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A new Story: Mello vs. Willy Wonka

Ya so before you ya you the one that is staring at this read this story I have to tell you that no people or animals were harmed in the writing of this story..that is all. Enjoy.

Mello rummaged endlessly through his stash of chocolates hidden in the Wammy House pantry. Currently he was in the Swiss chocolate section. Mello had every type of chocolate known to humanity, but it was just not enough. He had tried them all! Willy Wonka couldn’t make new chocolates fast enough! Mello sighed and closed the pantry door. He turned around and slumped down head against knees up against the pantry door.

“Mello, what’s wrong?” Matt asked walking through the kitchen. He was on his way out to smoke but wanted a snack.

“I’ve tried them all, and now I have no more chocolate,” Mello sighed.

“What are you talking about Mello?” Matt asked, “You always boast about your endless stash of chocolate. What happened to it?”

“I already told you. I tried all the chocolates that Willy Wonka made and the others as well,” Mello nearly cried.

“Just eat a chocolate bar. Why does it matter what type it is?” Matt asked. That was the wrong question to ask Mello. Mello stood up and glared at Matt.

“Do you even know what you just said?” Mello asked anger growing in his voice.

“Ro…ger….Roger!” Matt yelled, “Mello is going into one of those….chocolate fits….”

“It is not a fit! You do not understand at all! What if your cigarettes were taken away from you?” Mello barked.

“But you still have chocolate,” Matt started.

“BUT, I have no new ones to try!” Mello screamed.

Several of the other Wammy House children heard Mello and turned from what they were doing and ran for their lives. Near who was in the room adjacent to the kitchen also heard and continued stacking his dice.

“Mello if you keep yelling, you will knock over my dice, and I’ll be pissed,” Near growled.

“Near don’t even go there!” Mello yelled back, “I have no new chocolate! DOES THAT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU?”

“No, not really,” Near said flatly.

“I have to have a new chocolate or I’ll go crazy!” Mello yelled doing dramatic poses with his arms.
“Then why don’t you just go to the Willy Wonka factory and ask him to make you a new chocolate?” Near asked continuing his building.

“Near! You are brilliant!” Mello exclaimed happily, “I’ll go to the Wonka factory and get a new chocolate! Now how will I get there? I’m only fourteen….I don’t have money, and I’ll probably have to take Matt too….”

Matt who was about to pour some Fruit Loops froze with a cigarette half out of his mouth.

“Why me?” Matt asked.

“Well I need you along so I will have someone to be my slave,” Mello said matter-of-factly.

“But I don’t even like chocolate,” Matt started.

“While we are there, we can get some candy cigarettes….” Mello said sweetly.

Matt blushed and was bought. He and Mello began to start scheming on how to get to the factory. It was the matter of a plane that stumped them both. Mello suggested sneaking into cargo, but Matt refused to stay in a compressed area. He would have nowhere to smoke.

“Fine!” Mello said as Matt rejected another plan, “You think of something then!”

Matt sat back in his chair and though for a few minutes. Mello stared hard at Matt to see any change in expression of posture.

“Well….we could just use a smoke bomb to sneak on board,” Matt started.

“Matt I realize that you love that kind of stuff as much as your video games, but they would think we were terrorists! And then we would be put in jail,” Mello said.

“Mello, there is a chance that it will work,” Matt said.

“Fine I’m in!” Mello said excitedly.

The planned everything accordingly and waited till Friday to skip class and go to the airport. The carried only a little luggage, and as they walked through security, Mello and Matt smiled like they knew what they were doing.

“Ok the flight we want to sneak onto is flight 17. It leaves in half an hour. What do we do in that time?” Mello asked.

“What do you mean Mello; we need that time to sneak in!” Matt said.

The two waited until no one was looking and dropped the smoke bomb. Everyone screamed in terror and through the masses, Mello and Matt snuck on the plane. What they didn’t expect was that the flight was canceled because of possible terrorist attacks. Security went through all the planes and found Matt and Mello sitting in plane seats.

“We found them!” one of the security guards said into a radio. Mello and Matt were locked up under terrorist suspicions. It was not until three hours later did Roger make it to the airport. As Mello saw Roger he smiled and ran up to him. Matt sat back and waited for the fireworks.

“Mello!” Roger said angrily, “Do you know what you did?”

