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Ok! Here is a story on Matt-chan. Note: this is the same day as the day in the story “Light Dreams” I suggest you read that one before you read this because it makes references to that story. It also happens after Misa gives up her shinigami eyes and memories.

Matt stared out the window with a lighter in his left hand and a cigarette in the other. Neither of the hands made any movement to show that he was going to smoke. They remained at a shoulder’s distance from each other.
Rain was dousing the world and the night was fighting to push away daybreak. Matt pushed back his hair with the hand that held the cigarette and found his goggles were crunching his bangs. He pulled them down around his neck and looked at his reflection in the plexy-glass window. Mellow had insisted that all the windows be made of plexy-glass so that there was no chance of a bullet breaking the glass. It was one of the many safety precautions that Mellow had installed.
“Mellow, where are you?” Matt asked to the window, “You have been gone for nearly a full night. Where are you?”
The window did not reply, and Matt began to feel tears enter his eyes. Mellow had said that he would only be gone a few hours to buy chocolate. Where is he? It makes no sense. Mellow should be back by now, and it is raining. Mellow is like a cat about rain. Where is he? Did something happen to him?
The front door opened and slammed shut.
“Matt, what the hell are you doing?” Mellow asked.
“What do you mean?!” Matt asked angrily, “You said that the most you would be gone was a few hours. Do you have any idea what time it is?!”
Mellow thought for a moment and remembered that that guy Matsuda had claimed it to be more morning than night.
“Nope not a clue,” Mellow answered.
“It is five o’clock in the morning!”
“What are you? My mother?”
“Mellow…I was….was….worried something had happened to you,” Matt said trying to fight back his anger and fear.
“Matt, don’t be like that. I am here now, and I’m going to bed,” Mellow answered.
“Mellow, what if something had happened to you?” Matt asked.
“I have a cell phone. I would just call you.”
“You phone is always off! I called you three times! Mellow, I can’t take anymore.”
“What are you talking about? It’s not like we are married. Dam if we were. You would be one hell of a wife! Look, nothing happened! I am fine! I just needed to beat some sense into this other guy…and I needed time to think about things. I needed to reassure myself that I need to continue going after Kira.”
“L, Kira, Mellow that is all you think about! All you want! What about what I want! You are the reason I started smoking! I hate you!” Matt felt a sudden relief about getting the words out. He pulled his goggles above his eyes and grabbed the door handle.
“Matt! Dam it! Where are you going? Matt!” Mellow stormed.
Matt pulled open the door and was outside the apartment. Then he ran. Matt ran for a good three blocks until he stopped and panted.
“Dam, maybe I should stop smoking. It is so not good for my lungs,” Matt panted. He looked back, but there was no sign of Mellow. So he really doesn’t care. Fine, I’ll take care of myself.
Matt walked down a few streets and walked down to the underground train station. He bought a ticket from the machine and got on the Yamanote line heading south. A corner seat was open and Matt sat down. Seated next him was Misa Amane.
“Um….excuse me, but is there any reason you are sitting here? I kinda need my personal space,” Misa tried being kind. She was out looking for Light at the moment, and this man looked bad.
“Sorry,” Matt answered flatly, but as he bought his eyes up he saw the childish girl Mellow had asked him to investigate Misa Amane.
“Well I guess you don’t look to scary, you can sit here and chat with me!”
Matt thought for a second and then figured that since Misa was publicly known, he could use her name directly.
“You are Misa Amane yes?” He started.
“Oh! So you have heard of me! Yep I am MisaMisa! So I bet you know all about my acting career! Well I am not that popular yet, but I am getting there!”
“I would have thought an actress would have a car,” Matt snickered.
“Oh! So you are the bad type! Well I don’t like bad people!”
“Sorry,” Matt answered. He didn’t mean to take his anger out on her.
“Well as long as you really are sorry I will continue to talk to you! Anyway, you look a little down. What is wrong?”
“Why should I tell you?” Matt asked feeling that he was taking out his anger on her again.
“Well! I was just trying to be nice! Now are you going to tell me or not!” Misa asked.
“Fine, I guess it’s ok. My friend kicked me out of the apartment that we were sharing. He is so mean sometimes. I don’t know why I didn’t leave him from the start.”
“So he was cold hu? My boyfriend is that way too. He changes in mood so easily because of his work, but I have come to love that about him.”
“You have a boyfriend?” Matt asked. He had never seen a boyfriend around when he was watching her all that time.
“Ya we were living together for a while too, but then his work took him away from me for a long time. This was the first night that he had come home, but he went out for some reason early this morning. I was looking for him and decided just to go home. That is why I am here.”
“Does he love you?” Matt asked.
“I don’t know for sure, but I love him. He expresses himself sometimes, but most of the times I get a front that he put up because of work. I love him, and that is all that matters. Oh wow this is kinda of weird; I don’t even know your name.”
“My name is Matt,” Matt answered. She worried so much that she went looking for him. Misa must really love her boyfriend. Her boyfriend puts up a front. Sort of like…Mellow. Yes Mellow puts up a front because he is in the Mafia and needs to act tough, but he never lets down his guard. All that matters…is that I love him. That is what Misa said. All that matters is love. Do I love Mellow? He is rough on the outside, but I think I might. That would explain why we have so many fights. I worry about him…hum…I read somewhere that worry is actually a form of love. I thought it was a joke, but now I see. I love Mellow for who he is.
“Um…are you ok Matt? You were sort of drifting off. Are you ok?”
“Mellow,” Matt mumbled.
“Hey Matt! Are you ok?” Misa asked.
Matt sat up and realized that he had fallen over.
“Sorry, I must have somewhat dozed off. I didn’t sleep at all last night. Sorry.”
“You say sorry way too much. Now listen, act like a man! Go home and kick that baka in the butt! Tell him that it is you apartment too and see what he does!” Misa said enthusiastically.
“Thanks, you’ve helped in ways that you don’t even know. I hope your boyfriend is home. Sorry, but I have to get off at the next stop and go home. Tanks again.”
“No problem! Wow maybe I should be like one of those councilors on T.V. Maybe I could even beat Dr. Phil. Bye Matt!”
Matt got off at the next stop and took another train back north. The sun was already up by the time Matt was back in front of his apartment. He grabbed the door and pulled it open. Mellow was sleeping soundly on the couch. His hair was a mess and covered most of his face. Matt walked over to the couch and sat down near Mellow’s feet. Mellow opened one eye and looked at Matt.
“Are you ok now Matt?” Mellow asked not sounding groggy at all. He had been awake.
“Good because you worried me. I went out looking for you, but it was like you just disappeared. I’m glad you’re safe. Now come here.”
Mellow grabbed Matt’s jacket and pulled him down to his level one the couch. Matt lay down next to Mellow on the couch. Mellow put one hand over Matt’s waist, but Matt didn’t move. Matt was breathing slowly now, and Mellow felt his breathing slow also. Things began to grow dark as both went to sleep there on the couch.

