Roxas. There were no last names.
So I could just kill them with the paper that Misa will give me. My watch is too risky to open now, but Misa could get the page to me in one more day. One more day. The only problem there is if the Task Force sees me writing the names down. They could prove that I am Kira. Let’s see, can I go back to the other plan and have Roxas kill them both? They do have feelings for each other. If I made it seem like I was making a card for Misa’s birthday, then Roxas might buy it and write his and Axel’s name down making another card. It is just enough to work.
So, Light waited until he got the piece of the Note and then grabbed more paper from the storage. During a break Light went to a couch and began making Misa a card.
“What are you doing?” Roxas asked looking over Light’s shoulder.
“I am making Misa a card for her birthday. She may not mean much to me really, but I hate crying women. Her birthday is in a few weeks, and I had spare time to make it,” Light said casually.
“Wow Axel and I don’t really celebrate birthdays, but I do know when his birthday is. Hey Light, give me a piece of paper.” It worked! Light thought.
Roxas made the card, and he signed his name. Light waited forty seconds, but nothing happened. What is wrong? Light thought. They should both be dead by now! What is wrong?
Rem walked over to Light and Roxas.
“What are you doing?” Rem asked.
“Making cards for birthdays,” Roxas answered.
Why aren’t they dead! WHY!
“Oh Rem, I always wanted to ask. How did you ever get a Death Note? I’m a heatless too, but I kept my human form. Did you ever know what it was like to have a heart? I remember it only a little,” Roxas asked like a little kid.
So he has no heart to kill him! Dam! I can’t pull a stunt like that again. I am stuck with these two until I kill L.

Later after L dies:
“Well we have to go now,” Axel said calmly, “We were only here because of L. Now that he is dead, we have no need to be here. Good bye.”
Then and there, Axel and Roxas walked away and disappeared from the eyes of the Task Force forever.

Soji's Note

Soji Note
The human whose name is written in this Note shall be beaten up by Seta Soji until they cry.

Light looked at the Note left on the ground. It resembled his Death Note, and yet on the front were the words “Soji Note.” What it amounted to was a name. Soji meant nothing in English or Japanese. Light stared at it from his school window dazedly. His Death Note was packed safely away in the desk he had designed back home, but here laying in the exact same place the Death Note was left was a Soji Note. As the end of school was sounded by the chiming of bells, Light walked out to the Soji Note. It was black and leather bound just like the Death Note, but people seemed to ignore it as they had the Death Note. I wonder if Soji is the name of a shinigami. Light thought. It was plausible to a certain extent, but as Light touched the Soji Note and found no shinigami watching over it, he opened the Note.
Inside the Note were a set of rules just like the Death Note, but these were far weirder. The first one stated that the human whose name was written in the Not shall be beaten up by Seta Soji until they cry. What kind of Note is that? Light wondered.
The second was even more buzzer than the first. If you write the cause of being beaten up, the person will be beat up that way. If you don’t write the cause, the person will simply be beaten up by a rampaging Seta Soji. This is so a fake Light thought, but the eerily similarities between the two forced Light to take the Note and put it in his bag.
Soji lay staring at the ceiling of her room at the House. There was nothing to do, and her newest book had been finished three hours ago. Ryuza had suggested going outside and playing a sport, but Soji knew from past experiences that she sucked and that was that. Then Amy tried to convince her to hear one of the stories of the great three successors which Soji instinctively tuned out. A fan circulated air currents through the room, but Soji felt it was still too hot. It was as if a fire were burning somewhere in the House. Suddenly things began to grow blurry and fogged. She felt her body move off the bed, but was not sure what was happening. It was as if she was seeing herself from another point of view. Somehow she had changed into her karate clothes and was walking down the Tokyo Street and towards a prison. Then Soji did something she felt broke every law of physics imaginable. She walked through a wall!
The prison was dark and depressing, but the faces of prisoners created depth to the otherwise bleak area. Soji felt no hate to any of the people there, but she suddenly went on a rampaged and beat the daylights out of one of the prisoners. Then her body commanded her to walk away, but she did not go home. Instead, she walked down foreign streets and wound up at the house of Light Yagami. Soji scaled the siding easily and climbed through Light’s window.
Light looked up as a green haired girl came through his window. The Soji Note was still on his desk, and he had tested it on one of the criminals in a local jail. The fogginess went from Soji’s mind, and once more she had control.
“You!” Soji nearly yelled, “What in hell did you do?!”
Light was thrown back by the angry words of this green haired girl. She said the most fowl things in both English and Japanese. Swearing almost sounded like her religion. As Soji heard herself yelling, she began to wonder what was wrong with her. She had never been this mad before. That was something that Mellow usually did.
“Now tell me what you did!” Soji finished after a long rant about how Light must have been born in a trash bin in Afghanistan to be such a bad person.
“I have no idea what you were yelling about,” Light answered as calmly as possible to this angry demon like girl.
“You did something! I just walked through a wall and beat up a guy in jail till he cried!” Soji flared at Light.
“It worked?” Light asked stunned. So a person really did get beaten up if he wrote the name down. This could be very useful.
“What do you mean it worked?! Was it some kind of drug that makes hallucinations or did I really just walk through a wall and then scale your house to get in!” Soji asked angrily shaking Light like a toy.
Light slipped his hand towards the Soji Note, but Soji noticed it first.
“A Soji Note? What are you a kind of stalker?” Soji asked her temper about to explode.
“That Note is nothing!” Light said too hastily and Soji read his action as scrupulous and grabbed up the Note. As her eyes read over the rules, Soji felt anger go through her like a bullet. Was this the form of control? Even if it wasn’t I have to destroy it and beat the daylights out of this guy.
Soji looked to some homework that Light had been doing and read off his name.
“Light Yagami,” Soji read as she wrote the name in this book. In a split second she was back in the hallucination and was beating up Light. Finally he was knocked out and beads of tears escaped from his eyes. So the book works! Well you will never control me again! Soji grabbed the book and climbed down from the window.
Back at the Wammery House, Soji burned the Note in the back yard so no one could use it again. Then she looked out at the beautiful new day that had formed, went back to her room, kicked Amy out, and went to sleep.