bad past hour

I don't think I'm going to be on TheO that much anymore. I don't feel it to make wallpapers anymore. I think it's kinda useless to make them.

The past hour has been bad. Stupid arguing with the same ignorant person who acts like they know everything when they really don't. When they are really trying to turn people against the person they should try to hold close to them. When they really insult you put you down, and make you act like some idiot. Is that what a sibling is? I've always wondered how it was like to have a brother since my doesn't act like one at all. I'm so jealous of those other girls who are so close with their brothers, when their brothers invite their sisters to go out places and hangout, instead of pushing them away and saying this isn't their place. Instead of calling you stupid saying I love you. Instead of being greedy buying you a gift once in a while and showing concern. My brother isn't like that at all. Worst is the world can't see that, he acts like a normal quiet kid who gets along with his family on the outside. And thats partly true, but I hate him the most at times like these. Times when he has to accuse of doing something I don't trying to "educate" me through stupid and exaggerated means. Your not my father don't try to act like it. Your just too aggressive and don't know when enough is enough. You persecutor. Well that's just my summary on how much of an A-hole my brother is.

Sometimes I think I have a masterplan when I'm older, that I'll turn into some weird lunatic and I'll take revenge on people. I can't see myself doing that but hey maybe I'll go crazy when I'm older and execute that masterplan of revenge. Morality would shake it's head at me right now.

No I'm not going to kill him, I don't have the soul to do that.