I love Death Note but i absolutly LOVE L!!!!!!!! :3

I love this video so much and...... i kinda watch it every day -.-

If you saw Death Note the movie and both of them you would know that this is L

ok i dont want to say it but he is HOT!!!!!!!! :D

I'm a guest poster!! Here's L by Obata-sensei

yeah im l again!!!!!!!

omg im L again so now i know im L

death note idol!!!! :)

it time for death note idol!!!!! yoohoo yay yay

her is another pic of L

you know his name and if you don't then learn the alphabet or go to a therapist!:)

lihts potatoe chip!!:O

Light likes to eat potato chips dramatically :O

did u know that lights last name is im a gay!!!:O


ok this is just plain funny... L sound weird when he says bang lol

yay L!!!!!!!!! :D