Misa pulled open the door to her and Light’s apartment. Then she pulled open the door to their bedroom. There at the window as the sun began to rise higher in the sky, Light stood. Le turned slowly and Misa noticed the plate of cinnamon rolls in his arms.
“I was wondering where you went off to Misa. I thought I would make breakfast this morning. Matsuda’s sandwiches are starting to bore me, so I thought this would be a change. Here Misa.”
Misa blushed and took one of the cinnamon rolls.
“These taste horrible.”


Ok I’m gonna try to write about Mikami! Man now that I look at it, it is not that good. Oh well! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing like a psychopath. ^_^

Mikami was at his gym again. As a man of Kira, I have to keep my physical status up. There was also the tendency of habit as well. Once one starts something, it becomes a force of habit. Yes habit ruled people’s lives. Well at least mine.

The groans of the weights as they were pulled up once again circulated in the weight room. No one else was occupying it at the moment, and it caused the sounds of the weights to amplify and fill the room with din.

Kira is God. I am serving God. He knows what to do, and I will be his service man. He chose me to carry out his Judgment while he was in danger. He trusted me with his life. I will repay that trust with my life. Well half of it anyway. That shinigami Ryuk took half for payment of these glorious eyes, and now I will use them to do Kira’s duties. I will not question Kira. Kira is God!

With a surge of energy, Mikami worked out even harder than usual. He worked until his muscles were sore from exhaustion. Yes Kira would need him in the future to be strong! As he walked tiredly to his locker, he saw something sticking out of it. A paper was sticking out of it.

God! He has found a way to contact me directly! No, I am not that foolish. God is trapped right now. It is best to believe that it is from those that want to destroy Him. Kira forgive me for believing that this could be your doing.

Mikami slowly pulled the paper from the locker and proceeded to read it.

I know you don’t know me, but I know you. I have been admiring you from afar for a while now. I was hoping that you would go on a date with me. I know you are a tad excessive about your schedule, but maybe you could put a few hours aside and go to dinner with me this Saturday. If you would be willing to, please meet me at the Soaki Diner in booth five in the corner at six o’clock. If not, please leave this letter sticking out of the locker, and I will understand. Thank you for your time.
An Admirer

Mikami reread the letter to make himself believe it. Someone has been watching me without me knowing it! What would Kira say if he ever found out! God! Kira! Now then what should I do? This is obviously a childish request, but my love life has been nonexistent for more than a few years. Maybe this is a good idea. Then again, I need all my free time to help Kira. Only a few hours. Only a few hours.

