HI there I'm Cynthia
I won't really have some specific thing to post about
I'm really just going to use this as a blog.
I'll probably have random updates of the most amazing thing thats happened
or an update about the worst thing thats happened.
I like comments. I like reading them.

Have you ever seen

Or heard of Nabari?
It's pretty good and not a regular anime. I can tell they put alot of work in it because they also do the effects and details with wind in the intro, it seems it almost gets a lot of work done on it as Naruto.

Well it seems pretty good I just finished watching episode 1, sort of cliche and like "No he didn't just do that squirming in my seat with embarrassment" But it seems pretty good.

The best part about it is the character design. THE CHARACTERS ARE HOT! They have I will say pretty boy faces but I like that. :D The lead character sort of reminds me of Ritsuka from Loveless.

I WANT TO see a christmas carol. My sister said it should be rated R instead of PG because she was scared as crap when she was watching it. I want to see it even more! And I actually think I have plans this weekend. I find it weird that when I actually tell someone how I'm feeling and I feel bad on that day, the rest of my day somehow ends up being good and I feel like I was never angry to begin with or that I'm thinking about my situation too much and making a big deal out of it. Like I felt like crap yesterday because I had no one to sit with during lunch so I just sat by myself, and I hate that. And today I sat with some people and we laughed talked so I feel like I'm making a big deal about me not having anyone to really sit with all the time during lunch. Am I? Or is that another one of those satisfying situation things when it will only happen once in a long time?

I hope not. I get a blind-friend from my counselor. I've talked to her twice, shes the only one who knows how much I feel like shit at my school. She said shes going to try and get someone to get to know me. I wonder who she'll pick out.


I like that word.

Is there ever anything you do and just think and wonder "WOW if anyone knew I did this or whatever they would think I'm SUCH A WEIRDO!?"

not that I care what other people think but you know when I watch my cliche little shoujo animes I think about that all the timeee!
What if someone was like I know what you watch?
I would so deny it in a second.
Could you imagine them walking in when they are kissing and just like your such a weirdo!

Same if playing my Japanese music on my computer somehow started playing in public and people stared and were like "what is that? O.o"
I would be shocked I wouldn't know what to say.
"Ahh--um? It's a virus that speaks in Japanese to me?

And I'm not stating that I'm ashamed of Japanese culture at all because I admire it, it's just that it's not fully admired the same way in the US so when people see something different, their first reaction will be "What?"

Wow. I always have to kill the mood by thinking that.

Same with like video games.
Ah killer the games you play if someone was like you play this? Though I have no games that I would think people would think I'm weird for playing. (confusing sentence)

Well I do have one experience of someone actually saying WHAT?
I was at school it was my sophomore year and I hateee staying after school to wait for my ride, so I would go to the computer lab and watch anime in the very back.
Didn't help much people still sat next to me.
Anyways, I was watching Ouran High school, and it HAPPENED to be the episode where Kaoru and Hikaru are all touchy feely like brother your sick and stuff like that and these girls next to me are "LIKE WHAT ARE THEY DOING? That is SO WEIRD!"
It was hilarious I was laughing since she was so shocked and had no clue what the heck I was watching, but she had such the wrong idea from what I was watching because they Hikaru and Kaoru aren't really gay they just act gay.

Well that's my whole little story for this time.

Just as easily.

And just as easily it's gone.
Don't worry about the last posts.
I said a reall funny joke at my mom today.
Our dog,Lexi, is making her room smell really bad and since my mom's a work aholic she barely has time to take showers too.
SO she got mad and was like that dog is no longer sleeping in my room she is making my room smell really bad and I said
No wonder her room smells so bad both her and Lexi don't shower.

I was cracking up for 15 minutes it's just one of those jokes that make she laugh forever. Which was bad since my abs hurt from exercising the day before but whateverr.
I got DJ hero too!
That game is awesome! It totally beats guitar hero so much, it's got so many things for you to do scratching, crossfading, using the sequencer, and having this little tap crossfades. It's tightt and the music is cool.

Oh and if you have version don't download anymore illegal music cause they are monitoring you now starting thursday.
I guess that's me.

I can't help it

It's back again.
It's back again.
It's back.
I can't believe I even looked that up.
Am I really going to use that one of these days?
Stop pouring already.
I can't even stop you sometimes, you catch me off guard.
This is really what I wanted though.
I am going to use it really soon.


I like stories and blogs that require me to do extra work in understand it, as in deciphering. It makes you think even more, possibly deeper about a topic, or it can dissuade someone completely from reading it. Well I love them. The ones I do understand anyways.

It's so weird how a phrase can trigger such emotion
that it's almost like a handicap.
It almost makes you feel helpless and isolated, it brings truth to your eyes
that you are probably the only one that functions this way
your the only one with this point of view.
People seem shallow and ignorant.
Its hard to try and agree with them, or even try to see yourself becoming more than acquaintances because you hold different view points.
But it all comes down to effort.
If one doesn't put effort into supplying a plant with resources such as heat, light, and water, it will wilt and die.
Nothing will foster from it.
The same goes for friendship.
You can't build it without the sunlight and water.
I often find myself taking a step back and examining whats in front of me.
The way things work, how people act, how they act differently with others.
You see their true colors, you can tell when they use "their people voice" you can tell when they feel awkward, or lonely, or angry.
I thrust things when I'm angry. It doesn't appear to make that much of a deal."Oh she doesn't know her own strength!"
Its possibly the only time they see emotion from you except for that one time...
You ponder at times if you should talk to that certain someone...that back up plan who you know is there but you don't want to use it.
It's the final lifeline. You know if you use it, it means you've got nothing else and you don't want it to be that way.
You convince yourself and it somehow appears that things are going well but they take sharp turns, and if your not too careful you might hit the curb.
But what if the passenger is distracting you when you hit the curb? Is it your fault then?

Ponder that.
Or maybe it's just meant to be.