HI there I'm Cynthia
I won't really have some specific thing to post about
I'm really just going to use this as a blog.
I'll probably have random updates of the most amazing thing thats happened
or an update about the worst thing thats happened.
I like comments. I like reading them.


TheO has seemed a bit dead for me like the past week and half.
I haven't had like any comments or replies and I haven't been commenting on anything at all really.

I just came back from seeing the Lovely Bones. It was okay I LOVE the whole surreal scene in the movie it was beautiful. I loved that. Other then that I think the movie was a bit undeveloped and lacked clear ideas and information to be portrayed. I haven't read the book but I don't think it was even that great if compared to the book.(most movies based off books seem pretty bad...) BUT I loved the music in the movie it was wonderful all mystical and surreal sounding. This one was great

In other news. I have a new favorite movie American Beauty. A girl finds a guy to love, this guy in his 40's becomes infatuated with his teenagers friend. I liked it, it was kinda vague and a slice of life not SOLID storyline more like a watch my life and see what happens sort of movie. I also like murder mysteries such as the Lovely Bones, even though it wasn't the best I can add it to my collection, and paranoid park, it was great movie about this kid who accidentally kills a cop. I love the movies that are underrated and have this big emotional feel to them. Memento was another one of my favorites it was this psychological thriller. I mostly watch those types not the romance and comedies I don't really like them and rather have a message and feel a connection and moved by the characters or story. And I don't really like horror like seriously a zombie is not gonna eat me I'm not that scared.

So I'm going to my first anime convention....
I signed up to go with my friend. It's going to be interesting, and I'm going to stand out so much since everyone is apparently dressing up and I'm too embarrassed to dress up or rather I feel shameful if I did. So I'm just gonna grab some cat ears and pretend to be a Neko. I'm excited though.

Video game prices have RISEN! I was looking up old DS games and some wii ones and they hit over 80 bucks NEW! I don't want to pay that much and the used games are over 30-50 bucks too. Like the wario ware inc series Holy Cow. That stuff is expensive.

I've been loading myself and buying racks of stuff online now that I have a debit card. I'm waiting for all my stuff to come in the mail. I got my post secret book today I find it very interesting reading all these random postcards with peoples secret. I love vague things that make you think. I should be a detective :) or lawyer. Sike. Too much depression and problems for me.

I felt confident today for some odd reason.
REALLY confident. Like I'm usual all depressed about the guy thing but I felt like that wasn't a problem and I could snag a guy in a minute. It was probably because I dressed up today and I must say my outfit and look was cute. I was finally able to straighten my hair since my sis is back from study abroad (she took the straightener).

How are you all doing? Film sounds like a fun career.


Has anyone every read the secret life of bees? One of the characters in the book May has a problem because she feels like she carries the whole world on her shoulders. If she hears bad news it's like the news is happening to her she feels so bad about it.

Sometimes I can relate to her. I don't like reading books or watching some movies sometimes because I get so into it that I feel like I'm the one that got raped, or died, or is suicidal, or is a crack head, or has a broken house hold. I get so into character it's depressing. Ah I wonder why that is. I mention that because I'm watching thirteen right now, it's one of my favorite movies but it does really get to me sometimes. I'm not going to stop watching it or reading stuff like this. It just makes me realize the reality of the world, and whats really outside my room. I'm pretty sheltered I don't have experience but I know far more than I should. But I do get jealous of it at times, I would never participate but it would be nice to know that I had that as an option. But I don't. Whats my option? I'm not sure, stupidity would be the answer.

Four day weekend.
I've found another band I like. Clinic pretty old but I love the sounds they use I love music like that it makes me feel alive...and Like I'm feeling nature or something.
I have being so philosophical all the time. I hate being in such a bleh mood.
Time to go kill doods on call of duty.


this isn't a story this just happened just writing about it
So I was walking to the bathroom when I thought I saw a big black thing right in the hall way right before the front door entrance and I looked in that direction and it looked as if it bounced away. I had no idea what it was and I went to the bathroom. I saw my cat so I figured it was my cat but there was no way it was her because she was already eating when I got into the bathroom and I would have seen her walk into the bathroom or she would have meowed at me. Plus the black blob seemed bigger than her.
Just as I was brushing my teeth the lights go off.
I was scared shitless.
I was shivering and scared and I didn't want to go to down the hall since it was darker but the bathroom was pitch black. I went to my moms room.
She was still there.
I said the power isn't working.
She replied "ah you had the hall way lights and the bathroom lights on and I had my heater on so the power went off."
She marched on over there.
I was still shaking and sort of frightened still thinking about the black blob I saw earlier.
It reminded me a bit of the scenes that happen in Bioshock when the lights suddenly go out and creepy music comes on and something pops out of no where.
Though I knew nothing was there I had a frightening feeling something was...and I was still shaking and had a fragile feeling overwhelm my body.

Ahh it's finally gone.
Hope that doesn't happen in a while again.

- - -- - -
And now the alarm is going crazy and my mom asks if I have a window open?
AH no I don't.
She said the alarm has a low battery.
And the alarm is located where I saw the blob at.
I hope nothing happens tonight.


I found this interesting and had to share.
I love how when I'm watching an anime that type period and seasons match up.
Like when I was watching Bokura Ga It it was winter time and it was winter time when I was watching it.
And now when I'm watching Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Yes I'm watching it now teapot[that sounds a little weird....teapot]) IT's NEW YEARS! What the heck.
Cool though


sort of long post
SO I've got big plans for this upcoming year wallpaper wise and also with ecards.
I'm going to start making more ecards and I also have a list of wallpaper to complete.

  • I've never seen the series katekyo hitman reborn but I found this awesome scan of some of the people and I want to make that into a wallpaper sike I have two scans of from that series.
  • I also have another WONDERFUL scan I found of sasuke but it's only this very tiny segment that i'm going to try and make into a whole wallpaper. Basically creating to rest of it by hand the water the lighting and vectoring. That one is going to be a tough one I know it I'm going to have so much trouble trying to make it.
  • I'm also going to finally try and finish my Golden Sun wallpaper I started YEARS ago like june? and I never finished it I'm repainting that whole entire wallpaper too it's going to take a lot of work also.
  • Resolutions?
    Well I still haven't remembered this one I wanted but the other one I had was to get toned abs, not to impress anyone just for myself. It's kinda a weird resolution but I like abs and it's not a far off resolution to get for myself since I play a sport.

  • As for other things go.
    I was thinking that there is only one more semester and it USUALLY flies by so quickly. Finally I get to graduate from high school but college will probably be hell with so much work I have to do, I just can't wait until i'm in the diversity again with a co-ed school and maybe I'll find someone like me instead of a school mostly with people who share nothing in common with me.

  • A far off goal I feel like sharing. I'm not going to my prom but I had the great idea of finding a concert on that day and showing up in a nice dress. (This is where I begin to story tell and daydream) I will find someone cute and make them my date and we will have blast at the concert. And uh I don't like prom because I don't like dances or dancing not my idea of fun, and I'm not going to bake over 100 dollars to "be with my class" if I know I'm not going to have fun and they are going to go off and have fun, I don't like being the party pooper.

What resolutions do you guys have?