Mikami was at the diner right on time. His eyes scanned the booth. It was up against the a wall that jutted inward so it could not be seen directly from the front. Mikami walked slowly towards the booth trying to keep his mind straight. This was just a meeting. It is not as if God were there. No I am just here to meet an admirer. There is nothing wrong with that. No, could it be a trap by one of the anti-Kira campaigners? Yes! That has to be it, but what she doesn’t know is that Kira is everywhere! I will smite this woman at once and make her pay for trying to harm God.

Mikami’s thoughts were interrupted as he realized that he was standing at the table. His eyes darted to the face and name of the woman that was trying to harm God. At that moment, Mikami’s heart nearly stopped. There he was! There was God!

Light Yamai sat in the booth eyeing Mikami. His plan had worked! No one suspected Light using a convict to drop off a love letter and then twenty-three blocks away having a heart attack. And of course Mikami would accept. Light had studied him long enough to know that Mikami had no love life and would probably go for it. If he hadn’t there would be a bit of an annoyance, but he had taken the bait. And of course there was the scheduling. Light had chosen the exact time and date that Mikami would be available due to his constant repetitive schedule. Now he was face to face with Mikami.

“God,” Mikami said astonished, “it is you.”

“Mikami, we planned this meething weeks in advance. What do you mean ‘it’s you.’” Light asked casually.

Oh God! I understand! I understand! This was your plan! This was your plan to meet me finally! Yes I will play along! You are probably worried about bugs. I understand! I understand it all! Thank you God. Thank you for letting me see your face!
“Sit down,” Light suggested rather than ordered.

Mikami came back to himself and sat down with his back to jut in the wall.

“Light,” Mikami started. He hoped that it was the name that God would respond to. The kanji of God’s name was Moon, but it was obviously not read that way. There were several other ways it could be read, but Light was the most common.

“Yes it is me, Light, I know it has been a long time since I saw you but you don’t have to act like that cousin! Sayu would have loved to see you, but she is still a tad ill from a while ago” Light laughed. Good, Mikami was playing along. There were several bugs because of Mogi. Everyone believed that Mikami was a cousin that had come into town, and that I had been planning to take a few hours off to relax away from the Kira case. Matsuda and his childishness pushed it even further when he said that even I need to take a break once and a while.

Light quickly slipped Mikami a piece of paper and Mikami read it quickly.

I am God as you can probably tell. I have been backed into a crooner for a while and there are bugs in the restaurant. Just go along with the talk. You are my cousin from the U.S. Your name is Michel. Sayu is my sister. We’ll start with that. Read more down as I talk.

“Light, yes it has been a long time. Too bad about Sayu. She was a much nicer cousin than you,” Mikami laughed. Would God approve? Only time would tell.

“Hey now that’s not nice!” Light laughed childishly.

Good, God approved!
The charade continued for fifteen minutes as Light and Mikami ate. It ranged mainly around Light Yagami’s family. Light had a sister that he seemed to protect greatly. Yes, God should be compassionate to those with pure hearts. Light’s mother was also a kind woman. And the last piece of information shocked Mikami the most. It had started as a conversation on his father.
“Ya, I really miss my dad. What really sucks is that he died with his mission to stop Kira incomplete. You know what I mean. Well, maybe you don’t. Did Uncle ever tell you?”
Mikami’s eyes darted to the paper with the basic information. There was nothing about his father on the sheet except that his name was Soichiro and that he was killed doing his job.
“No, he didn’t tell me. All he ever said was that Uncle Soichiro was killed doing his job. And I don’t even really know what his job was either. My dad didn’t talk about Uncle Soichiro that much.”
“Well you are family; I can’t tell you much about it, but he was killed by a man while trying to retrieve something for the Japanese Task Force working on the Kira case. That is all I know.”

God! Your father was on the Japanese Task Force! The one that tried to or rather is trying to capture Kira! You! That means you would have had access to much of their information meaning that you could slip right through their fingers.
“And now, I am going to complete my father’s work. Michel , please don’t tell the rest of the family. I don’t want the rest to know. If I die, please tell them that I died completing my father’s work,” Light said rather somberly.
All the while Mikami felt his mind was going to explode. God was the son of a Japanese Task Force! And now he is part of the Task Force! I understand God! I understand that you used this position to get information. I understand that this is the most strategic position at the moment, but you can’t move. Someone is obviously suspecting you. I understand my job fully now. I understand! You chose me not only to complete you work but also to take eyes away from you. I understand, and I take on this responsibility as my personal goal. Even if it costs my life, I will help God purge the world and make it clean. God is so young and beautiful. When I first met the shinigami, I was sure that he was God, but now I am sure that he is not. This is God. He is intelligent as well. God thank you for choosing me. Thank you.