“It was Matt’s idea!” Mello said defensively, “I just wanted to go see Willy Wonka to get new chocolate! It was Matt who suggested we use a smoke bomb to sneak on board!”

“That is not important now,” Roger said, “You two shut down forty flights in a matter of minutes. This is a serious incident.”

“But I just wanted to see Willy Wonka!” Mello said angrily.

Roger straightened everything out with security explaining what was to be explained, and Matt and Mello were released. Roger drove them back to the House, and Mello and Matt were punished further for skipping class.

“But I just wanted….” Mello started.

“For all this bad behavior, Mello and Matt, both of you will have to clean and cook for three weeks,” Roger answered.

For three weeks Mello and Matt suffered cooking and cleaning. Matt was forced not to smoke while cooking, and Mello’s stash of chocolate was raided by the other children. Near smirked and went on building his fortress of dice.

“You knew this was going to happen!” Mello said angrily, “You gave me the idea to go to Willy Wonka in the first place!”

“I did not give you the idea to throw a smoke bomb into an airport,” Near answered.

“I will get to Willy Wonka! I will get there!” Mello swore to himself.

“Mello get back to work cleaning that wall!” Roger ordered. Mello sighed and continued working.

To be continued....

Oh and this is a picture my friend drew but refused to put on theotaku becuase he was shy...He did it on a chalk board the last day of school


I love this guy!

Character profiles

Ya I know I am filling this world with more stuff, oh well. The next few pages are just going to be character profiles.


Soji looked sharply at Isica. Her eyes were filled with anger and hate. It could only be her. The shinigami that had started this entire mess was now doing something to keep her show going. She killed Ryuza, and Soji couldn’t do a thing about it.

“Soji I believe that another Death Note….” Near could not finish.

Soji slammed the phone down leaving Near to believe she was crying and didn’t want him to hear. He waited patiently for her to call again.

“What did you do?” Soji asked her voice so filled with rage.

“Hm nothing really,” Isica said calmly, “I was wondering when it was going to happen.”

“What do you mean?” Soji yelled grabbing at her Isica. The shinigami sighed and phased through Soji’s fingers. Isica sighed once again and pulled out a Death Note.

“Remember this?” Isica asked, “It’s the one that I gave to Xero. I kept it after that incident was over. You never got to look at it did you? Of course you didn’t. Well look what is on the last page. I watched Xaver put it in himself. He was really intelligent after all. Too bad I couldn’t watch him more, but that is how the coin flips.”

Isica opened to book, and Soji’s eyes caught what was meant to be caught. There on the last page written in black ink was the name Ray Harper. Before Soji could read the cause of death, Isica closed the book.

“Pretty much it says ‘When Xavier Heartwrite dies, Ray Harper will die so many days later,” Isica said. “I have never heard of a human that was able to break the trick of the twenty-three days max until death trick, but hey he made it to where if he died then Ryuza would too,” Isica explained.

“And you never felt like telling me this?” Soji asked feeling anger rise inside her. Ryuza had died! “You never felt like telling me that he would die!”

“I told you about the lifespan he had left,” Isica smiled.

“But you kept this from me! Did you ever plan to tell me before?”

“Nope, it made more dramatic irony. Plus I didn’t know the exact date either because Xavier put it into hours and I am still rusty on human calculations. I just kept counting down the hours. I even saved you from the helicopter fall to make sure that you were alive to see it,” Isica laughed, “I want to know what you are going to do now!”

“Isica!” Soji yelled anger and tears running together. She aimed and fired her gun, but it went through the shinigami and hit the wall. Isica laughed and sat down. She handed the Note to Soji who snached it immediately.

“Hey I didn’t do a thing but watch,” Isica laughed as Soji read the words for herself.

Soji couldn’t move. It was as if all the shock had paralyzed her. She dropped the Death Note and fell to her knees. Her two guns retired to their holsters without Soji even remember putting them there. Isica finished her laugh, went to the desk, and began to rummage through it.

“Humans are always doing this sort of thing. I want to find what the joy in it is,” She reasoned to Soji who barely heard her.

The weasel on the floor moaned and tried to move. The others that had been shot were now coming to the sense that they were not dead. The moaned and cried for such and such person so they could see them.

“I’ll never be able to see the one person I want to see,” Soji whispered.

