wht the h*ll Death Note?

A Dying Child

I slowly open my eyes, and look around the room. I see people crying with tissue in there hand. I try to ask what the matter but I didn't have enough strenth. Then it hit me what if someone was dying and I didn't know. I finaly had strenth and asked my mother next to me "Is some one dying?" She looked at me with tears in her eyes. She cried some more before she fianly answered and said "You are dying sweety." Trying to say it so I could understand. But i couldn't believe it. I sighed with relief."No one important dying mom that good". Then unappetly my mom slaps me lightly. "How could you say that. Your important to all of us."Then i answered " Are you sure about that mom?" She looked puzzled and said "Yes i couldn't be so sure in my life. Your important even if you don't no it." She hugs me and said" Try to get better."
I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I look outside and I new if I was going to dye i would have to do something first. I hade to say good bye to the people I cared for even if they didn't care for me. I got up and started walking down toward school. First sneeking out of the hospital I was at was not easy. But i finally got out and relised I didn't have much time to say good bye. I started running toward school and could see the people in the destence. I got there and said " I'm sorry for anything" I start to cry " I just wanted to tell you t-that b-before I-I-I dieeee." I faint and could see the glimer of light and i knew to follow.