“Oh! Michel, I have been talking so much about myself. Sorry, how is your mother, my aunt?” Light asked sounding rather happy to be off the subject of his father.

“She is fine, but recently she has been feeling ill. I have a feeling it is because of the change in the weather lately. And my father is fine. He is still working overly hard. I think it is affecting his health. I am trying to convince them to move here, but they keep refusing,” Mikami read off of another paper Light had handed him.

“Well, if you would move to around here, I’m sure they would be happy to come down. But you keep with your recluse self as always.”

“It’s in my nature, I love being in far off places, I only came here because of work,” Mikami continued to read.

“Well, I can understand. Anyway, make sure you don’t get killed by Kira or anything. Hahhahahaha,” Light chuckled.

This was the real discussion! The word Kira proves it! What do you need God? What do you NEED?

“Do you really think I’m that bad of a person?” Mikami read.

“No, but lately Kira has gotten a tad stricter. You should be cautious on what you say and do. Just be more careful so you don’t get killed ok?” Light asked. Light raised his hand and held up four fingers. He put the four fingers on his cheek and rested his head on his arm. He mouthed the word “word.”
Four! That is the clue! Mikami thought. Let’s see, the forth word of each sentence would be the most obvious inscription. But why did he not just write it down? No. If we were caught now, the paper we wrote on would be confiscated, and they would determine facts from it. We cannot allow them to see this written down. I understand God! I understand! If they saw the page, we could simply say that I was trying to get my memories back and they were my notes. You are clever God. Now then what were the words? In the first sentence it was…Kira ahh yes I see! Now the next…cautious, he wants me to be more cautious ok. They must have started suspecting something. Now the next…careful, more caution, I understand. Something must have spooked him. God I will protect your secret with my life. I will be the best servant to Kira!
“Michel? Are you ok?” Light asked, “You spaced out there for a second.”

“Oh sorry, I was just thinking about my work I have to do when I get home. Yes I will be more cautious, but I don’t think Kira would kill me. Anyway this was nice Light, but tomorrow I have to be in Hong Kong at four in the afternoon, and so I leave you now. Nice to see you Light,” Mikami ended his talk and stood.
Light stood as well and placed money on the table.
“Bye,” Light sighed and with that, the two parted.

God! I will be cautious. This meeting was so special to me. I got to see my God in person, but if he had just wanted me to be cautious, why would he come to see me in person? Why would he not just tell Takada?
Mikami walked a few blocks, but then his eye caught someone. It was God!
“Mikami,” Light said quietly, “I felt it was only right to show my face to my perfect, loyal servant. I will remember all you have done for me when I finish making the new world.”
“God!” Mikami nearly cried, “I will serve you forever!”
And in the blink of an eye, Kira was gone.
God I will serve you forever! I will! I will! Thank you for believing in me enough to let me see your face. Thank you.

Death is not a Toy

Near set up his dice into the form of a pyramid. He was in a private room at the moment away from the screens that made up approximately 97.23% of his life. The pyramid was one that he had constructed many times before. It was a simple square pyramid with all its angle degrees equaling 45. As he worked, Near became more and more dismayed by his creation. He took it apart time and time again, but there was something constantly off with it. He worked for more than an hour, but the only thing that he managed to accomplish was to aggravate himself. Yes emotions were brought to the surface only when needed unlike the tragic emotional Mellow. A few seconds later Giovanni came in.

“Yes?” Near asked trying not to show the irritation in his voice.

“Near, the second L is on the line. He wishes to speak with you,” Giovanni reported calmly.

“Tell him I am busy at the moment,” Near answered.

“Is that wise, Near?” Giovanni asked.

“Maybe not, but I am busy,” Near answered.

Giovanni stared for a second then turned back toward the main room. All the screens blared the stiff L icon. Without even seeing it, Near felt its presence irritating. That was the second L. That was the man who Near knew for a fact was Kira. That was the man that killed the real L. That man was the one who believed he could become a god of death. No he was not a god. He was a heartless murderer. There was no difference between the criminals killed and the killed L. Kira believed in death to those of pure hearts as well as those with less pure. He had given up his humanity for the Death Note. That man would be stopped at all costs. And yet this was not the time to think of that man. This time would be used for what was always needed in times of stress. This time would be used as a break.

Giovanni’s footsteps clicked and could be heard as they reentered the main room. The clicks stopped as Giovanni came to what Near knew was the table with his walkie-talki. Giovanni pressed the walkie-talkie that was Near’s transmitter and the sounds of L came through.

“Near I believe we….” Light started on the other line.

“Near refuses to see you at this time L please call back later,” Giovanni cut in.

Shocked for a second, Light asked, “What do you mean he refuses?”

“He is busy, Goodbye.”