Time passed slowly as Soji began to be able to move again. The process hurt and each muscle felt as though it carried two tons. All the rage and sadness had made a weight on her shoulders that Soji was fighting to get off. Finally her hand moved to the wooden desk, and she picked herself up. The phone was waiting for her. Soji picked up the phone and called Near. He didn’t seem irritated at all.

“Soji….” He started.

“Send your men to come and take care of this Near,” Soji said trying to hold the tears inside, “I have an explanation to give you….”

“I have already sent them and will be there myself in a matter of a few minutes,” Near said.

In several minutes, Near’s people were there to take care of everything. Medics bandaged up people, but Soji refused them until she talked to Near. They all ran around in the chaos of everything like chickens. Soji grabbed the Death Note off the floor and walked to the window away from all the people and started out to the city. The sun was high and shadows were tiny. Near himself came in a few minutes later.

“Soji,” Near said calmly.

Soji instinctively showed him the Note. Near touched it and looked around for Isica. She was sitting at the chair behind the desk laughing at how humans could be so serious but still have so much fun in swivel chairs.

“That is?” Near asked.

“My shinigami Isica,” Soji answered.

“You have been through a lot,” Near said.

“I have a lot to tell you,” Soji said calmly.

“Yes, but first you need to let the medics look at you,” Near replied.

Soji could no longer refuse the services of the medics, and they laid her down and began to work the bullet out of her shoulder. After what seemed like hours, the medics left saying that Soji could talk to Near for a few minutes before they took her to the hospital.

Soji explained everything very rapidly not losing the deadness in her voice, but Near seemed to take it all in.

“So it was doomed from the beginning. I am sorry Soji. If I had not asked you to work this case, you would not have to suffer this,” Near said calmly.

“You wouldn’t have been able to finish it without me,” Soji laughed coldly.

“True enough. Are you going to be ok?” Near asked.

“I lost someone special, but if I hadn’t taken this case, I would have lost him without even knowing what he meant to me,” Soji replied feeling the deadness in her own voice, “and now that I know that what he meant he was taken from me.”

“There is nothing we can do,” Near said, “Ryuza worked to spare others and in the process lost his life. He fought for justice, Soji be proud.”

“Just like L, Mello, and Matt,” Soji sighed.

“We all have to deal with death Soji,” Near replied.

“And yet, It hurts to breathe after,” Soji said.

“You are a strong woman Soji. You will stand one day and realize what Ryuza has done to spare everyone,” Near said, “After this, are you going to return to the C.I.A.?”

“Yep,” Soji said calmly, “but you know….I am going to keep the Death Note.”’

Near’s hand twitched as he reached for his hair.

“Sorry Near, but I have lost trust in everyone, and until I get it back, I’m going to keep it. You can have this one since it does involve your case,” Soji said handing the book with Ryuza’s name in it.

“Fine, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Near said languidly, “I know that you are not Kira. Just make sure that no one else gets it. Oh and please take that cat already. It tore up my train set.”

Soji laughed. It was a painful and heart ached laugh, but it was still a laugh.

