I haven't been around.

I plan on submitting a new wallpaper soon.

I feel like I'm a virus sometimes, or I'm not bound to have friends. I always find something wrong with my friends or they totally neglect me or are straight mean. Well I have one less friend today, I thought she was a good friend but have always been iffy about her because of well i don't know, her racist remarks, the way she always thought she was right and knew everything, and how if I ever tried to joke around I deserved a kick. And it didn't help that she pushed me over today and told me she would effing break my face.

So let me not be stupid like some people in abusive relationships and walk away. I hate that I always find bad friends for some reason. Now I only have one good friend. I'm sure she won't turn out to be that way at least, but if she leaves me then I really have nothing.

Sorry for being depressing, but that was the highlight of my day.