Light was left with a scowl on his face. What was that about? He thought.

Near heard the walkie-talkie placed back down on the floor. His room was completely silent. Nothing except the clicking sound of his own dice against each other existed. The beats of the corners as they were stacked this way and that could be compared with a heart monitor of someone in a coma. This way and that the dice were stacked.

L, Near wondered, what is your tomb like?

The sounds of the clicks of dice continued with Near unaware of himself. As he began to come back to himself, Near realized what he was making. The pyramid had become a square Christian tomb. It was nothing grand. No it was rather simple. Just the way that L liked it. He had preferred simple material things such as sweets and…..bells. Yes, L had liked bells. There was a time when L had come to the Wammery House and shown his love of those two eternal things.

It had been a snowy day right before the Kira investigation had started and after Christmas had ended. School would start soon, and then the trees would bloom. But that would be in the future. Now was the time in-between when Mellow got restless and terrorized the House with his excess energy. It was the time when Matt would hold up in his room with a new video game threatening to have Mellow beat anyone who came within three feet of him. Yes technically it was the most boring time of the year. That was when he chose to come. That was when L chose to come and pay the House a visit.

He came late in the day when the snow was slowing. The sun was shining its last across the terrain and entering the west windows. Near had been in the front main room building a train track he had received as a Christmas gift from Roger. The front door opened bringing with it snow and a thin lanky body, but Near did not look up. Sandals were shed by the door, but the train remain Near’s foremost focus. The shuffling of feet across the floor was lost to Near. Finally the sound of a voice caught his attention.

“So you are Near,” a soothing voice stated.

Near’s eyes rose to meet this new voice. It was a rather young looking man. He wore a long white shirt and blue pants. His skin was nearly as pale as Near’s, but what really captivated Near was the man’s eyes. These eyes were large and black. Bags were cuddled under the eyelids, but the eyes were pure and full. No matter how hard Near tried, ne found that he could not look away.

“I’m L. So you are the one that has made such good grades here,” L smiled.

Near felt a tingle of excitement run through him. So this was the L that was the genius that could solve unsolvable cases. This was the man that had existed as the idol of the House. He was young and thin, but his eyes were those of someone who knew. Knew what? No one knew.

“Yes I am Near, but Mellow and Matt make good grades as well,” Near replied trying to sound apathetic.

“Ah yes those two as well. I came to say hi to my future successors. Come let’s go and get the two M&Ms.”

“A pet name?” Near questioned.

“You could say that. The only reason I said it was because it relates back to well…sweets. I use the sugar in sweets to give me the energy to solve the unsolvable. Cake is the best though. Oh sorry I am droning. I could probably find a sweet name for you too.”

Near felt his face become scarlet.


“Sweets are good. Let’s go raid the cabinet. No let’s get Mellow and Matt and then raid the cabinet.”

The two walked down the halls of the House until they came to Mellow and Matt’s room. The door was slightly ajar. L grabbed the door and pushed it fully open. The room contained a cross between two very different tastes. On Mellow’s side the walls were black and the bed spread was at best a pile of sheets. A desk with a chair under it stood off to the side. Leather clothes stacked on it showed the owner to of the desk to be Mellow. His picture that would in the future be bartered off by Near was in a frame above the desk. Mellow himself was sprawled out on the floor with what looked to be a “How to be a Better Bully” book. The other side of the room was quite different. The walls were a deep red color with random pictures of singers and actors that included Misa Amane. His bed was well kept, but the bedside table was a mess with cigarettes cases and lighters. A few dozen video game consoles and games were scattered on the floor and near what appeared to be an easy chair. Matt was sitting on the window sill that separated the two sides of the room smoking a cigarette and playing a game.

“Cigarettes are going to kill you,” Near commented to Matt. The redhead looked around as Mellow looked up.

“Leave it to you to be the optimistic one,” Matt answered.

“So these are the second and third of the school. Hello Mellow and Matt. I am L.”

Silence engulfed the room, but after five seconds of strange and awkward looks, Mellow jumped up and grabbed L in a hug.

“OMG OMG OMG!” Mellow exploded as he slowly released the shocked but rather happy L.

“Is he always like that?” L asked with an astonished face.

“No usually he is more like a guy, he is kinda like a girl when he does it,” Matt answered, “You get used to it after like five years of living together.” (Sounds kinda like a marriage hu?)

“They are both emotional,” Near droned.

“Hey! Don’t insult me!” Mellow growled.

“It wasn’t an insult it was a fact. There is always a 63.23% chance that you will be melodramatic,” Near said keeping his straight face.

“So that is where you get the name Mellow from,” Matt laughed. His cigarette dropped from his mouth as Mellow socked him a hard one.

“Matt! You should be on my side!” Mellow bared his angered fangs.