So Many Smiles So Little Time

Two men were standing in what appeared to be a business executive’s room. They were standing behind a large oak desk talking with big hands and angry faces. They did not see her enter, so Soji hid behind a fern and stared at their faces. It was the weasel man and the helicopter pilot. Soji’s eyes saw their names. The weasel like man’s name was Robert Lawmer and the other Soji guessed as the co-actor of Xero had the name Marcus Right above his head.
“Seriously Ralph! I know for a face that Seta Soji is dead. And Hirugi Ryuza will be soon enough. We have nothing to worry about,” the pilot said relaxedly leaning back on the wall.
“What if Soji is still alive? We could have a crisis on our hands if she is alive with a Death Note, we could be killed!”
“Look I threw her out of a helicopter at beyond one hundred feet up! There is no way she is alive!” he protested.
“Then what becomes of that Death Note?” Robert asked sharply, “We need it to continue Kira’s work! You idiot!”
“Well, I have a general idea where I dropped her, so we can just get it after we kill Ryuza,” the pilot answered.
“Fine,” the weasel answered. He turned his back to the man and looked out the window.
I could kill them easily right now. Soji thought. No. I will spare Marcus the pain of my torture but not that weasel that was once Xero’s number two.
Soji grabbed her Note and wrote down Marcus Right.
“Oooh Soji is being a very angry girl,” Isica laughed.
Marcus Right fell to the floor forty seconds later.
“What the?” Robert asked looking around. Soji appeared form her hiding place a smile on her face.
“Robert Lawner Xero’s number two and threatener of Ryuza,” Soji smiled walking slowly up, “I’ve come to finish a job long since needing done.”
“You are that girl from before!” the weasel man exclaimed, “You are the one that killed Xero!”
“Yep, but you still threatened Ryuza. And for that, you will pay a heavy price….I would say you life would suffice,” Soji smiled.
“Soji don’t!!” Robert begged.
Soji drew her gun and pointed it straight at his head.
“I won’t kill you that easily,” Soji smiled, “I am not that merciful.”
“Dddon’t come any closer!” Robert ordered pushing himself up against the wall. His hand moved to a button on the wall before Soji could react. An alarm went off, and Soji fired several rounds at Robert. Two bullets hit him in the side and he slumped on the wall.
Guards with guns stormed into room. Soji moved in a circle pointing her two guns and them.
“Shoot her!” Robert ordered.
Several guns went off and shattered the windows. Some hit walls and ricocheted. Soji felt one bullet enter her shoulder, but her guns kept firing. Men screamed in pain as bullets entered their shoulders just high enough to miss their hearts. Soon everything was drawn into an eerie silence. Soji dropped to her knees and grabbed her shoulder. Blood was spattered all over the walls, but she had managed to shoot them all. None were lethal, but they were enough to knock them all out. Blood washed with blood and mixed slowly on the floor. The sounds of Isica’s laughs could be heard, but her face was still hidden.
“I don’t think you want to try that again,” Soji smiled, “I am an excellent shot.”
The weasel man was now coming out from under the desk he had hidden under. His eyes were filled with fear seeing Soji still alive and his guards not.
“You…you….they were supposed to be the best of the best,” he stuttered.
“A man can never be the perfect shot because he lacks one component that women have. He lacks a deep loathe that can only be felt by women. I have that now, and no matter how many men you send, I will destroy them all. But I will not kill them. I am not Kira. The only one who will die here is you,” Soji smiled.
“Ohh Soji what a lovely form your anger has,” Isica smiled, “Especially your death eyes. Not even a shinigami would want to fight you.”
“Sttttay back,” Robert ordered.
“Fine, I’ll just shoot at you from here,” Soji smiled. She aimed her gun for his leg, fired, and Robert fell to the ground. He grabbed the wall, brought himself up and was trying desperately to pull himself away. “The next one will be your other leg.”
“Noooooo! I’m not Xero! Please!”
The gun went off and a scream of agony went through the weasel man.
“The next one is you arm,” Soji laughed, “and after that your other arm. Then I’ll shoot you in the heart and watch you bleed out.”
“Nnnnnoooooo!” the weasel screamed. He tried to pull himself away, but Soji aimed for his right arm. The gun went off again. More blood spattered on the walls making what Soji thought of as a beautiful piece of art.
“You have been a bad boy,” Soji smiled. The gun went off again.
“I don’t want to die,” Robert managed.
“Kira didn’t want to either, and now you will suffer the same fate. I refuse to have any part of Kira remain,” Soji smiled.
“Oh Soji, you are such a funny girl. Kira is killing, and you are killing. I knew giving the Note to you would be so much fun to watch,” Isica laughed.
Soji froze. Kira was judging and killing. And she was judging and killing. Kira and Xero and…Soji.
“I don’t want it,” Soji whispered, “I don’t want to be Kira. I don’t want it.”
Soji stood grabbing her arm the weasel man was shaking in fear. He covered his heart with a bleeding hand.
“Don’t move or you will die of blood loss,” Soji said walking to the desk. Sure enough there was a phone Soji dialed a familiar number and pressed on.
“Soji,” Near’s voice said. There was a tinge in his voice she could not quite understand, “how are you?”
“Not Kira,” Soji replied, “and I need you to take care of some things. There is a weasel bleeding on the floor and many men shot with survivable wounds.”
“Not Kira. I knew you were better than that. Soji there is something I have to tell you,” Near said his voice turning sad.
“Near what is wrong?” Soji asked.
There was no reply.
“Near tell me!”
There was still no reply.
“NEAR!” Soji yelled into the phone.
“Ryuza has had a heart attack and died.”