Get a revolver and Pass the bar of chocolate. Welcome to Mello's Mafia Rantings. I'm your host (for now before I shoot one of you and then we have a whole crisis and what not) Mello. Anyways, *clicks the gun* if you're reading this you either have no life or are in desperate need for some action. Welcome to my Mafia. >:D

Note: there are Death Note stories in here as well as requests/art trades

Rules on Requests:

1. only friends
2. If you want it colored, you're going to have to give me some time
3. can be OCs or other characters, but it they are OCs you must either provide me with an adequate description or a picture.
4. I don't draw animals end of story.

Rules on Art Trades:

1. Anyone can ask me to do a trade, but please don't PM me with something like 'HI I JUST SAW YOUR ART AND CAN WE DO A TRADE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!' Please at least try and talk with me a bit so I can get to know ya ^^
2. I do have a right to deny people for art trades, so if I say no, please don't complain.
3. I will only do art trades for a person's OC.
4. Like #3 in Requests, you must either provide me with an adequate description or a picture.
5. That's all ^^

Random Gift Moments:

Every once in a while I'll steal an OC of someone's and draw it. If this happens, I'll dedicate the pic to you and you'll get a free fan work =P This is caused by my boredom sometimes.


Soji's Note is Missing o_O

I speak truth. My Death Note I bought at Oni-con this year is missing. I went to look for it the other day in my book shelf and it's gone o_O I'm scared.


Bang. Bang. Bang.

I smirked and took a bite of chocolate.

"You guys suck," I chuckled. "Don't think you can cross me and live."

I turned and walked away satified. I had done a good jobs work for today. Time to get home and have Mat make me some chocolate moose. Times were good, and there were about to get better.

I walked up the street and down some quick ally-ways. When I got to the aparetment Matt and I shared, I walked straight up and got ready to kick the door down.

"Drama queen please don't do that," Matt said opening the door as I started to raise my leg to break it down.

I nearly fell backwards.

"Matt!" I said startled. "How long have you been waiting there???"

"We need the money to pay the bills. We don't need to have to add repair bill to the budget, so quit it Mello."

I sighed.

"Matt you're no fun," I groaned.

Matt gave me a smirk and then stepped away from the door to let me in. I sighed and entered.


Opening the Death Note Book

Ok so for the first time in this world, I'm opening the pages of my death note for other's to use. If you would like a guest poster status on here please PM me.

Rules for putting stuff on here:

1. Must be death note
2. No exstreme yaoi/ yuri
3. Don't make it your blog

These are the only rules so far. Violate any and I'll kick you arse. :D


Walking Dead Person......

I feel really dead right now.......*sigh* not sure why.......anyways I have started to have a fetish with Doritoes which is ruining my pocket book and my health, but I'm just freakisly obsessed. It's like chocolate......or maybe more than chocolate IDK but I'm craving them -__-

Mikami ^^