“Well now that we have met, let’s go get cake and sweets from the pantry,” L dropped in.

Silence once again consumed the room as everyone once again reevaluated each other.

And so the students plus L snuck past Roger and raided the kitchen of the sweets. To make things interesting, Matt was humming the “secret agent” tune. Mellow made dramatic movements as if he was a secret agent with L following close behind while Matt followed walking straight and upward with an unlit cigarette to the side of his mouth. Near felt this was a tad overdoing it, but it was rather comical to see L, the greatest solver playing secret agent. He walked a tad behind them all. (author’s note: I know we all don’t know if Near can walk, but if anyone knows for sure please tell me!) They nearly got caught three times, but each time they managed to slip away.

“We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mellow said triumphantly as they sat on the rooftop eating the sweets.

L reached for the last milk chocolate bar, but was stopped by the sound of bells far off in the distance. He froze for the few seconds that the bells rang. Near watched this strange action and as L’s eyes changed as he heard them. Instead of eating the chocolate, L picked it up and threw it in the general direction of Mellow.

“Here Mellow eat this,” L said, “it has a lot of sugar and is a really good sweet for someone like you.”

“Chocolate? I have never been a real fan, but ok.” Mellow took the chocolate and ate it where he sat. “Mmmmmmmmmm it is better than I remembered. What kind is it?”

“Milk chocolate, it tastes better than the dark chocolate that you probably tried. Now Near try this candy!” L said as he handed Near what looked to be a thin piece of bread rolled into a cylinder and dipped in chocolate. “It is called Pokey”

“Pokey hu?” Near asked as he took the Pokey.

He took a bite and found the taste favorable. He took another and soon found himself asking for more.

The bells sounded again and L froze.

“Why do you do that?” Near asked.

“Every time I hear bells, they remind me of those that have died. Good people who have died in the pursuit of justice. These people I honor and they keep me fighting for justice. Near, always remember to fight for justice. That way, justice will always prevail,” L answered.

And with that he smiled. It was that smile that awakened what had seemed to sleep inside of Near all this time. Yes he would be like L and fight for justice.

And now Near returned to his dice. They remained in the formation of a tomb, but Near used his index finger to push them over. The motion was complete and the tomb fell into a pile or dice. Near looked away from his destruction to what could only be described as human chess pieces. There was one for all of those in the second L’s task force as well as his own. Kira was running out of pieces now and soon it would end.

“As long as I live for justice, Kira will never win, and L is not really dead for his virtues are with me now.”


Light continued to look at his speaker. Did Near really refuse to hear what he had to say? What was that all about? Could he be planning something? Did he receive new evidence that I am Kira? Has he found something about Misa? No I had Misa give up all her memories. She knows nothing. Maybe he found out about Mikami! Could it be? This is most troubling.

“Light, if you keep that face it will get stuck and you will never keep Misa as your girlfriend,” Matsuda laughed.

Light reached over and grabbed Matsuda’s sandwich. (If you don’t get the joke here, read Light Dreams)

“Shut up Matsuda.”

Light Dreams

Light stared blankly at the ceiling of his apartment once again. It had been that way for five years now. Five years since he had destroyed his rival, his tormentor, his relaxed, childlike friend - his first real friend - L. Every day was the same now: get up, fight those that felt they could destroy Kira, have Misa look up any new evildoers, trick Matsuda out of his sandwich, and spend much of the night staring at a screen and drinking black coffee. No sugar.

Yep, it couldn’t get more glamorous than this, Light thought. He sat up and looked at the coffee pot that rested in the kitchen parallel with his bedroom. When had I started drinking coffee? Was it before or after L? It must have been before. No maybe it was after. Why did I start drinking coffee? It didn’t matter.

Light looked over at Misa who slept soundlessly to his right. Careful not to wake the child that had strangely become his girlfriend, Light slipped out of bed and out of the room closing the door slowly. The sun had yet to make its pilgrimage through the sky, but the explosive bright lights of Tokyo seeped through the curtains and bathed the room in an iridescent red. Thinking of the clock, Light looked to the microwave and saw the 2:00 green lights burning through the darkness.

Why am I up again? This made no sense. I had gotten over my sleeping problem long ago, but just recently the problem has returned. For a few days after L died, I dreamed about his death over and over again, but I managed to purge myself of those after a while, but now the dreams of L have returned for reasons I could not explain. No. I could explain. It was Near and Mellow. Those two set forth as L’s true successors forced me to remember. They forced me to remember the death of my rival. No, he was a friend. No, he was more than a friend. He was possibly the only one that truly knew me. No. He was the only one.

As memories when times were good and fun reentered, Light felt the relaxing sensations of his true happiness.

