HI there I'm Cynthia
I won't really have some specific thing to post about
I'm really just going to use this as a blog.
I'll probably have random updates of the most amazing thing thats happened
or an update about the worst thing thats happened.
I like comments. I like reading them.


SO I know I rant about my loneliness but I couldn't take it today at lunch so I kinda broke down crying. A sort of friend of mine picked me up a bit and then other gathered around me like I was an art gallery lol. My friend was actually taking pictures of people during lunch and she happened to be taking one of me and discovered me Crying. I feel uncomfortable at lunch because I have no one to sit with, I haven't felt like I've had anyone to sit with for my whole high school life. SO I didn't go to my next class instead I was in guidance talking to a counselor about my problem if that's what you'd like to call it. Gosh I hate crying in front of people. But I'll try and find new friends, like the girl who was taking a picture of me we are alike I should be her friend. I should. I should repair those band friendships too because those lazy "friends" of mine won't do it. I have to talk to them or be miserable. NO MORE Depressing posts from me. I hate writing a depressing post on here or on my personal blog everday! I hate having to do that. I won't do it anymore. Promise. No more crying for myself either.

Mike Hughes!

So I saw the perfect picture two days ago on adobes website. It some flash promotion thing and it had random piece of work on there and I fell in love with this one Called Commute by Mike Hughes. I've been googling him for over 30 mintues I CAN'T FIND HIM anywhere or his artwork so I did a snapshot of his art. He used indesign, illustrator and photoshop. I'm thinking of using the line sort of thing for my selfportrait I'm already basically sort of done with my selfportrait but I think it could use some touching up.
This is the picture.

External Image
Mike Hughes-Commute.


So. School has started. I like my classes so far. I do not like having homework for journalism class though. I feel like we should just stick to the paper and write and take pictures. I don't care much for my rights and the history of journalism. I definitely do not like my english class though. There are in total about 4 cliques in there I am of course a part of none. I know everyone there on a personal level but I never tend to go to any group I feel to awkward and Like I don't belong. They would probably just stare at me and wait for me to leave so they can tell all their friends a new secret or something. Physics seems like it will be a hard class. I actually have to know what I'm doing which makes me sound like I'm stupid but I'm not. But I remember my brother struggling with physics and I'm not too great with formulas. Great news though I have computer art. I'm going to loveee that class. My teacher knows me she knows I'm good at photoshop my whole school knows I'm like the computer nerd. She says I'll probably be like a second teacher there though I am a student for that class. And we have macs which I don't like. I'm used to PCs and I don't like safari. NO tabs? I hate not having tabs for my different pages on the web. It seems so empty and like I have nothing to do on a mac.

Oh and talking about computers I got a new laptop! It's a dell studio 17 about 1k and its huge. Its battery sticks out on the bottom making it inch up a bit. That will probably be annoying. I don't like the mousepad either and it has a NUMBER key pad on the side like on a desktop keyboard that's kinda weird. But I can't use it yet I have to charge it for 12 hours to get my battery in the right start. So getting a new computer means I'll be online more! Yay! More catching up on stuff, more blogging.


Isn't there a movie called that? Anyways I had a freaky dream it was nice after I got killed though. I turned into some spirit I basically just messed around people the whole time in my dream. The best thing was being able to fly. And weird thing is I got killed on the 23 and today is the 23. I'm staying indoors.

Anyone else have weird dreams?

Erased files

You know I was much angrier when this happened to my yellow version in pokemon. I saved right before facing the elite four. I had my pokemon lineup with my strongest pokemon and I knew I would beat them. I guess I was excited and I was playing upside down. Next thing I knew it said "FIle erased" Or something along those lines. I was so upset. I spent hour crying and tryint to figure out how to get it back.

Well something similair just happened now except I'm not as upset but I am angry. I was playing final Fantasy 7 and thank god It wasn't like this guy who spent 70 hours on it, I just lost 12 hours of gameplay. I'm playing ff7 on my ps2 using a playstation 1 memory card. I'm at the part where Barret is battling Dyne. I was like Oh shit he's going to kill me since Barrets slow ass can't speed up his turn so I can heal him. ANd then it says game over with your fancy music and it starts of with the little ads in the begining saying squaresoft. And then I go to my usual Continue? And then I got to memory slot 1 except it says EMPTY! WTF EMPTY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Oh my god was I mad. TOO many times does that happen to me. Memory cards just do not like me. THESE GOD DANG old version saving things are useless! I'm going to freaking just buy ff7 on the psp were the saving is RELIABLE. How horrible. What a night. I'm not in the mood to start over.