HI there I'm Cynthia
I won't really have some specific thing to post about
I'm really just going to use this as a blog.
I'll probably have random updates of the most amazing thing thats happened
or an update about the worst thing thats happened.
I like comments. I like reading them.


I won't be making appearances on TheO again, unless I have to submit artwork, I may rarely comment on things but other than that I won't be on here anymore. And I just wanna make a journal entry about it...but It's been a bad week since my Cat died on Monday.

He converted cat haters into cat lovers, never scratched, loved to cuddle, put his arms around your neck like a baby, and gave you kisses, he acted like a dog and went outside with them and even ate their food, I taught him how to sit and stand up. I could always see him sleeping in the oddest places and positions, boy did he love to sleep. He slept with anybody and anything, people he just met, the dogs, under your arms. Thank you for the best 11 years of my life, you made a big impact on it and I Love you very much Smokey. 5/17/2010