The rainy day was the best. It was the only time I was really close to Ryuzaki. The way his sodden hair shimmered in the light gave me tingles. The way his eyes seemed to beg me for something that I could never give. And the bells as they sounded in the distance only added more beauty to the way he smiled. Still wet as we went up inside, we dried off. I was so close to him then…. That was the day he died. No that was the day he was killed by Rem, by Kira, by me.

“Hey Light! Can’t sleep?”
Light looked up and stared at Ryuk, the shinigami that started the entire thing, upside down on the ceiling. Light cocked his head a little more to look at the baka shinigami easier. The red light gave him an even more demented look than usual.
“Don’t shinigami sleep, Ryuk?” Light asked dryly.
“Well we don’t need to sleep. It just passes time. Anyway, I know you can’t sleep or why would you be up? I want to know why.”
“What is it to you Ryuk?”
“Well…nothing really, but I am craving an apple right about now.”
“There are no more apples in the house Ryuk…, but wait a while and I will go out and buy some,” Light droned softly.
“Heheheheheheheheheheheheheh so you are being kind now, Light?”
“Do you want an apple or not Ryuk?”

Light changed clothes and grabbed his jacket. It was the white jacket he had worn through his adolescent years. The feel of the collar reminded him of the time he searched for the bugs in the house. How perceptive L was, and yet he was dead in the end. Light walked softly under the street lights hearing the buzz of the traffic as it fought for the right of way.

Just like Kira, never ending, Light thought, always fighting those for the right to rule the world. But someday Kira will come to an end. I will die, and that will be the end. No. Kira will live on. I will use others to pass the legacy of Kira on. I will be a god no matter what. Not even L….

A child cried somewhere in the distance above the drone of the cars. Light looked dazedly in the direction of the call. It ran through him and seemed to take over all his nerves. In response, his legs dropped from under him. Instinctively, Light’s hand reached for a place to grab. A wall was close enough to him to stop. The street lights did not catch what happened next. In the shadow of the night, tears fell from Light’s eyes then and there. At 2:30 in the morning, Light Yagami cried.

It was stupid! Light groaned to himself. Why should I care about him? L is long gone and far away somewhere in heaven. He is dead. He will never come back. That was one of the rules in the note. He will never come back. That childlike friend was my first friend. He was also the first one that I ever…that I ever…loved.

In that instant, Light Yagami realized that he loved L. It hit him so tragically that it shook him like winter snow. So this was love. This was the feeling of love. No, not passion. This was true love.

Sounds of footsteps brought Lights eyes up to meet the face of a blonde-haired, skinny man wearing leather from head to toe. Without one split second warning, Mellow punched Light’s jaw. The pain stung, but the shock forced Light to be silent.

“Sorry, but I can’t stand crying guys. It gives the wrong image, especially when they are not little kids. What is your problem?”

Light blinked at this man.
“What is your problem?” Mellow asked again, this time kinder.
“Why should I tell you?” Light asked coldly. Ryuk chuckled behind Light.
“No reason,” Mellow nearly snickered. Light smiled. This man was something else.

“My name is Matt,” Mellow lied. There was no reason to give his alias to common people. Plus, the real Matt wouldn’t care, just another alias.
“My name is Matsuda,” Light replied. There was no reason to broadcast his crying in public to anyone. If the NPD found out, there could be teasing from the real Matsuda.
“Your name is weird,” Mellow commented.
“Your name is too American,” Light shot back.
They both smiled and began to walk down the street together.

“So Matt-kun, what are you doing out this late or, rather, early?” Light asked, pushing away the last of his tears.
“I was thinking and going to buy chocolate. I have an addiction like people have with cigarettes or beer. My question is what are you doing out?” Mellow nearly laughed.
Ryuk laughed behind Light even more and was rolling on the ground now.
“I was thinking and out for apples,” Light replied not hearing Ryuk for the first time.
“So we were both thinking, eh? What were you thinking about, Matsuda?” Mellow asked.
“My best friend was killed by Kira, and I was wondering why the feelings I had came after he died,” Light answered honestly.
“Strange coincidence. My mentor was killed by Kira, and I was wondering if he would approve of what I was doing to avenge him,” Mello said somberly for the first time.

Rain began to fall, but neither Light nor Mellow changed their pace. They talked on and on about how the world was unsure of everything, one questioning meanings while the other gave a smartass answer. Neither of the two thought anything of the other. The other was just someone to talk to. Their pace led them to a convenience store on a corner. Light looked in the wet window and proceeded to push the door open. No one was there except the clerk who looked rather sleepy standing behind the register.
“Let’s get what we want and leave,” Mellow said flatly.
“Sounds good,” Light finished.

