Update 007

Lets see. It's been a good day I think so.
I just watched the digimon movie it brought back so many memories I love that movie. That show is so much more better than pokemon the characters have so many more dimensions and depth and seem more realistic, plus there is random romance other side problems and funny moments. Pokemon is like way to strict on story line I feel like.

I have a soccer tourny this weekend that's going to be a drag, I'm out of shape and so is my team. Oh well I'll try hard! Hopefully I don't get tired so easily. I need to start working out, I haven't gotten my six back like I said I would.

On another note I feel like I'm disrupting my friends relationship with his girlfriend....*awkward turtle* I think shes jealous and angry since I talk to him and getting close to him, but you know not like that! I just like having another guy friend for once. And I don't wanna assume that I am why shes angry because it makes me seem conceited, but I don't know maybe I'm paranoid. But I don't really care about that. High school relationships are all pooey stuff anyways, real love comes when your older.

What else, I'm reading a good book the handmaids tale, I like it. Its sort of like the giver (Kids book), I loved that book it was so interesting and different!

And I'm picking up on old stuff old shows, old video games. I'm replaying spyro right now and I've been searching for my pokemon gold version, can't find it anywhere darn!

Bleh I want summer I want freedom, I want to experience life.
I'm ready to graduate already. But college = so much work.

I'm done. I'll update soon and maybe have some new wallpapers? I think so.