optimist or pessimist?

So how goes all?
I have to read this extremely boring book:Jane Eyre. It's not TOO boring like my other ones but what makes it so boring is that the narrator blabs on about the scenery and the way things looks for about 4 pages until any events ACTUALLY happen.

You know school seems to be getting a lot better. I don't know if I mentioned before but I found someone else who likes anime and is Hispanic! I feel like most Hispanics I know watch anime the few I know it's so weird. Shes seen peach girl and we were talking about it at lunch it was so funny, it's such a cute and dramatic anime it really made me cry at some points. It's finally so great to be able to talk about something that no one knows about except you and that one person. It sort of makes me miss inside jokes I had with old friends. Very old friends.

So I was thinking today as I was giving two "friends" a ride back from school if I should even give them rides. 1. I'm too nice to say no and it's not like they are bitches to me they sincerely need a ride home. One girl can't find a ride since her other friend that used to give her a ride moved in a different direction and her dad's work schedule doesn't allow him to pick her up. Friend number 2 is a random I take home sometimes if her Mom can't. The thing that got me thinking was they were both talking about this game last Friday which I did get invited to day of by my Camera friend. I ended up not going since my mom said no but I was glad anyways because I don't like the awkwardness but especially since I can't runaway since it was an away game(as in I wasn't driving there, therefor I can't drive back home). Well anyways one of the girls in the car was talking about how she went to the game with so and so this p really ticked me off because she's never invited me to go anywhere with her. I've known her since elementary school yet she goes to all these places I give her a ride the least you can do is try to talk to me and or hangout with me out of school. It's not like I smell or something. I'm nice to everyone I treat everyone equally unless I know them well. I know people from art club drama club journalism music sports. I'm everywhere which is bad since I don't have anyone to relapse on.

Optimist:Well at least we get to hangout in the car? Um
Pessimist:They are just using me for rides, they don't even talk to me out of school! DITCH THEM! GET YOUR OWN RIDE.
Real me:I'm too nice to say no and they've never really done anything for me to dislike them except the ignore me unless they need me.

Anyways I haven't submitted any work in a long time. Last piece I was working on was a Golden Sun wallpaper which I still want to complete. I have a fanart picture to color so look out for those!