They both hastily walked their separate ways, Light going to get apples for Ryuk and Mellow walking off to the candy section. As they came together again to purchase the items, Light realized he was fifty yen short.
“Matt-kun, I know this is kind of awkward, but can I borrow fifty yen?” Light asked tiredly.
“Sure, here,” Mellow answered, handing Light a fifty yen coin.

Light moved out of the way as Mellow bought his chocolate.
“Milk chocolate, huh?” Light asked as Mellow opened the chocolate bar and took his first bite.
“Ya, I like it a lot,” Mellow answered.
“Dark is better for you,” Light commented.
“Look, just eat your damn apple and be happy. You still owe me fifty yen,” Mellow commented.
Instead of throwing the apple to Ryuk, Light took a bite. Ryuk screamed like a girl with her hair pulled.
“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ryuk cried, “You ruined it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Light did not hear him, but tasted only the apple. It was like, Light thought, I can’t explain! It is so good and makes me feel so alive! No wonder Ryuk likes them so much. I have never tasted apples like this!

Light smiled happily as Ryuk cried in a corner.
“Matsuda-chan, why don’t we continue our walk,” Mellow called.
“Chan?” Light asked.
“You are the one that was crying like a girl,” Mellow teased.
“Fine Matt-kun, but you are the one with a girl’s haircut.”
Mellow’s face went redder than a beet.
“I like my hair!” Mellow said angrily, “it’s not girly! I just have style!”
“Ya, like a girl,” Light laughed.
“Shut it!” Mellow ordered.
“Aw come on Matt-kun, that was funny,” Light said slowly stopping his laughter, “Anyway, I need to be going soon. I will pay you back the fifty yen if I ever see you again.”

“Before we go, tell me about your friend. He must have been a real badass for getting Kira to kill him,” Mellow smiled.
“No he wasn’t," Light said. "He was kind and relaxed. I didn’t realize I liked him like that until after he was gone. He died because he challenged Kira’s reign. I can’t sleep sometimes because of him. He died years ago, but then some people slapped me in the face and woke those feelings I had for him. I haven’t slept well in weeks and life has gone into a sort of mainstream deadness.” Light sighed picturing L’s calm face.

“Well, bravery gets you places in the world. Your friend got to escape the world of Kira, and right now I think that is a great place. The reason you can’t sleep is not because he is dead, but because now you are afraid without him,” Mellow answered.
“How do you know so much?” Light asked astonished.
“Because that is how I feel about my mentor. He was my idol, and I lived for him. He was the bravest of all. In a way, meeting you here, Matsuda, has cleared some things up for me. I will avenge not only my mentor, but your friend and all those that have died due to Kira.”

Light felt a sudden shock realizing that Matt meant to destroy him without realizing it. He had to kill him!
“Matt, what is your last name?” Light asked casually. Light felt the tinge of his mind explode with the envision of becoming God. He was back! “It is sort of bad to call you by just your first name.”
Mellow thought for a minute and decided to continue with the charade. He picked the first last name that came to mind.
“Mathews,” He smiled.

Yes! That was too easy! Light thought. Now I will kill him for rising against me! Light undid the watch that contained a piece of the Death Note.

As he was about to write the name down, something stopped him. Was it feelings for this Matt Mathews? No. His feelings were for L and L only, but this was something else. This was an understanding that linked them. Light stopped and closed his watch. If this boy did choose to fight him, he would fight fairly. It would be far different from what he had done to L.

This was the way it went. The two went their separate ways and would not see each other again for a long time. Light stopped having dreams of L, and Mellow continued on his way to catch the man he had just met.

After Takada kills Mellow in his van

Light walked onto the scene of Mellow’s car wreck. As a result of his heart attack, he had smashed into several cars, but no one died except him. As Light drew closer, his eyes dilated. There sitting in the van was the man. The man from long ago: Matt Mathews was Mellow. No, that was wrong. Light knew Mellow’s real name. The one that he had given Light was an alias. For a second, Light was angry, but then his head cooled as he realized that he had managed to take down the man who had nearly destroyed him.

I should have killed him when we met, Light thought. No, it was an alias. He would have lived anyway. He is dead now and that is all that matters.

Remembering their meeting that rainy day, Light reached into his pocket and pulled out a fifty yen coin. He was not sure how it got there to begin with, but he bent down calmly in the van next to Mellow’s head. Everyone was too busy running around trying to stop the fire Takada started to notice.
“This is my payment to you, Mellow,” Light whispered up against the frowning face of Mellow. He slipped the fifty yen coin into Mellow’s leather pants and proceeded to walk away.

So his mentor was L, then. We were talking about the same person that night in the rain. And I was the one to kill both the mentor and apprentice. Who would have guessed? L….. No, I’m over L now. It is time to preserve my perfect world so that killing L and Mellow will not have been in vain. I will be the god of the new world!!!!