HI there I'm Cynthia
I won't really have some specific thing to post about
I'm really just going to use this as a blog.
I'll probably have random updates of the most amazing thing thats happened
or an update about the worst thing thats happened.
I like comments. I like reading them.

You'll be okay.

Nah that title doesn't represent my mood thats the song I'm listening to by rediscover. Ha love them.

So I'm kinda boredd! I submitted wallpapers for the first time in a long time! Glad to see I haven't entirely lost my touch on making wallpapers. Now I need a new idea on my next wallpaper to make.

OH yea I wanted to complain about how busy I am not mostly because of this paper I had to write for social just a 3-5 page paper but it isn't so bad I'm on page 3 right now and i'm enjoying writing it. And now I have 3 drawings to do and a self portrait to do in PASTELS! I'd like to just point out that Drawing is not my forte and I've never used pastels in my life but hey I need some variety in my portfolio so I'm going to act like I've done this my whole life for these two weeks. It's for my college portfolio that I will be submitting soon.

I actually did this drawing of my hand in my flute position which was very complex and had a lot of depth to it, and it didn't come out crappy at all! I was proud of it and it was my first time ever drawing a hand! I guess I'm not such loser at drawing lol. I shall upload it on myo when I finish drawing and you WILL be amazed at my transformation!

The other thing I'm going to draw are eggs the shading is what will mostly be what I'm trying to present out of it. I hope I get into my number one school that would be just fabulous. I just don't want to do college work. I hate having butt loads of work to do because than I get stressed about it and work on the same thing for four hours going no where.

Anyways the weekend is almost here horraayy!
I'm supposed to be donating blood next week. What have I done? I wonder if I'll be eligible this time. Your supposed to be 110 pounds. My weight changes a lot between 100-110 pounds everyday so hopefully I'll be 110 on that day. And hopefully i'm not anemic and I have enough blood because I have the universal blood donor type. Yes that's right I'm an O, you know you want it.

But that's all thats going on with me basically OH MY GOD and Naruto shippuuden episodes are on DISNEY! they have them coming on wednesday at like 8 or something? THAT'S SO FREAKINg awesome and even more awesome I have hd tv and I can record it! but i'm tv illiterate so I still don't know how to really use my new tv.

Dang this post is long! When did I start posting like Angel? lol.

Have a fabbb weekend.

Become the worst night.

My tears are full of anger and sadness and they slowly slide down and burn my cheeks.

Cancellations, rejection and loneliness have done this to me yet again.

I was actually looking forward to this night but now it's completely ruined.
Theres no party anymore I'm surprised I was actually going to go, I was actually invited for once.
My friend is ditching me again to be with his girlfriend.
Everyone else has plans and I don't know them.
I thought things would get better since I'm going to a concert tomorrow.
but no those are getting fucked up too.
The girl I'm going with probably can't go since her grades.
I asked the other people I know who are going and asked if I could chill with them.
But probably not since they will be in a VIP section which means sorry theres no room for you.
It stinks.
I'm tired of having to revert back to these feelings.
They always come back and find me.

So I'll hold my chin up high and act like I'm having the time of my life.
I'll walk down the street with my costume on, proud of the work I made.

I've been gone now i'm back.

I've been gone for a while verry busy and tired.
It's 12AM Way too late I should be sleeping.
I finally submitted a new piece of work but it's having problems it says it was made in 99 the glitch thing always happens to my work.
So I have to resubmit it and hope that it works this time.
Here it is

ODD thing it all the animes I've been watching so far has couple with orange hair!
Lovely Complex
Skip beat
Bokura ga Ita

ALL orange hair. Whats up with that?

Anyways. I'm going to try and submit some new workk real soon but I have an application to start on and some drawings that need to be drawn for my portfolio so it will be a while.

Have a happy safe Halloween!

In the car

I'm sitting in the car right now with my laptop. I really love my laptop. I STILL have like perfect connection outside of my house with my laptop. I'm going to vermont. WOOO 15 hour drive! How fun that's going to be. Well I'll try and update later sometimes sorry if I don't comment cause I'm going to be realllyy busy from now on. I'm also watching Lovely Complex it's pretty good!

Haha Nerddd

Ah so I got the new kingdom hearts game ^________^ that must be the first time I've ever use the smiley thing. I'm on like day 10 right now. I CAN'T get the song Sacred Moon out of my head. That is the mosttt beat track on the kingdom hearts 2 soundtrack. It sound so freaking amazing I love it. I love those old memories. I have it going on repeat right now :D.
And there goes My sanctuary playing in the background of the DS..
BAD new my DS has weird sound. The speakers aren't working well anymore they sound works sometimes and doesn't work other times. That is not cool. I NEED SOUND to play my games. Stupid unreliable Ds.

I had a Dentist appointment today so I went to school real late. I like going to school on like a half day a lot of fun. The Dentist was not fun. I think that is my least favorite doctor. I Hate when they drill and worst part I had to get a numbing shot. WORST ever I hate getting shots in my mouth and I hate when they use the little drill on my tooth and it makes that noise and gets tooth particles on me. UGHHH I hate the pain and the smell! I hate the bubble gum rinse smell it makes me gag.

I'm so weird with smell I remember the smells of things from a long time ago. I still remember the smell of my first back pack. If you buy a cheap plastic pencil case that's what my book bag smelled like. I love that smell. It has it's bad traits too. I smell farts first, thats the worst. I hate being able to smell everything sometimes. Smell is my best sense for sure. What's yours?